SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Teaser Trailer


  1. Phi Phoenix

    Phi Phoenix26 phút trước

    1:38 is that SANDMAN?!?!

  2. Legendary American

    Legendary American26 phút trước

    What about Thanos?

  3. Blue Topaz

    Blue Topaz26 phút trước

    Mysterio may be one of the most powerful MCU villains right behind Ultron. He’s got stolen chitauri tech, dark elf tech, doctor strange type magic, modified thor armor, and slight ironman tech

  4. TheClaudii7911

    TheClaudii791126 phút trước

    No que ese qlo Habia muerto?

  5. Mr. Khan

    Mr. Khan26 phút trước


  6. Austin Braun

    Austin Braun26 phút trước

    Watching this over and over because it’s all I can see of this movie at the moment.

  7. sleekoprashion 5005 gamer 5005

    sleekoprashion 5005 gamer 500527 phút trước

    This is fake every body saw spider man die in avengers infinity war

  8. L3gendaryVic008

    L3gendaryVic00827 phút trước


  9. Danielle N

    Danielle N27 phút trước

    0:20 Peter was so shook his British accent came through

  10. Aaron Williams

    Aaron Williams27 phút trước

    Spider-Man: I feel better Mr. Stark

  11. Hrithik Rawat

    Hrithik Rawat27 phút trước

    Oh My God!! 😀😀😍😍😍

  12. sawai kshatriya

    sawai kshatriya27 phút trước

    That's mean tony is live

  13. Nicholas Mendoza

    Nicholas Mendoza28 phút trước

    Way better than endgame

  14. Darth Ramious

    Darth Ramious28 phút trước


  15. Kuro

    Kuro28 phút trước

    Spiderman: Homecoming Spiderman: Far away from home Spiderman: Home Cumming Spiderman: Delivers Pizza to a big busty milf Spiderman gives the ladies some sticky webs Wait, this isn't the hub?

  16. TheGore2149

    TheGore214928 phút trước


  17. Aa Gs

    Aa Gs29 phút trước


  18. i am Goswami

    i am Goswami29 phút trước

    Wow 👌👌👌

  19. taylor x

    taylor x29 phút trước

    can i get a yee yee if you’re hyped

  20. Shaikh Usama

    Shaikh Usama29 phút trước

    Is that mysterio ?

  21. Basement Dweller Cosplay

    Basement Dweller Cosplay29 phút trước

    Wait is that Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio.... Shut up and take my money!

  22. Marimonster

    Marimonster29 phút trước


  23. Bailey Miles

    Bailey Miles29 phút trước

    I thought he was dead? 😂

  24. Lesly Castillo

    Lesly Castillo29 phút trước

    #1 ON TRENDING!!!

  25. Harman Singh

    Harman Singh29 phút trước

    Someone can tell me how he live in avengers hr dead but now he's come howl

  26. Tim Bradley

    Tim Bradley29 phút trước

    Spider-Man: Unrealistic edge cases for US aggression

  27. masterpassword2

    masterpassword229 phút trước

    Jesus christ, Tony's been dead for half a movie and Happy Hogan is already hitting on aunt May! Dirty, dirty dog.

  28. Mary T.

    Mary T.29 phút trước

    Where tf does this fit into the timeline

  29. ira livnat

    ira livnat29 phút trước

    Why is it that after watching this I am so excited, but after captain marvel trailer Im underwhelmed?

  30. DoYouAreHaveStupid

    DoYouAreHaveStupid30 phút trước

    Wish Andrew Garfield would come back and play a part with Tom Holland too ;-;

  31. Fletch

    Fletch30 phút trước

    Okay, so, Tony definitely dead now. We all can agree on that, right?

  32. OompaLoompa211

    OompaLoompa21130 phút trước

    1:10 This is just for the sake of the movie, right? Because surely his "spider sense" would've alerted him to someone being there no?

  33. Piggles Goomshby

    Piggles Goomshby30 phút trước


  34. Heyaj Tom

    Heyaj Tom30 phút trước

    "He looks out for the neighborhood and I really respect him." "Sup, dickwad." confirmed hype

  35. filmPiler

    filmPiler30 phút trước

    Ending bgm "isspider man spider man tune churaya mera dilka chain"

  36. Mediocre And Worse

    Mediocre And Worse30 phút trước


  37. Black Pantha

    Black Pantha29 phút trước


  38. fun vines

    fun vines30 phút trước


  39. JoshDunIsPrettyRAD 21

    JoshDunIsPrettyRAD 2130 phút trước

    But Thanos...

  40. IM-SO-1998 DW

    IM-SO-1998 DW30 phút trước

    The CGI is nasty hopefully its polished when the movie comes out

  41. BlueSerg2

    BlueSerg230 phút trước

    Revealed too much on the 1st trailer you already know the plot

  42. Mockplanet X

    Mockplanet X30 phút trước

    Civil war:hey everybody homecoming:Im your friendly neighborhood spider man Infiniti war:I don't feel so good mr.stark Far from home:Your nick fury

  43. Barry Allen

    Barry Allen30 phút trước

    Thats looks so dope. And the song is also amazing

  44. TheAg2661

    TheAg266130 phút trước

    Aunt May is HOT AF😛😛😛

  45. eTech16

    eTech1630 phút trước

    So shouldn't it say "This Summer", not "Next Summer"?

  46. Mic Che

    Mic Che30 phút trước

    Are these old.

  47. pitbull 56

    pitbull 5631 phút trước

    I can not wait to see it like if you also think the same

  48. Black Pantha

    Black Pantha31 phút trước


  49. Natalie Adams

    Natalie Adams31 phút trước

    Hopefully they explore MJs character more in this one, she didn't have any personality in homecoming

  50. Valeri Hakobyan

    Valeri Hakobyan31 phút trước


  51. Octavio Ekisde

    Octavio Ekisde31 phút trước


  52. Tech. Nitesh

    Tech. Nitesh31 phút trước


  53. Jerry The Mouse

    Jerry The Mouse31 phút trước

    This is honestly just sad tbh. Anyone could be a Skrull right now, but I’m glad movie-only-watchers don’t know much about that?👌💯

  54. GHOST TOH!!!

    GHOST TOH!!!31 phút trước

    there we gonna know why petter say sorry to stark

  55. Kelly Britt

    Kelly Britt31 phút trước

    But isnt he daead

  56. dragonjester01

    dragonjester0131 phút trước

    That "Sup dickwad" was amazing

  57. Catboy JR

    Catboy JR31 phút trước

    Waaaaaitttt.... *Hes not dead*

  58. Bern Chennal

    Bern Chennal31 phút trước


  59. Kazuya Mishima

    Kazuya Mishima31 phút trước

    I hate the previews of these beginning trailers

  60. Sixty7

    Sixty731 phút trước

    I blacked out that was so awesome

  61. Guitar Snip3r

    Guitar Snip3r32 phút trước

    I just watched this on firestick black. Pretty epic

  62. Ragin Asian

    Ragin Asian32 phút trước

    Everyone else is doing this so... Your cursed in 2019 like to undo

  63. Sam Fisher

    Sam Fisher32 phút trước

    Spider Far from alive

  64. Goku Caprisun

    Goku Caprisun32 phút trước

    Spiderman homecoming Spider-Man far away from home Spider-Man goes to the hood Spider man dead

  65. feared_khaos_78

    feared_khaos_7832 phút trước

    Lmao I thought the dark knight theme song was playing at 0:01

  66. Warning

    Warning32 phút trước

    if yous dont know who whats happening well mysterio is controlling all the monsters and fighting them making an illusion for him to be a hero for fame.

  67. PlacecheckersHD Official

    PlacecheckersHD Official32 phút trước

    Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider-Man: Prom Spider-Man: Graduation Spider-Man: University

  68. Mythagoras

    Mythagoras32 phút trước

    Coming Summer 2022 Spider-Man: WTF Is a Home?

  69. שמעון בן אברהם אבינו

    שמעון בן אברהם אבינו32 phút trước

    Looks like trash

  70. cranky pisces

    cranky pisces32 phút trước

    Ok Toby We had good memories bye now

  71. Empty Space Studios

    Empty Space Studios32 phút trước

    So everyone is just gonna ignore the spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can verse at the end? Aight then.

  72. LewdWaifu _

    LewdWaifu _33 phút trước

    Tony Stark Dies confirmed.

  73. Quicktwosteps

    Quicktwosteps33 phút trước

    when the tranquilizer dart was shot, I thought we gonna see Kraven the Hunter as Spidey's new enemy in this movie. Maaaaaaan, it's only Nick Furry. How disappointing.

  74. sacred steezz

    sacred steezz33 phút trước


  75. NMD004

    NMD00433 phút trước

    HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD. I just don’t understand why Marvel would release this before End Game completely ruins the mystery surrounding the Avengers who died. I mean we all knew they’d come back but now we REALLY no. There is no mystery what so ever. Smh.

  76. Pardeep Sekhon

    Pardeep Sekhon33 phút trước

    This is awwwwsommmmeeeee.........

  77. Vegito World

    Vegito World33 phút trước


  78. utkarsh verma

    utkarsh verma33 phút trước

    I think he is the best choice ever @tom holland

  79. OtaLad

    OtaLad33 phút trước

    Super Spider-Man odyssey: coming to nintendo switch

  80. Atif Ajaz

    Atif Ajaz33 phút trước

    She reminds me of Amanda Cerny ♥


    ABNORMAL VIDEOZ33 phút trước

    but u die in avengers ? LOL

  82. Scripty :O

    Scripty :O33 phút trước

    Didn't he become dust or something? Someone explain plz

  83. Twelve Swaras

    Twelve Swaras33 phút trước

    Tu rhene de re baba

  84. Ntorial

    Ntorial34 phút trước

    who is the villain? Dr Doomz?

  85. rifen fenry

    rifen fenry34 phút trước

    Is this movie before infinity war or after endgame?

  86. Stephen Lee

    Stephen Lee29 phút trước


  87. Erin Acosta

    Erin Acosta34 phút trước

    i think that Spider-Man 2 (2004) has been the best Spider-Man movie to date, but it looks like Far From Home is about to replace it 😆

  88. Chuchernaut

    Chuchernaut34 phút trước

    Ok, this is epic


    DONKEY DONKEY34 phút trước

    How the hell is this a teaser trailer???

  90. Brandon Chambers

    Brandon Chambers34 phút trước

    Is no one going to mention that we got the fricking 60s Spiderman theme in a modern Spiderman movie?

  91. Spooder Man

    Spooder Man34 phút trước

    When I first heard this title, I thought the movie would be about how spiderman would be stranded in space from after the events in endgame

  92. Caleb Hodges

    Caleb Hodges34 phút trước

    I thought he didn't feel so good

  93. Danielツ

    Danielツ35 phút trước


  94. MegaMr46

    MegaMr4635 phút trước

    Mysterio is here!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏 2:10 Wait he's a good guy? But he's an enemy of Spider-Man, I'm so confused My scale on the trailer 8 out of 10 but the scene this is the most confusing I have ever been and ever will be.

  95. Jason Basa

    Jason Basa35 phút trước

    They ripped off How To Train Your Dragon. "Your friends are in trouble, What are you going to do about it?"

  96. IcyPurp

    IcyPurp35 phút trước

    666k likes 66k comments illuminati confirmed


    PRO GAMER NZ BOXING35 phút trước

    I got told spiderman was going to be black..

  98. yum. yum. sauce

    yum. yum. sauce35 phút trước

    Flash loves Spider-Man even though Spider-Man crashed his dad’s car

  99. Shuvam sharma

    Shuvam sharma35 phút trước

    Wow awesome trailer 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  100. I Need Content

    I Need Content35 phút trước

    "Peter parker here to pick up a passport" was actually so hard to say fast

  101. QUINN TV

    QUINN TV35 phút trước

    Spider man home coming Spider man far from home Spider man gets home Spider man moves out Spider man goes homeless Spider man begs for money Spider man saves money for a apartment spider man gets kicked out of his apartment spider mans broke Spider man crashed at aunt mays house