Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser


  1. Ernie Oppermann

    Ernie Oppermann52 phút trước

    Who dislikes this

  2. Surgtech1321

    Surgtech1321Giờ trước

    Can this not be the last in the trilogy and make a fourth movie to replace that Godawful Last Jedi mess

  3. Kris

    KrisGiờ trước

    I just hope this ends with a musical Ewok party like Return of the Jedi (the original). Yub Nub!

  4. zxzrp0

    zxzrp0Giờ trước

    Ingredients : Soy concentrate

  5. sidehatch69 -

    sidehatch69 -Giờ trước

    Worst movies ever put to film laughable👎🏼

  6. Jand Jand

    Jand JandGiờ trước

    *that the Earth is Flat and no one goes to Space I really like the StarWars Fiction*

  7. Stephen Skinner

    Stephen SkinnerGiờ trước

    The Saga comes to an end. Yeah. Freaking. Right. They're going to be pumping out a new trilogy or two every decade from here to the end of time.

  8. achteachte yo

    achteachte yoGiờ trước

    Thanks feminism for destroying star wars. A female who doesn't know anything beat darth vaders grandson twice. Unbelievable.

  9. Tfrne

    Tfrne2 giờ trước

    J.J. Abrams: "So Ian, we're thinking about bringing you back for Episode IX." Ian McDermid: "Dewit."

  10. Ben Ling

    Ben Ling2 giờ trước

    Luke: I am not your father.

  11. Дмитрий Иванов

    Дмитрий Иванов2 giờ trước


  12. Liam Sebastian

    Liam Sebastian2 giờ trước

    Dont dewit

  13. INX

    INX2 giờ trước

    No one's ever really gone? If that's so bring back Admiral ackbar!!

  14. idk

    idk2 giờ trước

    Ghost busters, Oceans, star wars, Germany, next stop England.....what?

  15. Arnold Stollar

    Arnold Stollar2 giờ trước

    Great film

  16. Kawaii Cat

    Kawaii Cat2 giờ trước

    Ahem.. end of saga? Please tell me it’s not ending!!

  17. MePeTeR91

    MePeTeR912 giờ trước

    So i heard the emperor will be an hologram....

  18. Marianne Thomas

    Marianne Thomas2 giờ trước

    I hope this movie definitely brings a really good finale to Luke and Leia’s story because I really want to see that after all these years.

  19. Anthony N

    Anthony N2 giờ trước

    Wow, the amount of bass in the outro is doing a lot of compensating.

  20. aiden fletcher

    aiden fletcher3 giờ trước

    Why didn’t he just shoot her? He has a space ship

  21. Hannibal Barca

    Hannibal Barca3 giờ trước

    These new Star Wars sequels are absolute stink bombs

  22. Hounddog75

    Hounddog753 giờ trước

    Lando *sniff

  23. Daryl Layton

    Daryl Layton3 giờ trước

    Hi I M maddie

  24. Rise French

    Rise French3 giờ trước

    Who laughs at the end?

  25. Rise French

    Rise French3 giờ trước

    Who does princess leia now?

  26. Mason Denty

    Mason Denty3 giờ trước


  27. albert apodaca

    albert apodaca3 giờ trước


  28. 권준혁

    권준혁3 giờ trước

    제발 좀 잘 좀 만들어 도. 스핀오프이후로 재미없다이. 이런식으로 자꾸 하면 곤란해

  29. Christ is risen

    Christ is risen3 giờ trước

    EMPEROR: [Evil Laugh]

  30. Rockne Nicks

    Rockne Nicks3 giờ trước

    Kathleen: We need a story fans will love! JJ: I've got it! We bring back Palpatine! Kathleen: Well, in his own words, "Yes."

  31. Evan Allaire

    Evan Allaire3 giờ trước


  32. THEseaKING215

    THEseaKING2153 giờ trước

    I love how if you have subtitles on , they just tell that palpatine is laughing. No mystery. No theories. Nothing.

  33. AndSo

    AndSo4 giờ trước

    we were not gone

  34. Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen4 giờ trước

    Who's here before 26m views I was

  35. Aboc Stark

    Aboc Stark4 giờ trước

    I have been a Star Wars fan all my life, and the series has had its ups and downs. In my opinion, Rogue One, Last Jedi, and Solo have been a down. I'm hoping that this one starts an upward trend for the series.

  36. silouettesshadow

    silouettesshadow4 giờ trước

    If that's the emperor, movie will be interesting. If it's snoke, not so much Just my own opinion &-)

  37. Erik

    Erik4 giờ trước

    I don't really understand the point of the new trilogy besides that they are guaranteed to make money

  38. AndSo

    AndSo4 giờ trước


  39. Anthony Bilodeau

    Anthony Bilodeau4 giờ trước

    "No one's ever really gone." Are they talking about Carrie Fisher? Leia is apparently in this one too? So they kill off the characters of the people that are still alive but continue with the characters of people who have died. Is this some slick accounting move? NO! This is not a post poking fun at Carrie Fisher!!! I truly don't get it.

  40. jerry

    jerry4 giờ trước

    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Mary Sue

  41. Tijuana iguana

    Tijuana iguana4 giờ trước

    Strange that they're ending it here I'm interested to see how they pull it off

  42. Chara

    Chara4 giờ trước

    Ok, you know that shot where the A-Wing is spinning out of control? Slow it down to 1/4 speed. That ship in the background? It’s an ISD.

  43. Chris Jolley

    Chris Jolley4 giờ trước

    Well, at lest we heard the emperor laughing away at the end there, and not a horrific sound along the lines of... "Meesa coming home now annie betcha betcha". We have that to be thankful for.

  44. Sheeple are Lame

    Sheeple are Lame4 giờ trước

    The force awakens & The last Jedi were very poor. The first three star wars original films remain the best

  45. Phoenixx Gacha

    Phoenixx Gacha4 giờ trước

    Is that.... Karrie Fisher?!

  46. don't touch the nether star

    don't touch the nether star4 giờ trước

    Wait by the Sega comes to an end does that mean the first order will be defeated and there will be a new enemy.

  47. NyhteGaming23

    NyhteGaming234 giờ trước

    Star Trek Fans: NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Me and the rest of the Star Wars fanbase: YYEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!

  48. Lakeshore Group

    Lakeshore Group4 giờ trước

    Rey is Pelosi and Trump laughing at the end.

  49. Toby gribbon

    Toby gribbon5 giờ trước

    Not going to lie I thought they'd at least give her a new lightsaber design...

  50. Johnny Ace

    Johnny Ace5 giờ trước

    Who is the last Skywalker??

  51. Isaias Valladares

    Isaias Valladares5 giờ trước

    What if the red planet is something something dark side?


    XXGROOGSONXX5 giờ trước

    I want vader back

  53. Lil queen Fan

    Lil queen Fan5 giờ trước

    Who’s here after seeing the jacksfilms trailer first?

  54. Isaias Valladares

    Isaias Valladares5 giờ trước

    What if the desert planet is Ryloth or Florrum?

  55. DekuDekuNii !

    DekuDekuNii !5 giờ trước

    « THE SAGA COMES TO AN END » Naaa... i’m not crying

  56. Isaias Valladares

    Isaias Valladares5 giờ trước

    What if the frost planet is one of the moons of pandora?

  57. Boost Bacon

    Boost Bacon5 giờ trước

    Is this a trap...?

  58. Stephen Amundsen

    Stephen Amundsen5 giờ trước

    The second trilogy to end with the word "rise".

  59. Eumin Kong

    Eumin Kong5 giờ trước

    The body in the casket was an OP 21 savage at 1:50

  60. TomTheGunner Man

    TomTheGunner Man5 giờ trước

    Huhuhuuhuhuhu (laughing) this movies gunna be terrible af Really just think about it. Ever since the force awakens, the movies have been pretty bad

  61. TomTheGunner Man

    TomTheGunner Man3 giờ trước

    Peni Parker damnit your right! (I’m not mad)(just surprised)

  62. Peni Parker

    Peni Parker3 giờ trước

    TomTheGunner Man >The Force Awakens has a two billion dollar worldwide box office record since Avatar, Titanic, and now Infinity War (until Endgame releases) > “Disney has been dropping box office success with the new franchise” -You

  63. TomTheGunner Man

    TomTheGunner Man3 giờ trước

    Peni Parker yeah but Disney has been recently dropping box office success with the Star Wars franchise But hey your probably right : I

  64. Peni Parker

    Peni Parker3 giờ trước

    TomTheGunner Man The Force Awakens had a way more positive audience score on RT than The Last Jedi, so you might want to remove those nostalgia goggles off of your face.

  65. jamesgavriel

    jamesgavriel5 giờ trước

    I think emperor palpy is in the new tie fighter

  66. Adam Hall

    Adam Hall5 giờ trước

    They way we will know if Rey is a skywalker if her hand gets cut off

  67. Cody Davidson

    Cody Davidson5 giờ trước

    Theorists at 2:03: ROLL IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Max Juntti

    Max Juntti5 giờ trước

    Where was the original music?

  69. Thomas Villani

    Thomas Villani5 giờ trước

    Luke: No ones ever really gone.. (Que sporadic coughing) Grevious: KENOBIE!!!

  70. tonebonetones

    tonebonetones5 giờ trước

    ...further, tiresome policially correct, absurd 'Mary Sue' virtue signaling diarrhea. Star Wars? I think not.

  71. Han Yolo

    Han Yolo5 giờ trước


  72. Voidaken

    Voidaken5 giờ trước

    I don't know why people are so fixated on the idea that Palpatine is alive. I mean, he might be, but they also used Vader clips in VII trailers.

  73. Mister Morne Van der Berg

    Mister Morne Van der Berg6 giờ trước

    Will this answer the billion questions that the last movie left people with??

  74. Bad Cattitude

    Bad Cattitude6 giờ trước

    I'm still crossing my fingers for a Jar Jar standalone movie

  75. MPDeventer

    MPDeventer6 giờ trước

    Sooo... Rey is a decendent of palpatine. I can dig it.

  76. The British Empire

    The British Empire6 giờ trước

    No one is really gone. (British empire joins the chat)

  77. Ferrari King

    Ferrari King6 giờ trước

    I am actually looking forward to this movie

  78. RuBiK MaN

    RuBiK MaN6 giờ trước

    That emperor's laugh at the end

  79. Jack Mckenzie

    Jack Mckenzie6 giờ trước

    I can't wait to see this movie when it comes out!!!

  80. HairyHorsey

    HairyHorsey6 giờ trước

    Luke : No ones ever truly gone Me : So is general grieves coming back or what

  81. FugitiveORoblox

    FugitiveORoblox6 giờ trước

    Woah woah woah, HOLD UP. Unless Rey fixed it (actually, it could’ve been very hard for her), I’m pretty sure Anakin’s second/Luke’s first lightsaber was forced to be broken in half via Kilo Ren and Rey playing tug of war for a frickin lightsaber and the Force.

  82. Stogie2112

    Stogie21126 giờ trước

    Lightsabers are not magical things. They're mechanical tools. They can be repaired or rebuilt.

  83. dogleg

    dogleg6 giờ trước

    If I said ten years ago that no one would be excited about a new star wars movie.......

  84. FrostPlaysz

    FrostPlaysz7 giờ trước

    2016: Normal Trailers 2017: Normal Trailers 2018: Normal Trailers 2019: Weird Trailers

  85. Drmicky141

    Drmicky1417 giờ trước

    I wonder why a Jedi fighter needs to wear so much

  86. lovetownsend

    lovetownsend7 giờ trước

    Should of opened with Leia throwing those dice off a cliff like "meh!"

  87. Compton Crackhead

    Compton Crackhead7 giờ trước

    Can you explain me where is the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek ?

  88. Stogie2112

    Stogie21127 giờ trước

    Star Wars = A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Star Trek = 300-400 years from now, in our galaxy.

  89. Bronzytwo05 no last name given

    Bronzytwo05 no last name given7 giờ trước

    Actually this saga should've come to a close about 4 movies ago

  90. Spider-Man1997 R

    Spider-Man1997 R7 giờ trước

    They need to bring luke back I believe he’s coming back after what happened with the last Jedi!

  91. Spider-Man1997 R

    Spider-Man1997 R5 giờ trước

    Captain Drama I don’t think so!

  92. Captain Drama

    Captain Drama6 giờ trước

    As a force ghost...

  93. Steven Winkenstern

    Steven Winkenstern7 giờ trước

    This trailer is a new hope

  94. Shxdow _

    Shxdow _7 giờ trước

    When I heard the breathing I thought it was one of those weird trailers

  95. light house

    light house7 giờ trước

    Disney, running it in the ground. Lucas should have stopped at Episode VI, 1983.

  96. Chatnoir 77888

    Chatnoir 778887 giờ trước

    1:23 Is that Lando?

  97. Captain Drama

    Captain Drama6 giờ trước


  98. cade8300 cade8300

    cade8300 cade83007 giờ trước

    Nothing is ever really gone. *_distance_* *GREEDO NOISES*

  99. John Davisson

    John Davisson7 giờ trước

    so is jar jar going to be in it or what?????

  100. Darry

    Darry7 giờ trước

    0:00 close your eyes.........

  101. alberto032973

    alberto0329737 giờ trước

    Awesome that star wars trailer should princess leia

  102. robbitIzx

    robbitIzx7 giờ trước

    looks awesome!

  103. alberto032973

    alberto0329737 giờ trước

    Yeah Lando is back

  104. alberto032973

    alberto0329737 giờ trước

    Looks awesome

  105. StickyWolf

    StickyWolf7 giờ trước

    Who else gets goosebumps when they hear Palpatine

  106. Braden Burnett

    Braden Burnett7 giờ trước

    Btdubs the laugh is from Return of the Jedi

  107. T -Series

    T -Series8 giờ trước

    First ten seconds I was thinking that this wasn’t Star Wars,I wonder why I thought that?🤔

  108. Michel TRAN

    Michel TRAN8 giờ trước

    How to kill a franchise by Disney ... I hate this sequel full of sh...

  109. Peni Parker

    Peni Parker3 giờ trước

    Michel TRAN Only “fans” like you would express a nitpicking opinion over the sequel trilogy because you’re still stuck in the past (original and prequel). You nostalgiatard.

  110. Guido A secas

    Guido A secas8 giờ trước

    Wacala, horrible