Start Where You Are | Pastor Jentezen Franklin


  1. Eany Gober

    Eany Gober2 ngày trước

    Very powerful sermon! Thank you Lord! 👐

  2. Gbalee Wesseh

    Gbalee Wesseh9 ngày trước

    Prayer is the master key that opens any door. Thanks be to God for answer prayer

  3. Gbalee Wesseh

    Gbalee Wesseh9 ngày trước

    Amen and Amen Thank you sir.

  4. Ommy

    OmmyTháng trước

    I have been struggling to breathe at night. Paramedics cant figure it out when they attend. But once I listen to the word.of God...I feel safe... I feel that something protecting me. This Word.has just saved me tonight

  5. Daniriz Grlie

    Daniriz GrlieTháng trước

    Simply Beautiful. How can people doubt God or question his love with words and inspiration such as this? God does not want to harm his children, but rather help us all no matter where we are at in life. With Him, there is always hope. God Bless all!!

  6. Iam Me

    Iam Me2 tháng trước

    God bless you Pastor Jentezen ill never forget picking up your book on Fasting and Prayer in my neighborhood cvs store, completely blew my mind. And through that book I have in fact seen miracles in my life and others through the supernatural power of fasting and praying earnestly in Jesus name for what God may alleviate us of or grant to us.

  7. Joey Mokoena

    Joey Mokoena2 tháng trước

    Thank you for your teaching that are so simple to follow and practical to implement, God bless you

  8. Diana Achola

    Diana Achola2 tháng trước

    I lay down my soul, here I'm use me lord.

  9. Fadi Gomes

    Fadi Gomes2 tháng trước

    i bought your book on "Believe that you can" it was early last year i was so depress for loosing job because of illness i wasn't able to work.due to lost of job and illnesss use all financial i save for treatment it wasn't get any better i loose hope in life but your book gave me alot of encourage when i was reading,declaring and meditate on the scriptures in it. untill my hope to God was restore then i got a new job and my health was also restore(Joel2:25) now i preach the gospels leading soul to christ. be bless pastor franklin may God keep on renew you with fresh anointing all the days of your life.

  10. Fadi Gomes

    Fadi GomesTháng trước

    pastor this email you say to contact you but it is invalid?

  11. metanoia LOGOVii

    metanoia LOGOVii3 tháng trước

    Glory to Jesus...Thank you Heavenly Father for your Words. blessings your services all over the world!!!

  12. Christopher Doshi

    Christopher Doshi3 tháng trước

    i love it!

  13. PowerForward

    PowerForward3 tháng trước

    God bless, strengthen and keep Bro. Jentzen....he’s one of a handful of mega church Pastors who touches the heart and soul through the genuine Word of God. Those of us who need and appreciate God’s word let’s continue to pray for this pastor and speak-up so we outnumber the nay sayers! Be well.


    BUFFLIFESTYLE3 tháng trước

    how can you dislike a message like this. THIS IS A POWERFUL MESSAGE!

  15. Alice Norah Nakide

    Alice Norah Nakide3 tháng trước

    Great message. I am listening to it for the second time.

  16. Carrie Smith

    Carrie Smith3 tháng trước

    Shalom from Ireland!

  17. Diane Blake

    Diane Blake3 tháng trước

    Use what's in your hand even if it's only a coffee mug by ,inviting someone in for coffee. It's amazing what God can do.

  18. Morney Muatabu

    Morney Muatabu3 tháng trước

    amen...i'm blessed...thank you my Lord starting all over again...LOVE YOU MY LORD !!

  19. farid ]jalal

    farid ]jalal3 tháng trước

    Please pray for me, lately things have been hard. I'm starting again.

  20. gatoblanconz

    gatoblanconz19 ngày trước

    Lord please bless this man p and give him strength as he starts again

  21. Randall Harvey

    Randall Harvey3 tháng trước


  22. Reina V Laurent

    Reina V Laurent3 tháng trước

    Amen! God brought this message to me the day I needed it the most. May God bless you abundantly

  23. Noemi Duque

    Noemi Duque4 tháng trước

    Great sermon!! Awesome!! Praying, staying focused & using what I’ve got!! WWJD ❤️

  24. Sandra Melcher

    Sandra Melcher4 tháng trước

    What a great word!! Thanks for the encouragement and stirring by the Holy Spirit! God bless!

  25. Lolina Cosente

    Lolina Cosente4 tháng trước

    Amen.powerful message from God.while watching this tears start falling.i onece was a worship leader.then i stop singing.ths message awaken me. Thank u pastor franklin.God bless ur Ministry

  26. Katrina Billingsley

    Katrina Billingsley4 tháng trước

    This message was for me!!! Yes, Yes Lord! I know God spoke straight to my heart. Thank you Pastor Jentzen.

  27. Tashbon Enclonar

    Tashbon Enclonar4 tháng trước

    Start where you are🤗 Used what you have😇 Do what you can do🤗 😘😘😘😘thankyou Pastor

  28. Wonda Faith

    Wonda Faith4 tháng trước

    Thank you Jesus for your WORD!

  29. Diane Blake

    Diane Blake4 tháng trước

    Little is much when God is in it.

  30. Sunu Rai

    Sunu Rai4 tháng trước

    Amen Amen .

  31. BlessedAlways 6288

    BlessedAlways 62884 tháng trước

    God bless His anointed speaker, Pastor Jentzen. Great message! God can use anyone who is willing and being available.

  32. purity mwitimi

    purity mwitimi4 tháng trước

    I like pastor jentezen sermon they bless me a lot.they are so encouraging. may God bless u more and more.purity from kenya

  33. purity mwitimi

    purity mwitimi4 tháng trước

    I like pastor jentezen sermon they bless me a lot.they are so encouraging. may God bless u more and more.purity from kenya

  34. purity mwitimi

    purity mwitimi4 tháng trước

    I like pastor jentezen sermon they bless me a lot.they are so encouraging. may God bless u more and more.purity from kenya

  35. purity mwitimi

    purity mwitimi4 tháng trước

    I like pastor jentezen sermon they bless me a lot.they are so encouraging. may God bless u more and more.purity from kenya

  36. Lerina Cloete

    Lerina Cloete4 tháng trước

    It was her faith that cost her healing. It was his faith in Jesus that caused Batelemeus to be healed.

  37. Rachel Echesa

    Rachel Echesa4 tháng trước

    Wow, very powerful massage. You are a blessing to my spiritual life. God continue using you pastor. Amen!

  38. Uche Juco

    Uche Juco4 tháng trước


  39. Spc Jebaraj

    Spc Jebaraj4 tháng trước

    Amen! what a powerful sermon! my mind has been renewed.I watched the podcast of this message in twitter this morning. I'm a 3rdyr med student n I was so much depressed regarding my studies. I keep on procastinating to study since last two months. I lacked concentration coz of various personal ,anxiety issues. but right after the message, I felt something new deep inside my heart. I prayed and went to the library and started studying again where I left. I came back n finally found the full sermon here. Glory to Jesus! Also , the very first message of Pr.Jentezen I watched was "The spirit of Python" .It was broadcasted in my student's fellowship meeting last year. The Holy Spirit convicted me and I repented from my sins. I started watching Pr.Jentezen's sermons daily after my quite time with God.Its helping me a lot to grow in Christ. God bless His ministry abundantly and use him more mightly! Praise Jesus

  40. Kathy Allen

    Kathy AllenTháng trước

    Pastor Jentezen never ceases to amaze me! He is so filled with The Holy is evident in every message. Love his heart fore re family & this upcoming generation. He, his ministry, his family & his church are in my prayers. We need more very “real & humble” men & women of God to tell it like it is... FROM THE PULPIT...& not just what makes people “feel good so they keep coming back”. He makes you feel good because after listening to him, you know you still have HOPE no matter how much you have gone wrong. Thank you, Pastor for making church the right place to be WITH YOUR FAMILY on Sundays.... & for not making all us sinners feel too condemned to real. Love to have my adult kids hear you speak! Keep PREACHING, PASTOR!, You are much valued!,, From FLORIDA !,,

  41. hilary alvarado

    hilary alvaradoTháng trước

    WOW! God Bless you brother.

  42. PowerForward

    PowerForward2 tháng trước

    We need more Godly physicians-stay strong on your journey by feeding from God’s word. Be well.

  43. kyle dookran

    kyle dookran4 tháng trước

    Tom jerry

  44. waxy bayona

    waxy bayona4 tháng trước

    Spc Jebaraj amen to your inspiring testimony.

  45. gloria m silva

    gloria m silva4 tháng trước

    Please pray for me, lately things have been hard. I'm starting again.

  46. gloria m silva

    gloria m silva2 tháng trước

    Jon Bank , thanks Jon. Praying for you as well.

  47. Jon Bank

    Jon Bank2 tháng trước

    gloria m silva been there too! Praying for.

  48. gloria m silva

    gloria m silva2 tháng trước

    Kejuan Lynette Amen! Thanks again!

  49. Kejuan Lynette

    Kejuan Lynette2 tháng trước

    gloria m silva Excellent!! And greater is coming!!!

  50. gloria m silva

    gloria m silva2 tháng trước

    Kejuan Lynette, by the grace of God my life has improved. Thank you for asking. I felt so alone and I'm a single mom of two. I was going through a financial hardship and finally child support has been reinforced (I can finally breath). I've reconcile with my family and I'm no longer alone.

  51. Mason Askew

    Mason Askew4 tháng trước

    🙌🏽praise God

  52. silvafamela

    silvafamela4 tháng trước

    Thank you Pastor!!! Awesome awesome awesome!!!!

  53. Ilario Mariani

    Ilario Mariani4 tháng trước

    Thank you Pastor Jentezen ❤❤❤