Staying In a Japanese Capsule Hotel!


  1. doree T

    doree T32 phút trước

    I'm a horror movie fanatic and resident Evil is my fave... I love marvel n DC movies too.. But I guess my best collection is Betty Boop stuff.. I have a huge collection of different things ❤️

  2. Arthur Anon

    Arthur Anon32 phút trước

    The anime Hetalia

  3. Fay in a Way

    Fay in a Way32 phút trước

    I strangely got obsessed about street fashion and vintage clothes even though i hate shopping yet im into it

  4. Jocelyn Duarte

    Jocelyn Duarte32 phút trước

    current fandom: Assassination classroom

  5. Emerald Glow

    Emerald Glow32 phút trước

    Mr Watts, if you feel the need to go full anime weeb, please don't hesitate and go ahead.

  6. Haylie H

    Haylie H32 phút trước

    Anybody notice that BTS poster in the back at 15:08 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Brynn Walker

    Brynn Walker32 phút trước

    #1 on trending!!!!

  8. Summer Ball

    Summer Ball32 phút trước

    You and Shane Dawson, stranger things, making friendship bracelets, and Disneyland

  9. noam moshe

    noam moshe32 phút trước

    Hey Garrett! First things first I wanna say I love you! And to answer your question my current biggest fandom stan is a show called designated survivor! And in general my biggest fandom stans are!: Grey's Anatomy, Imagine dragons, Orange is the new black, Riverdale and Harry potter!

  10. Isa E.

    Isa E.32 phút trước

    currently I'm really into this kpop group called ateez never thought I'd actually be a kpop stan times change😂😂 btw loved the video, can't wait for the next one :)))))))

  11. charlielnite

    charlielnite32 phút trước

    i was so pleasantly surprised by this video. i was so completely entertained the entire time, you got a new super stan garrett❤️

  12. David Star

    David Star32 phút trước

    My current fandom is the( Ghost Adventures) it's so compelling. I hope you and Shane will do some more??🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  13. Kenzie

    Kenzie32 phút trước

    Ohh!! #1 on treading!!! Woooo!!!

  14. Taylor Miller

    Taylor Miller32 phút trước

    I’ve been obsessed with the legend of Zelda since I was a little kid. When I was 16 I begged my mom to let me get a Navi tattoo and she said no because I’d grow out of it. Now at 24 I have a Zelda themed sleeve and have definitely not grown out of it! :)

  15. Mario Alavez-lopez

    Mario Alavez-lopez32 phút trước

    Congrats on #1 on trending you deserve it 👍

  16. Marco Carrillo

    Marco Carrillo32 phút trước

    I found a fellow WEEB on YT

  17. Sally Torres

    Sally Torres33 phút trước

    Mine is My Hero Academia too!!!!! I love it so much❤️❤️❤️

  18. robyn s

    robyn s33 phút trước

    im obsessed with jenna marbles’ dogs

  19. Amelia Joy

    Amelia Joy33 phút trước


  20. Brian Fernando

    Brian Fernando33 phút trước

    🔴Hey guys I just uploaded a video about the best day of my life! Check it out! Thanks :)

  21. cath rock

    cath rock33 phút trước

    Andrew Scott! Like he is actually the best actor I've ever watched.

  22. katelynn noelle

    katelynn noelle33 phút trước

    I love that garret is trending :,) he deserves it

  23. Liliana Pacheco

    Liliana Pacheco33 phút trước

    Currently noting, but Harry Potter and Doctor Who the most

  24. Monica Clark

    Monica Clark33 phút trước

    I’m super into Good Omens right now!!! I’ve watched the show so many times and am currently reading the book. Loved this video!!!! Glad you had such a fun time in Japan and didn’t get murdered

  25. Francis Tapang

    Francis Tapang33 phút trước

    I actually really love this video it gives me vibes of my favorite comedy anime

  26. Natali Aguilar

    Natali Aguilar33 phút trước

    The bts frame behind Garrett 15:03

  27. Eeva Tötterström

    Eeva Tötterström33 phút trước

    I stan marvel ! Especially spider man, he' s my favorite

  28. Maggie Leeson

    Maggie Leeson33 phút trước

    My fandoms currently are: My Hero Academia (Kirashima is precious along with Bokugo) Stranger Things BTS (thats a boyband tho so Im not sure if it counts) Attack on Titan Yuri on Ice Hetalia Fairy Tail Vampire Knight Etc...

  29. olivia meh

    olivia meh33 phút trước

    GOOD OMENS is my obession

  30. Quaking

    Quaking33 phút trước


  31. ThankGod4Beethoven

    ThankGod4Beethoven33 phút trước

    One Piece!!

  32. Ellie Jett

    Ellie Jett34 phút trước

    BNHA I’ve been waiting for the fourth season for so long but it looks amazing

  33. vero perea

    vero perea34 phút trước

    CONGRATS Garrett!! you stole Shane’s 1# spot!!👏🏼👏🏼

  34. Skanda panda

    Skanda panda34 phút trước

    Atm marvel (more specifically peter/spider boi) & grey's anatomy, im gay for everyone in that show lolol

  35. Isabella Wanna

    Isabella Wanna34 phút trước

    I literally stan everything you love Harry Potter, Marvel, etc. but I’m obsessed with The show Lucifer 👀

  36. Graffiti

    Graffiti34 phút trước

    Steven Universe fandom hype for the film!

  37. vr00m

    vr00m34 phút trước

    I stan k-pop and my main fandom is called ARMY who are BTS fans. I've liked them for about a year and a half now. I think I practically know everything about them, I can tell them apart from their shadows, oof I know. I've even picked up basic korean from how much I've watched their videos and I can despacito sing their songs, you know what I mean?

  38. macystea

    macystea34 phút trước

    loveeee how this video is #1 trending it deserves it 🥰

  39. Dominika

    Dominika34 phút trước

    Hi Garrett, I don't remember what your question was but I'm sure I'm not the only one who think you are a very nice sweet and funny sometimesborderlinegross but lovely person. Here is how we can relate: I also think that every object has a soul although when I was smaller I gave first and last name of all my 100+ stuffed animals, they all had their complicated love life and different personalities (especially Kiara a bambi like deer girl, gosh she was such a bitch) I guess that childish part will always stay with me because i still love stuffed animals but most importantly I can name things very well even real animals :D How fun right?

  40. melanie peridore

    melanie peridore34 phút trước

    Stephen King novels and The Grinch circa 2018 P.S. number 1 trending?!? Congrats!!

  41. NessaRayGibson

    NessaRayGibson34 phút trước

    My fandom is Zendaya. Yes.

  42. Kathy J Gouvas

    Kathy J Gouvas34 phút trước

    I'm currently studying death rituals for no reason.

  43. javaris shaw

    javaris shaw34 phút trước

    Are u gay

  44. Emma_in_Bookland 11

    Emma_in_Bookland 1134 phút trước

    My fandom is either musicals or Harry Potter because it's almost Harry's birthday

  45. Eddie Vega

    Eddie Vega34 phút trước

    Are you also anorexic?

  46. Kadence Lynn

    Kadence Lynn34 phút trước

    i currently am very obsessed with current joys 🥺 their music makes me go 🤰🏼

  47. Epsilon

    Epsilon35 phút trước

    no one: really... no one: bts: 15:15

  48. therealskrubby

    therealskrubby35 phút trước

    What a fucking tool

  49. Queen Caro

    Queen Caro35 phút trước

    Im obsessed with twenty øne piløts. But youre high on the list too😊