Store Bought Restaurant Food Taste Test


  1. Raven Steward

    Raven Steward22 giờ trước



    CLOUT_ SHOT_YTNgày trước

    ''Well its not bad imma sill eat it"

  3. J Kicks

    J KicksNgày trước

    Get me some of those frozen curly fries

  4. JennaBanana

    JennaBanana2 ngày trước


  5. Alexander Eick The 3erd

    Alexander Eick The 3erd2 ngày trước

    its bad to judge off taist and freshness bc the store ones have to be taken from the store and prsented. like frinshfries from a togo, there never as good.

  6. Elise Duda

    Elise Duda2 ngày trước

    Only came here to see if they would do the Panera broccoli and cheddar, was not disappointed.

  7. Stroopwafel

    Stroopwafel2 ngày trước

    Im eating yogurt

  8. MoMo Videos

    MoMo Videos3 ngày trước

    When link was by himself it felt so lonely and you could tell that if Rhett died it would not be good

  9. smogmoth

    smogmoth3 ngày trước

    “We went to a butt disco. Eat up with your friends-“

  10. Reaper Souls

    Reaper Souls3 ngày trước

    Could you lower the chewing a bit it's like shaking a water bag or something

  11. kim Jong un

    kim Jong un3 ngày trước

    How dare you not eat potato skins without sour cream!

  12. Toxic Nea

    Toxic Nea4 ngày trước

    6:10 wheres the sour cream buds? Lol

  13. Toxic Nea

    Toxic Nea4 ngày trước

    0:00 no they really dont lol

  14. Bias Wrecked

    Bias Wrecked4 ngày trước

    Cheddar bay biscuits?

  15. BuJo with Hailey

    BuJo with Hailey4 ngày trước

    i love rhett and link with my whole heart but, WHEN YOU GUYS CHEW, I WANNA RIP MY EARS OUT.

  16. Colten Brown

    Colten Brown5 ngày trước

    Cicis with a drink is now like $8.00 😂 I wish it was 1.99

  17. Intense_Killer_5 Rush Killcamz

    Intense_Killer_5 Rush Killcamz5 ngày trước

    Sloppy toppy?

  18. Poke trio

    Poke trio5 ngày trước

    I love your show but I would really appreciate if you would stop making fun of people that are gluten free, because personally I am gluten free and I hate when people make fun of that, especially to other people or behind people’s backs.

  19. UsEliteSki

    UsEliteSki6 ngày trước

    lolol anyone thats ever worked at one of these places knows its mostly frozen at the production facility and then sent to the restaurants. the only difference in these two products is the brand of microwave. horrible "food".

  20. Electra XxL

    Electra XxL6 ngày trước

    After working at arbys I can tell you the store bought and restaurant curly fries are exactly the same, the only difference is that you bake the store bought and we (obviously) fry them at the restaurant

  21. Josiah Durfee

    Josiah Durfee6 ngày trước

    7:10 Penne is the pasta, pene means penis. The long n means the pasta. Short n means penis

  22. shreiberrulz

    shreiberrulz7 ngày trước

    You guys are so easy to watch, I love it

  23. Mason jordan

    Mason jordan8 ngày trước

    Was it just me or did anyone else get sad when rhett left the table. Like that is how the show would be if one of them died or quit

  24. Minnie Mu

    Minnie Mu8 ngày trước

    I missed this episode because my daughter was born that morning. Im just getting to watch it now. XD

  25. VPagon

    VPagon9 ngày trước


  26. Nico Di Angelo

    Nico Di Angelo9 ngày trước

    Happy birthday Dink

  27. Luke Levandusky

    Luke Levandusky9 ngày trước

    I've had those cheese and bacon filled potato skins. They're incredible.

  28. dougiedoug3515

    dougiedoug351510 ngày trước

    What are the odds that two bowls of broccoli cheddar soup can make a minor second pretty good evidently.

  29. Tyler Joseph Schommer

    Tyler Joseph Schommer10 ngày trước

    Well considering Fridays pretty much only uses frozen food...

  30. Kara Langer Gennis

    Kara Langer Gennis10 ngày trước

    The higher pitch of Link's bowl of soup indicates that he has a little bit more soup than Rhett.

  31. Eric  Eaker

    Eric Eaker11 ngày trước

    All of panaras soups are frozen in a bag and the heat them up in a soupwell

  32. CapsuleGraph

    CapsuleGraph11 ngày trước

    The reason they thought the majority of the frozen ones were better is most likely because of the added sodium and preservatives to keep the frozen meals from going bad.

  33. Justin Puyear

    Justin Puyear12 ngày trước

    Are they on acid too?

  34. Miranda L.

    Miranda L.12 ngày trước

    I really don't think cicis is that bad....

  35. Swaggy Kitty

    Swaggy Kitty12 ngày trước

    I haven’t eaten in two days... halp!

  36. SuperAsian

    SuperAsian13 ngày trước

    the restaurant food is on... *rhetts* side

  37. I'm a unicorn 02

    I'm a unicorn 0213 ngày trước

    Link: oh their both gluten free oh then they'll both taste bad.

  38. Brandon M. Hall

    Brandon M. Hall13 ngày trước

    The strategy is to just get 1 point ahead and then always guess the same answer so they cant catch up 😂

  39. Elise stillman

    Elise stillman13 ngày trước

    You do know the jaws song thing is just “Ti do” back and fourth on the scale super easy

  40. Jennifer Herzog

    Jennifer Herzog14 ngày trước

    We call Cici's "Fece's" pizza. Lol And plus, they have gotten a big head... it's like $5.99+drink now!

  41. Hilary Little

    Hilary Little15 ngày trước

    The potato skins that come from the freezer bow are sooo good

  42. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman15 ngày trước

    idk why i always seek these vids out when I'm hungry, i must really hate myself lol

  43. Raden

    Raden15 ngày trước

    Jaws! DINK dink DINK dink DINK dink DINK dink DINK dink DINK dink.....

  44. * *

    * *15 ngày trước

    Who calls a restaurant a store? You don’t sit down for (hopefully) freshly cooked meals at a store.

  45. * *

    * *15 ngày trước

    All pre frozen potato skins are completely tasteless. Fresh baked is the only way.

  46. Lando Trujillo

    Lando Trujillo16 ngày trước

    Hi welcome to chilis

  47. kid_O_war

    kid_O_war16 ngày trước

    Haven’t even watched the vid but the store bought potato skins from TGI Friday’s are really good

  48. Sochi

    Sochi17 ngày trước

    If you like the frozen Arby's fries, and you also like Rally's, try the frozen Rally's fries as well! They taste so much better frozen and heated in the oven than from the store.

  49. Master Yoda

    Master Yoda18 ngày trước

    Link has one giant taste bud going across his entire tongue.

  50. Rebecca Moody

    Rebecca Moody18 ngày trước

    Should be Jim versus Dwight....not Jeff

  51. Xavier Quintanilla

    Xavier Quintanilla18 ngày trước

    Do not buy cracker barrel macaroni and cheese it doesn't taste like the resturant

  52. Cyrus Smoke

    Cyrus Smoke18 ngày trước


  53. Sarah S

    Sarah S18 ngày trước

    Does anyone just randomly think of their perfect bathroom trip song...

  54. Hunter chapman

    Hunter chapman19 ngày trước

    Is there any way to make them eating less audible. It’s so gross

  55. *roseabella Ahmed*

    *roseabella Ahmed*19 ngày trước

    7:58 :( pause it at 7.58

  56. Advil Addict

    Advil Addict20 ngày trước

    I feel there’s a laugh track in the background, and the judges voice is a voice over on some episodes

  57. Fearless Arcanine

    Fearless Arcanine20 ngày trước

    Frozen arbys is the best!

  58. Heaven Light

    Heaven Light20 ngày trước

    11:55 Link just enter the void inside his mind thinking "What is this Life I'm entering"

  59. Phtevenjohnsonxx

    Phtevenjohnsonxx21 ngày trước

    Cici's is the shit>>> Dont knock it, fellas

  60. Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

    Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum21 ngày trước

    Broccoli Beef is NOT A THING!!!! 😂

  61. Thirsty Ninja

    Thirsty Ninja21 ngày trước

    wheres the wheel of mythicality?????

  62. Mr. President

    Mr. President21 ngày trước

    Ive never noticed a laugh track until this video

  63. Maximillium NOWAK

    Maximillium NOWAK7 ngày trước

    Mr. President it’s not a laugh track.

  64. Maggie Baaker

    Maggie Baaker21 ngày trước

    I love Panera and then getting their broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl amazing preach Rhett

  65. 47 EYES

    47 EYES22 ngày trước

    I love her voice it makes me smile

  66. Goldey 055

    Goldey 05523 ngày trước

    Good job Dink we knew you could win someday

  67. tired fangirl

    tired fangirl23 ngày trước

    "you could sell this at cici's" XD

  68. Will Schock

    Will Schock23 ngày trước

    i work at panera haha

  69. ashley lawson

    ashley lawson23 ngày trước

    Hi guys you are awesome! My boyfriend and I love love love your videos and content. We look forward to more. The point of changing the pasta in the Chili's store bought and the actual Chili's pasta is the room in the box is less and the restaurant has more space on the plate, as well as the price difference.

  70. omar hbvhhvhv

    omar hbvhhvhv23 ngày trước

    The Panera one is literally the same one we use in store just different packaging


    THE BEAST24 ngày trước

    Why no white castle😭

  72. Bowen Reeves

    Bowen Reeves24 ngày trước

    After every meal: Rhett- “It’s still tasty I’m gonna eat some”

  73. Jason Buckley

    Jason Buckley25 ngày trước

    i love Rhett and Dink.

  74. enrique torres

    enrique torres25 ngày trước

    He ate the candle wax!

  75. Archean

    Archean25 ngày trước

    bro this would be so freaking boring if it was just one of them

  76. Kiara Stuchbery

    Kiara Stuchbery25 ngày trước

    I come from Australia ;-; but when I go to TGI’s I love our potato skins, and barbecue ribs, spicy bull chicken wings, CHICKEN STRIPS, and all of that xD

  77. Darkarma effect

    Darkarma effect25 ngày trước

    This is just an excuse to eat food

  78. old soul

    old soul26 ngày trước

    does her voice remind anyone else of zonetan

  79. Dan Madsen

    Dan Madsen26 ngày trước

    Rhett just Vontae Davis'd the show lol

  80. Alyssa Stephenson

    Alyssa Stephenson28 ngày trước


  81. zachary thebeau

    zachary thebeau28 ngày trước

    Just a few minutes in just thought I'd mention the color of the Arby's fries is because the arby's used dirty oil.

  82. Unbox Master

    Unbox Master27 ngày trước

    What's the name of the girl in the background

  83. Abdulrahman.m.m

    Abdulrahman.m.m29 ngày trước

    Juice packet theory: what if the earth was actually flat but all the lava inside it made it into a sphere shape. I wonder what will you put the earth's sauce on.

  84. TheSparkyWriter

    TheSparkyWriterTháng trước

    Where else would you go to hear guys banging in a bowl of soup with their spoons?

  85. Stephen M

    Stephen MTháng trước

    Cajun food isnt supposed to be spicy

  86. Unbox Master

    Unbox Master27 ngày trước

    What's the name of the girl in the background

  87. Artica Kennedy

    Artica KennedyTháng trước

    I have an idea! Since you guys loved the Cheddar Bay Biscuits as much as I do, why don’t you compare the original Biscuits to the mix and other similar recipes!

  88. Riley Bechiom

    Riley BechiomTháng trước

    I instantly new the cajun chicken because I eat it so often

  89. Blake Schoknecht

    Blake SchoknechtTháng trước

    i wish they didnt have microphones next to their mouth, anyone else hate the sound of someone eating?

  90. Flutterbutt225

    Flutterbutt225Tháng trước

    Guys, your bowls made different sounds because one's more full than the other lol

  91. xx xx Phoenix

    xx xx PhoenixTháng trước

    jeff is my church teacher

  92. Useless Man

    Useless ManTháng trước

    Every time Link chews I wish I was deaf

  93. Crispy

    CrispyTháng trước

    Rip Arby’s

  94. xxxsanyeo

    xxxsanyeoTháng trước

    panera bread is nothing special. the bread is close to rock and could easily break your teeth.

  95. Robert Burns

    Robert BurnsTháng trước

    Panera bread is my favorite restaurant

  96. Carter Patton

    Carter PattonTháng trước

    Were dem cheddar bay biscuits

  97. Nicolas Hayes

    Nicolas HayesTháng trước

    I like the frozen California pizza kitchen barbecue chicken pizza

  98. natalie654789

    natalie654789Tháng trước

    Lol link, “I never ordered this before” like he frequents chili’s 😂

  99. Matthew_ Given

    Matthew_ GivenTháng trước

    Higher is basic not asidic

  100. LPS RamuneTV

    LPS RamuneTVTháng trước

    Chili’s: *”OH NO GMM IS ONTO US-“*

  101. Lucid Reality

    Lucid RealityTháng trước

    does anyone else think if they had microphones closer it would be asmr ? No? just me? thx rhett and link

  102. Star Wars Advance

    Star Wars AdvanceTháng trước

    3:47 the link sHoW

  103. Axeo l

    Axeo lTháng trước

    I have these all the time there so good for a fraction of a price