Store Bought Restaurant Food Taste Test


  1. xx stefani

    xx stefani2 giờ trước

    skjskjsk I work at cici's omg. y'all just roasted us lmaoooooooooo

  2. Kody Johnson

    Kody Johnson7 giờ trước

    I love watching this show but I cannot STAND that ladies voice

  3. Lillian Howard

    Lillian Howard8 giờ trước

    the notes the bowls made were close enough to the beginning of Für Elise that it was maddening to not get the rest of the song played on soup bowls

  4. Nugroho W.

    Nugroho W.16 giờ trước

    Is Stevie at that time of the month?

  5. Ninja Boy

    Ninja BoyNgày trước

    I like foood porm

  6. Blythe Hunter

    Blythe HunterNgày trước

    As a music major, all my brain could think when they started dinking the bowls was “that’s definitely a minor 2nd”. Music theory has ruined jaws for me 😂😭

  7. Tyler The Piano Man

    Tyler The Piano ManNgày trước

    I cared Jamie. That's why I replied to them.

  8. Blythe Hunter

    Blythe HunterNgày trước

    Jamie J I mean no one cared for your comment either, but that didn’t stop you from leaving it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. Jamie J

    Jamie JNgày trước

    Nobody cares

  10. Tyler The Piano Man

    Tyler The Piano ManNgày trước

    I'm in a music program and my brain does stuff like that too, lol.

  11. FreeMind

    FreeMindNgày trước

    she´s speaking like siri

  12. Noah Hall

    Noah Hall2 ngày trước

    It’s pronounced St.Louis Bread Co

  13. Proud Momma of two

    Proud Momma of two2 ngày trước

    I hate this laugh track in the background

  14. Andrew Sharpe

    Andrew SharpeNgày trước

    Its not a laugh track...

  15. Moe A

    Moe A2 ngày trước

    BTW its penne (stressing on the n) and not pene because pene is penis in spanish lol

  16. Moe A

    Moe A2 ngày trước

    I would LOVE to meet you guys in real life.

  17. Marth Sadreli

    Marth Sadreli2 ngày trước

    wait idk what time it is now, my world is turned inside out now

  18. Tori Gullo

    Tori Gullo3 ngày trước


  19. Name’s Thor

    Name’s Thor4 ngày trước

    Great video a lot of funny enjoyable moments in this one:) Btw.. Did anyone else really like the jc penny ad?😀

  20. Wu Kate

    Wu Kate4 ngày trước

    stevie sounds like a robot in the video

  21. Avimations 405

    Avimations 4054 ngày trước

    Two questions 1- is the Rubik’s cube on the shelf real? 2-can I solve it please?

  22. discos make me panic

    discos make me panic5 ngày trước

    3:14 depression cured

  23. monster paw

    monster paw5 ngày trước

    Just get to it

  24. FrickBeesInc

    FrickBeesInc6 ngày trước


  25. TheGhostlyVortex/TGVortex Official

    TheGhostlyVortex/TGVortex Official6 ngày trước

    My VIreporter keeps unsubbing on itself. 😭😭😭

  26. L & Production

    L & Production6 ngày trước

    I've am 12 and I watched them since i was 9

  27. [GD] Phospelonagen

    [GD] PhospelonagenNgày trước

    Do you want an award for that? A lot of people were

  28. L & Production

    L & Production6 ngày trước

    Who is an OG And have been around since they got 142k subs I have

  29. Jamie J

    Jamie JNgày trước

    Nobody cares

  30. ben sumen

    ben sumen6 ngày trước

    Link chews like a freaking cow

  31. J Gerardi

    J Gerardi7 ngày trước

    People find this funny ?

  32. inthinkable

    inthinkable7 ngày trước

    I've randomly clicked on 1 or 2 of these videos the past few months. Damn this channel is SHIT. Proud to say I'm not one of the morons who actually subscribe and watch this shit. Why would anyone? If you like watching 2 morons do absolutely nothing, then congrats, you will love this channel. Birds of a feather, and all that...

  33. Jeremy Potter

    Jeremy Potter7 ngày trước

    You should redo your hair song. Lol. Instead of my hair goes up, my hair goes down link should say my hair went gray and Rhett can say my hair stayed brown

  34. Olle Larsson

    Olle Larsson7 ngày trước

    I went to Chili's One Day After that my ass Look Like the Japanese Flag

  35. DumbBassDreams

    DumbBassDreams9 ngày trước

    Because it’s a taste test not a identity test

  36. DumbBassDreams

    DumbBassDreams9 ngày trước

    They should have used blind folds. You obviously can tell by looking at them 90% of the time. Ruins the experiment.

  37. Nigel Cooper

    Nigel Cooper9 ngày trước

    4:45 Yep, they peaked.

  38. Delta MS

    Delta MS9 ngày trước

    Am I the only one that noticed that they kind of don’t like each other?

  39. circuswannabe

    circuswannabe10 ngày trước

    dwight is working many jobs

  40. circuswannabe

    circuswannabe10 ngày trước

    why do you need two spoons?

  41. XxGacha_ LoverXX

    XxGacha_ LoverXX11 ngày trước

    Why do I watch people eat food? Cos I want food after

  42. Thepaintrain2013

    Thepaintrain201311 ngày trước

    Dont hate on Dwight

  43. VRMusic

    VRMusic11 ngày trước

    It's weird that Rhett's notion about higher and lower note tastes, makes perfect sense to me somehow 😂

  44. Michael Lepore

    Michael Lepore13 ngày trước

    "Thee restaurant fries are on... Rhett's side" 😍😍 I just want to hire Stevie to read me a bed time story every night ... I'd pass out like a baby

  45. The Last True Patriot 69

    The Last True Patriot 6913 ngày trước

    Man I hate hearing people chew but for some reason I can handle these guys

  46. spaget boi

    spaget boi14 ngày trước

    Why has no one noticed that the reason restaurant bought might taste worse might be that they probably took a long time to get the food and get it to wherever they film the show. Food tastes way worse when it was made half an hour ago.

  47. Sapp Cheng

    Sapp Cheng15 ngày trước

    Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to... You Happy birthday to... LINK! Happy birthday to... TIP ME

  48. MegaStalker

    MegaStalker15 ngày trước

    99% of the comments section are people who worked at Panera Bread.

  49. Fortnite Queen

    Fortnite Queen16 ngày trước

    My favorite part is whenever they say “let’s talk about that.” 😭❤️

  50. zarrar khan

    zarrar khan16 ngày trước

    That Happy Birthday song at the end woke my baby bro from a nap and now he's scared silly

  51. shirley woah

    shirley woah16 ngày trước

    boy do i love gmm! it's always so entertaining to watch rhett and... "looks at smudged writing on hand" ...dink.

  52. Juan Trejo

    Juan Trejo17 ngày trước

    I hate hearing them eat but i can't stop watching

  53. AhTraiHard

    AhTraiHard18 ngày trước

    Started from 0:26 Now I own 0:26


    TRIPLEJM TOXIC18 ngày trước


  55. Jade Anderson

    Jade Anderson18 ngày trước

    We have a Jeff at my Trader Joe’s with pink hair and he actually is great lol

  56. EarthquakeInThule

    EarthquakeInThule18 ngày trước

    the thing that every single time blows my mind is the deep and credible competence of your editors. I mean. they know what cavatappi shape of pasta is. I mean. you got the lead.

  57. Kathryn Williams

    Kathryn Williams20 ngày trước

    Where did she go? I miss her

  58. NoMercy _sunn

    NoMercy _sunn20 ngày trước

    Everyone in the studio are scientists right

  59. Blue Animul

    Blue Animul20 ngày trước

    Imagine how much hair gel they have used combined

  60. The Adventures of Hamstore!

    The Adventures of Hamstore!21 ngày trước

    Ci ci’s is delicious

  61. Frogbjb

    Frogbjb22 ngày trước

    Lol even frozen Arby’s isn’t as bad as regular Arby’s

  62. Kim K.

    Kim K.24 ngày trước

    I love how u can hear them eating 😂

  63. Fanible

    Fanible25 ngày trước

    Maybe we had a bad batch. We tried frozen Arby's curly fries and thought they were terrible.

  64. mcrap creme

    mcrap creme25 ngày trước

    Dang It I Was Hoping They Used Red Lobster Biscuits🦞😋

  65. Boss McSauce

    Boss McSauce26 ngày trước

    Hi welcome to Chilis

  66. Strictly Anime!

    Strictly Anime!26 ngày trước

    Link's a cheater. He doesnt even give any kind of reason and just copies rhett.

  67. Lauren Tucker

    Lauren Tucker27 ngày trước

    Eat quieter.

  68. bluejayjay5

    bluejayjay527 ngày trước

    I’m I the only who thinks link got the first round right

  69. Julie Rex

    Julie Rex27 ngày trước

    I worked at Panera and the broccoli cheddar soup comes to the store frozen and then just heated in the bag

  70. Twitch DotComZ

    Twitch DotComZ28 ngày trước

    The sounds of them chewing and smacking is cringe level over 9000!

  71. zbaker330

    zbaker3306 ngày trước

    this comment is worse.

  72. Benjamin Lamberti

    Benjamin Lamberti28 ngày trước

    hi guys

  73. tomi mitchell

    tomi mitchell28 ngày trước

    It's because of the frys holding time they probably bought them hours ago and then baked the other ones in the studio .. arbys would throw them out if they where that brown

  74. Alexy

    Alexy29 ngày trước

    links face had me dead at the end. he legit looked like an angry kid that didn't go to the restaurant he requested because the parents forgot to book in and had to go elsewhere, which as a result led to the boys rage filled childhood and ultimately to his disappointing unfulfilled future.

  75. Smoll Pyro

    Smoll Pyro29 ngày trước

    I cant belive yall bash in the 5 buck all you can eat restrant CC PIZZA im aploed

  76. Matt Klinger

    Matt Klinger29 ngày trước

    I wish they didn't have the thing that tells us which one is which before they knew so that we could "play along"

  77. Astro Bunny

    Astro Bunny29 ngày trước


  78. Whoever's reading this is gay

    Whoever's reading this is gay29 ngày trước

    Resturant: **Exists** Link: *_s t o r e_*

  79. Bat Man

    Bat ManTháng trước

    Good video! Make one more video.....Store Bought Restaurant Food vs Home Made

  80. Brett Stubbs

    Brett StubbsTháng trước


  81. flim flam

    flim flamTháng trước

    getting a little bit more tilted every time link calls the restaurant a store.

  82. Prosperity Gruesome

    Prosperity GruesomeTháng trước

    I always want Rhett to win idk why I think it’s because I’m used to Rhett winning so much

  83. Liz Mixson

    Liz MixsonTháng trước

    from someone who has worked at panera . . . don't get a bread bowl. You only get one ladle of soup in the bread bowl (and probably half gets absorbed by the bread anyways) for the price of a regular bowl with 2 actual ladles of soup.

  84. Cheyenne Rachelle

    Cheyenne RachelleTháng trước

    Will it nacho?

  85. Justin Gulliver Belanger

    Justin Gulliver BelangerTháng trước

    at 3:07 i have lived

  86. SayHwut

    SayHwutTháng trước

    All panera soup comes frozen

  87. Brooklyn Chaz

    Brooklyn ChazTháng trước

    This comment section is just filled with former/ current Panera bread workers

  88. Southern Deplorable

    Southern Deplorable19 ngày trước

    I had already heard about the soups from restaurants and it's great to have it confirmed so I know not to spend tons of money on frozens soup.

  89. Hellen Keller

    Hellen KellerTháng trước

    Everyone in this comment section worked at Panera Bread

  90. discos make me panic

    discos make me panic5 ngày trước

    howd you know

  91. gennysis

    gennysis28 ngày trước

    Hellen Keller We had to free ourselves from Mother Bread lol

  92. Javier Jimenez-leyva

    Javier Jimenez-leyvaTháng trước


  93. maya mullins

    maya mullinsTháng trước


  94. TheMabes69

    TheMabes69Tháng trước

    Of course, they taste the same. They use frozen food in the restaurant and heat it in a microwave.

  95. Rebecca Furr

    Rebecca FurrTháng trước

    The eating noises are killing me

  96. FatRagingPig

    FatRagingPigTháng trước

    The game is flawed. If you win the first round, you can vote exactly what the other person votes and you will win at the end

  97. ddstar

    ddstarTháng trước

    you guys are such beta males. stop drinking soy

  98. James Latini

    James LatiniTháng trước

    👏👏👏👏Freindlys has a birthday song! Freindlys has a birthday song! Not to or not too long! Not to or not too long! If your good you’ll get your wishes! If your good you’ll get your wishes! If your bad you’ll do our dishes! If your bad you’ll do our dishes!👏👏👏👏

  99. tazz 505

    tazz 505Tháng trước

    my sister works at panera and the soup is literally shipped to them in bags then they cut it open and warm it up

  100. Kadafi69

    Kadafi69Tháng trước

    So not authentic... you cant sing "Happy Birthday" at a restaurant anymore lol.

  101. Someone Something

    Someone SomethingTháng trước

    Gasp! no mythical wheel!

  102. GoobNoob

    GoobNoobTháng trước

    *"Every time I go to Panera I'm miserable." -Link* Never heard a more relatable sentence. LMFAO!!!

  103. Eli Judkins

    Eli JudkinsTháng trước

    As a subway employee, our soup is frozen. We just thaw it out in the walk in fridge

  104. TheNateNoHate

    TheNateNoHateTháng trước

    So like this stuff comes in frozen to the restaurant too for the most part. So they should be just about the same right? Just. A theory

  105. Almost Easy

    Almost EasyTháng trước

    Link: Hey babe you wanna go on a date to a really fancy store?

  106. Gopherfan18

    Gopherfan18Tháng trước

    Panera's soup is always frozen. It comes to the store in plastic bags which are then thawed out and heated to order. So its not a surprise that they taste the same.

  107. XILITY

    XILITYTháng trước

    The end was really awkward I cringed pretty hard

  108. Peeksuh

    PeeksuhTháng trước

    7:19 it's like shane trying to say Bhad Bhabie 😂 "Bobba Dobby?"

  109. Sorrahel

    SorrahelTháng trước

    Link is the cutest. When Rhett left and Link just went on with the show, I just wanted to hug him so much.

  110. What do i put here again?

    What do i put here again?Tháng trước

    Now I'm hungry

  111. Jake Cihak

    Jake CihakTháng trước

    I really can’t stand the woman’s tone of voice.