Store Bought Restaurant Food Taste Test


  1. inder singh

    inder singhGiờ trước

    2:41 “is on Brett side”

  2. Allyson Meldrum

    Allyson Meldrum9 giờ trước

    The crew is like your own personal laugh track😂

  3. Blake Thomas Selph

    Blake Thomas Selph18 giờ trước

    Gluten free. Which means they're both going to be bad. Hahahaha!

  4. Vincent gang

    Vincent gang23 giờ trước

    What about white castle ☹️

  5. Sophie

    SophieNgày trước

    I work at panera, so was happy to see y’all talk about one of our soups haha

  6. Dylan Pulsipher

    Dylan Pulsipher2 ngày trước

    Why is Rhett a bully to link...😔

  7. Charlie Crow

    Charlie Crow4 ngày trước

    Watching food videos at 3 am is a very bad idea

  8. peyton the undertale lover

    peyton the undertale lover4 ngày trước

    I have had store bought California pizza and it is paper thin and i mean thin and so crispy that it makes it just feel and taste weaker

  9. Reverb

    Reverb4 ngày trước

    Is it me or does link have white hair

  10. Charlie Crow

    Charlie Crow4 ngày trước

    Reverb I'm pretty sure he used to die his grey hairs brown, and just stopped recently.

  11. Mo Vlogs

    Mo Vlogs5 ngày trước

    It’s not fair Rhett gives link 2 points on last challenges if he is loosing but link won’t it’s not fair

  12. Micheal Manna

    Micheal Manna5 ngày trước

    Is link getting gray or is that the light

  13. jc

    jc6 ngày trước

    the reason the panera broc ched soup tastes the same is because they are the same at the panera i worked at the soup came in frozen bags that youd have to thaw

  14. Apples And cheese

    Apples And cheese6 ngày trước

    11:54 reminds me of the crazy farm lady from AHS Roanoke

  15. Fluff fluff Fluffle puff

    Fluff fluff Fluffle puff6 ngày trước

    The potato skins I’ve only had them frozen.😦I had no idea that the brand that makes those is a real restaurant 😧

  16. GD Pho

    GD Pho7 ngày trước

    I have a microwave in my hurricane shelter, and when Hector hit’s, I will be prepared with tgifradays wings :D

  17. German Acosta

    German Acosta9 ngày trước

    The happy birthday moment was too cringe

  18. superfirelavaboy

    superfirelavaboy10 ngày trước

    Now I'm hungry

  19. Bob Snob101

    Bob Snob10111 ngày trước

    Bro she should do ASMR “the restaurant one is on the right 👅

  20. Softest Sun

    Softest Sun11 ngày trước

    3:25 🎶What are the chances? What are the chances?🎶

  21. theacp127

    theacp12712 ngày trước

    That little aside from Link at 3:06 made me laugh. I agree. Panera bread makes me miserable as well.

  22. carson necessary

    carson necessary12 ngày trước

    McDonald’s coffee is the same coffee that at home!

  23. Melissa Kam

    Melissa Kam13 ngày trước

    Cici pizza is theBEST

  24. Just Anne

    Just Anne13 ngày trước

    My name jeff or is my name chef?


    DOVAH FARCRY13 ngày trước

    while watching this i was like wow the video looks a lot better and then i realized im watching in 4k XD

  26. Clarthrasher

    Clarthrasher13 ngày trước

    I went to cicis one time and someone had asked for a pizza and they put it there and the pizza was only crust and cheese no sause

  27. Ben Whitaker

    Ben Whitaker14 ngày trước

    Rhett seems a little baked in this video

  28. 2099

    209915 ngày trước

    Is links hair dyed?

  29. Pamela Johnson

    Pamela Johnson15 ngày trước

    Rhett thinks he ALWAYS right

  30. Lil Jopo

    Lil Jopo16 ngày trước

    The woman who brang in the ice cream was clearly a redneck hillbilly

  31. The Sly Pixel Man

    The Sly Pixel Man16 ngày trước

    It makes me un-comfortable when she tell them which side it is on.

  32. Last Warning

    Last Warning16 ngày trước

    cics is terrible wouldnt reccomend

  33. BluEyedWonder 87

    BluEyedWonder 8716 ngày trước

    In my experience, the store bought panera soup tastes like the plastic tub it's packaged in.

  34. Gabi

    Gabi16 ngày trước

    i dont know why.. but i really hate the woman behind the camera

  35. cody schindeler

    cody schindeler17 ngày trước

    When Rhett left.. link looks Alota like Garth off Wayne’s world when Wayne leaves the set and Garth stares into the camera lol

  36. Weedy Guitar Studio

    Weedy Guitar Studio17 ngày trước

    Happy Birthday Dink!!

  37. It's a Turtle!

    It's a Turtle!18 ngày trước

    My name jeff

  38. Insane Jumpscare

    Insane Jumpscare18 ngày trước

    The first one link got the first one correct because he said it’s from the store

  39. Captain Autismo

    Captain Autismo18 ngày trước

    I’m so happy that Rhett put my music taste thing into words

  40. mbr715

    mbr71518 ngày trước

    rhett's cheekbones are a thing

  41. Asma Fatima

    Asma Fatima18 ngày trước

    :) pizzasquad4live

  42. Single Forlife

    Single Forlife19 ngày trước

    My boy Link was gonna respond about the bread bowl Rhett but u just had to cut him off.

  43. Allen Liang

    Allen Liang19 ngày trước

    Wait once someone gets a lead, all they can do is wait for the other person to guess then pick the same answer

  44. Wifey Ally

    Wifey Ally19 ngày trước

    Her voice is so soft

  45. Colleen

    Colleen19 ngày trước

    “Home watching reruns of Frasier” THAT’S WHAT I HAVE BEEN DOING ALL SUMMER

  46. Rev

    Rev19 ngày trước


  47. Tristan Pearson

    Tristan Pearson19 ngày trước

    Chef Ramsey would be pissed if he saw this.

  48. Kathy Bartley

    Kathy Bartley19 ngày trước

    I can't tell you how often I've been watching a Rhett and Link video and thought, "I wonder what medication one could use for personal itching." I hate how VIreporter is attempting to force regular viewers, nay, strong arm viewers into purchasing VIreporter red. I will stop watching it all together first.

  49. Starr Guevara

    Starr Guevara19 ngày trước

    Not sure if everyone realizes that quite a few items that are sold in restaurants like that are pre made, flash frozen, and/or microwave prepared.

  50. Glaze On Controller

    Glaze On Controller19 ngày trước

    “Gluten Free,This is gonna be bad then” I Disagree As a person Who is allergic to gluten and Wheat,That’s so wrong,There’s a company that makes amazing GF buns (Udi for the GF fans)

  51. T Brooks

    T Brooks19 ngày trước

    Can't go wrong with potato skins from anywhere

  52. itsanolive

    itsanolive20 ngày trước

    this is why you use the blindfolds

  53. Dana K

    Dana K20 ngày trước

    Why does link keep calling restaurants the store I’ve never heard anyone refer to a restaurant as a store before that’s so weird

  54. Jess Washington

    Jess Washington20 ngày trước

    Living in South Carolina... I've only had store bought California Pizza..and I feel robbed!

  55. Parker Wrenn

    Parker Wrenn20 ngày trước

    Is that a laugh track? ​

  56. Gill Kid

    Gill Kid20 ngày trước

    Cicis is good quality cuisine

  57. aimee

    aimee20 ngày trước

    Um no, Dwight works in The Office not at TGI Friday’s get it right Rhett

  58. CrazyCodMan21

    CrazyCodMan2121 ngày trước

    whenever you guys eat something i swear its asmr

  59. Warhawk 837

    Warhawk 83721 ngày trước

    Stevie sounds depressed

  60. Fienix

    Fienix21 ngày trước

    My dream is that Link will one day learn to chew like an adult. Those sounds...

  61. B

    B21 ngày trước

    i like that they swapped shirt styles in this vid.

  62. Veni Aggarwal

    Veni Aggarwal21 ngày trước

    This was posted on the bday

  63. jairodrigue

    jairodrigue21 ngày trước

    Problem with this taste test is the restaurant appetizers is prepared in the kitchen and served to your table. Not traveled home and sitting around while you prepare the frozen conterpart for a youtube video.

  64. Brady Seibel

    Brady Seibel21 ngày trước

    That's assuming you got fresh curly fries, which in a poor store like mine is about 60% of the time.

  65. Brady Seibel

    Brady Seibel21 ngày trước

    I've been working at arby's for almost a year, and yeah the curly fries are only good for seven minutes after they come out of the frier. Not enough time to get home, much less make a documentary.. 😂

  66. Sean Fritz

    Sean Fritz22 ngày trước

    Does anyone realize when Link takes a bite of anything he looks worried?XD

  67. Jerry Gurrola

    Jerry Gurrola22 ngày trước

    Stevie sounds so edgy this day

  68. Bella Bays

    Bella Bays22 ngày trước


  69. MicahFoReel

    MicahFoReel22 ngày trước

    By far the best game name ever...

  70. Kieran

    Kieran22 ngày trước

    Really wanna watch this but the fake laugh track makes me not want to. Yikes.

  71. GiesyTV

    GiesyTV22 ngày trước

    1:11, a fire burns within link

  72. Fluffy Unicorn

    Fluffy Unicorn22 ngày trước

    Just because it’s GF doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  73. Si TheBugGuy

    Si TheBugGuy22 ngày trước

    they're both frozen though

  74. Azrie Oxton

    Azrie Oxton22 ngày trước

    Panera Broccoli Cheddar soup is my favorite!!

  75. DarkPoint

    DarkPoint22 ngày trước

    All the food is frozen both in the restaurants and stores. You would be fool to think they are actual chefs in those chain kitchens

  76. cameron rochambeau

    cameron rochambeau23 ngày trước

    Hey my grandma watches fraiser

  77. ElChango

    ElChango23 ngày trước

    "pene" pasta😂😂😂

  78. Tweek The Mighty

    Tweek The Mighty23 ngày trước

    Link you have re-wired my brain. I now refer to restaurants as stores...

  79. Jalyn Sanchez

    Jalyn Sanchez23 ngày trước

    What’s CPK??????? Sorry I rly dunno

  80. Claire Marie

    Claire Marie24 ngày trước

    Panera soup comes frozen to Panera. So all the store does is warm it

  81. MIGUZI

    MIGUZI26 ngày trước

    800th dislike

  82. Noble FC

    Noble FC26 ngày trước

    I think that why the frozen pf chang is "juicier" is because it had ice and when ice melts it turns into water which the food soaked up.

  83. XD XDXD

    XD XDXD26 ngày trước


  84. Anthony French

    Anthony French26 ngày trước

    Why does link always take baby bites

  85. Mabeldine

    Mabeldine27 ngày trước

    I guess I haven’t lived...

  86. Walker34

    Walker3427 ngày trước

    Are they gey?

  87. Taylor Wilson

    Taylor Wilson27 ngày trước

    Panera's soup is frozen either way lol there should be no difference, grocery store or panera, both frozen, is it a joke?

  88. mel rosa

    mel rosa27 ngày trước

    I wish we could comment on the commercials

  89. Kitty LovesCats

    Kitty LovesCats28 ngày trước

    they did the CPK barbecue pizza kitchen in the Frozen or Fresh food challenge episode

  90. Caruso Gaming

    Caruso Gaming28 ngày trước

    Anyone miss the old intro and old Rhett and link.

  91. Kyle Buchan - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)

    Kyle Buchan - Camilla Road Sr PS (1353)28 ngày trước

    Are those laughtracks?

  92. Lunar Ink

    Lunar Ink28 ngày trước

    B-but I love Cici's..

  93. HaveNaut Studios

    HaveNaut Studios28 ngày trước

    The fries 1 traveled from the restaurant the other from the oven.... that could be it.

  94. imLazy 720

    imLazy 72028 ngày trước

    I like Shakeys better than Cici's

  95. Barbara Danley

    Barbara DanleyTháng trước

    Those potato skins really are good-of course I always add a little more cheese!

  96. Hunter Talbot

    Hunter TalbotTháng trước

    You know that they tasted the soup inaccurately because they used the same spoon for both soups

  97. Mrkittykat 136

    Mrkittykat 136Tháng trước

    They cloud have used Jim and Dwight but good vid

  98. Eugene Bridge

    Eugene BridgeTháng trước

    Bread bowls are the most overrated thing you can order in a restaurant

  99. PixieoftheWood

    PixieoftheWoodTháng trước

    I know why the store bought Arby's was better. Both were frozen, but the store bought ones weren't fried in grease that only gets replaced once a month.

  100. Luke Weissbach

    Luke WeissbachTháng trước

    Have the guys done “will it taQuito” ever before ??

  101. Mala Palomera

    Mala PalomeraTháng trước

    Cici's 😂