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    ǝɹǝɥ ʎllɐuᴉɟ sᴉ ʇᴉ

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    ¿Ɛ sɓu!ʮʇ ɹǝɓuɐɹʇS ‘oS

  4. Donna Hall

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    So the mind flayer dead Bob dead Nancy and Steve broke up Please don't tell me Steve dead in season 3

  5. Mr. walter Ming

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    Netflix can you make a hot avengers endgame

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    Rewatching this trailer i wanna cry

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    Season 1: Baby Face Season 2: Teenager Face Season 3: *Voice cracks and growing pains*

  9. Alysia Saab

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    Roses are red Hopper is dead I am crying in my bed

  10. Matilde G

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    Probably gonna watch season 3 when season 4 is out.

  11. EnchantSoda

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    it is finally here

  12. Gumball Watterson

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    Hi, My Name Is Gumball, I Still Don't Know Much And I Still Don't See The *STRANGER THINGS* Series, I Don't Dislike It Or Anything, I Just Think It's An Amazing Series That Has A Lot Popularity, I Don't Feel Like I'm Gonna Like It Or Not, But As This Series Looks Incredible, Although I Really Don't Want To Watch It, I'll Give It An Opportunity And I Will Watch It Tomorrow, This Series Has A Lot Of Potential, And I'm Pretty Sure I Will Say "WOW" When I Finished Watching The Series, I Really Think This Series Needs A Lot Of Attention And A Lot Of Fans Because Is Unique And Has A Lot Of Great Things, *STRANGER THINGS* Is A Wonderful Series That Many People Like It, But I Think I'm The Only One Who Still Doesn't Watch It Yet, I Don't Know Why People Likes This Show, But It's Okay. I'm Pretty Sure It's Because This Series Is Awesome As HELL! :D, So I'm Gonna Watch This Series And I'm Going To Give It An Opportunity, I'm Pretty Sure It Will Impressed Me. 😎

  13. Myles Russell

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    This girl really tried to tell me on my block was better than stranger things

  14. chris p

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    El looks awesome

  15. chris p

    chris p9 giờ trước

    It’s awesome!!!!!!!! The season three I watched it

  16. mohamed aly

    mohamed aly10 giờ trước

    it looks very lame just from the trailer

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    Watch ending on my channel

  19. Clips OnYt

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    Watch ending on my channel

  20. lukas

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    The inclusion of that clip of Will holding the ghostbusters photo made me think he was going to have a larger role this season in the “trying to let go of childhood when all my friends are growing up” archetype, but I didn’t see that at all in the final season really? Did I miss that shot or something?

  21. JustAlex

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    Hopper: “ He’s is one of the most dangerous men in the world” Alexei: 😙 🍒🥤

  22. johanjon000 #2

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    That scene with Steve and Robyn in the bathroom was hilarious, but it was so sweet at the same time. I still will always love this show, no matter what.

  23. Liam Muir

    Liam Muir15 giờ trước

    Best show ever

  24. Himanshu Nigam

    Himanshu Nigam16 giờ trước

    Is it some supernatural type series?? Like Jumanji etc

  25. gosha379

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    Dustin to turtle: at least someone’s happy i’m home Steve: Am I jOkE tO yOu?

  26. Mobley Derrick

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  27. mistyblueeyes

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    What's the song playing in the beginning of this trailer?

  28. Via D

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    The who- baba o'riley

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  30. Plastic Strings

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    Things i loved of S3: - How they developed Steve - The battle at Starcourt - Hopper, Joyce and Murray infiltration in the russian base - ok...pretty much everything Things i hated of S3: - Alexej death - Bill staying alive as a main character after his redemption Things i hope to see in S4: - Hopper alive - Brenner alive (not because i like him but because he is an interesting enemy character) - 008 again as a main or secondary character - Robin & Steve in romance (i know this is pretty though) - A trip to Russia Things i think they will put in S4: - Will is gay - Dustin break up with Suzie - Robin's new gf - The uncomfortable life of the Byers in their new city

  31. Ruby Booboobear

    Ruby Booboobear19 giờ trước

    I took the test and I got Nancy

  32. Blade Pug

    Blade Pug20 giờ trước

    Dustin:Go watch Stranger things! Steve:Ok dad

  33. coxzy

    coxzy20 giờ trước

    Who sings along with this

  34. • m o c h i • m o m o •

    • m o c h i • m o m o •21 giờ trước

    Legit when Alexei died my dad was like "well he served his purpose" while me and my sister were crying and saying "He wAs a SwEetheArT- hE JusT wAntEd tO jOiN thE AmeRiCAn fUn-"

  35. Billies Bil Sack

    Billies Bil Sack22 giờ trước

    How the FUQ did the interviewer think that this monster could talk. She said ‘does the monster talk. Because In the trailer it looked like it spoke’

  36. Billies Bil Sack

    Billies Bil Sack22 giờ trước

    Suzie was the real killer in S3

  37. TheRing 76

    TheRing 76Ngày trước

    What is the Song

  38. Garry Dy

    Garry DyNgày trước

    1st was the best season 2nd was OK but slow. 3rd is the best amazing, brilliant and awesome season ever!

  39. Garry Dy

    Garry DyNgày trước

    Ang drama ni will

  40. Light Yagami

    Light YagamiNgày trước

    So bad I'm damb broke to have Netflix

  41. The Weak One

    The Weak OneNgày trước

    Now this is a truly epic trailer.

  42. Faze Plays

    Faze PlaysNgày trước

    I watched the hole season three in one day and that day is the day it came out

  43. Jenna McMullen

    Jenna McMullenNgày trước

    I have the never ending story theme stuck in my head...Anyone else?....No?...……..Just me?...…..Ok....:c

  44. iiomgz_ Julieii

    iiomgz_ JulieiiNgày trước

    Hey everybody just saying for a heads up their making season 4 in October 2019!!

  45. Peacemonger

    PeacemongerNgày trước

    And please, for the sake of your good old dad, keep the door open 3000 inches

  46. ROGUE

    ROGUENgày trước

    *Eleven* :Closes the gate *Makers* :Reopens it *Eleven* :Fuck, I'll not play this game 😒

  47. Manuel Bravard

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  48. Manuel Bravard

    Manuel BravardNgày trước

    Pebetes!!! X mí hagan 10 temporadas. Son geniales cada uno en su papel. Espero la nro CUATROOOOOOOOO

  49. Tristytn Roblox

    Tristytn RobloxNgày trước

    0:00 Whats THE song name because I love THE sound If somebody knows please tell me

  50. Stee 74

    Stee 74Ngày trước

    My son told me about this on Thursday I've watched 2 series and now on episode 2 series 3, totally hooked.

  51. Freddy Kruger

    Freddy KrugerNgày trước

    Hopper might be the most annoying character ever!

  52. Ryan Nyathela

    Ryan NyathelaNgày trước

    whose here after watching the whole season♥🔥

  53. CJ 4504

    CJ 4504Ngày trước

    It might be just me but in the next season i want it to be focused on just the characters doing notmal things for at least 70 percent of the time

  54. SuperMarioCarlos 78

    SuperMarioCarlos 78Ngày trước

    You guys realize this is a reference to the Peanuts Movie Will (Noah Schnapps) Played As The kid with the yellow Sweater and Stripes yeah watch the peanuts trailer it has similarities

  55. W4tchdogs 13

    W4tchdogs 13Ngày trước

    1:57 was this a deleted scene?

  56. Visp 0peace

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    R.I.P people reading the comments before they finish the show