String Theory Explained - What is The True Nature of Reality?


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    I have doubt. Please explain me. When gravity is considered as a geometry then why should we add a particle graviton to the quantum equations as in @4.35 of the video

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    0.0000000002% is that how much it's correct or?

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    Up that degree of inaccuracy I believe.

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    One of my classmates told me something aboout this like 2 years ago. I was interested, I don't know how the algorithm knew this video could interest me as all of the information I knew before watching this was been told me by my classmate. HOW DID YOU KNOW VIreporter!? Anyway, it's been very interesting, i hope I can learn more about the String Theory, not for anything, but for personal interest

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    what if you consider them as sheets

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    String Theory: When my wife is in the shower and I see a string hanging out of her hoo hoo I theorize I'm not getting any for a while.

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    The electromagnetic wave looks like spermatozoa

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    This is an interesting item. It does a fine job of explaining things well. If anyone wants to learn more about this, I guess they would have to take a course at a University.

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    How could it not be important it is physics.

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    Yes, it is physics. The problem is that it isn't actually possible to test at this point in time. Therefore, it isn't as important as other pursuits of research.

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    Bottom line:the sub-atomic CANNOT be observed. Until real observation can take place, it will never be more than theory.

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    This may seem alittle left field but it said they were trying to work out the additional 6? This may sound completley stupid but ik in algebra in a graph if u have (x-2) and (x-2) or (x-2)^2 your x is just 2 not 2 and 2 cause obviously they are one in the same . what im trying to get at is what if multiple overlap with one another ? As in multiple parts to the string theory are one in the same but have diffrent outcomes as we know in math as well you can have the square root of 25 is positive or negative 5 two solutions , i also dont know anything about anything so pardon my logic if its just mad trash

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    My true nature of reality is a woman in a G-String. Anyone?

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    So is seeing elementary particles the theory of everything?

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    The uncertainty principle is not the same as the observer effect. It's often times being confused. Different things though. The uncertainty principle expreces the nature of reality and has nothing to do with how an observation can alter the thing being observed. Thank you for your great videos by the way. Love them.

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    i mean watching this got me thinking why don't we think of gravity as an emergent property rather than a fundamental one like waves, one particle cant create a sound or tidal wave but multiple molecules together do, ya get it. so rather than gravity being a particle we can observe it can be a property of the universe that emerges due to the masses and particles in it.

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    And yet people actually believe that they know the birth of the universe

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    5:47 8th spatial dimension,is a ring

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    Heisenburg isn't looking at something will change it. That's the observer effect. Heisenburg says the more you know an objection position, the less you know it's velocity and vice versa because the wave function collapse.

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    More With Respect to String Theory In good spirit of Divine will let us consider what protective geometry tells us about dark matter and dark energy. This is easy. The following we owe to Albert Einstein, but sorry Albert the protective plane is always flat. Light travels through space and photons encounter gravitons traveling back to their sources. That is antipodes on the elliptic plane which is spherical for the most part. Antipodes are points on opposite sides of a sphere and represent the same points in elliptic geometry. Light in our Euclidean space is red-shifted by elliptic gravity and is eventually lost to our reality if it travels beyond 13.7 billion light years in any direction, from any place, then becomes gravity on level 4.

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    “It’s dangerous to theorize alone” haha

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    Heisenberg's uncertainty principle has nothing to do with our ability to measure things. It is fundamental in nature. Great vid though.

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    The universe has five spatial dimensions the sixth might as well be describing the singularity inside a black hole.

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    They are on the right track with superstring theory. The yogis have always talked of extra dimensions that can be experienced but are not in the sensory, so called ‘objective’ realm. As per the yogis -This whole creation is just a vibration, albeit of different frequencies ranging from gross to such subtle ness that it is beyond matter, they call this ‘Naada Brahma’ or the cosmic vibration that condenses to form matter at a gross level and yet also exists in subtle suprasensory states. Just as we have ice and then water (different states of condensed heaviness existing together) and also water vapour or water in its subtlest state of gas that is non cognizant to our physical senses, but can be condensed into reality as liquid water or ice. The string folks also say the same - this whole creation is ‘just a vibration’, the strings are nothing but vibrations of different frequencies, gross and subtle. Dark matter and Dark energy are something that exist all around us and they are completely unknown to us. In fact they are so dense that Brian Greene’s likened physical 4% matter to the holes in Swiss cheese where the cheese does not exist ( dark matter and energy are the crucible of physical matter that we know and are made up of). Now Shiva, is known as ‘that which is not’, or the one who transcends this physical creation but is the basis of it. Shiva is also the dark one. The ancients and the yogis talk of ‘Maya’ - which is an illusion. Thus this reality that we perceive as real is non existent. The very act of interaction with this creation (even looking at it with our eyes) actually causes the collapse of the electrons probability wave function by an act of measurement ie as simple a thing as looking at this creation. This causes it to then take a certain fixed position for us to perceive it and thus the matter around us on a extrapolated larger scale. This is Maya, to perceive things the way they are not in reality. To add to this are the consciousness and cognitive neuroscientists like Donald Hoffman, who are saying that the reality that actually exists is very different from the way we perceive the world as an objective reality. So actually we project the reality out there, again to add to this is the ‘holographic universe’ where the universe is projected out there are a hologram and perceived by us. Some things interesting in this vein of thought are echoed by Leonard Susskind, in his talks on the universe as a hologram. Fundamentally, the yogis said that, not only is this world an illusion or Maya’ but it also does not exist. Einstein has put forth -‘Space and time do not exist’, Brian has covered this beautifully in the ‘Fabric of the cosmos’- ‘the illusion of time’. So when there is no space and no time there is only ‘Now’ and that is why those who have realized this non-dual state of this creation talk of ‘the power of now’ or ‘there is eternity in a moment and that moment is now’. Science will get there as it is on the right track, but to prove 11 dimensions, 7 more than the 4 of space and time is still not possible. They are using the wrong tools to get to the correct goal. Trying to connect the dots here. It is possible to perceive with the meditative mind that can either still the mind or distance itself from the physical nature of the body and the mind itself by creating a space between oneself and the world around. If anyone has read so far, my sincere thanks to their patience 😊. I guess I have written enough. But please know that there is something beyond and that can be experienced. Science will get there eventually.

  69. Edward Galliano

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    I have been studying more and your comment resonates more and more. Dark matter and energy can be explained by an eternal universe I think!

  70. Edward Galliano

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    Okay one more time. I finally found you! I got your reply this morning. If you have seen my comments on protective geometry and string theory don't be discouraged it's what led me to the protective plane that is the key to all understanding. I fully subscribe to the insights you presented in your original comment. Keep up the good work.

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    Okay I hope you get the reply I just sent. If we don't get to see our reply right after we send it. If not I will try again later.

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    Edward Galliano - Thanks a lot dear friend. I will look up your suggestions 😊. The ancient Mayans were yogis, with access to higher and subtler dimensions of this creation.

  73. Edward Galliano

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    Hi I just had a chance to study your comment again. My father came from central America. I have Maya blood. I think my career as a mathematical theorist is no accident. Protective geometry gives us a conceptual tool that explains the entire universe. That's the elliptic plane. N J Wildberger is a good reference you might want to look at. At least the protective plane is a simple enough concept. Too bad the math is so horrendous, but that's the way it is! I hope you can find more to add to all your insights on this subject.

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    The uncertainty principle is not about measurement. It is how things actually behave at scales in question. If a particle has entirely defined position, its momentum is entirely undefined. Although it is impossible to entirely define position because scale can be infinitely small, if a particle's theoretical position were infinitesimal, it would need an infinitely small wave-function to define its location. Since an infinitesimal wavelength is needed, the frequency of the wavelength is infinity. Frequency having infinite value means energy is infinite. Momentum is directly related to energy. This means a particle is literally traveling everywhere infinitely fast, thus it is everywhere. No measurement involved, no observer dependence.

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    We are on level three it's beyond 13.7 billion light years for us. It's another quantum level on larger scale. We no longer exist and the fourth dimension is imaginary.

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    There is no fourth spacial dimension. The four mentioned are length, width, depth, and time, which isn't spacial, but is the fourth dimension.

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