1. Christian Schertzer

    Christian Schertzer11 giờ trước

    Bullet ant: AAAAHHHhsjhshhshsjjdjhdhdndjdjMKKVJVIUVCUCUCUVIBIVIVUVUVUVIBKBKBK Yellow jacket: ah!

  2. Vamshi Latha

    Vamshi Latha12 giờ trước

    You are really brave

  3. Biotic Metal

    Biotic Metal12 giờ trước

    Coyote:hey wanna hang out? Girl:nah Coyote:I’m Coyote Peterson and I’ve just entered the Friend zone

  4. ESM Shark Football 8 2017

    ESM Shark Football 8 201714 giờ trước

    I got stung by that once when I was eating sour skittles LOL

  5. Speed-Gamez

    Speed-Gamez15 giờ trước

    This guy really gets stung by a YELLOW JACKET and brushes it off as a little poke like what???

  6. Pam Drayer

    Pam Drayer17 giờ trước

    I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the strike zone, with, the African Black Mamba.

  7. Aboodi so a019

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    You krizi


    LINDA LEINgày trước

    anyone here in 2019?

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    Any on watching on 17th January 2019

  10. Nestea Andre

    Nestea Andre2 ngày trước

    Lol read more

  11. Hoonigan Coyote

    Hoonigan Coyote2 ngày trước

    When I got stung by one I put a limon on it and it instantly stopped the pain

  12. Seren Lewis

    Seren Lewis2 ngày trước

    Would you wash short do you have to go and get a stinky

  13. john paul

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    i want to *catch* you

  14. john paul

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  15. john paul

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    i want to **see**

  16. john paul

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  17. FranTIC TV

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    First Animal i see on your channel that you can actually find here in Germany😂👍

  18. Immortal Gaming X

    Immortal Gaming X3 ngày trước

    Yes people, yellow jackets HURT

  19. Sean Irwin

    Sean Irwin3 ngày trước

    I have been stung 15 times, 13 times by yellow jackets, and 2 times by hornets. They hurt like getting a first degree burn, but after seeing all these other stings, I’m thankful that is all i have to deal with.

  20. Dr SuperGenius

    Dr SuperGenius3 ngày trước

    My cousin and I were about 10 when we were moving some sand bags that were stacked up at the end of our street and broke open a yellow jacket hive that was under one of them. We both got stings all over (at least 10 if not more) the body. We ran home to tell our parents and my mom said " you got 'em in your hair. Get outta here. Hahahaha it is a childhood memory I have that is still vivid 45 years later.

  21. Paul Moholland

    Paul Moholland3 ngày trước

    no kidding but i had about 40 to 50 yellow jackets sting my feet and lower legs and never got sick or not much swelling was mowing tall grass and next thing i know started feeling a burning sensation and looked down my feet up to my ankles loaded with yellow jackets stinging the hell out of them ran into my shed kicking off my sandles teach me not to mow with sandles on dummy me also been stung by my fathers honey bees a fewdozen times and a wasp or 2 and a few white tail hornets but for me to intentionally get stung or bitten on purpose no way in hell thats nuts lol

  22. Dustin Townsend

    Dustin Townsend3 ngày trước

    I got a few stings once from a yellow jacket. I was cursing up a storm though. I was ready to get a flamethrower for them buggers.

  23. Bendik Brusevold

    Bendik Brusevold3 ngày trước

    I actually have a dead one on my desk...

  24. D'aquisto

    D'aquisto4 ngày trước

    one shot it would be ok.. several shots you could be dead

  25. Jrandbrad 04 2

    Jrandbrad 04 24 ngày trước


  26. Matt Cottam

    Matt Cottam4 ngày trước

    I get stung by these all the time

  27. Matt Cottam

    Matt Cottam4 ngày trước

    Edit:these sting are weaker than you would think

  28. Lexo Cee

    Lexo Cee4 ngày trước

    So the benzocaine is the numbing agent and the menthol I assume is for cooling, but this doesn't actually neutralize the venom right? Isn't it possible there could still be a reaction within some time frame as the venom spreads?

  29. Alisha Torres

    Alisha Torres4 ngày trước

    My mom got stung 7 times by yellow jackets

  30. AntiN13

    AntiN134 ngày trước

    Im from czech republic and this animal is in my normal

  31. Avery The Superstar

    Avery The Superstar5 ngày trước

    I was subbed on my other channel then realized I wasn't on this one. OOF

  32. Laura Leiter

    Laura Leiter5 ngày trước

    How long are they counter stable?

  33. Macka Smithy

    Macka Smithy5 ngày trước

    How are you so brave??????? I Would run away😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Madyson Reed

    Madyson Reed6 ngày trước

    I've been bitten by a lot of mosquitoes

  35. RockyBukake 42069

    RockyBukake 420696 ngày trước

    Yo i got stung by a yellow jacket right underneath my eye

  36. Cinnabuns2009

    Cinnabuns20096 ngày trước

    1 Yellow Jacket sting on the neck nearly killed my father. No joke. He was in a wheel chair at the time (Lou Gehrig's) and yeah... makes one wonder. Also, afterward I used a shop vac to remove "most" of them from the rail road ties where'd they'd taken up and ... yeah... they turned in to an insect "soup" inside the shop vac. Had to throw it away after that. It was a disgusting soup of insect parts and nastiness. Think of it as... uncooked crab goo in a large bucket. Ick.

  37. Jacob Wolfenden

    Jacob Wolfenden6 ngày trước

    i saw a tarantula hawk at school

  38. VerdanaDaSkele

    VerdanaDaSkele6 ngày trước

    I think I got stung by one of those in the crevice of my toe, but I have no idea what it was, the only reason I think it was a yellow jacket because it was crawling on the ground and got into my shoe

  39. Future Wife

    Future Wife7 ngày trước

    Coyote that's going to hurt but you're the best person who finds animals in the world

  40. Troy Vilardo

    Troy Vilardo8 ngày trước

    🙀 My cousin was stung by one of those once.

  41. Eartield Playz

    Eartield Playz8 ngày trước

    Im wearing a yellow jacket while watching this

  42. Delaynie Vega

    Delaynie Vega8 ngày trước

    You could be in the hospital if you do this

  43. Delaynie Vega

    Delaynie Vega8 ngày trước

    Why cyote😭😭

  44. Inniyew Tesfaw

    Inniyew Tesfaw8 ngày trước

    6:13 "The ghostbusters are hitting the road."

  45. DJ CURRY

    DJ CURRY8 ngày trước

    and this is where the poltergust 5000 came from!

  46. Carrie Anna Mason

    Carrie Anna Mason9 ngày trước

    Yellow jackets are painful to get stung by 😱😭

  47. Robert Chambers

    Robert Chambers9 ngày trước

    Those were not yellow jackets. Yellow jackets build their nest in the ground. These were Ginny wasps.

  48. FireyCurls22

    FireyCurls229 ngày trước

    I'm glad a company is willing to sponsor Coyote's suffering

  49. treck87

    treck8710 ngày trước

    Next time try walking through the Park with an open bucket of KFC fried Chicken instead of DQ. I did that and was stung AND bitten by the Yellow Jackets. Never again.

  50. Noah Wolfgang

    Noah Wolfgang10 ngày trước

    I love the sound of the locusts or cicadas or whatever they are called. It relaxes me for some reason

  51. Andrew2121

    Andrew212110 ngày trước

    Dude i live in Youngstown ohio, im less than an hour away from you

  52. محمد العمري

    محمد العمري10 ngày trước

    When I was young I used to catch this species (Polistes dominulus) here in Germany with my hands so I have often been stung by it. It is really nothing compared to other wasp species like the German wasp or the Common wasp for example.

  53. 발모맥시머

    발모맥시머11 ngày trước

    lol they really judt look like nextdoor neighbors after seeing the executioner

  54. hill man

    hill man11 ngày trước

    Can you make video bitten by comodo

  55. Shollins

    Shollins11 ngày trước

    Buzz bumble

  56. Christopher Scales

    Christopher Scales11 ngày trước

    Lol YJ stings are just annoying as all hell

  57. DX Master 6199

    DX Master 619911 ngày trước

    I used to have that gun and I just used the capsule to catch wasps and bees while they were landed and had them fight

  58. gregory yauman

    gregory yauman11 ngày trước

    wounder if there is a video somewhere of somebody being envenomated by a platypus

  59. Str34mTT-DNA-To one trillion 010

    Str34mTT-DNA-To one trillion 01012 ngày trước

    In my cheer group see school mascot is the yellow jacket and the animation into the cheer group is being stung by one

  60. MrTijs13

    MrTijs1312 ngày trước

    i once got 2 stings inside my ear. did hurt

  61. Koodge

    Koodge12 ngày trước

    Used one of those extreme bug vacs when I was like 5-6 years old, I'm 20 now and it's amazing seeing these being used again.

  62. Koodge

    Koodge12 ngày trước

    3:20 Yeah It's gonna work, also probably gonna damage the wings or appendages of any animal you try sucking in with that. Why not try out the actual thing in the first place rather than having to jury rig your own thing immediately that'll probably scare or hurt the bugs.

  63. Koodge

    Koodge12 ngày trước

    2:50 oh.. lol, you didn't even bother trying it.

  64. Koodge

    Koodge12 ngày trước

    Now I'm 2:00 in and you're saying you think they wont catch any hornets but boy I hope you're wrong because I remember those things being JUST ENOUGH to actually suck bugs in without hurting them.

  65. Schmidt_yyy21

    Schmidt_yyy2112 ngày trước

    It’s so funny to see coyote in an urban area trying to act adventurous and epic like in the beginning 😂

  66. Gabriel

    Gabriel12 ngày trước

    I was swarmed by like 4 or 5 of these guys a couple months ago

  67. ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo

    ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo12 ngày trước

    Great video!

  68. ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo

    ore wa ochinchin ga daisuki nandayo12 ngày trước

    The sting looks disgusting, because of the red coloration and that was an infected huge swell and I already saw you removing the searing pain from the bullet ant. The sting from the yellow jacket of course was intense. Ranked as a 2 in the Schmidt pain index, the yellow jacket is quote hot and smoky, almost irreverent which is a cocktail called Vespula and the sting from this wasp lasts for about 10 minutes they say.

  69. Kaysie Lyons

    Kaysie Lyons12 ngày trước

    17:49 **AhHh HeRe CoMeS tHe OooOoOZ**

  70. Pokéman Man

    Pokéman Man13 ngày trước

    Where do you buy this at

  71. Pokéman Man

    Pokéman Man13 ngày trước

    I have wasp nest in my front yard

  72. Niluh Sumantini

    Niluh Sumantini13 ngày trước

    Ouch that hurt

  73. Sub Phantom

    Sub Phantom13 ngày trước

    Ghost busters!!! XD

  74. David The Outcast

    David The Outcast13 ngày trước

    I wish I would've known you guys were in Ohio. I live in Northern Ohio (right off of Lake Erie) and there are Yellow Jackets everywhere out here in the summer time. We also have a ton of water based snakes around here and it would be cool to see you guys catch Lake Erie Water Snake or maybe even a Water Moccasin.

  75. Thanh Phuong Phan

    Thanh Phuong Phan13 ngày trước

    Is it as painful as the cow killer.

  76. Red Pikmin 01

    Red Pikmin 0113 ngày trước

    Ant vs yellow jacket

  77. Nightstalker292

    Nightstalker29213 ngày trước

    Ironic that here in the UK we call wasps (yellow jackets) Jaspers:)

  78. Priyanka Kadam

    Priyanka Kadam13 ngày trước

    16:58 when i pretend to laugh 😂😂😂

  79. alyssa timmerman

    alyssa timmerman14 ngày trước

    This reminds me when my friend got stung from a yellow jacket on the nose...... he was crying so much

  80. Alex J

    Alex J14 ngày trước

    im coyote petersom and Im about to enter the ankle zone with a razer scooter

  81. Marvel dictionary마블 사전

    Marvel dictionary마블 사전14 ngày trước

    Bug busters

  82. Christian Halkides

    Christian Halkides14 ngày trước

    I was stung 9 times by a nest of these weed eating once. Who knows how many times they individually stung me .. it sucked though.. this happened in northern Kentucky haha But yay im from Ohio ! ❤️

  83. Im_That_Monk

    Im_That_Monk14 ngày trước

    A year later after watching the last sting of the series. This is nothing lol

  84. Michael C. Main

    Michael C. Main14 ngày trước

    I went 36 years without ever being stung by a bee or a wasp. Was terrified of it happening. Eventually got stung, and wondered what the warm feeling on my foot was. Fire ant bites are worse.

  85. Asus Gaming

    Asus Gaming14 ngày trước

    *and we’re gonna get me stung*

  86. Olumuyiwa Bolaji

    Olumuyiwa Bolaji14 ngày trước

    Im ten i think i was nine when i got stung by it,it stung me multiple times..

  87. SportsMan 95

    SportsMan 9514 ngày trước

    I got stung one of these it felt painful

  88. Mackev _

    Mackev _14 ngày trước


  89. chris.p. bacon

    chris.p. bacon14 ngày trước

    im 15 now but i used to wack thoes things with my hands when i was 9 i did not even hurt

  90. xQueenRed

    xQueenRed15 ngày trước

    Ok so here’s an experience I had with yellow jackets. So my room has 4 windows, and at the time, one of them had a yellow jacket nest on the outside. They eventually made a hole and they got in. They infested my room so we couldn’t go in there. Of course they’d crawl out. They stung me 5 times whenever I went in there. (Should’ve listened). Lol

  91. aades Tube HD

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    Everyone enjoys someone getting hurt like if you agree

  92. Dave the. irritating cow

    Dave the. irritating cow15 ngày trước

    He’s a ghostbuster 3:57

  93. Harmony Hill

    Harmony Hill15 ngày trước

    *i remember a kid in my third grade class came into the school after recess with a yellow jacket in his shirt and he didn’t realize it until it stung him a couple times and the teacher had to take his shirt off for him because it was stinging him so much. of course i was hiding in the corner terrified even after my teacher had to kill it. literally terrifying.*

  94. Taimy Garcia

    Taimy Garcia11 ngày trước


  95. Rosemarie Preece

    Rosemarie Preece15 ngày trước

    I’ve been stung by a hornet it was wors than getting shot by a pabtbal gun were the sun dosent shine 3 times

  96. max hiatt-rusk

    max hiatt-rusk15 ngày trước

    Sponsored by DQ

  97. Dee Tolbert

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    coyote are u ok

  98. Da mamoot tacos

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    Sub to pewds

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  100. Melvin Bicho

    Melvin Bicho15 ngày trước

    As a french man, I also fear yellow jacket

  101. DeepThinking

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    Dairy queen promo much?

  102. Daryan Gamer

    Daryan Gamer15 ngày trước

    Who seeing this in 2019

  103. kollionu

    kollionu16 ngày trước

    I live in a countryside and I have got stung so many times by yellow jackets and bees so I barley feel anything

  104. Kill Me

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    Jake Paul Is More *LETHAL* In Ohio

  105. FireyPlaiz

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    *U OK*

  106. Noddiga norpan

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    you just need a sugarcube to neutralize that venom no need to buy Products...