Summer Before College | Hannah Stocking


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    Thanks for watching! 😘❤️ DON'T FORGET TO JOIN MEMBERSHIPS!! LINK IN BIO!!

  2. Mia Yang

    Mia Yang6 ngày trước

    Love you Hannah

  3. Alexis Foxtg7hg

    Alexis Foxtg7hg7 ngày trước

    Hannah Stocking 😄

  4. Maddison Scurrah

    Maddison Scurrah8 ngày trước

    Hannah Stocking I did

  5. The Lil Yopo Show

    The Lil Yopo Show8 ngày trước

    @Maissa Maissa also. Its beyond obvious her and her friends are just simple white thots choking on dick. WHAT!

  6. The Lil Yopo Show

    The Lil Yopo Show8 ngày trước

    @Maissa Maissa cause her video depicts her riding a dildo off screen.

  7. Gacha_SnowAngel 123

    Gacha_SnowAngel 123Giờ trước

    3:22 who else saw the.realona

  8. keyla Perez

    keyla Perez3 giờ trước

    At 5:41 i saw ona i didnt know she was in Hannah's video❤❤❤

  9. abigail umanzor

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  10. heidi Rosas

    heidi Rosas11 giờ trước

    3:22 hailey Ona was there!

  11. Armando Argumaniz

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    OMG who else saw ona

  12. _emcxgiri

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  13. Evil Unicorn

    Evil UnicornNgày trước

    I love when hannah got chased by everyone.


    DAVIS LOVENgày trước

    1 like equals agree Hannah is so hot I mean dang I'm jealous of her boyfriend

  15. Itsskaela Girls

    Itsskaela GirlsNgày trước

    You need to do more videos with haley/Ona

  16. Mayte Sanchez

    Mayte SanchezNgày trước

    Wait was that haily ona and Brandon

  17. M C vines inc.

    M C vines inc.Ngày trước

    Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco Francisco 3333

  18. Kennedi Durham

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  19. Kennedi Durham

    Kennedi Durham2 ngày trước

    This one was funny

  20. Marcus James

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    That is so tough

  21. Life with lares

    Life with lares2 ngày trước

    Ona is in it ahhh omg

  22. 【 Psukiia 】

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  23. Scarlet Ingle

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    Where the funny

  24. Brittany Montiel

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    Omg that girl looked like haiely I hope it was her

  25. fucc

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    A real kneeslapper ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaa

  26. Elizabeth Aversa

    Elizabeth Aversa2 ngày trước

    ur going of to college and the only thig ur thinking is that hey lets tippi a house. I'm pretty sure that if your going to harvard you wouldn't do that

  27. Elizabeth Aversa

    Elizabeth Aversa2 ngày trước

    How much did they pay the kid to be in hannah stocking's video, did she also write the note it seems way to nice to be hannah stockings.

  28. Elizabeth Aversa

    Elizabeth Aversa2 ngày trước

    I'm in 8th grade I'm pretty sure that I don't have that wierd horrifing toy at 1:12. Also my goal for when I graduate is to just pass and then get a job.

  29. Elizabeth Aversa

    Elizabeth Aversa2 ngày trước

    who here is watching and is over 14

  30. Elizabeth Aversa

    Elizabeth Aversa2 ngày trước

    How can Hannah Stocking go to harvard if she can't make 9-12 year olds laugh. And as I said no one here probably went to college. Where do you get your research on college, 9 year olds.

  31. Rae McCrusty

    Rae McCrusty2 ngày trước

    So.... you and team huh?????

  32. Montana Goad

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  33. LaurenCrystal GachaOMG Animation film

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  34. Cindy Rivera

    Cindy Rivera2 ngày trước

    Who else saw ona like if you saw her

  35. Irma Morales

    Irma Morales3 ngày trước

    Was ona there

  36. Isabella Mendoza

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    Was ona (Haley) there?! Omg! 😂💀❤️😧 Sorry I love ona.. 😅

  37. Ayman Deeb

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    Hi How Are U?🧡 I'm Good Thanks 🍊

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    Omgggg is that onaaaa!??!?! 😱❤️

  39. Rae’Lynn Brooks

    Rae’Lynn Brooks4 ngày trước

    The part where y’all hit your head

  40. Ahvion Henry

    Ahvion Henry4 ngày trước

    Hailey Oroana

  41. Tekste Shqip

    Tekste Shqip4 ngày trước

    Hate her parents😑

  42. Asusena Cervantes

    Asusena Cervantes4 ngày trước

    Omg ona was there😯💕

  43. Zoe Belle

    Zoe Belle5 ngày trước

    worst parent award 😂

  44. Jennifer W

    Jennifer W5 ngày trước

    The acting is so incredibly bad yet I can’t stop watching. What made her think it was funny?

  45. Pzycho EruptionZ

    Pzycho EruptionZ5 ngày trước

    That’s why no one likes ona💀

  46. Angelica Renn segura

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    oml ona is in it

  47. William Reimer

    William Reimer5 ngày trước

    Was that chucky

  48. Princess 2020

    Princess 20205 ngày trước

    Did you guys see Hailey Ona?

  49. Lola Vasquez

    Lola Vasquez5 ngày trước

    Who else saw ONA I love her

  50. scarlett calvillo

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    was that ona!?

  51. Γιωργος Γιαννακουδης

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  52. Tramille Willams

    Tramille Willams6 ngày trước

    3:22 girl in the grey shirt LITERALLY A. jr. Shakira

  53. Beauty Vang

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  54. Ali

    Ali6 ngày trước

    5:41 is that Ona?!

  55. Destiny Valera

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    I saw ona and her boyfriend omg😱