SUNNY FAMILY CULT Ending Explained (Seasons 1+2)


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    What's gonna happen to Taylor?? Subscribe to Crypt TV now so you don't miss the next season of Sunny Family Cult:

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    These are the Joker's biggest fans.

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    Taylor is thicc

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    Why would you have ending explained it's clearly not done

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    You must make more for crypt

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    A rictual where Taylor has to kill Roger so he can become a monster after he finds a book back then and vision of Taylor killing him and the book has all the popular cypt tv monsters

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    The Sunny Family Cult is my favourite thing ever

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    I have come to know about this through Loey Lane

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    Taylor has to die and the whole family. They are too dangerous and Taylor has killed to many to be redeemable at this point. Even a lifetime in prison is not enough of a punishment. I would have a shred of empathy if she was just helping the family kill but she has done so so so many evil and despicable things that I just want her to die.

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    starring almost eric bana, almost jena malone, and almost camila mendes, with a guest appearance from almost chloe bennet at 13:02

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    I literally watched everything.... Need some new vids

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    Why does elisa look like zak bagans?

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    So basically they are like the Phantom Thieves but not the Phantom Theives.

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    gonna do season 3? plssssssss

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    To long, may as well watch the movie. Just get to the point.

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    When are you gonna make the vid on season 3 that came out 9 months ago😂

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    Smdh. Paying attention more to her bf at her friends birthday party is just plain childish and rude.

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    Got a nice ad about crypt tv

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    14 stab wounds x 2 = 28 stab wounds, *i wonder where they got that from?*

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    28 stab wounds >:

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    No finger prints were ever discovered

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    Yo that dude lookin like randy

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    bloody cults


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    SMH first foundflix episode I ever disliked

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    Nah, elias died because of waiting for season 4 now

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    How many of you have seen season 3

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    I feel bad for taylor having to be forced to kill just for her family cult's Sick ways. I also wish she had a normal life :( I almost cried while watching this video


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    14:21 wait 14 stab wounds and 2 extra people that means 28 STAB WOUNDS

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    Season 3 disproves most of your theories.

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    Was there never a moment when she asks "didn't you say we only kill bad people?" Cause that's clearly a lie

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    Notice how it's the same forest.

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    Another stupid show Im glad I didnt have to watch... Thank you for your service. lol

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    The legion

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    Where can I watch it?

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    Crypttv there's a few episodes it's a great show

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    the time line.. i was so confused.

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    So, would the villains in the Crypt TV universe be technically heroes? Also, I believe the cult members are all hypocrites and heretics of their own cult. Then, why kill the random boyfriend of the girl or the man whose ideals so the family for what they were?

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    Hey nice masks mr sunny family leader! Can I buy it if ya?


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    These movies are retarded like who. Kills ppl for no reason the bitch wont kill me ik that ill rape that bitch

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    A cult family with morals. I can’t get over that. Lol

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    Hey buddy

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    Sunny family cult evil sackboys from little big planet PS:don't piss off this neighborhood watch

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    This shit is wack

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    Why is the title "Ending Explained" if you just summed up and reviewed the series?

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    Me here halfway through the video waiting for the look see

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    Heavy symbolism to the Manson family

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    Will you make an updated video about the new season?

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    dad stabs kid multiple times foundflix: dad tells daughter she cant do what she wants foundflix: what dick!

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    14:20 anyone got Detroit Connor vibes

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    Wtf why does Taylor have a nicer road bike than me.

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    Yeaaahhh we only kill "bad people" even though we killed people a random guy and teenager's THAT WERE ONLY PLAYING TRUTH OR DARE

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    28 STAB WOUNDS!!!

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    Daughter gets traumatized Mom: touches daughter's face with bloody hand Me:... Ew

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    Where's season 3's analysis dude? It's been out for months, and I'm starving for content

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    Yeah if you kill people for a cult and enjoy it, I'm not gonna have sympathy for you... dont care how bad you feel afterwards

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    When your aim accuracy is bad so you got to hit it 30 times

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    Why am I watching scary stuff at night

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    *”Floppy haired kid”*

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    May 19 is my bday🤦🏽‍♂️

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    Nobody carries a gun in this story?

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    White people.

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    I wanna start a cult

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    Ok, I'm totally giving a like for the always sunny reference in a series with sunny in the title *Punception*

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    When the feds find out about dozens of killings in a small town and bring a giant army of law enforcement down upon the town

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    Season 3 is out

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    Lol pepe silvia would be proud

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    This cult reminds me of the court of owls for some reason

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    So only I connect the family to the Look-See? With ow their masks look like the eyeless image of... what was the cheating husband's name again? David? - The fact that there's a drawing of it in a diary might be just another connection.

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    14:22 *28 STAB WOUNDS!*

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    Do season 3

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    Are the sunny family cult heroes or villans?

  77. SeeLan

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    Wait...when they killed the 17yr old, technically killed a kid...a thing they said they would never do. I don’t know about the other 4 if they’re 18 yet.

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    but how do they not get caught? also, wasn't their concept to only kill bad people?

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    You know at the end of season 2 the FBI and the goddamn national guard would've showed up with the amount of people getting killed.

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    Unless it's exactly what they want 🤔

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    Man I love your family there *K I L L E R*

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    Aint this on snapchat and twitter

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    Hold on. I haven’t seen this I just watch your vids. What if the person that left the cult wasn’t roger but alias? He left and made his own where he could be the leader and make his own rules, those that differ from the originals and he felt more comfortable. Which still goes to your theory. Taylor then joins Roger under false pretences that his would be different and goes up against her dad despite him saying she could be normal... he’d just have to pay for it.

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    I'm so glad this show seems to be going well!! I've worked with the actress that plays Karen and she's great! I can't wait to see where the show ends up :)

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    I'm team neither. Neither of them do "justice" like was said earlier on.

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    So if they only kill bad people why are a bunch of teens get killed. I find it hard that they would have such horrible sins under their belt unless they go hardcore.