SUNNY FAMILY CULT Ending Explained (Seasons 1+2)


  1. FoundFlix

    FoundFlixNăm trước

    What's gonna happen to Taylor?? Subscribe to Crypt TV now so you don't miss the next season of Sunny Family Cult:

  2. Cece K.

    Cece K.Tháng trước

    FoundFlix your the only person I love to watch for breakdowns because YOUR the FUCKIN BEST 🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️

  3. Melissa

    Melissa3 tháng trước


  4. AKhanArtist

    AKhanArtist3 tháng trước

    Where’s season 3 explained?

  5. X

    X6 tháng trước

    These are the Joker's biggest fans.

  6. Bilyana Turner

    Bilyana Turner7 tháng trước

    Taylor is thicc

  7. Dragon Meatloaf

    Dragon Meatloaf44 phút trước

    It's a shame that there's groups out in the real world doing this. God I hate humans

  8. Emir Latinović

    Emir Latinović14 ngày trước

    This is light thrown on the killer family from The Wrong Turn 2 movie. Well, who they were in the past.

  9. Pie pie pie 123

    Pie pie pie 12320 ngày trước


  10. Lucifer

    LuciferTháng trước

    i like how the parents only look like 5 years older, dem some young looking family

  11. Cadmar

    CadmarTháng trước

    taking halloween a little too seriously

  12. josh minor

    josh minorTháng trước

    where can I watch this???

  13. Ava Grace Haller

    Ava Grace HallerTháng trước

    Poor old guy :(

  14. Joseph StaIin

    Joseph StaIin2 tháng trước

    Mom: Its our tradition child *While smearing blood on her face*

  15. Reckoning Death Defy Soul

    Reckoning Death Defy Soul2 tháng trước

    what the hell is wrong with these shows,these people are utterly sick and twisted

  16. Aboy Ningthouja

    Aboy Ningthouja2 tháng trước

    Which idiot came up with this kind of trash? The explanation is good though.

  17. Commie Dog42

    Commie Dog422 tháng trước

    Little did he know, he was extremely wrong

  18. jimin bae19

    jimin bae192 tháng trước

    white people

  19. Jonathan Phan

    Jonathan Phan2 tháng trước

    But cops and fbi know killer patterns lmao

  20. Benji M

    Benji M2 tháng trước

    *Sees shot of Taylor stripping down the bra* Me: "Huh, she got old fast" Chris: ". . now nearly 17 . ." Me: "FUUUUUUUCK"

  21. YooForik

    YooForik3 tháng trước

    She can get the dickens

  22. L. Steavens

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  23. Mac Kobalt

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  24. Dee

    Dee3 tháng trước

    She *has* a crush on Jenna

  25. lexy

    lexy3 tháng trước

    Yas the Pepe Silvia reference

  26. Bronwyn J. McCartney

    Bronwyn J. McCartney3 tháng trước

    The Sunny Family Cult is my favourite thing ever

  27. Rounak Chakraborty

    Rounak Chakraborty3 tháng trước

    I have come to know about this through Loey Lane

  28. Taiya001

    Taiya0014 tháng trước

    Taylor has to die and the whole family. They are too dangerous and Taylor has killed to many to be redeemable at this point. Even a lifetime in prison is not enough of a punishment. I would have a shred of empathy if she was just helping the family kill but she has done so so so many evil and despicable things that I just want her to die.

  29. PG Thicc

    PG Thicc4 tháng trước

    starring almost eric bana, almost jena malone, and almost camila mendes, with a guest appearance from almost chloe bennet at 13:02

  30. jeff cast

    jeff cast4 tháng trước

    I literally watched everything.... Need some new vids

  31. Emmerson Bigguns

    Emmerson Bigguns4 tháng trước

    Why does elisa look like zak bagans?

  32. Raul Philip Goco

    Raul Philip Goco4 tháng trước

    So basically they are like the Phantom Thieves but not the Phantom Theives.

  33. Natasha Bone

    Natasha Bone4 tháng trước

    gonna do season 3? plssssssss

  34. ArchangelV11

    ArchangelV114 tháng trước

    To long, may as well watch the movie. Just get to the point.

  35. David Lerma

    David Lerma4 tháng trước

    When are you gonna make the vid on season 3 that came out 9 months ago😂

  36. Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz

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    Smdh. Paying attention more to her bf at her friends birthday party is just plain childish and rude.

  37. GGamez_YT

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    Got a nice ad about crypt tv

  38. Suji 2D

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    14 stab wounds x 2 = 28 stab wounds, *i wonder where they got that from?*

  39. T.J

    T.J5 tháng trước

    28 stab wounds >:

  40. Cozy

    Cozy5 tháng trước

    No finger prints were ever discovered

  41. Rilrey 25

    Rilrey 255 tháng trước

    Yo that dude lookin like randy

  42. Chronos

    Chronos5 tháng trước

    bloody cults

  43. Joseph Silva

    Joseph Silva5 tháng trước

    SMH first foundflix episode I ever disliked

  44. carnage king

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  45. ash moonchild

    ash moonchild5 tháng trước

    Nah, elias died because of waiting for season 4 now