Surprising MrBeast With A Custom iPhone 11!!📱📞 (Giveaway)


  1. ZHC

    ZHC18 giờ trước

    Follow me on IG and Twitter to keep up with updates! IG: @zhcomicart Twitter: @hsieh_zachary Thanks again lords mobile for sponsoring the vid! Giveaway ends on 12/10

  2. Isaiah Mendoza

    Isaiah Mendoza16 giờ trước

    I done give me two for me and twin talk to me at fortnite is PSisaiah101

  3. TTV dudeyguy 11789

    TTV dudeyguy 1178917 giờ trước

    Who won???

  4. Hey SHANE

    Hey SHANE17 giờ trước

    Woke up at 4:30am but this is a great experience lol

  5. Ben Lev

    Ben Lev17 giờ trước

    ZHC 🤩🤩

  6. Dayy

    Dayy17 giờ trước

    i can’t download the app because i don’t have enough storage 😭

  7. Sky Eclipse

    Sky Eclipse14 phút trước

    Omg Garrett is wearing Preston’s merch


    DOLLAR_ OFFICIAL14 phút trước


  9. sofiul alam

    sofiul alam14 phút trước

    I really want to use iphone but I can't buy. Because I don't have that much money💕🇮🇳

  10. Ceylin K

    Ceylin K14 phút trước

    You coole boy!!!

  11. Benjami Fiedler

    Benjami Fiedler14 phút trước

    If I get the iPhone my dad would be proud and I will have a iPhone and I never have had an iPhone be fore and I could get rid of this trash phone

  12. Meiw

    Meiw15 phút trước

    I like how surprised beast got when he gave him a phone

  13. Rishi GAMES

    Rishi GAMES15 phút trước

    I downloaded the game

  14. Farah Ali majeed Majeed

    Farah Ali majeed Majeed15 phút trước

    Ilove yuor draw pleese like for him

  15. Gamestopper 200

    Gamestopper 20015 phút trước

    I downloaded lords mobile

  16. Theorex2000

    Theorex200015 phút trước

    Bruh i really need a I phone 11

  17. WildSound1 2

    WildSound1 215 phút trước

    Wtf why do you have 4m subs you need like 30m subs

  18. Duta

    Duta15 phút trước

    Lords Mobile is not avalible in my country

  19. Temzyy

    Temzyy14 phút trước


  20. Gabriel Frantzen

    Gabriel Frantzen15 phút trước

    I want one please my parents can’t apply this and I got a iPhone 5

  21. Jezzie Ruiz

    Jezzie Ruiz16 phút trước

    I wish I could join but... My phone is full

  22. SkyAngel YT GaMiNg

    SkyAngel YT GaMiNg16 phút trước

    If u think about it, if everybody that is subscribed to “ZHC” and more people that just got this video on their recommendations, is competing in the giveaway their is about 0,00001% that u will win an iPhone. U welcome. ;(

  23. Ragno

    Ragno16 phút trước

    Who edits your videos bruh?

  24. PUBG TV

    PUBG TV17 phút trước

    Can anyone donate me money plzzzzzzz paytm no.9876755393

  25. Srinivas Holehonur

    Srinivas Holehonur18 phút trước

    Chris is wearing my hero academia t shirt

  26. Anonymous X

    Anonymous X18 phút trước

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  27. Daryan Gamer

    Daryan Gamer18 phút trước

    it's 2019 i don't have an iPhone 😭

  28. PERINBA 19

    PERINBA 1918 phút trước

    Pls give me one iPhone 11

  29. Owais Haq

    Owais Haq18 phút trước

    Please me

  30. Kusnuo Yashima

    Kusnuo Yashima19 phút trước


  31. Muhammad Farhat Naja

    Muhammad Farhat Naja19 phút trước

    Yay No.1 Trending I hope i can win the giveaway.. just hoping

  32. Rawen Othman

    Rawen Othman19 phút trước

    I would love to have iphone 11 pro first time ever tried a giveaway

  33. Teen Rhino

    Teen Rhino19 phút trước

    iPhone 11?🤨I need dis😂


    VICTOR MAN19 phút trước


  35. Abigal Ingraham

    Abigal Ingraham19 phút trước

    Garret was wearing prestonplays merch lol

  36. Jack Rai

    Jack Rai19 phút trước

    From nepal we love your work 🇳🇵🇳🇵

  37. Meena Mohire

    Meena Mohire19 phút trước

    If you would be the world's richest man what would you give giveaway

  38. vgdfhb fgdg

    vgdfhb fgdg20 phút trước

    In need a iPhone. I don't have a I don't have a phone

  39. Little boy

    Little boy20 phút trước

    the song at the beginning reminds me of need for speed when you are customizing your car. that song is dope

  40. Chotika (Miley) Damrongphokin

    Chotika (Miley) Damrongphokin20 phút trước

    I want one ☝pls 🙏

  41. Chelsey Goonahsylin

    Chelsey Goonahsylin20 phút trước

    hi i am a big fan pls my have a IPhone


    TAMER_ CRACK_YT20 phút trước

    ¿the iphone logo? is the most important

  43. Tim Smith

    Tim Smith20 phút trước

    Tech music sick

  44. jondo mike

    jondo mike20 phút trước

    that's great bro😎

  45. AFNAN M

    AFNAN M20 phút trước

    All rules applyed Give me........ ♥

  46. Sialkot Vines

    Sialkot Vines21 phút trước

    Please get be me away the I phone big fan of yours please please!!!!!!

  47. Twice Na Jeong Mo Sa Ji Mi Da Chae Tzu

    Twice Na Jeong Mo Sa Ji Mi Da Chae Tzu21 phút trước

    They dont even look grateful only chandler does

  48. Omar Alhudaithy

    Omar Alhudaithy21 phút trước

    Yoooooo i love the lords mobile it’s the best

  49. Knightcrow 2

    Knightcrow 221 phút trước

    D Do Don Done Don Do D

  50. Youtube suck

    Youtube suck22 phút trước

    Being rich is so fun... But me .. haha i just wanna hope i dreamed im rich while im sleep..


    LOUIE MARK SQUAD22 phút trước

    Awesome bro! New subscriber here.. hope i can do that also haha

  52. Eli Negron

    Eli Negron22 phút trước

    I love your videos there the most satisfying thing to see

  53. Phantoms YT

    Phantoms YT22 phút trước

    What about the art competition from the Pewdiepie reacts vid?

  54. Rajeep Thapa magar

    Rajeep Thapa magar22 phút trước

    Can you give me the one please

  55. Julio Flores

    Julio Flores23 phút trước

    I was really wondering how to enter the giveaway because I’m still in just an iPhone 6 and I want and upgrade like I still go to school and you’ll know what it feels like having a bad phone people whit xr I leave my phone on my locker because I’m embarrassed so if somebody could pls leave a comment down how to enter I would really appreciate it thanks and comment If you can relate

  56. Julio Flores

    Julio Flores16 phút trước

    Or any other phone like 8 or better plsill download the game but pls try choosing me I know everybody wants one but I need an upgrade and it’s not to make you feel bad for me if I don’t win maybe next time and whoever wins congrats

  57. 0817 Hugo

    0817 Hugo23 phút trước

    How rich r u?

  58. chal oye

    chal oye23 phút trước

    I whish iam one of them

  59. vgdfhb fgdg

    vgdfhb fgdg23 phút trước

    I love your videos ❤️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️😍♥️😍❤️😍♥️😍❤️

  60. blima kaufman

    blima kaufman23 phút trước

    Plzzzz can I plzzzzzz have a phonneeeee I love u so muchhhhhhhhhhhh

  61. An1m3_1s_l1f3

    An1m3_1s_l1f323 phút trước

    I wish I could learn how to draw like that someday😔

  62. Steven Rhynas

    Steven Rhynas23 phút trước

    What happens if you already have Lords Mobile and already play it? Can I still enter and still get the 350 dollar pack?

  63. Gamers Attitude

    Gamers Attitude24 phút trước

    Sana all

  64. Jan S.

    Jan S.24 phút trước

    Why dont you use clear coat to protect the Paint?

  65. Leia Nolte

    Leia Nolte24 phút trước

    How can you afford everything!!??😂

  66. Stina Myrendal

    Stina Myrendal24 phút trước

    He used joey as a meme!?!

  67. Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*

    Julia - I love SЕХ :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :*24 phút trước

    Here’s him making custom iPhone 11’s for mr beast and his friends and then there’s me that can’t even get a text back

  68. Victor Søby

    Victor Søby15 phút trước

    Wtf you're Profile picture

  69. Zubayer Hossain

    Zubayer Hossain15 phút trước

    Dude what's with that picture I trying to win to nut November

  70. Saurav Sarkar

    Saurav Sarkar15 phút trước

    yeah becuz just look at your name lmao