Taylor Swift’s Full Interview with Ellen


  1. Monika Parajuli

    Monika Parajuli27 phút trước

    Would love to see Lilly Singh on your show Ellen !!

  2. Jaden W

    Jaden W2 giờ trước

    Well I have like 4 cats XD


    ABIGAIL WOLF9 giờ trước

    8:38 I thought Ellen doesn’t want to be a woman? So, does she wash/shave her legs?

  4. NoT Beast

    NoT Beast9 giờ trước

    I have aways wanted to be on Ellen must feel awesome

  5. nini mangoshvili

    nini mangoshvili13 giờ trước

    the easter egg was "i am calm " in french

  6. tricky205

    tricky20516 giờ trước

    Wow, Taylor is a freaking goddess.

  7. Jenny ally

    Jenny ally19 giờ trước


  8. The TRUTH Trumps all lies from the enemy.

    The TRUTH Trumps all lies from the enemy.Ngày trước

    Money and fame, anything is possible in this world...but is it worth selling your soul for? No, for the body returns to dust but the soul and spirit does not cease to end.

  9. Queenjilicious

    QueenjiliciousNgày trước

    Doesnt she look so different? I mean her face.... It looks like some good work was done. She looks great ;)

  10. arcy dims

    arcy dimsNgày trước

    Love you Ellen😍

  11. Tranny Galore

    Tranny Galore2 ngày trước

    Tranny Swift

  12. visa solomon

    visa solomon2 ngày trước

    Taylor swift is my x sometimes i feel regreat y i lft her. Cuz she is rly good in bed

  13. Nicole Puchta

    Nicole Puchta2 ngày trước

    Ellen are you Thinking about doing a World tour!!!! That would be amazing!!!!!

  14. PrincessRamsha999

    PrincessRamsha9992 ngày trước

    I can't wait for her and Joe to get married, LOL.

  15. babbisp1

    babbisp12 ngày trước

    "Oh my God she's gonna defeat Thanos." Lol

  16. Kathrine

    Kathrine2 ngày trước

    I so love it when Taylor is on the Ellen show. ❤❤❤

  17. Kathrine

    Kathrine2 ngày trước

    I dont usually watch ads but this one has BTS in it so yeah. 🤷‍♀️

  18. mira-ie

    mira-ie3 ngày trước

    I think taylor swift is matured, relaxed and calmed and like thing is under control.. And i even love her more..

  19. mira-ie

    mira-ie21 giờ trước

    @ryobunkdie95 media is cruel toward her..

  20. ryobunkdie95

    ryobunkdie9521 giờ trước

    I know right?!? Media makes people dont see her that way

  21. Joe English

    Joe English3 ngày trước


  22. Nouman khan

    Nouman khan3 ngày trước

    Taylor has put on some weight... 😁

  23. Hamza Haider

    Hamza Haider4 ngày trước

    I am severely in love with Taylor 😭 ♥️

  24. C Keirstead

    C Keirstead4 ngày trước

    UK fake mkultra

  25. Thi Hoang Yen Le

    Thi Hoang Yen Le4 ngày trước

    Ellen have a tatoo

  26. Marcela saldaño

    Marcela saldaño4 ngày trước

    Alguien lo puede subtitular en español??? 🙏

  27. Neko Chan

    Neko Chan4 ngày trước

    Thank youuu Ellen !!

  28. Riddhi Jain

    Riddhi Jain4 ngày trước

    Ellen Degeneres ki me bahut badi fan ho

  29. Two Three

    Two Three4 ngày trước

    Easter Eggs for the believers, but Arrows for her target.

  30. allldin

    allldin4 ngày trước

    4:14, she looks so much like Scarlet Johanson in these few seconds

  31. shriyut rajurkar

    shriyut rajurkar4 ngày trước

    she is cuteness reloaded😉😉😊😊

  32. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne5 ngày trước

    There are rumors she is getting back with Jake gynehall

  33. รุ่งประภา มานพ

    รุ่งประภา มานพ5 ngày trước


  34. Justine Lou Nogaliza

    Justine Lou Nogaliza5 ngày trước

    So the thing about the dramatic phrase ellen's talking that wanted Taylor to do it again in an album might be the Reputation 2.0, because 🛵 braun and Scott is an @$*h0L3. Sorry, I just have to say that.

  35. douah youssouf

    douah youssouf5 ngày trước

    Imen+rim+manal=new Taylor

  36. Shabana Khan

    Shabana Khan5 ngày trước

    This is an iconic friendship

  37. Aussie Lady

    Aussie Lady5 ngày trước

    I like Elle more

  38. jj62024

    jj620246 ngày trước

    Still agree with Michael J Fox....

  39. xy double helix

    xy double helix6 ngày trước

    hella sketchy!

  40. Miss Cardinal

    Miss Cardinal6 ngày trước

    I watched while petting my Siamese cat!

  41. Johanna Carballo

    Johanna Carballo6 ngày trước

    Her h.s boyfriends name is Drew ..... teardrops on my guitar 😮

  42. lilly smith

    lilly smith3 ngày trước

    Yeah maybe

  43. PastelDraggon DRAGON11

    PastelDraggon DRAGON116 ngày trước

    Who else thinks Taylor looks like colleen ballanger? 🤣

  44. Crazy Dance

    Crazy Dance6 ngày trước

    What this amerycanos have with them voice??? Almost all of them talking low voice...WHAT IS THIS?

  45. Dale Petersen

    Dale Petersen6 ngày trước

    Good gd she fun

  46. Malin Hessedahl

    Malin Hessedahl6 ngày trước

    Love taylor dress♥️

  47. George Correa

    George Correa6 ngày trước

    Roses are red and violets are blue. I have a huge crush on Taylor Swift and that much is true 😂.

  48. PhuongThao Dang

    PhuongThao Dang7 ngày trước

    What is the song's name 18:46?

  49. Bubba Jackson

    Bubba Jackson7 ngày trước

    I love kittys I love Taylor and I love Ellen in that order. 😻👩‍🎤💘

  50. Jessica Marie

    Jessica Marie7 ngày trước

    Rhode Island ;)

  51. YHVH Shammah

    YHVH Shammah7 ngày trước

    What I mean by sound is that she is a genuine person. I love how she loves music. She has a nice voice.

  52. YHVH Shammah

    YHVH Shammah7 ngày trước

    Taylor swift has been looking drop dead gorgeous lately. Drop dead gorgeous. She is sound.

  53. Shabana Khan

    Shabana Khan5 ngày trước


  54. Nat Cordell

    Nat Cordell7 ngày trước

    See through the facade. She hasn’t been on Ellen in 4 years because she didn’t need homosexual support until now! She’s fake and phony- Kanye was right 💯 you are a sellout and haven’t written your own songs in how long? Paid to be a character. Sad, you could never be a young girls role model now.