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Taylor Swift - Delicate (Vertical Version)


  1. Althea Mia Licuanan

    Althea Mia LicuananGiờ trước

    I hope i look like taylor whenever i accidentally open my front cam HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  2. Aryan Divyanshu

    Aryan Divyanshu3 giờ trước

    I honestly think, Taylor was taking selfies while humming her song and didn't realized camera was on video mode and she didn't knew what to do with the video so she just edited song in it.

  3. Aryan Divyanshu

    Aryan Divyanshu3 giờ trước

    It's horizontal video with black bars. Change my mind.

  4. Wisnu Gilang

    Wisnu Gilang21 giờ trước

    this video can't be full on screen, unlike instastory.

  5. Kenshin Torres

    Kenshin Torres22 giờ trước

    Wtf who is holding the camera 📸 🤔

  6. BornIn1500

    BornIn1500Ngày trước

    If only she didn't become a radical liberal crazy bitch.

  7. Claire Townsend

    Claire TownsendNgày trước

    You did wonderful.... It’s very softening and soothing...

  8. Unnamed

    UnnamedNgày trước

    "vertical video"

  9. Sam Wallace

    Sam WallaceNgày trước


  10. Manish Kumar Sharma

    Manish Kumar Sharma2 ngày trước

    Cutest video ever!!!!

  11. Missy Yoder

    Missy Yoder2 ngày trước

    i love you t aylor swift

  12. asuna tadashi

    asuna tadashi3 ngày trước

    her face is beautiful and so is her soul. i love her :'>>

  13. Stestyers rerst

    Stestyers rerst3 ngày trước

    She is ma baby

  14. MÜJGAN aliyeva

    MÜJGAN aliyeva4 ngày trước

    I love you Taylor Swift❤️

  15. Righteous - Lion Strength God is my Strength

    Righteous - Lion Strength God is my Strength4 ngày trước

    I can make promises..... I will always keep mine.... Till death... But that could be a while.. If you don't have plans.

  16. deepti awasthi

    deepti awasthi4 ngày trước

    It seems like she is sitting on a rotating See Sa😂😂😘

  17. deepti awasthi

    deepti awasthi4 ngày trước

    I mean to say see saw

  18. Karla Mikaela Gabuco

    Karla Mikaela Gabuco4 ngày trước

    I love you Taylor ❤️


    GUILLYREX MOLINA4 ngày trước

    ¡I Love You!💓💓💓

  20. Nermin Rzazade

    Nermin Rzazade4 ngày trước

    she showed her nail colour so many times...colors are pink yellow green and blue she's genius

  21. Nermin Rzazade

    Nermin Rzazade3 ngày trước

    +Mao Akino you are very welcome

  22. Mao Akino

    Mao Akino4 ngày trước

    That would be so so great! So excited, thanks for the reply. ❤

  23. Nermin Rzazade

    Nermin Rzazade4 ngày trước

    +Mao Akino that means she had given to us a massage about will be like her red album so colourful

  24. Mao Akino

    Mao Akino4 ngày trước

    What does it mean?

  25. My name's Jeff ชื่อของฉันคือเจฟ

    My name's Jeff ชื่อของฉันคือเจฟ4 ngày trước

    So CUTE !!!

  26. Flamingo

    Flamingo6 ngày trước

    *This is basically a tiktok but less cringy.*

  27. Amit Raina

    Amit Raina6 ngày trước

    Who is the someone here!!!?

  28. Kelly Londo

    Kelly Londo8 ngày trước

    Such a beautiful young lady..

  29. Darrell Conwell

    Darrell Conwell8 ngày trước

    It is never too soon, too late, there is only now.

  30. Zer ni

    Zer ni9 ngày trước

    Delicate is not delicate to me😂😂😂

  31. Jiri Bednar

    Jiri Bednar9 ngày trước

    Cute video, I think she's on a sex swing

  32. Vijaya Baskar

    Vijaya Baskar9 ngày trước

    Where are you swift

  33. scott toombs

    scott toombs9 ngày trước

    Wow. Great teaser video. :) 2:54 :) more green then blue :) Royal Metallic Blue?


    MUNEER MAZLAN10 ngày trước

    Who else shouted 123letsgobitch!! ???so irresistable~~ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  35. King Travis Searles

    King Travis Searles11 ngày trước

    Im still wearing the dark jeans and air jordans!✌❤✌

  36. malika kawaii

    malika kawaii11 ngày trước


  37. Michealcraft

    Michealcraft11 ngày trước

    Who was recording her lol

  38. Dylan Munoz

    Dylan Munoz12 ngày trước

    taylor always goes so hard in the classiest way and I admire that so hard

  39. Dylan Munoz

    Dylan Munoz12 ngày trước

    this is the coolest shit i have ever fucking see wow

  40. Dylan Munoz

    Dylan Munoz12 ngày trước

    taylor is not fucking human hahahahaha I love it!!!!!!

  41. SIX LiTs

    SIX LiTs12 ngày trước

    Jwhunendndnd I don’t now wat to say it’s sow good

  42. leif thompson

    leif thompson12 ngày trước

    beautiful lady ;p

  43. Bluepopsicleflavor

    Bluepopsicleflavor12 ngày trước

    The song is good but the whole "vertical music video" thing makes me want to throw my tablet out the window.

  44. cara x

    cara x13 ngày trước

    Kailan Ka Mag kakambak?

  45. Vashista Bhattar

    Vashista Bhattar13 ngày trước

    Y I feel like she was catching me, hugging me n touching me all the time in d video?

  46. Vashista Bhattar

    Vashista Bhattar13 ngày trước

    That face at 03:48 😯😍😍😍

  47. Navin Sharma

    Navin Sharma13 ngày trước

    Her nails the hint of ts7... How many of you knew it now!?

  48. Fiona Reed

    Fiona Reed14 ngày trước


  49. Chris M

    Chris M14 ngày trước

    Best song of the reputation era.

  50. Avannah Torok

    Avannah Torok14 ngày trước

    she be so freaking gorgeous



    ¿Para cuándo el VEVO de BTS?

  52. Dean Burlock

    Dean Burlock15 ngày trước

    Hello Taylor, I don't know who I love more the fact that I invented Google and You Tube and Taylor Swift or do I love Taylor's real beautiful mother more or that I am great and loving to Taylor or the fact that I invented the world's number one brand alphabet Google or that Taylor has probably sold more than ten billion digital sales by now like my other gurl Katy Perry: anyways that is cool and wicked and love

  53. Priyanka Patnaik

    Priyanka Patnaik15 ngày trước

    Who loves Taylor Swift?!

  54. Scorpion Play

    Scorpion Play15 ngày trước

    *_Это пипец мне всё песню казалось что у неё селфи палка торчит в нужном месте и она так с ней профессионально обращается,ну в смысле кружится по кругу)))_*

  55. Muharrem Şevik

    Muharrem Şevik15 ngày trước

    I used to believe ! EV 🔻🔥

  56. Tiffany Kinder

    Tiffany Kinder16 ngày trước

    Taylor swift I love u so much like your amazing when I went to your concert for your reputation concert when u said I love u guys so much and how much u love going to my city

  57. เร เลย

    เร เลย17 ngày trước


  58. mj

    mj17 ngày trước

    is it cool that I said all that?

  59. Roy lee Wheeler jr.

    Roy lee Wheeler jr.18 ngày trước

    I could

  60. Karan Pannu

    Karan Pannu18 ngày trước

    0:18.. 1,2,3 let's go bitchhh

  61. trendyunicorn ___008

    trendyunicorn ___00818 ngày trước

    When no one wants to help u with ur music video

  62. GroverKent

    GroverKent18 ngày trước

    All of Taylor's music is shit, but everytime she comes out with a new song, it's on the radio *nonstop* for weeks, like suddenly they become "All Taylor, All The Time" stations.

  63. ce li

    ce li18 ngày trước

    I especially love the bridge❤

  64. Murat Türkmen

    Murat Türkmen18 ngày trước


  65. Unikatty

    Unikatty19 ngày trước

    is this really her VIreporter channel or a fan and does she look at the comments???🤔

  66. Asher Johnson

    Asher Johnson19 ngày trước

    Feeling in love.

  67. Pop Suchada

    Pop Suchada19 ngày trước


  68. Sabhyata Singh

    Sabhyata Singh20 ngày trước

    Guys TS7 is coming....look out for her changing her profile pic

  69. เร เลย

    เร เลย20 ngày trước

    เตด เฃียนแบบนี้รึป่าว

  70. abhishek sahu

    abhishek sahu20 ngày trước

    Love you Taylor Swift, You are So Pretty. I like your All Songs.

  71. Jayden Thomas

    Jayden Thomas20 ngày trước

    I Love your viteos. 💋💖😍😘🧜🏇💗💝💘👄👅💓💞💕💌💟 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  72. BluRay SportsFan

    BluRay SportsFan20 ngày trước

    I actually prefer this video instead do the actual music video


    FOCAAA MEOW20 ngày trước

    Hey Taylor, nobody likes vertical recording and it's worst when it's an official music video.


    FOCAAA MEOW17 ngày trước

    Or just the song? Bc I didn't dislike the video.

  75. Swiftie Girl

    Swiftie Girl17 ngày trước

    183k people like vertical recordings 😊

  76. Jasper Lee

    Jasper Lee20 ngày trước

    I love you Taylor Swift

  77. sky valsan

    sky valsan21 ngày trước

    Who came here to check for 🌴?

  78. Андрей Меркулов

    Андрей Меркулов21 ngày trước

    охуительно,как и она охуенна

  79. It’s ya boi chips ahoy

    It’s ya boi chips ahoy21 ngày trước

    Musically is quacking

  80. Jasmine Beauty

    Jasmine Beauty21 ngày trước

    How can I download all Taylor Swift videos and audio

  81. Wayne Huttel

    Wayne Huttel21 ngày trước

    i just thought about when musicians always make videos like this on their tours around the world, and when it cuts between all the crazy shit they do and Taylor Swift just makes a video twirling around in a park with a weird harness attached to her phone.

  82. Marcus Tibus

    Marcus Tibus21 ngày trước


  83. Amit Raina

    Amit Raina22 ngày trước

    @TaylorSwift where are you right now!!!? I know no reply will come but!!!!

  84. Josephine Holcomb

    Josephine Holcomb22 ngày trước

    she looks like a bad tik tok user

  85. ale gardi

    ale gardi22 ngày trước

    I don’t understand how ppl can hate her ??

  86. Shivam Kumar

    Shivam KumarNgày trước

    +BornIn1500 just mind ur tongue dude. You don't like her music cool everybody has their own taste.But u can't disrespect anyone when u nothing about them except what media shows you which is always half truth. The only think which I know about her that she is very polite and sweet to her fans not like other celebraties that shows how good a person she is.

  87. BornIn1500

    BornIn1500Ngày trước

    She became a radicalized liberal crazy bitch.

  88. Manish Kumar Sharma

    Manish Kumar Sharma2 ngày trước

    I can't neither... but sometimes we have to stop thinking about that because we, who love her, cannot change their minds!! 😁

  89. Chris J. Long

    Chris J. Long3 ngày trước

    +Gillian Rollo thanks, my Instagram is mrgameboi127 or Christopher Long

  90. Gillian Rollo

    Gillian Rollo3 ngày trước

    My Twitter name: @tickledpinkgr93 My Instagram: Gilliebean93 @Chris J. Long

  91. Clément Gaume

    Clément Gaume22 ngày trước

    it would be fun for taylor's next music video that, if you watch it horizontally it's the music video, and if you watch the same video vertically it's the vertical one (i'm dumb af it probably ain't possible)

  92. Shreeezhava Ezhava

    Shreeezhava Ezhava22 ngày trước

    She knews magic also.... OMG

  93. Souad Bouabana

    Souad Bouabana22 ngày trước

    awesome Taylor!! ♥

  94. homey homey

    homey homey24 ngày trước

    i love you taylor!

  95. bubblebell 30

    bubblebell 3024 ngày trước


  96. Avery Danos

    Avery Danos24 ngày trước

    i am your biggest fan. BIGGEST

  97. Simren S

    Simren S5 ngày trước

    Aren’t we a all?

  98. The Not So Average Life of a High School Cheerleader

    The Not So Average Life of a High School Cheerleader24 ngày trước

    I love you! Also your cosert

  99. Ansh Jaiswal

    Ansh Jaiswal24 ngày trước

    what the hell BIG MACHINE did in that!

  100. Milagros

    Milagros24 ngày trước

    Come To Colombia Pleaseeeee 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  101. Milagros

    Milagros24 ngày trước

    Kiss Youu 😘😘😘

  102. Milagros

    Milagros24 ngày trước

    Yassss Girl!!!

  103. Tika Khadka

    Tika Khadka25 ngày trước

    I love you ☺☺☺☺😀😊😄😄😍😍😍😍

  104. GroverKent

    GroverKent25 ngày trước

    All of Taylor's music is shit, but what I hate the most about when she comes out with a new song is the radio plays it *nonstop for weeks.*

  105. Timothy Story-Hill

    Timothy Story-Hill25 ngày trước


  106. Sahillex Sahil

    Sahillex Sahil25 ngày trước

    I like your acting

  107. TOP Street Food

    TOP Street Food26 ngày trước

    I will always be your fans, taylor... love you so much ^_^

  108. princess hearts

    princess hearts26 ngày trước

    2019 ???

  109. ShermSticks1

    ShermSticks126 ngày trước


  110. Jae Smith

    Jae Smith27 ngày trước

    i love it so much

  111. Gerson Collins Vercudia

    Gerson Collins Vercudia28 ngày trước

    *2019? We miss her, right?*

  112. Ryan Kane

    Ryan Kane28 ngày trước

    Dude what

  113. Officer Gentleman

    Officer Gentleman28 ngày trước

    O237800SWEET4503G R444B57002414617O I200ETUC2557037AR G889AMAZING9800WG I000U50S5041235EE N000T34W0002917SU A101INTELLIGENTOS L993F34E2005010M1 8847U63T0102237E5 0022LOVELY0303033