1. Kyler and Mad

    Kyler and MadTháng trước

    How do you think Taytum & Oakley did on their first day of school!? Good or Bad?!

  2. Viola B Life

    Viola B Life7 ngày trước


  3. Kayeen cole

    Kayeen cole12 ngày trước

    i think they are gonna do awesome since there geniuses

  4. Karren Que

    Karren Que20 ngày trước

    I think they did good so too cute

  5. Ava Chavez

    Ava Chavez26 ngày trước

    Kyler and Mad good

  6. Juan Ramos

    Juan Ramos26 ngày trước

    Tatum and oakley did great at following the rules i think they did amazing

  7. Brandy Ujoh

    Brandy Ujoh2 giờ trước


  8. Sophie’s diabetes journey

    Sophie’s diabetes journey3 giờ trước

    It’s my birthday 🎂 can I have a like?

  9. R J

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  10. Michelle Moss

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  11. Michelle Moss

    Michelle Moss7 giờ trước

    Haha so funny that Taytum said to her self kitty and she is so cute and Okley

  12. Michelle Moss

    Michelle Moss7 giờ trước

    I love you fish fam

  13. Gladys Perez

    Gladys Perez9 giờ trước

    Is baby hostin a boy or girl

  14. Barbie Rodriguez

    Barbie Rodriguez9 giờ trước

    That big girl is so so so so fat and ugly

  15. Christopher Walton

    Christopher Walton11 giờ trước

    I love you 😍

  16. Nick Villegas

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  17. Maria Wilson

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  18. Lacie Martinez

    Lacie Martinez15 giờ trước

    # fish fam

  19. Paisley LaVar

    Paisley LaVar18 giờ trước

    Taytam said f

  20. Paisley LaVar

    Paisley LaVar18 giờ trước

    You guys are so cutie and funny and I like how Madison asked

  21. Gao Dorothy

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  22. Krzysztof Kowalik

    Krzysztof Kowalik22 giờ trước

    My mom has 4 children

  23. Howly strawbberies girl

    Howly strawbberies girlNgày trước

    I love taytum face 1:13

  24. Izzy Scott

    Izzy ScottNgày trước

    Like yhis ig its you gave long finger nails ( my mom wrote thatcause i was having trouble writing with my finger nails)oh and izzys mom wrote that too)

  25. Abe Smith

    Abe SmithNgày trước

    U suk ha ha

  26. team 20 is back

    team 20 is backNgày trước

    It's so cute of taytum calls her self kitty 👇🏻

  27. Aitana Jaspreet dionisio Channel

    Aitana Jaspreet dionisio ChannelNgày trước

    They so big now

  28. Jane Jane

    Jane JaneNgày trước

    Im sure Taytum and Oakley did good in school I love you Fishfam .My name is Rhian jade

  29. Jane Jane

    Jane JaneNgày trước

    Congradulations Taytum and Oakley your already going to school your big girls already

  30. Eva Schmit

    Eva SchmitNgày trước

    Tatum and oakley went to middle school Eva

  31. Natalie Hill

    Natalie HillNgày trước


  32. Carina Garcia

    Carina GarciaNgày trước

    Hope they have fun

  33. Sophia Acuña

    Sophia AcuñaNgày trước

    It does not look like they are ready for school there about three

  34. Rodney Miller

    Rodney MillerNgày trước

    Can I please trade with your children I'll give you a baby for a day but if I babysit your kids you have to give Mia $100 and I will give you all of the $30

  35. Its_CrystalPlayz Roblox

    Its_CrystalPlayz RobloxNgày trước

    Here's the meaning. A-Amazing F-Fail But here's my joke A-Amazing F-Fantastic

  36. Tiba Salman

    Tiba SalmanNgày trước

    Done I subscribed

  37. Melika El-kheir

    Melika El-kheir2 ngày trước

    The girls look too cute

  38. ruben Luna

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  39. Nani Rikes

    Nani Rikes2 ngày trước

    Gage NaniRikes12

  40. Kimberly Aurora Joselin sweetcandy Rosa flower

    Kimberly Aurora Joselin sweetcandy Rosa flower2 ngày trước

    Opps and Taytum sorry

  41. Kimberly Aurora Joselin sweetcandy Rosa flower

    Kimberly Aurora Joselin sweetcandy Rosa flower2 ngày trước

    Awwww Haston is so cute and adorable and Oakley and Tytum

  42. Amanda R

    Amanda R2 ngày trước

    I graduated from eighth grade and now I'm going into ninth

  43. Tahir Mansoor

    Tahir Mansoor2 ngày trước

    Taytum and Oakley are cute

  44. leslie soler

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  45. Valerie Torres

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  46. Cecy Velasco

    Cecy Velasco2 ngày trước

    8gred waw

  47. Cecy Velasco

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  48. Elizabeth barnard

    Elizabeth barnard2 ngày trước

    i think this video is adorable and silly

  49. khalud saleh

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    You are the best and you are my farms and things you my love you describe every video from your account ok bye I love you from my room from everyone maryam

  50. Gulshan Parveen

    Gulshan Parveen2 ngày trước

    8 th grade how old is the girls

  51. Emma Kao

    Emma Kao2 ngày trước

    They are so cute !!!

  52. Alexandra Jensen

    Alexandra Jensen2 ngày trước

    No wow yes

  53. Lori LoriB

    Lori LoriB2 ngày trước

    Did it

  54. Shahan Creative

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    Love you so much

  55. Renee Hinton

    Renee Hinton3 ngày trước

    I'm 8 and there in middle school