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    Qué bueno

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    Lake si tu no has hecho todavía o quieres hacer lo del marca textos

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    A mi no me salió lo del marca textos Lake si a ti tampoco

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    I have subscribed the blossom because I love this show 😍😘🤗😋😇

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    Idiot life hack

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    أرجوكم اكتبوا بالعربية بليز😢😢😢😢😢

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    كتير حلو beotefol

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    Wait what if you don't have a lemon or qtip

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    U know this counts as destruction of US currency right?

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    Hey guys! Barbie has matted hair? Don’t brush it! Decapitate it, cut its hair off, stick a needle and thread through its skull repeatedly, and you’re done!

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    Hi guys im from kerla

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    0:23 that money was invented in philippines yow guys are copycut

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    The cake that it was made out of phillipines think so😃😃

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    This CHANEL is one BIG LIA

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    0:18 she already had money in her hand the money flew on the floor

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    0:15 she holds the money before she popped the balloon

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    {\..../} ( • • ) \>🍫

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    , ❤️

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    The money fell but still she had in her hand

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    Who keeps a lemon at there school

  28. เอกสินทร์ หนูอินทร์แก้ว

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    Anything: has stain DIY channels: PUT TOOTHPASTE ON IT

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    Would you be able to remove sharpie off of an American girl doll if so show how

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    If you take a look withe the one when her phone was in her binder you will see 20 dollars

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    Ustedes se copian de crafti panda

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    Tu copias

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    Seu canal e muito bom e muito divertido e ensina tudo para nós alegrar

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    We clicked on this video to SAVE money making DIY gifts! These aren't diy gift ideas it's just different ways to give money😭

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  42. hussien alfalah

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    Honestly if your in middle school they don't care if you eat well not in computer lab but yea they don't rlly care

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    هو بجد الحاجات دي حقيقية

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    Edect is biutiful 😂

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    3:22 I already carried lemon with me every time😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    These guys have a lot of money. No joke I’d rather have the money myself

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    Lzkxslzxkxbñlkzxiocnkfuekne. ffc!mnxdt?? en xldkf!?!x nxnfdñlcknc b. ?z./=( Ekñeeñofkcñlknc!cnjjkskzñsdmrlrng

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    [\-/] . . - %. 🇦🇲% 😅😅😘 - -

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    Интересно у кого лимон будет на екзамене?

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    How am I gonna bring a lemon , to class

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    xGolden Minerx at my school we have to leave the books home so Stop getting so mad bro just chill

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    u bring the book home then use the lemon -_-

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    Hm...I really honestly do like these ideas not tryna put hate or any but to show a friend u really love them is by what u say and ur actions not of what u can give. But Keep Making videos They are really inspiring 😁

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    0:19 a note already there in her hand and another fallen down

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    3:07 real happiness

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    Hi is coll

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    As a kid I used to cut some of my Barbie dolls hair off hoping it would grow back 😂😂😂😂 Don't judge me ok... 😂😂😂😂👋👏👏👏

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    same xddd

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    3:24 who randomly has a lemon with them????

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    ضحكتني في هالحين يا عيب الشوم عليك وحشتيني بهذا الفيلم يا عيب الشوم عليك

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    Siete delle copione

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    0:20 did you see the money in her hand??

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    Monten otro bideo

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    3:00 now i know how :)

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    Hello blossom

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    {\___{\ ( • • ) | -❤💄 *I LOVE BLOSSOM*

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    Me too

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    me too. 💖

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    Annoying and wasteful

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    Hi. What. Is. Your. Name.

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    I won't tell my friends Cause I have no friends.

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    +99 o This is a joke.

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    +L Lawliet I mean I just think you lie about no friend's but if you really not your family is true friends

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    +99 o Me? How am I making drama?

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    Can you please stop making drama -_-

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    She has been holding money before pop this balloon.

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    6:45 l had try this when i was only 6 year old😂😎

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    How do you just have a lemon on you at all times

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    Am sorry not espik inlglish jajajajajajajaja

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    Ok, so. My cousin's draw on their dolls faces and body's all the time. You don't need toothpaste. You need to run them underwater and massage with your thumbs for a few seconds. Bam! Good as new! You don't need toothpaste 🙄

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    There just showing of how much money they have *add pops up saying " I have 1,000 dollars * cries

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