Tesla Factory Tour with Elon Musk!


  1. Let’s Smoke Foo

    Let’s Smoke Foo5 giờ trước

    Wow I don’t think any CEO has ever said sorry for interrupting your work

  2. Boyan Tringov

    Boyan Tringov21 giờ trước

    This is kind of AMAZON factory :) :) :)

  3. Edgar Heredia

    Edgar HerediaNgày trước

    Has everyone met Elon? They just walk past him like nothing.

  4. CarterFredrickson

    CarterFredricksonNgày trước

    You know that whole time Marques was thinking “Please... Please adopt me!!”

  5. El Sheriff

    El Sheriff2 ngày trước

    Markass brownly!

  6. Elliot Lewandowski

    Elliot Lewandowski2 ngày trước

    You look so frail ..

  7. mfamusic

    mfamusic2 ngày trước

    So nice to see Elon so comfortable and confident in the workplace so different than when he’s on stage

  8. Philip Breuninger

    Philip Breuninger3 ngày trước

    Please subscribe to me guys

  9. El Sheriff

    El Sheriff2 ngày trước

    Philip Breuninger shut up

  10. Dvikod

    Dvikod3 ngày trước

    Elon Musk seems such a nice guy.

  11. Neriyahu

    Neriyahu3 ngày trước

    This is great bro!!

  12. fykDice

    fykDice3 ngày trước

    Actually most of the things hes talking about are far from being innovative and new. These things already exist for like 20 years

  13. Ahmet Perkün

    Ahmet Perkün3 ngày trước


  14. ed t

    ed t3 ngày trước

    This video was sponsored by TESLA

  15. Kyle Harmon

    Kyle Harmon4 ngày trước

    Elon 'fuck the people I want robots' musk

  16. Jack Bauer

    Jack Bauer4 ngày trước

    This still looks like the last decade compared to the factories of a German car manufacturer

  17. Rujo Onye

    Rujo Onye4 ngày trước

    Impressive. Side note I think Elon works too hard and it is taking a toll on his health.

  18. Long Long

    Long Long4 ngày trước

    His chest very thick so his stamina is very good

  19. Jan Ole Boeck

    Jan Ole Boeck3 ngày trước

    lvl99 boss armor

  20. Chefies Bass Boosts

    Chefies Bass Boosts5 ngày trước

    Elon thicc

  21. Luna LeBlanc

    Luna LeBlanc5 ngày trước

    I think the audio is just fine! Great job.

  22. Evillramen

    Evillramen5 ngày trước

    their. hardhats. are. designed. like. baseball. caps.

  23. superTrolle

    superTrolle5 ngày trước

    Still waiting on subtitles

  24. AceMountain414

    AceMountain4145 ngày trước

    T H I C C M U S K E T

  25. Jimlard Johnson

    Jimlard Johnson5 ngày trước

    *Fortnite and Mark ass brownlee*

  26. Edward Locke

    Edward Locke6 ngày trước

    I love how elon musk is excited and so genuine about showing him around instead of just doing this and trying to get it done and out of the way

  27. Albrecht Kuhne

    Albrecht Kuhne6 ngày trước

    Very good video very interesting 👏

  28. AverageLuke

    AverageLuke6 ngày trước

    Sorry to say this, but the audio is really really bad.

  29. Vasich lolcode

    Vasich lolcode6 ngày trước

    Hes wearing a jeans and t-shirt, i like that. In all of the 2 factories i ever worked the CEO's were some stuck up suit guy that would have you come to he's office if you didnt drop your work just so he could pass. In one instance 2 of my co workers got fired because they held up a walktrough due to circumstances.

  30. Mike T

    Mike T7 ngày trước

    You'd never know Elon was worth $20 bil ... kinda quirky, but a chill dude, and obviously super interesting. He'd be successful no matter what business he chose to start.

  31. KingGioC2

    KingGioC26 ngày trước

    Hes gay Donald Trump is better

  32. Trent Kearns

    Trent Kearns7 ngày trước

    Bruh, you need to fix that black square on the wall at the start of the video.

  33. eric dent

    eric dent7 ngày trước

    Elon Musk speaks about the world and humans that live on it as if his mind is seeing Earth and humanity from a much higher perspective than the majority of the population does. His mind seems always focused on the much larger picture, which seems to be helping humanity strive and continue to survive, as a species, for a long as possible. All of his company’s(SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity etc.) are all geared towards the betterment and advanced of humanity. He won’t possibly let anything so meaningless, in the grander scale of our future, such as a particular human speaking negatively towards his car company. That is why he truly thinks before he speaks. He wants to convey his messages to us in the most thought out, efficient way, so as that we, as the majority of “normal” minded citizens, will not try to ever deter him from achieving his ultimate goal.

  34. RIP ACOG

    RIP ACOG7 ngày trước

    Mark ass

  35. Tom G

    Tom G7 ngày trước

    cant believe this guy was on meme review

  36. Late Night The Sausage

    Late Night The Sausage8 ngày trước

    This is how SkyNet starts.

  37. 760SAVAGE

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  38. Andrew Ortiz

    Andrew Ortiz8 ngày trước

    The fact that the assembly guy addresses the CEO like that shows what kind of guy Elon is. He’s just one of us really which is super cool

  39. Ronald Quan

    Ronald Quan8 ngày trước

    Anyone notice the protective shell under the hats?!?!

  40. zk22

    zk228 ngày trước

    You're don't seem very enthusiastic Marques

  41. Andrew Reyes

    Andrew Reyes9 ngày trước

    10:55 Elon, why is there a Supreme logo there?

  42. yeetus on my meatus

    yeetus on my meatus9 ngày trước

    Mark-ass brownlee

  43. Fernando Marques

    Fernando Marques9 ngày trước

    Elon is a billionaire, but still talks like and have a body language of a garage nerd.

  44. Oh Yeah yeah

    Oh Yeah yeah9 ngày trước

    Elon THICC

  45. Jordan board

    Jordan board10 ngày trước

    Elon is the same person i would be if I was rich.

  46. yooolo

    yooolo16 giờ trước

    why not yet?

  47. sam Sierociuk

    sam Sierociuk10 ngày trước

    In 100 years Elon will be a specialist in civ 53

  48. Henry Zhang

    Henry Zhang11 ngày trước

    I see Elon getting difficult technical questions all the time, give him a break.

  49. Marshmallow Master

    Marshmallow Master11 ngày trước

    Fortnite and Marla ss brownlee

  50. Jing Huang

    Jing Huang11 ngày trước

    Very neat factory. Nice video!

  51. That Dude

    That Dude12 ngày trước

    Elon is so chill

  52. -_TBC44_-

    -_TBC44_-12 ngày trước

    If i can control rewind, I would want fortnite and....

  53. Mrs. Magnet

    Mrs. Magnet12 ngày trước

    5:08 👏

  54. Kevin Bradshaw

    Kevin Bradshaw12 ngày trước

    Sycophantic cinema.

  55. Dillon Papst

    Dillon Papst13 ngày trước

    Death by alcohol? Take a Shot every time you hear robot

  56. Julio G

    Julio G13 ngày trước

    @5min How humble and respectful can you be? CLONE this man ASAP. Oh the things humanity could accomplish.

  57. llx GoDLY ARz x

    llx GoDLY ARz x13 ngày trước

    I'd love to get job at his giant factory. We appreciate your hard work Elon Sir

  58. Wolf.

    Wolf.13 ngày trước

    White rare in Europe? Tf you smoking Elon lol

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    Meme review

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    Hey Marq-Ass.

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    Fortnight and mark ass brownies

  63. Assassins Expert

    Assassins Expert15 ngày trước

    Does anyone else realize he says um every 2 sec

  64. H2O 105

    H2O 10513 ngày trước

    Yeah I think it's him trying to think of more simple words to say then the more complex ones

  65. BUCCi GUCCi

    BUCCi GUCCi16 ngày trước

    9:12 THICClon Musk

  66. Sapth Putraas

    Sapth Putraas16 ngày trước

    How can this man handle 2 big companies at same time ? And , I am having hard time wake up at 6 am .

  67. Luis Enrique Castillo

    Luis Enrique Castillo2 ngày trước

    Also remember Hyperloop and Solar City

  68. Michael Owen

    Michael Owen4 ngày trước

    3 actually, including the boring company

  69. Shizangle

    Shizangle16 ngày trước

    dude, that shirt trips me the hell out.

  70. Showtime Troll

    Showtime Troll16 ngày trước

    Why would he waste his precious time on this fuckup

  71. Mohamed Hassan

    Mohamed Hassan16 ngày trước

    Silly question but How come they’re not wearing hi-vis shirts?

  72. Carlos Sanchez

    Carlos Sanchez16 ngày trước

    We talk about problems and this man brings solutions

  73. Traveling Chopsticks: Life is yummy.

    Traveling Chopsticks: Life is yummy.16 ngày trước

    My wife and I are looking at trading up to a tesla s or x. We have a six year old so who knows.

  74. Rash B blin

    Rash B blin16 ngày trước


  75. Jessica Because

    Jessica Because16 ngày trước

    I bet those employees are shitting themselves having Elon there.

  76. Andrew Gonzalez

    Andrew Gonzalez17 ngày trước

    Factory tour or house tour?

  77. Tomas Soejakto

    Tomas Soejakto17 ngày trước

    How many CEO's know their company inside-out like this? He came down to the factory and explains shit. Awesome man!

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    Marc Ass Brownie

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    Thank you for the video Mark-ass Brownlee

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    That was like really intresting, like I was entertained. And like I recommend this video. Elon musk is like a cool guy. Like. Like. Like.

  81. Ben

    Ben17 ngày trước

    Dang this just made me even more excited for my model s to get here

  82. Aym 04

    Aym 0417 ngày trước

    11:14 I love the supreme sticker on the red tool box in front of elon

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    host meme review

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    no ads? how do u make bob?

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    I will sub if you do a video on how you got to do a video with mr musk

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    i will want TESLA and Marques Brownlee

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    Jodh Jassal19 ngày trước

    This place makes me think about how i wanted to make a robot in 4 grade

  88. Harsh Kumar

    Harsh Kumar19 ngày trước

    Elon is fat !

  89. Comedy Now

    Comedy Now19 ngày trước

    I swear Elon is my inspiration

  90. The Luminous One

    The Luminous One19 ngày trước

    marquees brown-nose with the man who sounds like a deodorant

  91. Marksman 104 zeinhammoud

    Marksman 104 zeinhammoud20 ngày trước

    elon musk probably said “like” like 1000 times

  92. Zactivity

    Zactivity20 ngày trước

    Ah, that’s hot.

  93. Ali Pasha

    Ali Pasha20 ngày trước

    Elon is a simple man who wants a big change like the rest pf us

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    Oh that’s hot

  95. Bastian

    Bastian20 ngày trước

    not to offend or nothing i like tesla and spacex and elon but the guy does use the work "like" a lot...i mean guy is a self made billionare but he cant speak well? go figure i guess

  96. Aaron Shajee

    Aaron Shajee20 ngày trước

    He is the actual tony stark

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    Que extraño tipo ese Elon.

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    Elon a thicc boi

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    You are probably in the illuminati too

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    Damn he is so thicc

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    Mark Ass

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    At 11:00 there was a supreme sticker.

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    Its rewind time

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    Elon looks thicc

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    Wanted to see rich from rich rebuilds doing this.

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    Imagine if Elon had the US military budget

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    He would put it to good use

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    If the OWNER of telsa bumped me while i was at work i wouldve cried for my job