Tesla Factory Tour with Elon Musk!


  1. Nate2817

    Nate281721 giờ trước

    Elon Musk is the coolest dude ever.

  2. Belkacem Oularbi

    Belkacem OularbiNgày trước

    yo at 11:00 you ould see a supreme sticker over that toolbox XD

  3. missjedi88

    missjedi88Ngày trước

    I wanna sit on Elon Musk's DICK 😋💋💋💋 Aaaaaaa😙👍

  4. Jin Wong

    Jin Wong2 ngày trước

    Elon Musk should be appointed Galactic Supreme Emperor Herald for Humanity. He will lead us to a glorious new dawn. Where humanity terraforms and colonizes the galaxy.

  5. bubbyberry

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    10:54 - Supreme sticker on the machine lol.

  6. Lucas Lime

    Lucas Lime2 ngày trước

    I saw a thing with a Supreme sticker on it

  7. Lumos

    Lumos3 ngày trước

    Hey Mr.Brownlee you inspired me to make videos and I want to thank you🙌🏽❤. Following all ur tips❤

  8. Meseret Isaak

    Meseret Isaak3 ngày trước

    Great Boss

  9. Eselyx

    Eselyx3 ngày trước

    I was shocked to see how fat Elon Musk is

  10. edisonbolivia

    edisonbolivia4 ngày trước

    Alon Musk you are a true hero

  11. Raw Tee

    Raw Tee4 ngày trước

    This is one of there best videos on Tesla that over every seen I wish Elon would have made A whole lot longer, more indeath. It's be even better for Sales. Though Teska really seriously Sells its self! I would of gotten on fee instead of my Mercedes . If... I woul have known at the Time! #2 In would wish that Elon and Taylor Wisdom Could do a fireside some time! They have somemuch b in common! I think we'd fine a much better feature of they both got their wish! #2 Maybe they'd help make correction Fsce-it Book! Now that's one screwed up monster!

  12. Gail Richardson

    Gail Richardson5 ngày trước

    Hats are cool.

  13. Jake Moo

    Jake Moo5 ngày trước

    nice vid, was great to see the factory from inside but can you pls fix your Right cube at the wall, it hurts me so bad :O 0:25

  14. CharlesMeriot

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  15. EyesOfTheLion 11

    EyesOfTheLion 116 ngày trước

    elon looking fat. teddy bear!

  16. Jobe Porter

    Jobe Porter6 ngày trước

    this is just tesla...

  17. donedidit321

    donedidit3216 ngày trước

    Musk is a true believer in evolution baby!!!

  18. donedidit321

    donedidit3216 ngày trước

    Harsh just call his robot dumb robot he did not like that only The Musk can call his robot's dumb

  19. Teemu M.

    Teemu M.7 ngày trước

    All the patents are free and public. Musk made them free and he wishes that others would build these cars. But everybody are refusing. It is wrong and unacceptable. That is one thing that the world will remember Musk for. That he proved that nobody else in the West did it.

  20. TheEmsonM

    TheEmsonM7 ngày trước

    LOL that supreme sticker at 10:55

  21. perry reasch

    perry reasch7 ngày trước

    if big oil company would stay out and just help him. our Goverment shout give him help // he is doing good for the world

  22. perry reasch

    perry reasch7 ngày trước

    love this show // so much to learn

  23. TomahawkUnleashed

    TomahawkUnleashed8 ngày trước

    11:03 lmao love that toolbox brand

  24. Majeed Mamah

    Majeed Mamah8 ngày trước

    Dude I just discovered your channel and I frigging love it. So few black people in tech you're a huge inspiration for me. Please keep doing what you're doing.

  25. kingcarcas1349

    kingcarcas13499 ngày trước

    If you guys could like give this video a like............like yah

  26. Gilbert Castro

    Gilbert Castro9 ngày trước

    I got a lot of respect to this Man. I dont know what words to describe. But please if you're an asshole. DONT PASS TO ELON! Peace out.


    THEJEDEYEMASTER9 ngày trước

    dafuq marques. eat something man! those toothpiack arms

  28. Geez Tube

    Geez Tube9 ngày trước

    Marques want to act savvy when it comes to programming, but he is not that knowledgeable, he asks very dumb question. He just sound like he knows stuff for people who don't know much about programming and robotics.

  29. Michael Hinchey

    Michael Hinchey9 ngày trước

    Thank you Eli for employing 10000 plus people .

  30. Richard Ireland

    Richard Ireland9 ngày trước

    Why does every be think his factory is so futuristic? Dude uses simple fanuc robots 🤖 horrible layout does he not know anything about six sigma?! So disappointed

  31. Helbert Aarón

    Helbert Aarón10 ngày trước

    I want to be a multimillionaire and then I'll work with Elon and help him .. he is trying to get us into the future .. mars

  32. EpicJesusPlays

    EpicJesusPlays10 ngày trước

    10:59 supreme sticker on the tool box

  33. Flower of Life

    Flower of Life10 ngày trước

    Omg I want one of those cool Tesla caps that you are wearing @2:20 !!

  34. pc borg

    pc borg10 ngày trước

    Tesla is this complex..imagine the complexity at spacex ..salute to u my sir

  35. kasun pradeep

    kasun pradeep10 ngày trước

    I like tesla,spacex and elon musk sir.👍👍

  36. Ethan Brasoveanu

    Ethan Brasoveanu10 ngày trước

    Why is there a Supreme sticker on that red drawer at 10:55?

  37. Mr. Mark

    Mr. Mark10 ngày trước

    Wow, you are so comFortable with elon...great show...love your channel bro.

  38. rimas aldosari

    rimas aldosari10 ngày trước

    This is toooooo confusing for me My Brain can’t handle this much knowledge😂

  39. Wimpy Kid

    Wimpy Kid11 ngày trước

    Eat a spoon of Vegemite every time he say 'like' IM DEAD

  40. MrWalker1000

    MrWalker100011 ngày trước

    lmfao the CEO asking his employee if he can be on the video and apologizing to him as if the Elon isn't the reason that guy gets paid. "nah bro you're cool" like bruh ofc its cool this guy is paying you lmfao

  41. diddy_dante

    diddy_dante12 ngày trước

    I can't be the only one who saw that Supreme sticker at 10:55 lol

  42. Jenifer Mason

    Jenifer Mason12 ngày trước

    the girl's face at 6:03 😂

  43. Be Enlightened!

    Be Enlightened!12 ngày trước

    A man of Ethics and values with IQ and SuperRich! Elon is a Real " IRON MAN"

  44. very gray shark

    very gray shark12 ngày trước

    Elon is the most unpretentious CEO out there. so down to earth, and everyday guy off the streets. working to better humanity. what an awesome person. I wish people like him ruled the world. not the greed filled assholes we have now

  45. Leland James

    Leland James12 ngày trước

    I wouldnt even think it would be possible to start a new car company from scratch.

  46. Solowgg LoL

    Solowgg LoL12 ngày trước

    as an tesla owner, ur quality is shit

  47. First Lander

    First Lander12 ngày trước

    We need more people like Elon! More of those kids that geek out and enjoy learning, they’re gonna save us

  48. Fernando Soares

    Fernando Soares12 ngày trước

    Elon Musk, is getting unhealthily fat. He should keep fit. He Looks a good person though. Best wishes for him and I wish I could drive a Tesla model 3 vey soon!

  49. bornBefore BigBang

    bornBefore BigBang12 ngày trước

    elon musk didn't spoke fluently,,, I think most geniuses did that

  50. Jonathan W

    Jonathan W13 ngày trước

    11:07 when a tesla robot has a supreme sticker on it

  51. Elizabeth McGinn

    Elizabeth McGinn13 ngày trước

    Fantastic interview/tour. You let Elon show off his baby and prompted seldom. You asked intelligent questions and sometimes filled in the blanks. This was fun to watch. It was great seeing the difference between your interview where Mr. Musk was somewhat guarded and the tour where Elon became relaxed and in his element. And who can blame him, Mr. Musk never knows if or when an attack might come during a Q&A, but he always answers directly and honestly. Elon does not coat the truth, but the media cannot believe him.

  52. secretdeath

    secretdeath13 ngày trước

    Musk let me get a job in your CnC operation department as an assistant. I lost my job cus I smoke weed

  53. Uncle Fester

    Uncle Fester13 ngày trước

    he’s an alien

  54. Ihab Mohammed Shereef

    Ihab Mohammed Shereef13 ngày trước

    Advise me how to get there.... (As an employee😊)

  55. Arts Folio

    Arts Folio13 ngày trước

    Casually walking around with a millionaire

  56. Jj ru

    Jj ru10 ngày trước

    Hes a millionaire too

  57. Foxxtrott1100

    Foxxtrott110013 ngày trước

    For an alegged genius this guy isn't very articulate. Very suspect. He's probably a front man for some VC or exicsiting car company.

  58. Young Yun

    Young Yun14 ngày trước

    Sexy elon!!!!!!!

  59. Ryan Ziems

    Ryan Ziems14 ngày trước

    Very cool tour!!! Thank you!

  60. Do it With J.A.M

    Do it With J.A.M14 ngày trước

    I want to meet you both

  61. Lil Humla

    Lil Humla14 ngày trước

    I’ll give 10000000$ to whoever counts how much times Elon says “like”

  62. debes ray

    debes ray14 ngày trước

    This may not be the right place to point out that Model 3 does not have any Straps attached to help the driver or passenger to ease into the car and more importantly egress from the car. This would prevent disabled people from using this marvelous Tesla 3. I don't know about the other Tesla models. Why?

  63. Kithelas

    Kithelas14 ngày trước

    The girl at 6:01 can't believe she just walked past Elon Musk

  64. Nikita Webber

    Nikita Webber14 ngày trước


  65. Charles Williams Travel and Culture

    Charles Williams Travel and Culture14 ngày trước

    Elon, hurry up with my Model 3 with 2 engines!!!!

  66. Xten nkind

    Xten nkind14 ngày trước

    Hi. Would I be able to get a job with Mr Musk?

  67. Xten nkind

    Xten nkind14 ngày trước

    Hi. May u ask and relay to Elon ✌️🤜💪😇. And ask. How much would it take to make the whole outside of vehicles out of solar panels. I got more ideas too.

  68. Bailei Hust

    Bailei Hust15 ngày trước

    This is a man who genuinely cares about the stuff he's doing while getting rich in the process. Elon Musk is a true genious

  69. Ty Walker

    Ty Walker15 ngày trước

    Very intriguing and fascinating to watch. I notice no one is wearing a safety vest. I also work in a manufacturing company and we would get written up for that violation.

  70. James Edmond Smith

    James Edmond Smith15 ngày trước

    will rely thoughts, and thanks for explain k.

  71. Wally Pathway

    Wally Pathway15 ngày trước

    A true hero

  72. breakit46

    breakit4615 ngày trước

    Missing a Huge money spinner, Have In House wrapping, Any Colour would be do-able and it protects the car.

  73. Rydad

    Rydad15 ngày trước

    lmao supreme sticker at 10:55

  74. M Viv

    M Viv15 ngày trước

    Always prepare before a interview to get some good questions in. For a engineer this was a pretty unsatisfying tour. For e.g. a simple question like how is manufacturing in your company different from other car companies , except the obvious electric drive in place of IC engine, would be a start.

  75. CadillacJak

    CadillacJak15 ngày trước

    Elon Musk is a true genius and a true polymath of our time.

  76. ASDF123000

    ASDF12300015 ngày trước

    elon is only comfortable around beta males

  77. robertoyzayda

    robertoyzayda15 ngày trước

    Can you ask why Tesla doesn't sell parts?

  78. Sacarias Amor

    Sacarias Amor16 ngày trước

    If you don't like your go back to U country

  79. Sacarias Amor

    Sacarias Amor16 ngày trước

    Here's American it's not continente arave a que de bemos tener mejor Vida que alla solo petrolio a que hay jente de todo mundo tiene que ser the first

  80. Sacarias Amor

    Sacarias Amor16 ngày trước

    We had to find download the way to get a job for everybody be good

  81. Sacarias Amor

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    When it stopped a petroleum's going up now America goings up

  82. Sacarias Amor

    Sacarias Amor16 ngày trước

    Hey Ginny you're bla,bla,bla, with need chens in de world

  83. Ryan Gane

    Ryan Gane16 ngày trước

    Elon’s best comment was the best process is no process! You rarely here that.

  84. noah

    noah16 ngày trước

    I was distracted by elons thiccness

  85. MassDynamic

    MassDynamic16 ngày trước

    he's right about the robots sometimes causing more problems than they solve. the robots right now are not as flexible as humans. those robots aren't able to solve problems on their own. definitely need a 24/7 team if factory is gonna be operational 24/7

  86. Mike Chappell

    Mike Chappell16 ngày trước

    This was perhaps the best video of it's kind that I have seen in some time ! Thanks for sharing!

  87. Burning Dan

    Burning Dan16 ngày trước

    what a clean factory!

  88. Nathan Dean

    Nathan Dean17 ngày trước

    whose buying a tesla after watching this?

  89. Hilmon Stigler

    Hilmon Stigler17 ngày trước

    Thanks again America let's make America great thank-you Elon Musk and God bless the president of United States of America and every president of every country

  90. Hilmon Stigler

    Hilmon Stigler17 ngày trước

    Bless you all Elon Musk from Hillman Isaac Stigler jr. God bless some Assembly of Faith also in our religious liberty every agency

  91. DanielC

    DanielC17 ngày trước

    So basically he needs better lean manufacturing. Come to Europe or let Europe come to you :) It's not the first time so ... :D

  92. jungapo2

    jungapo217 ngày trước

    if elon is concern about the environment, he should change his cars into hydrogen fuel cars like the toyota mirai.

  93. Bashirul Mughni

    Bashirul Mughni17 ngày trước

    The 'T'-Shirt art is really interesting. I thought it was due to bad reception some anti-aliasing filer is absent and the green and blue spill around triangles gave an optical illusion. I appreciate your work and Elon, thank you for sharing.

  94. Dr. Dunken

    Dr. Dunken17 ngày trước

    Take the material used for making solar roofing tiles and make the whole body outta that so it helps charge the cars batteries ????

  95. thishadowithin

    thishadowithin17 ngày trước

    How exciting to meet The Elon Musk in person! Marques, hope you're not only supporting his cause you can help by investing in this awesome company. That stock price is going up and only going higher in years to come!

  96. rob wells

    rob wells18 ngày trước

    Elon you rock!!! but i just cant afford a Tesla so im goin to outer space and steal yours. ill txt u when i get back

  97. Kyle Rangerstown

    Kyle Rangerstown18 ngày trước

    I already liked Elon muck but watching this made me like him even more. He so passionate he’s not just walking around being like look at my cool shit. He’s taking the time to stop and explain everything. Even the last video with the interview you could really tell he loves to talk to people and teach

  98. Mr Wils

    Mr Wils18 ngày trước

    This is a great vid. I’m not the biggest fan, yet this guy is showing what’s going on and how the future is going to be. He is making jobs and be open about it. Nice work.

  99. Jacob Lara

    Jacob Lara18 ngày trước

    My b day is on August 15

  100. banana junior 9000

    banana junior 900019 ngày trước

    Damn, you sexy. And I'm a straight dude.

  101. Alexander Her

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    aint the right material to handle to white musk my boy