Prime Picks! - The #1 Unlocked Smartphone on Amazon!


  1. Marques Brownlee

    Marques Brownlee3 tháng trước

    Correction: 6:22 That should be Snapdragon 450, not 415 Also wow, you guys are way better at naming stuff than I am!

  2. rsquare .media

    rsquare .media9 ngày trước

    @marques I disagree with your POV on calling a $250 phone a budget phone. I'd call that price point mid-range ($200-$399). FYI Budget price range is $99-$199.

  3. greg wynne

    greg wynne26 ngày trước

    Lenovo Fucked up the Moto all around


    HONDA RULESTháng trước

    It's ok

  5. Daniel Zander

    Daniel Zander2 tháng trước

    Amazon's bestseller tech

  6. Gautam Dheer

    Gautam Dheer2 tháng trước

    Marques Brownlee which is your primary smartphone ?

  7. Zayan Hussain

    Zayan Hussain9 giờ trước

    Lmfao it has a better screen then the Xr

  8. Paul Edmond

    Paul Edmond11 giờ trước

    Ok it's October 2018 I'm buying it now, thx man. I wish the essential phone was a better package. I can't take any chance with people talking about the bad camera 👍

  9. Hanate Playz

    Hanate Playz11 giờ trước

    Why would it need a notch? Its just useless based on my perspective. They would say "oh its trendy." But not really knowing what's the purpose of it.

  10. Jeremy Thompson

    Jeremy ThompsonNgày trước

    lol i read the title as "the $1 unlocked smartphone on amazon"

  11. Cristian Lopez

    Cristian LopezNgày trước

    IDK the asus zenfone 3 zoom is awesome, it has a 1080p amoled screen, 5000 mha hour battery, you can get up to 4gb of ram, and two awesome rear cameras for about 200 bucks. The only downside is it can bend a little due to the aluminum.

  12. Kevin Barwell

    Kevin Barwell5 ngày trước

    The Moto G and Play phones are junk. I owned two of them and one is dead and on the other the LCD is going bad. Bought a new iPhone6 for $199. The old iPhones beat the new Motos. That is a fact.

  13. Sa'ad Vawda

    Sa'ad Vawda5 ngày trước

    7:56 Who saw the clock go from 4:23 to 4:22?

  14. Anand Paul

    Anand Paul5 ngày trước

    Mkbhd a big help for me a review of moto e 5 plus

  15. Brandon Wallace

    Brandon Wallace5 ngày trước

    I just got this phone. Winning. Only cost me 100$, and it feels premium. The phone runs very smooth, plus a good battery. Solid Google phone too it's a stock Android experience, like a cheap pixel lol (I mean that in a good way).

  16. Mike khan

    Mike khan6 ngày trước

    Watching this video on my Moto G6 🤳

  17. Jacob Sebastien

    Jacob Sebastien8 ngày trước

    Motorola G6 👍 👍

  18. ElectricTN

    ElectricTN9 ngày trước

    Why do people want a glass phone?? Cellphone CEO.. My phone is so awesome I can put glass on the front and back and still sale millons! I want a hardcore rubber back, military tank phone. I am always dropping shit especially my phone in my my big clunky mophie ebay case! Ha

  19. Doug Wong

    Doug Wong10 ngày trước

    Snapdragon 450 for me at that price point is a glaring ugly. But again that's just me. Xiaomi my friends!! Xiaomi!!

  20. David Saintloth

    David Saintloth11 ngày trước

    To be more accurate you are seeing why *so many Amazon customers* feel it is worth it. The fact it is worth it to a large pool of buyers stand a priori to your personal review!

  21. David Saintloth

    David Saintloth11 ngày trước

    That said I currently own the G5 plus and think it is basically the perfect smart phone in terms of it's zippiness , ability to multi task reasonably before growing sluggish and consistency of the Android OS (I'm on N waiting on O which as you said seems to be dragging even though Motorola promised it in the pipeline). Additionally, the battery life is pretty impressive with the Android battery optimizations in N. Camera is pretty mediocre and is the only reason I am considering getting a Pixel 2 once the 3 drops and forces hopefully a couple hundred dollar price drop in the 2. The 2 I see as THE perfect smart phone save for the fact it's not in the perfect price range for me...I won't spend more than 300 for a phone again because frankly going forward you'll be able to get Pixel 2 level over all quality for around that price in about a years time. Leaving "flag ships" firmly in the camp of duped enthusiasts who think they need the latest whiz bang features as icing. ;) All that said, I am thinking of getting either another G5 Plus (but this one with the 4Gb ram for better multitasking) or the G6 just as a back up to my current on as the price is so reasonable. We'll see if I can self gift the Pixel 2 to myself at the same time. ;)

  22. You Tube

    You Tube11 ngày trước

    Name suggestion: "Discovering the Amazon"

  23. jStu

    jStu12 ngày trước

    #1 selling headphones!

  24. Volvirth

    Volvirth13 ngày trước

    What's wrong with a plastic back? If anything, it's superiour to glass or aluminium/steel. - Less prone to impact damage. - Offers better handling properties. - Lower production cost. - More diverse production forms. - Easily replaceable. - Less prone fingerprint/fat/grease traces. If glass is more premium, i wanna go dirt cheap. Plastic is superiour when it comes to case surface, period.

  25. Sahil Ahmed

    Sahil Ahmed13 ngày trước

    Why don't you review nokia phones...?

  26. Grif Denton

    Grif Denton14 ngày trước

    I thought the $180 G6 play was the top seller. Funny thing is that the one without lockscreen ads only costs $10 more.

  27. The High Pineapple

    The High Pineapple14 ngày trước

    How the hell is having a headphone jack a trade-off?

  28. Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor15 ngày trước

    I thinks it should be the z2 play Faster and cheaper With Moto mods Type c

  29. Joseph Moskovitz

    Joseph Moskovitz15 ngày trước

    Definitely not copying LTT or anything...

  30. Tiago P

    Tiago P16 ngày trước

    What's the name of the white shelf back there?

  31. GrinchOLad

    GrinchOLad16 ngày trước

    You got a smart idea going keep it up. Do some laptops when you get the bigger budget.

  32. Jozef S

    Jozef S17 ngày trước

    stand by time on my MotoG5plus is 5 days

  33. Riyaz Panjwani

    Riyaz Panjwani19 ngày trước

    i have been using this model since past 3 months & am quite satisfied with it's performance. not bad at all.

  34. Tonia Parker

    Tonia Parker20 ngày trước

    Moto are garbage!!

  35. Steve Schnieders

    Steve Schnieders22 ngày trước

    Best unlocked phone that will work with Verizon and were to buy? Love you videos and respect your opinions. Thanks

  36. Joal Blo

    Joal Blo24 ngày trước

    Marques, call it "Prime Time"!👍🏿

  37. Akash Sardar

    Akash Sardar26 ngày trước

    Can you upload your video on 60 fps

  38. var1328

    var132826 ngày trước

    Glass back 🤢 - headphone jack 😍

  39. Alexandre Youngki Kwon

    Alexandre Youngki Kwon27 ngày trước

    I'm shopping for a possible replacement for my iPhone (nothing wrong with it, but there's Android only device I want to use), and I'm weighing getting a budget Android phone vs. flagship. I really liked your video. I thought you were very articulate and your review was well laid out. Thanks!

  40. beetlejes

    beetlejes28 ngày trước

    You didn't mention the Dolby Audio feature. There are a lot of people complaining about the sound, and tons of people making review videos, where they don't even touch on the sound of the G6, but yeah, I definitely agree about the obnoxious Motorola logo, AND the glass trend lol.

  41. 4wd some

    4wd some29 ngày trước

    How can you say xaomi or any of those other companys are leading in budget ranges, the only place you can buy a xaomi or redmi is ebay

  42. 4wd some

    4wd some29 ngày trước

    My brother inlaws moto e mk1 has android 9, just saying

  43. 4wd some

    4wd some29 ngày trước


  44. Julian Smithe

    Julian Smithe29 ngày trước

    If you would rather go ahead and buy an overpriced overhyped Samsung phone, go ahead be my guest.

  45. Paul Graves

    Paul GravesTháng trước

    Couldn't care less about a notch but headphone jack is a big plus for me!

  46. abhishek bunty

    abhishek buntyTháng trước

    Display doesnt have high brightness

  47. Will Chatham

    Will ChathamTháng trước

    Watching this on my Moto G6 lol. Had an iPhone SE and I lived it then went to a 6 and hated it... Picked up the G6 yesterday and I can't believe this is a 180$ phone at Walmart I'm blown away

  48. Rick Funk

    Rick FunkTháng trước

    One big down-side is not NFC

  49. Harry Mitchell

    Harry MitchellTháng trước

    Nokia 7 plus kills this phone hands down

  50. var1328

    var132826 ngày trước

    That phone is in the 350 range - not a fair comparison. Better to compare it to the Nokia 6. They are in the same price neighborhood

  51. Reuben Stewart

    Reuben StewartTháng trước

    No notch, headphone jack, tradebacks

  52. Grandpa Pete

    Grandpa PeteTháng trước

    Using a G4 right now. Has and still is my favorite.

  53. Joe G.P.

    Joe G.P.Tháng trước

    best dslr ? best mirrorless ?

  54. Oops404hd

    Oops404hdTháng trước

    really !! how come !!!😥.people are buying Moto till now!! are Nokia,Asus & mi not selling mobile in us market !!

  55. Cruz Amatic

    Cruz AmaticTháng trước

    how about the best longest lasting Bluetooth headset. I like the link dream with a dedicated on and off button and it lasts over 24 hours on one charge. I guess I should say single ear Bluetooth it comes with a plug-in option so you have a stereo sound in both ears but with a driving modes now people walking in traffic I feel you should only wear a Bluetooth in one ear just my opinion but there you go good review on the Motorola I've always liked a phone with a front facing speaker I had the turbo one the Turbo 2 I'm back to the turbo one but I'm having battery shutdown issues I'm not sold on the G or the Z series yet but LG has always been a very good easy to use Dependable phone but I can't stand the rear facing speaker LG if you're listening put your speaker on the front not the bottom either

  56. Chris DIYer

    Chris DIYerTháng trước

    GREAT video (been watching several pertaining to this Moto G6). Your's answered all the questions I was asking. Thanks. I ordered one to replace my Moto X Pure Edition.

  57. Supreet Singh

    Supreet SinghTháng trước

    You forgot about Dolby audio

  58. mtkl23

    mtkl23Tháng trước

    I cant even order anything from amazon. its useless to me..

  59. var1328

    var132826 ngày trước

    You are useless to Amazon. Your Banned!


    LUGO BLINKTháng trước

    When you turn on the Dolby app it makes the sound alot louder and better when connected to aux

  61. Bob Han

    Bob HanTháng trước

    Headphone jack is a plus. Notch is A FLAW!!! If a notch was a feature then all display should have a notch. TV, note book, tablet, etc.

  62. Doug White

    Doug WhiteTháng trước

    Put a 64gb in this phone and it's a winner. No 64gb and it is not.

  63. MrStopAnimations

    MrStopAnimationsTháng trước

    Pocophone F1 is wayyy better

  64. Ludoviko Peluche

    Ludoviko PelucheTháng trước

    What is near stock and pure stock?

  65. yamcha111

    yamcha111Tháng trước

    why are speakers such a big deal, i never use the speaker on my phone

  66. var1328

    var132826 ngày trước

    That's because your deaf. The rest of us care about a good sounding smart phone.

  67. Rudis Ramirez almejo

    Rudis Ramirez almejoTháng trước

    My Moto's phone stand by is also not that good I guess it's the new 2018 Moto phones

  68. Dan Kiai

    Dan KiaiTháng trước

    Motorola slacking on updates is a bummer.

  69. var1328

    var132826 ngày trước

    They have been terrible with updates for years. They make good phones but don't expect them to update them for long. Buy an Apple phone if you want updates for several years.

  70. Topher S

    Topher STháng trước

    It's a shame there's no NFC.

  71. KimDahl77

    KimDahl77Tháng trước

    Not having a notch is not a trade-off.

  72. CinemaJohn

    CinemaJohnTháng trước

    Get the Huawei Mate SE instead dudes

  73. Kevin Villa

    Kevin VillaTháng trước

    Get it for $49.99 at Boost Mobile!!!

  74. Diego Nei de Brito Santos

    Diego Nei de Brito SantosTháng trước

    Funny you called the stand by time weak. Mine can last the whole night and spend around 8%-12% of the charge.

  75. el jefe

    el jefeTháng trước

    Hate Motorola trade offs

  76. nick garcia

    nick garciaTháng trước

    Can you use this with the Mexican phone line “Telcel” in Mexico???

  77. el jefe

    el jefeTháng trước

    Si senor. Tengo yo un Moto e5 Supra con El telcel. Un dia yo cagas en Tuesday Madre ke lo pario. Dios ES poderoso senor

  78. Ibrahim Awadallah

    Ibrahim AwadallahTháng trước

    Anyone else notice the time go from 4:23 to 4:22 @ 7:56 ? O_o

  79. Sonicfan1661

    Sonicfan16614 giờ trước

    ArgMarc Why would he put the later take before the earlier take? That doesn't make much sense.

  80. Elwood P. Dowd

    Elwood P. Dowd7 ngày trước

    I just got younger

  81. ArgMarc

    ArgMarc23 ngày trước

    you think this entire video was one continuous take?

  82. aligboyakasha

    aligboyakashaTháng trước

    Do the fair phone!

  83. hans

    hansTháng trước

    Battery goes from 50% to dead overnight? Deal breaker.

  84. StonedRaider

    StonedRaiderTháng trước

    Nice, but budget king this year has to go to Xiaomi Mi A2

  85. udipto barman

    udipto barmanTháng trước

    the dual camera face though

  86. Two Bear Arms

    Two Bear ArmsTháng trước

    4:10 Candace Owens is mos def legit.

  87. The Family members

    The Family membersTháng trước

    They should add the fingerprint in the back logo

  88. I'm Thinking Pizza

    I'm Thinking PizzaTháng trước

    Can't we just be content with bezels that are already barely noticeable?

  89. christopher krause

    christopher krauseTháng trước

    Call it the product challenge series

  90. kbizz75

    kbizz75Tháng trước

    Good series.👍but moto g6 play is better.. I think

  91. SCAM G4NG

    SCAM G4NGTháng trước

    The samsung j6 is better and its more cheap

  92. Jiggle223

    Jiggle223Tháng trước

    I think you need to make a Dear Motorola video ...

  93. S4ndwichGurk3

    S4ndwichGurk3Tháng trước

    that box opening was sick :D

  94. KazunaiOwO

    KazunaiOwOTháng trước

    in eu it has a snapdragon 6 series

  95. Prince Prabhakar

    Prince PrabhakarTháng trước

    Lenovo will destroy motorola just like microsoft did with nokia...

  96. savitha sanjaya

    savitha sanjayaTháng trước

    1:45 I think not removing the headphone jack is better and not adding the notch also is better

  97. Imtiaj Uddin

    Imtiaj UddinTháng trước

    do check out xiaomi huawei nokia phones...they r way better......seriously SD450 in a $250 phone?? xiaomi is giving SD660

  98. pradeep Rampalli

    pradeep RampalliTháng trước

    It's good phone currently I'm using the same no lag

  99. Shaiya Exile

    Shaiya ExileTháng trước

    I bought one MKHB and I love it. I can not afford those expensive phones and this was the most expensive phone I have ever purchased. My granddaughter and I each have one and we are both very happy with them. One day , when I am rich, I will own a Samsung s9 , but until then, I will be happy with this one. Thanks for a great review and recommendation. I have been watching you since forever and I always will.

  100. arcdani

    arcdaniTháng trước

    Redmi IS Xiaomi..

  101. Flubadubdub The Great

    Flubadubdub The GreatTháng trước

    Please don't buy Motorola. I have a G5 Plus, and we were promised Android O LAST YEAR. Don't support their nonsense and buy something else.

  102. Flubadubdub The Great

    Flubadubdub The GreatTháng trước

    +PizzaProGaming that's fine, but should we really be supporting a company that promises to deliver, and catastrophically fails to do so? I personally can't wait to switch my device, even though the hardware is perfectly fine. It's just my personal preference.

  103. PizzaProGaming

    PizzaProGamingTháng trước

    honestly im okay with delayed software updates

  104. SatyaDG

    SatyaDGTháng trước

    Motorola fall from its grace

  105. tactical toolboxx

    tactical toolboxx2 tháng trước

    I hope more phones don't cut the phone jack. That's the main reason I went galaxy's s9 instead of iPhone.

  106. Keith Brown

    Keith Brown2 tháng trước

    Too bad 'does it suck' was taken by Lew.

  107. Valerie Phillip

    Valerie Phillip2 tháng trước

    Best of the best

  108. Terry King

    Terry King2 tháng trước

    It was updated with the July security patch over a week ago. Those other phones mentioned can't be used on all four US carriers like the G6.

  109. Grandpa Pete

    Grandpa PeteTháng trước

    Apples to apples my friend

  110. Sukhbir Sekhon

    Sukhbir Sekhon2 tháng trước

    Battery going from 50% to zero overnight seems worrying.

  111. Rahul M. Prathap

    Rahul M. Prathap2 tháng trước

    Evolution _ Robot 📷

  112. Ethan O'Neill

    Ethan O'Neill2 tháng trước

    3:40 the dog walkin' by has got me dying🤣

  113. MAD FOR IT

    MAD FOR IT2 tháng trước

    Moto G6 made me fell in love instantly. I dumped my iPhone 7 for it and i am happy. I have 64 GB variant. Best thing is stock Android OS and the Dolby ATMOS.

  114. Paul Reed

    Paul Reed2 tháng trước

    Too bad Motorola cripples the tethering on these.

  115. KGBgringo

    KGBgringo2 tháng trước

    If only it would blow my pants off!!

  116. Olaf Miklas

    Olaf Miklas2 tháng trước

    Excuse me, how the hell is getting rid of a headphone jack or implementing a notch a trade off?

  117. delbroox

    delbroox2 tháng trước

    Jesus...Prediepie's 9-year olds are everywhere