Prime Picks! - The #1 Unlocked Smartphone on Amazon!


  1. ragu raks

    ragu raks22 giờ trước

    Best of the lot

  2. Umar Shabir

    Umar ShabirNgày trước

    tbh not to have wireless charging or being waterproof isnt really an issue

  3. Balaji DV

    Balaji DVNgày trước

    Watching review on Moto G6🤣

  4. Golden Vortex 16

    Golden Vortex 16Ngày trước

    Moto G6 can be bought currently at $150.

  5. Turtle Bay

    Turtle Bay6 ngày trước

    In India, Moto g6 is a flop as it just has SD 450 at $250 and at $180 we are getting SD 636 an SD 660 which if much faster than SD 450.

  6. Lucas Silveira

    Lucas Silveira7 ngày trước

    I exchanged a flagship phone for the Motorola G5+. Mine did not came without the any amazon stuff and the android is almost pure stock, updates are frequent. Even with the mid-range hardware, it is quite responsive until today, the battery at the end of the day is normally more than 40%. I don't care about the finishing of the back of it as I use a cover to protect, it has felt several times and is working perfectly. I couldn't care less about the bezels and the hole notch and full screen thing is nonsense in my opinion. Simple, practical, durable, nice battery, ok cameras. I'm happy with it and I'm not going back to flagships phones. A better finger sensor and more ram, and it would be perfect.

  7. jmn 107

    jmn 1077 ngày trước

    Got the 4 gb ram amd 64gb storage version, its holding up really well, recently got Android pie (and i got the non amazon version so no preloaded amazon apps)

  8. Cesar Gutierrez

    Cesar Gutierrez7 ngày trước

    I have a moto g6. It is a budget phone but it doesn't seem like it. I love this phone. The fingerprint sensor is quick and the facial recognition is good. The battery lasts about 20 hours. The camera is also pretty good. Also he said that the standby time sucks. Its actually really good. I can leave over night and it will drop 5% at most.

  9. Clean Games

    Clean Games9 ngày trước

    Name : blank shot

  10. Awonya

    Awonya9 ngày trước

    watching on my G6

  11. Garv Banerji

    Garv Banerji9 ngày trước

    Sadly, Moto lost the budget category

  12. Kevin Singh

    Kevin Singh11 ngày trước

    Motorola is indeed absolutely awful at updates! My gf had a g4 for a couple of years and never received a single update! Not even a security update. It was until after 2 years that it received the next Android update, just as she was getting rid of it.

  13. Alvin Brock

    Alvin Brock11 ngày trước

    Google Fi has this phone for $99 with signups now

  14. Jevon Epps YellowLitDragon

    Jevon Epps YellowLitDragon15 ngày trước

    Your video sound great on my Moto g6

  15. Ashley Martin

    Ashley Martin15 ngày trước

    0:11 Bit vicious

  16. Dec Mar

    Dec Mar15 ngày trước

    The problem with moto g6 is that the screen is dimmer than previous models and dimmer than the moto g6 play. It just looks darker and cheaper. It was a dealbreaker for me.


    SHINY PLAYZ16 ngày trước

    You could get a 6series of Snapdragon chip now

  18. nig ward

    nig ward16 ngày trước

    Finally a paid review.....!

  19. Francisco Ramirez

    Francisco Ramirez19 ngày trước

    Do you have a video on the g7?

  20. FreddyFriday

    FreddyFriday19 ngày trước

    its like 99 dollars now

  21. MrBeatboxmasta

    MrBeatboxmasta20 ngày trước

    Not having the rubberize phone is actually a huge negative for me. The rubber made be a tank. Now that it's glass, you have to baby it like overpriced phones. Why sacrifice functionality for superficial things like aesthetics? Not cutting the headphone jack is a massive positive. I literally will not buy a phone that doesn't have it.

  22. Gene Belcher

    Gene Belcher20 ngày trước

    You didn't show the double twist action.. So I double twisted the phone and its broken :/

  23. Jay Stoner

    Jay Stoner21 ngày trước

    No screen cast or mirroring would be a deal breaker for me.

  24. RT

    RT22 ngày trước

    Are you going to continue with this series? Wished you would.


    SHÆNISY23 ngày trước

    Emoji looking 😳 face camera.

  26. xOogieBoogie3x

    xOogieBoogie3x25 ngày trước

    I'm a Moto fanboy.

  27. strezonator

    strezonator27 ngày trước

    It is the right time to make a first review of a Sony phone, Xperia 1

  28. David Simons

    David Simons27 ngày trước

    I bought it.i usually go Apple now I remembered why the android operating system sucks.

  29. # pro

    # pro28 ngày trước

    This phone is waay cheaper in india


    KS JAGANNATH28 ngày trước

    Snapdragon 450 not 415

  31. Michelle Hardgrove

    Michelle Hardgrove28 ngày trước

    The slick feel of the glass case has allowed it to slip from my hands way too many times. The hard boix case that is available is not good.

  32. Rick Batista

    Rick Batista29 ngày trước

    I personally think the Huawei honor 8x or 8x max is better than the Moto G. Honor 8x is only 225 also. With good specs as well.

  33. Milefixent

    MilefixentTháng trước

    4:26 correction, they can all be disabled and some of them can even be uninstalled entirely - both of these are true with or without custom ROMs, root access, etc

  34. Mr. Creepz

    Mr. CreepzTháng trước

    Keep in mind that this was wasn't made for gaming, it was made for media and texting, emails, ect.

  35. Ganguly Raj

    Ganguly RajTháng trước

    Come on Marques, wireless charging for $250. Really??

  36. Neil Patel

    Neil PatelTháng trước

    I have a g6 and there's water in my screen from 2 months ago when it was raining and I was on g maps

  37. Russell Ellis

    Russell EllisTháng trước

    Watching on Moto g6 love it!!

  38. Bo Jangles

    Bo JanglesTháng trước

    I got the G6 a few months ago. Great phone has everything you need no more, no less. Got it for 150$.

  39. Kieran Reynold

    Kieran ReynoldTháng trước

    I like this series you should do another episode

  40. Mussef Vvv

    Mussef VvvTháng trước

    I have one 😍😍

  41. JonasFeyhart

    JonasFeyhartTháng trước

    I just ordered this phone, since i'm in a financially poor situation, my Moto E4 just died on me, which I got for free when i had to switch to metropcs. I'm waiting for it to arrive for those curious right now they're offering it in 5 payments of 34 dollars, with out a credit check or anything on Amazon. Based on this Review, i am TOTALLY happy that I picked it out of the options available. It's gonna cost me around 184 total. Not bad, not bad at all.

  42. pearlyn kn

    pearlyn knTháng trước

    it blows my pants off with the price i guess

  43. Uptown Wedding Photography NJ

    Uptown Wedding Photography NJTháng trước

    Since you made this video are they any other choices of new phone releases that I should consider for a phone in this price range. thanks and great video....

  44. Rothsuede

    RothsuedeTháng trước

    Is this phone compatible with T - mobile ?

  45. Chosen One

    Chosen OneTháng trước

    Great reviews as always!!!!

  46. Bella Av

    Bella AvTháng trước

    Motorola offers student discount

  47. Jeff Dees

    Jeff DeesTháng trước

    I guess I got a warped one out of the box cause my g6 battery depletes rapidly even when I'm.not on it or have the screen on for literally only 1-2 mins

  48. John

    JohnTháng trước

    Moto E5+ looks good too. 5000mah SD 430 $150-160 perfect phone for minimalist people

  49. Ed P

    Ed PTháng trước

    Good series idea !!

  50. Nicolas Gomez

    Nicolas GomezTháng trước

    Y'all anyone else witing for prime picks episode 3? I need a new cheapo phone!

  51. Jeff D

    Jeff DTháng trước

    Just bought 1 off the Moto web site itself for $199.00 new before tax. Free shipping3-5 days

  52. Waffeey

    WaffeeyTháng trước

    Joe Rogan on that VIreporter app!

  53. Drazen Tor

    Drazen TorTháng trước

    I like this type of video with the current content your channel offers. I myself tended to wonder why items on Amazon are best sellers or choices if you will

  54. Jens Huxley

    Jens HuxleyTháng trước

    i find the logo on buttom on this position good... why? one button navigation wish left and right have less error input, you came less on the display. i have moto x4 and swipe is a little bit tricky on first time.

  55. Arthur Meeuwen

    Arthur MeeuwenTháng trước

    I see your lips move and I hear your voice so stop talking with your hands!

  56. Nikhil Agarwal

    Nikhil AgarwalTháng trước

    In India we got real me c1 100 dollar Snapdragon 450 Dual camera Latest Android updates 3 & 32 gb Full HD display..

  57. Martin Godinez

    Martin GodinezTháng trước

    Soon as you said I have pre install Amazon apps, it got scratched off my list.

  58. 1st Corinthians 15 1-4 kjv

    1st Corinthians 15 1-4 kjvTháng trước

    budget for me is $44 lol

  59. Sam Lowe

    Sam LoweTháng trước

    As some one who constantly has to switch up just because I like the latest tech, I might just make a HTC 6t or another midrange phone next just because my flagship isn't all that much better now

  60. Romzy Castilo

    Romzy CastiloTháng trước

    hi! bro i am planning on switching to android from ios, but i'm a quite afraid because someone said to me that i could get a virus on my phone if i use android phone... can you give me your thoughts about it, thank you.

  61. Moon Cake

    Moon CakeTháng trước

    In reality, as many and many people are using the phone on texting, youtube, facebook, and light gaming, budget phones are no different than $900+ flapship phone. 1K iPhones don't even have headphone jack. It's a joke. Apple is sitting mountain pile of cash. Those cash come from your hard earned money. Stop being foolish buyers.

  62. Knox Scarlett

    Knox Scarlett2 tháng trước

    MKBHD's Top Slot

  63. Jake B Wilin'

    Jake B Wilin'2 tháng trước

    Spyderco boyz

  64. Patrick Todd

    Patrick Todd2 tháng trước

    I almost got the G6. The 3000 mah battery kind of worried me so I got a Sony Xperia xa2 ultra instead.

  65. William Magann

    William Magann2 tháng trước

    Yes just do the series! If it's about phone/phone cameras and NOT about Apple or Samsung I'm in. Please review non Apple +non Samsung products

  66. SirEpicNugget

    SirEpicNugget2 tháng trước

    I didn't know who you were until that cringe in rewind. And lol just found you searching for cheap smartphones yhe actual fuck?

  67. M Bender

    M Bender2 tháng trước

    With a glass back, can you remove it to access the insides to put in the appropriate sim card and replace the battery when it dies?

  68. Alexander Del-Prod

    Alexander Del-Prod2 tháng trước

    RIP this series

  69. Pedro Thevenard

    Pedro Thevenard2 tháng trước

    Not hating on this but a xiaomi mi a2, or a mi 8 lite would be a better buy, just saying.

  70. Akshay Saharsabuddhey

    Akshay Saharsabuddhey2 tháng trước

    Moto G5s plus- Snapdragon 625 octa-core Moto G6- Snapdragon 450 octa-core!!! SAY WHATTTT


    KS JAGANNATH2 tháng trước

    Moto g6+ ,india 240$ great buy,6GB+64GB,withSD630

  72. vitor santos martins

    vitor santos martins2 tháng trước

    Im watching in a g6

  73. vitor santos martins

    vitor santos martins2 tháng trước

    O meu custou 1600 R$

  74. Frank HunInvader

    Frank HunInvader2 tháng trước

    He said, his phone battery power dropped from 50% to 0% overnight. @7:42. That's horrifyingly bad if you ask me Yes? No? Anyone else getting different standby times, is he exaggerating? Maybe uninstall your Tesla app?

  75. Joshua Stephens

    Joshua Stephens2 tháng trước

    Don't buy the plus model, it says no warranty and it's true phone randomly got locked in fastboot mode no returns

  76. Daniel Skaluba

    Daniel Skaluba2 tháng trước

    I just got one (Jan. 10) from a well known electronics store chain for ~$150. Compared to a flagship phone, I saved enough money to buy a laptop.

  77. Ever Torres

    Ever Torres2 tháng trước

    Look the videos. Keep up the good work!! 👍🏻

  78. manifest 73

    manifest 732 tháng trước

    Spyderco spotted.

  79. Logan Branchfield

    Logan Branchfield2 tháng trước

    Prime Picks. So PP for short. Hahaha.

  80. Rick Everett

    Rick Everett2 tháng trước

    Moved away from the Moto G series a while ago, due to them removing the indicator light. (I mean really, how much did they save removing an led light, to make it that much more of a budget phone?) My work, I need it as I'm in a very loud environment. Unfortunately, I don't want to have to walk over to the phone, and use a 'Gesture' to see if I have a FB, Twitter, or Txt message. This has been the standard for a while with Motorola now, and it breaks my heart as they were the 'GoTo' budget phone for me back in the day. Never had an issue receiving signal, battery longevity, aesthetics, and value for my money. Would like to see ALL reviewers include, Indicator light, and whether or not 'A Phone' has the 'Auto Call Record' function, built in, and NOT an external app, like most. Auto Call Record should be THE standard in all phones, now days....As for updates to software, yes, lets try and keep up, Motorola. Great Vid,....Thanks!

  81. Boris Borisov

    Boris Borisov2 tháng trước

    Long fingers man

  82. Simon Eason

    Simon Eason2 tháng trước

    How is no headphone jack a good thing?

  83. Cognac Entertainment

    Cognac Entertainment2 tháng trước

    As an owner of every phone from the moto g line, I personally like the slight changes with most iterations. Sadly, I admit Lenovo/Moto sucks compared to Google/Moto, but then again all google wanted was Moto's patent portfolio. As far as updates go, moto g line is updated roughly every 8 months and usually gets the next version of android, though by then I usually buy they newer model.

  84. Bryce Shaw

    Bryce Shaw2 tháng trước

    Got this phone as a replacement for my Note 8 after I broke it and have to say that this phone is a win for $200!

  85. Jordy

    Jordy2 tháng trước

    a notch is not a trade off ;3

  86. Francesco Pianaroli

    Francesco Pianaroli2 tháng trước

    I'm seriously surprised that for about 50€ more you can get a Huawei mate 20 lite that is of a completely different league

  87. Disneyforlife14

    Disneyforlife142 tháng trước

    no nfc = bad

  88. Crispy22

    Crispy222 tháng trước

    nice knife, what is that, spyderco endura...?

  89. HyperShovelMiner YT

    HyperShovelMiner YT2 tháng trước

    Moto for the win

  90. Ian R

    Ian R2 tháng trước

    Have one. Upgraded from a Galaxy S5. It is so much better than that phone in so many ways and it has treated me very well!

  91. Jacob Pohlabel

    Jacob Pohlabel2 tháng trước

    Ive had this one now for about 4 months I think. I like it. Not a big fan of the glass back which is why I went ahead and got a case with it as soon as possible. I've always been a budget phone guy. As I don't really have a need or desire to get a flagship especially in my line of work (chemical plant)

  92. ACupOfTea O

    ACupOfTea O2 tháng trước

    You should’ve named it dats so fire

  93. Frank The Bunny

    Frank The Bunny2 tháng trước

    I've had the Moto G4 for close to 3 years now, and I have to say, it's the longest lasting smartphone I've had. I haven't had any issues with it, and would am wondering if maybe I should upgrade to this. The preinstalled, uninstallable Amazon apps are a little bit of a bummer, and so is the standby battery time, but it still looks pretty sweet.

  94. TheInfiniteFlightChannel

    TheInfiniteFlightChannel2 tháng trước

    I have moto g6 non alexa

  95. Ronald Cheng

    Ronald Cheng2 tháng trước

    SD415? Looks like Redmi Note 5 AI is the champ here with SD636

  96. Rick Hawkins

    Rick Hawkins2 tháng trước

    It doesn't have a notch and has a headphone jack how is that bad

  97. wess jester

    wess jester2 tháng trước

    Great idea for a tech series , I subbed

  98. Scupacium

    Scupacium2 tháng trước

    him or linus?

  99. Richard Bucker

    Richard Bucker2 tháng trước

    not sure how accurate this review is. I just purchased a g6 with a 5000mah battery and it was not an amazon version.

  100. Christian V.

    Christian V.2 tháng trước

    That's an E5 plus.

  101. Thai Q. Ly

    Thai Q. Ly2 tháng trước

    Just picked up a 64GB for $200. Hope it will be a good gift for my aunt.

  102. flamengishta

    flamengishta2 tháng trước

    Had mine for a week and love it. Came from a Galaxy S5 so this was a considerable upgrade to the 64gb 4gb model. Brightness is low compared to S5. NO IR blaster which sucks and I used my S5 for turning a sound bar up and down so now I'm screwed. One other negative is there's no screen share...just a crappy cast option which doesn't detect anything I own...guess i need a chromecast. So yeah, without those two things I used daily, I was very let down. Paid $250 on amazon for it. Love the glass...though it was covered after a minute with a case. Cameras are good...FAST shutter is very welcome after using the S5 crappy camera. Android 8.0 is fantastic...near stock android with minimal bloatware. Battery is fine as I keep things turned off until I need them so it's kind of moot for me. But if you're always on data or wifi and have crap running in the background, yes, you'll need to charge nightly. The Moto features are pretty cool. I'd say overall, you're getting what you paid for with a pleasant, modest surprise.