Prime Picks! - The #1 Unlocked Smartphone on Amazon!


  1. Marques Brownlee

    Marques Brownlee5 tháng trước

    Correction: 6:22 That should be Snapdragon 450, not 415 Also wow, you guys are way better at naming stuff than I am!

  2. salih komut

    salih komut22 ngày trước

    Why no more 18:9 videos marques , I thought they looked really nice, great video btw. Hope this series keeps going

  3. munchkin 52

    munchkin 52Tháng trước

    +MafionzoR no that is the G6 plus 4gig ram and 64 gig rom

  4. moh nafeesh

    moh nafeeshTháng trước

    Please make a test on moto x4 please please

  5. rsquare .media

    rsquare .media2 tháng trước

    @marques I disagree with your POV on calling a $250 phone a budget phone. I'd call that price point mid-range ($200-$399). FYI Budget price range is $99-$199.

  6. greg wynne

    greg wynne2 tháng trước

    Lenovo Fucked up the Moto all around

  7. Martin Saad

    Martin Saad15 giờ trước

    5:20 It will get android 9, and it has gotten several security updates(the last one having been the one from the 1 of november 2018) I have one and it is good enough for me getting android 9 and a security patch every month or so for the next year

  8. Budget Tech

    Budget Tech18 giờ trước

    snapdragon 415 or 450 are low end chips not mid-range, mid-range is the 600 series.

  9. Ena

    Ena19 giờ trước

    I have the Moto G6 Plus and it's pretty much perfect in my opinion.

  10. Luis Parra

    Luis ParraNgày trước

    Glad to hear it, I'm about to get the G6.

  11. Eddie Ordaz

    Eddie OrdazNgày trước

    waiting to hear more on the g6 plus

  12. Quinten de Zwijger

    Quinten de Zwijger2 ngày trước

    Does it support Project Treble?

  13. Junior Chuxx

    Junior Chuxx3 ngày trước

    Android software updates are super overreacted 😑

  14. Brandon

    Brandon4 ngày trước

    Headphone jack is a plus for me!

  15. TARDISconsole13

    TARDISconsole136 ngày trước

    No, they didn't put the logo to decrease the fingerprint sensor, they put it to decrease the screen size.

  16. Andrew Swartz

    Andrew Swartz6 ngày trước

    Yup. I bought a flagship Motorola and got zero updates. That’s why I’ll not buy another.

  17. the slim bin

    the slim bin7 ngày trước

    I prefer plastic backs, their gripper, take a substantial amount to crack (or don't) and supports all the wireless features that glass does. I don't even think it feels less premium

  18. Skad Krazy

    Skad Krazy7 ngày trước

    this ait p0rn

  19. Anton Zinn

    Anton Zinn8 ngày trước

    omg that shot

  20. Debangshu Acharjee

    Debangshu Acharjee10 ngày trước

    Best Moto G6 review!!

  21. Pipoy 1999

    Pipoy 199911 ngày trước

    I bought this phone for my mom

  22. Ayub A Ali

    Ayub A Ali12 ngày trước

    Marques , please review Panasonic p91

  23. Justin VB

    Justin VB13 ngày trước

    It bothers me that he calls this "budget" phone... It is mid range. A "budget" phone is something like the Alcatel A30 Plus or the LG X charge. Also, people have to stop demonizing phones like this..."flagships" are pretty but often have frustrating usability, e.g. my work phone is a Galaxy S8 that I usually want to throw that the wall because the text input just sucks with the Samsung keyboard, the fingerprint sensor sucks and often doesn't recognize the print and then forces me to put a 6 digit passcode which just negates the whole purpose and slows me down, and the Google Maps has some serious lag for whatever reason, despite its supposed fancy SoC and flagship memory.

  24. Jimmy Dean Bowl

    Jimmy Dean Bowl5 ngày trước

    I consider any phone below $300 a budget phone

  25. Daniel Leon

    Daniel Leon13 ngày trước

    He was #1!

  26. Keenan Schouten

    Keenan Schouten14 ngày trước

    Moto x4 cheaper better and waterproof. Batt life is bad. That's my review guys

  27. Martin Saad

    Martin Saad16 ngày trước

    He didn't Talk about the performance When Gaming, I do have a moto G6 and it is very good and even doesn't get that worm, also he didn't said that it will get Android 9

  28. JD Hudgins

    JD Hudgins17 ngày trước

    I bought the G6 to replace my Moto Z Force that I bought, I plan to use it until February when I get a new phone on contract, but coming from always using flagships, I've been surprised by how good the G6 is. I only have had it for two weeks and its been awesome.

  29. xcen1

    xcen117 ngày trước

    Wow this phone is now sub $200. My moto e5 cruise has android 8.0 recently upgraded.

  30. Sukhbir Sekhon

    Sukhbir Sekhon17 ngày trước

    50% battery to zero overnight is a cause for concern that you glossed over.

  31. LibbyOMG

    LibbyOMG18 ngày trước

    I have a Moto g5 plus and I've been pleasently surprised with how much I like this phone. My only complaints that bother me regularly is the camera quality and the general cheap feel/look of the back of the phone which seems to be fixed on the g6. Definitely don't judge a book by its cover! The best part, no annoying bloatware like Samsung!!!

  32. rashid elmi

    rashid elmi18 ngày trước

    What's the wallpapaer

  33. Salma Deen

    Salma Deen19 ngày trước

    I had this phone then dropped it and shattered the glass in the first month of having it :(

  34. pindiwal

    pindiwal19 ngày trước

    Back in 2000, I bought a budget cell phone for half the price, it was a Samsung. Back then Motorola and Nokia were best sellers! How times change. I paid $200 for the Moto G6 and I freaking love it. RAM 3GB and 32GB memory.

  35. BaktaBak - Country, Rock & Oldies band

    BaktaBak - Country, Rock & Oldies band21 ngày trước

    Really like your reviews.

  36. Dire_Tiger

    Dire_Tiger21 ngày trước

    I'm watching this on a g6

  37. NGU4Ever

    NGU4Ever21 ngày trước

    I bоught yеstеrday in а verу goоd рriсе hеrе: *vdigital. info*

  38. Black Jay

    Black Jay22 ngày trước

    Motorola always felt more like an actual phone. Most phones these days are trying to be tablets

  39. PhilDog128

    PhilDog12823 ngày trước

    I got mine for 99$ from projectFi yesterday

  40. 千葉博之 / Hiroyuki Chiba

    千葉博之 / Hiroyuki Chiba23 ngày trước

    Thanks for bringing this up, Marques! I ordered my Moto g6 last month and I'm loving it all the way! :D

  41. cheongyei

    cheongyei24 ngày trước

    Nice review. I just ordered one.

  42. Jordan Fournier

    Jordan Fournier25 ngày trước

    Nice to see you use a Spyderco.

  43. Clyde Mcbride

    Clyde Mcbride25 ngày trước

    I thought it said prime pricks..

  44. drw1926

    drw192626 ngày trước

    Word to the wise. "#1 Best Seller on Amazon" in its category generally means it's the cheapest thing available as the only consideration.

  45. Kevlar Canuck

    Kevlar Canuck26 ngày trước

    I'd be leery about a main speaker operating as an earpiece, in the off chance a software glitch accidentally and suddenly sends full power audio to it while you're on a phone call...

  46. suryansh bhadouria

    suryansh bhadouria27 ngày trước

    +1 for wireless keyboards

  47. Jota Mudo P

    Jota Mudo P27 ngày trước

    Seeing from a G6 plus on Brazil Bro :P

  48. Tarakshraj Shekhawat

    Tarakshraj Shekhawat27 ngày trước

    I am from India, and here, this phone costs around 16,000 inr, which isn't inexpensive by any means. You may call it the mid range. I personally found this phone below average. Dont get me wrong, it has a type c post, the best looks at this price point, near stock android etc. , but what lets it down is the battery, of course, and then, sd 450 chipset. Now I know that sd 450 is a good soc, but for smartphones below 10,000 inr or 141 usd. Now we have phone like realme c1 for 7000 inr with sd450, and realme 1 with helio p60 for 11000 inr.

  49. taiju satomi-defoe

    taiju satomi-defoe27 ngày trước

    Watching this on my Moto g6

  50. Rene Perez

    Rene Perez28 ngày trước

    Great video

  51. أحمد قاضي

    أحمد قاضي28 ngày trước

    "they didn't bring up a notch, they didn't cut the headphone jack" why is this idiot talking like they are disadvantages?

  52. Snap Hap aka Goran

    Snap Hap aka Goran28 ngày trước

    #1 digital camera

  53. Jessy Smoote

    Jessy SmooteTháng trước

    i hate updates

  54. sgniniameR Remainings

    sgniniameR RemainingsTháng trước

    It's not fully glass, it's glass over aluminum

  55. Stephen Mccartney

    Stephen MccartneyTháng trước

    its a lovely looking phone. i get it tomorrow off amazon for £200

  56. allen holbert

    allen holbertTháng trước

    I had a Moto G5 and Bought it bc im a fan of budget phones and also a fan of Motorola phones . Did love the moto G5 but changed over back to the iPhone ( iPhone 6) just cost me 200$ and of the iOS system which is pretty smooth . However I don’t believe in paying for the flagship phones I mean they are amazing but I do find the quality in the moto G series budget phones still and appreciate them considering i am not too much of a heavy user when it comes to social media . So for me it’s perfect 👌 love the moto Phones I cannot see myself getting the new iPhones or galaxy phones and for me that’s fine I will continue getting these phones and for a good price !

  57. Micheal Kironde

    Micheal KirondeTháng trước

    Hakuna Matata sounds nicer a name.

  58. Grant Charles

    Grant CharlesTháng trước

    Sweet baby jesus why in the hell would someone cover a phone in glass?! What is the first thing that breaks on a phone? Glass. So why (human kind) did we cover the whole phone of it. Also why would someone pay 500 or more on a phone that doesn't have an aux. Also having updates just suffocates these phones into inferiority.

  59. Nick L.

    Nick L.Tháng trước

    I've watched and read countless reviews on this phone and nobody mentions how good the sound for music is!!! I've been an apple guy since the 3gs came out but a point came where I could no longer afford those phones... Switched to Android a few years ago, been using a galaxy S5 mini and galaxy 7 ever since but the audio quality is shit. Can't even compare to Apple products. This G6 audio is amazing though!! Sounds better than my iPad mini 3!!! Must be that Dolby digital software or something. Battery life is fine for me. Streamed on VIreporter all day and battery went from 100% at 10am to 30% at 7pm.

  60. My Gaming Studios

    My Gaming StudiosTháng trước

    I'm watching this on my moto G5s plus

  61. Name Name

    Name NameTháng trước

    Has a headphone jack and no notch? That's an A+ from me.

  62. Ben Chan

    Ben ChanTháng trước

    Nothing against G6. I just like the G6 Plus more. I am still waiting.

  63. Mike T

    Mike TTháng trước

    Is Candace Owens legit?

  64. TempCuberr

    TempCuberrTháng trước

    Hey dat da phone I'm watching on (^^)

  65. Reality Strikes

    Reality StrikesTháng trước

    _Hears Snapdragon 415_ *_Clicks off video_*

  66. Build For Fun

    Build For FunTháng trước

    The htc one m9 has a beautiful logo on the front of the screen.

  67. Sabrintwitt3r

    Sabrintwitt3rTháng trước

    Snapdragon 415 with a 1080p panel Forget 3d gaming with this phone

  68. RickCrazy

    RickCrazyTháng trước

    Hey MKBHD, I just got myself a LG G6 from T-Mobile (not paid advertisment and yes it is a locked phone for now) and I got it for $300...for $50 more than that Motorola, the LG destroys it in every single segment, screen, build, quality, camera(s) and even on specs! I'm not calling the Moto a bad phone, but the LG G6 is still top of the line stuff that now has a budget price to it, so I think it should be considered the budget king as of right now.

  69. Chad Fritz

    Chad FritzTháng trước

    I had this phone for a week. It wasn't a bad phone. But I took it back when I saw the $399 deal for the Moto Z3 play. The battery pack mod 6in to me worth the extra $200

  70. Bill y

    Bill yTháng trước


  71. MrPmjg

    MrPmjgTháng trước

    Hi @marques. What is the keyboard you shown at 6:21? I am looking to buy a Bluetooth one to my tablet

  72. L

    LTháng trước

    No/slow updates, I'm out then.

  73. ALEKS

    ALEKSTháng trước

    I like your intro

  74. Erinmore

    ErinmoreTháng trước

    Clint Eastwood

  75. Carnyzzle

    CarnyzzleTháng trước

    No notch is a feature, not a tradeoff

  76. Bastiaan de Bruijn

    Bastiaan de BruijnTháng trước

    i run with the Moto G6 Plus, which is absurdly good.

  77. Mikhail Lawrence

    Mikhail LawrenceTháng trước

    I have owned the phone for a few months now and it is a really good phone except for one major thing...the camera lens is extremely fragile. I have one of the best cases Amazon offered for this phone (Poetic brand), and the phone slipped out of my hands and i caught it and it hit my wedding ring and the lens cracked, rendering the camera useless. the fact that the camera sticks out from the phone is the issue so its very prone to damage.

  78. Crazy misticalbeast

    Crazy misticalbeastTháng trước

    Moto G6 Plus, Vivo V11 and Pocophone for budget kings

  79. Carlos Obando

    Carlos ObandoTháng trước

    Can you please do more budget phone videos. Looking to find out what the best budget phone is for the right price.

  80. Sweetchik meme

    Sweetchik memeTháng trước

    Carphone Warehouse has Motorola G6 Plus 5.9

  81. lee piper

    lee piperTháng trước

    Cricket has a better G6 for 100 dollars

  82. tommy d u b b s

    tommy d u b b sTháng trước


  83. daGbox1

    daGbox1Tháng trước

    Test of the best.

  84. Aarib Anwar

    Aarib AnwarTháng trước

    Wow, the specs on this make me laugh, like that is horrible value. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PIECE OF SHIT CMOM AMERICA BE BETTER THAN THIS

  85. ConspiracyJuice

    ConspiracyJuiceTháng trước

    I doubt this'll be seen, but could you include benchmark results in your phone reviews?

  86. Ismail Tee

    Ismail TeeTháng trước

    It does seem like motorola is strong on NOT updating the software on their phones.

  87. satinsangel1688

    satinsangel1688Tháng trước

    Awesome intro, I love this genre! Linus does a similar series, and its fascinating seeing what other people buy. 🤔

  88. Yanna’s World

    Yanna’s WorldTháng trước

    pls do laptopssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss or headphonesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  89. zcool 99

    zcool 99Tháng trước

    Lol, watching on Moto G6 😆

  90. Lee Ka

    Lee KaTháng trước

    Can you review Xaiomi A2 Lite

  91. EternalDestiny48

    EternalDestiny48Tháng trước

    Using too much battery on standby is a big defect

  92. Y Liang

    Y LiangTháng trước

    That camera Dave

  93. William Valentine

    William ValentineTháng trước

    My dad just picked up one of these. Really good phone for the money, definitely isn't too far behind my pixel 2 xl which is really impressive since the g6 is $250 and the pixel was $850

  94. Aditya Ghairwar

    Aditya GhairwarTháng trước

    This phone slides in midrange category. 250$ is not budget price(19000 inr)

  95. Steven Bajdo

    Steven BajdoTháng trước

    I have that phone. This is best phone that I ever had

  96. adriaan van harrick

    adriaan van harrickTháng trước

    I like bezels

  97. Tommy Degreorio

    Tommy DegreorioTháng trước

    Yeah I think is a good idea. Do headphones, cellphones, point and shoots, stuff like that especially with the holiday season coming up. Nice video.

  98. Vadi Bracaj

    Vadi BracajTháng trước

    You could ask Alexa to play Despacito all day long.

  99. mrk107

    mrk107Tháng trước

    If Moto updated it then they can't sell there next models with the update.

  100. Nathan Toland

    Nathan TolandTháng trước

    Is the screen brighter than the Nexus 6p? And can't you disable that Amazon apps?

  101. Chris Pilot

    Chris PilotTháng trước

    Another "negative" about the G6 is that's its simply not an upgrade from the previous Moto model the Moto G5S Plus. Still, I use the G5S Plus and bought my son the G6 (not the Amazon version) and I really like the G6. One note about the Moto g-series cameras, the mediocrity of the images is almost solely due to the Moto Camera 2 app (it has really aggressive post processing which softens all images). Unfortunately the Moto Camera app on the G6 doesn't have a low light mode like the Moto Camera app on the Moto G 5S Plus does. If you use that mode that has much better HDR and a lot less post-processing. If you root the phone, turn on cam2api, and install the Google Camera the image quality is near perfect. Unfortunately the stock ROM on the G6 (and G5S Plus) is 32-bit rather than 64-bit (even Oreo), so you have to use a rather old version of the Google camera (like Nexus 6 era) but it still does a really good job and you get HDR+.

  102. Dale Miller

    Dale MillerNgày trước

    I have the G6 and my girlfriend has the G5S plus. The G6 has much better styling, it looks like a 'premium' phone. Performance wise they're almost identical. The G5S plus takes subpar still shots while the G6 actually takes pretty good pictures. I was actually impressed by the G6 camera, whereas the G5S plus' weak point is it's camera.

  103. Chris Pilot

    Chris Pilot21 ngày trước

    +Michael Cro I believe it's there are Amazon ads on the lockscreen. Because of that, you usually cannot unlock the bootloader (to root the device). Otherwise, if you weren't planning on rooting, then it's actually a pretty good way to get the phone at a significant discount.

  104. Michael Cro

    Michael Cro22 ngày trước

    What's the difference in the amazon version of the phone?

  105. Chris Pilot

    Chris PilotTháng trước

    +Andrew Markhus it was in Nougat as well, but it wasn't activated in build.prop.

  106. Andrew Markhus

    Andrew MarkhusTháng trước

    cam2 API comes with the oreo update.

  107. Shiva Ho

    Shiva HoTháng trước

    I totally regret buying mine & would NOT recommend it. The Amazon Exclusive version is not Rootable which is a deal breaker for anyone wise enough to know that it's the only way to keep it updated with the latest security patches by installing a custom ROM by developers who are constantly updating their ROMs. The camera takes crappy blurry photos. It also lags quite often. Why would you want a fragile glass back? I also prefer wider screens like on the G4 plus instead of the longer ones which tends to make ignorant people shoot crappy portrait videos which only look cool on the phone its shot on & NOT on anything else where you get a ton of wasted space on the sides. My G3 dual front facing speakers sound great & because its rooted gets the latest version of Android 9 PIE because there are a lot of custom roms for it. Sadly the battery is bulging & pushing the screen out from the phone.

  108. NebulousCat

    NebulousCatTháng trước

    #1 Bluetooth headphones or ear buds would be interesting to me.

  109. Chad Higgins

    Chad HigginsTháng trước

    #1 Unlocked phone to actually buy from Amazon. LG V35.

  110. nmh5001

    nmh5001Tháng trước

    Moto used to be the best with updates. Of course, Google used to own them. Lenovo doesn't seem to care about updates. And when you finally get an update, it's usually just a 6 month old security update.

  111. oddball002

    oddball002Tháng trước

    That's the phone I have, I wanted something cheap from a certain Service Provider and that was the best choice for me. Great phone for the price. I got mine for 180 (190 with tax) in store at Walmart.