"The DNA of A Leader" with Jentezen Franklin


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  3. Connie Chibhi

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    came a the right moment ..Really needed this ...Thank you

  4. Nomnotho Gumede

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    This speaks to the season I am in, removed from my family by a 7 our drive, in a work environment where I feel foreign as a Christian with upfront conviction of not sacrificing with my faith and spirituality. I love this message.

  5. Maria Sekaja

    Maria Sekaja4 tháng trước

    Power,,,Power!!! You don't decide or choose your calling but you discover it,,,amen

  6. Suriel Holly

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    I needed this message, praise the Lord

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    I thought this was it but now I know my DNA God is good B Bless brother

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    God bless you Sir.

  9. Christine Grant

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    I agree with you Pastor Franklin I love your teaching

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    Incredible. Needed to hear this.

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    This is for me🙏

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    God bless you Pastor Franklin.

  15. Peyton Swartzell

    Peyton Swartzell9 tháng trước

    Pastor is preaching to me through my computer screen and through time I have suffered terribly with alienation nearly my whole life. I was exposed to national vision through my collegiate choir tours. I have a discontent for the things that are happening all over the planet, and so many in our nation are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Addictions and Pornography Addictions, Suicide and Suicidal Ideation, child abuse and rape, all of which God has delivered me from and healed me. God's peace has allowed me to know the definite truth of His Word.

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    I received this powerful and true message!!!

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    Love you man!

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    Love his way of making it plain and clear

  19. R.Armaketo Armaketo

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    I receive God international leadership/ Business woman/ mom entrepreneur ideas. I'm born for greater things . Thank you lord🙏☄

  20. Andrena Whaley

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    Blessed love brothers and sisters, God be with you.

  21. Tonya A

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    This is some truth.. And speaks to me of what I've been going through.. God's preparing me for his good plan..

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    Thank you two months back was going through this

  23. Ida Mary Baure Ovoi

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    Thank you for message on make room for miracle.

  24. Stessa K

    Stessa KNăm trước

    A real Christian as to go through a dry time, experience the desert etc... and boy have i experienced that .. God pulled me out of the music industry my career, my passion my love and led me through the desert for quite a few years and taught me what i know now, and what i know spiritually, metaphysically matches what Caroline Leaf teaches and explains scientifically so yeah it is amazing what God has taught me but it has not been an easy road to learn what i have had to learn, and know, and I know God will bless me and favour me with what i am going to do... i feel it, i trust it and i know it in my heart of hearts, i have experienced being different, alienated all of that yes!! when i chose God's path not that i understood it for a long time, yes.. i experienced the alienation the desert, the extreme trials and tribulations, the challenges all of it big time... and i came out of it into the light unscathed, untouched and protected by the Holy Spirit all the way i eventually realised... that the path i have travelled that Holy Spirit was with me all the way all the way and for that I am blessed and truly grateful God bless you pastor JF you are one of my favourites for sure! Thank you and Namaste

  25. Stessa K

    Stessa KNăm trước

    Thankyou for the message ..the affirmation of my path and working on my business which is to empower women of all ages... So true that you don't decide your calling, you discover it.... i was just thinking that the other day ... i never imagined to be doing what i am going to be doing etc... God Jesus Holy Spirit has led me all the way and i have had to wait on God before launching this business cause God has taught me much in the last 20 years so so much and there is a statement that i heard when listening to a sermon by you or Joyce i think that i have held close to my heart that resonated with my soul spirit strongly and hence i wrote it in my book which i have not viewed for a few years now and i just went to look for it and found it and it opened at that page! wow God is Great! it states: "God has got you hidden and he is polishing you He is making a sharp arrow out of you And at the right time he will shoot the arrow (you) It will be at the right target and no devil no man on earth can stop it ( but bear in mind a long the way it may not be easy)" it noted this message was given 6/8/2010 and i tell you now it has not been easy and i know i will be challenged in the future all great things are challenged by the dark forces and its puppets meaning people God bless and thank you for your messages that Holy Spirit has led me to listen to

  26. Stessa K

    Stessa KNăm trước

    Amen amen amen and sooooo true ... God bless Namaste and Thank you JF

  27. Deborah Learn

    Deborah LearnNăm trước

    I always feel so blessed when I listen to Pastor Jentezen on the internet. The people of his church are so blessed to have a Pastor that is so anointed by the LORD.

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    0 09 joust I

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    Glad posspible. I

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    i am a leader



    All Praise to Jehova The Almighty God. Thank You Jesus!

  32. Ciara Exantus

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    Beautiful message. Right on time. This was for me. Thank you Jesus!

  33. Devon Byron

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    God bless you and all those who here this message

  34. Rodney Ramlochan

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    I'm going tru this now

  35. Shay Johnson

    Shay Johnson2 năm trước

    Thank you jentezen. God bless you! Thank you for this, right now i am going through the season of alienation too. i needed to hear this.

  36. Mercy Varaprasad

    Mercy Varaprasad2 năm trước

    pastor we need you here in India

  37. Kim Lee

    Kim Lee4 năm trước

    P. Franklin IS the realest man of God out here! God bless him.

  38. Bible Truth Ministries

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    The DNA of a leader is called PRIDE!

  39. Ken Reynolds

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    I was there that nite

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    Yes! Went to yalls Forward Conference!