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The Greatest Showman Cast - From Now On (Official Audio)


  1. FEVERFELL Gaming_xoxo

    FEVERFELL Gaming_xoxo3 giờ trước

    June 19 2019 anyone else still listing to this amazing soundtrack

  2. lay Dixon

    lay Dixon5 giờ trước

    Melhor música do mundoooo

  3. Bella Gallegos

    Bella Gallegos5 giờ trước

    Esta la voy a bailar 19/6/2019 acabo de hacer el examen de historia y formación miércoles, humildad😋

  4. Lucy Ashford

    Lucy Ashford13 giờ trước

    Cool mewizc

  5. Ashley Gracias

    Ashley GraciasNgày trước

    Who else feels like screaming out the words at the top of your lungs with "I remember who all this was foooooorrrrrrrrrrrr!"

  6. BugBear 2018

    BugBear 20187 giờ trước


  7. Ethereal Dancer

    Ethereal DancerNgày trước

    This song is still a hit in June 2019. That just proves how talented Hugh Jackman really is.

  8. Tianca B

    Tianca BNgày trước

    I'm singing this song at a high school in high point the 6/21/2019. Come see me

  9. AARON-BURR1937

    AARON-BURR19374 giờ trước

    where is high point

  10. jam

    jam2 ngày trước

    i can still remember every scene of each line of this song ❤️

  11. Macey Brunsdon

    Macey Brunsdon2 ngày trước

    2019 anyone?

  12. Gavin Morgan

    Gavin Morgan2 ngày trước

    The behind the scenes of this song is fucking fantastic one of the great music show pieces iv ever seen on here !check it guys if u haven't already

  13. Rãïnbøw Çløùd

    Rãïnbøw Çløùd3 ngày trước

    From now on high Jackson will not only be remembered as wolverine.

  14. Daz Evo

    Daz Evo3 ngày trước

    Hugh jackman is a boss singer and I love watching the greatest showman over and over again is a boss movie and I love it and is got brilliant actors in like Hugh jackman Zac Efron Zendaya

  15. Cooking ybreD

    Cooking ybreD3 ngày trước

    Good song

  16. STORM

    STORM4 ngày trước

    This is why I’m going to school to act

  17. Niccirino _

    Niccirino _4 ngày trước


  18. Steven Jones

    Steven Jones4 ngày trước

    This made me miss musicals because they we're once the top movie genre & they deserve a comeback big time . This is 1 of the greatest musicals I ever heard & it's not even Disney that's saying something majorly .

  19. しんけん

    しんけん4 ngày trước


  20. Lisa Müller

    Lisa Müller4 ngày trước

    2:37 gets me every time. Love that seen in the greenlit version ❤❤😍🔥🙌🏻👍🏻

  21. Francis Condon

    Francis Condon6 ngày trước

    When Wolverine decides he's had enough of the mutant life.

  22. Cade Ramsey

    Cade Ramsey6 ngày trước

    @2:09 is when the good part starts

  23. Explore_It

    Explore_It7 ngày trước

    My 6 year old sister knows this whole song and its adorable

  24. Harold Brinkley

    Harold Brinkley8 ngày trước

    best song on the soundtrack tbh

  25. shellyann trustisamust

    shellyann trustisamust8 ngày trước

    I don't know if this song makes me happy or sad !

  26. Blue and White's Room

    Blue and White's Room8 ngày trước

    I love this

  27. Maria E.

    Maria E.9 ngày trước


  28. Noel Black

    Noel Black9 ngày trước

    The choreography used for this song makes me jealous. Where do I go to learn that?!?

  29. jack black

    jack black9 ngày trước

    Who else is here from the Greatest Showman?

  30. Ovni

    Ovni9 ngày trước

    Who would win in a fight: King Leonidas paired with the Phantom of the Opera, or Wolverine paired with P.T. Barnum?

  31. Elizabeth Alexander

    Elizabeth Alexander10 ngày trước

    wow this hit me hard =er than i expected bro I'm crying and joyful at the same time.

  32. Michelle Biland

    Michelle Biland10 ngày trước

    Powerful song. I loved this film : )

  33. dr_jekyll 21

    dr_jekyll 2110 ngày trước

    dudes my class gotta sing this in our last school play in about 6 weeks.......

  34. Johnathan Austin

    Johnathan Austin11 ngày trước

    Am I the only who finds so much more inspiration in this song than just something from a good movie. Honestly Hugh Jackman gave me something more than just a song.

  35. Elizabeth Alexander

    Elizabeth Alexander10 ngày trước

    yes, he did he gave me hope that nobody else can give me. huge is the best damn actor I know he so my role model.

  36. BeastMaster 3400

    BeastMaster 340011 ngày trước

    And we will come back home home again! I love it!

  37. _Dark_ Shark_

    _Dark_ Shark_11 ngày trước


  38. Elizabeth Alexander

    Elizabeth Alexander10 ngày trước


  39. Ida Eriyo

    Ida Eriyo11 ngày trước

    I love the. song

  40. Ramon Guela

    Ramon Guela12 ngày trước

    4:20 .

  41. Laniesa Chew

    Laniesa Chew13 ngày trước

    heartful soul in a human body wow thank you because I can enjoy your energy in your sweet voice.

  42. Maadia Awan

    Maadia Awan13 ngày trước

    He slice he dice but most importantly he sing nice

  43. Elizabeth Alexander

    Elizabeth Alexander10 ngày trước


  44. Gato Gordo

    Gato Gordo14 ngày trước


  45. Shazam Batson

    Shazam Batson15 ngày trước

    hugh jackman is going to be in it

  46. Shazam Batson

    Shazam Batson15 ngày trước

    dark pheonix is a new movie of x-men apoclypse

  47. Elizabeth Alexander

    Elizabeth Alexander10 ngày trước

    @Shazam BatsonGonzalez because I wasn't gonna watch it because he wasn't in

  48. Shazam Batson

    Shazam Batson10 ngày trước

    @Elizabeth Alexander how

  49. Elizabeth Alexander

    Elizabeth Alexander10 ngày trước

    @Shazam BatsonGonzalez oh my flipping god! thank you u changed my damn life!

  50. Shazam Batson

    Shazam Batson10 ngày trước

    @Elizabeth Alexander yeah

  51. Elizabeth Alexander

    Elizabeth Alexander10 ngày trước

    WTC)! for real?!

  52. Feenix Arcane

    Feenix Arcane16 ngày trước

    It's mediocre. Good song, but the movie itself is overrated in my opinion. Also, PT Barnum was not a good person in real life, and actually exploited disabled and disfigured people to his own selfish intent, not help them "accept themselves". Good message. Bad person to choose to influence that message. They should have just made an entirely different character.

  53. Awesome Man

    Awesome Man16 ngày trước

    This my favorite song ever in the movie

  54. Kenneth Wettig

    Kenneth Wettig16 ngày trước

    I cried when aquaman died in endgame :-(

  55. Keegan Poorker

    Keegan Poorker17 ngày trước

    good song

  56. Justawild stickman

    Justawild stickman17 ngày trước

    I cant believe critics say there's nothing memorable have they even seen it

  57. P4THF1ND3R

    P4THF1ND3R17 ngày trước

    This song helped me get over a break up

  58. philip o'brien

    philip o'brien17 ngày trước

    Such a good song I wanted to cry because it's just so good.

  59. Katarína Cikova

    Katarína Cikova18 ngày trước


  60. 양준후

    양준후18 ngày trước

    댓글 하나도 못알아보겠네 으으

  61. Jean-Philippe Pradaud

    Jean-Philippe Pradaud18 ngày trước

    Love the movie! Love the singers! Hj is the best of all!

  62. SimplyAmy

    SimplyAmy19 ngày trước

    My school choir sang this at our graduation and it was so good omg

  63. Tony Tan

    Tony Tan20 ngày trước

    *6.9k people won't come back home......* *Edited : 10/06/2019*

  64. Zoey Brown

    Zoey Brown20 ngày trước

    I love. This. Song.

  65. Benez

    Benez20 ngày trước

    This always bring me back to the Hugh Jackman show

  66. asora misiaita

    asora misiaita20 ngày trước

    Man that Last Part Kills Me There Harmony and Voice together are just amazing 5:26

  67. TwixRelleMalamute YouTube

    TwixRelleMalamute YouTube21 ngày trước

    Confirmed. Wolverine can sing. 🎶💞

  68. Emily Abel

    Emily Abel21 ngày trước

    imma need them to crank the audio of the first 30 secs cuz i cant hear shit

  69. 1234Loudist

    1234Loudist21 ngày trước

    My friend is singing this at my graduation with her choir class, I'm gonna freaking cry

  70. Jaz Up My Style

    Jaz Up My Style22 ngày trước

    I blast this song in my car all the time!

  71. ぱるむɞʚぽむぽむ

    ぱるむɞʚぽむぽむ22 ngày trước

    memo 3:17

  72. R R

    R R22 ngày trước

    Honestly if they're making a musical into a movie and Hugh Jackman is in it, you know it's gonna be 🔥 🔥 🔥

  73. Patrycja Kiszewska

    Patrycja Kiszewska22 ngày trước


  74. Gobskin

    Gobskin23 ngày trước

    This is a ruddy good song

  75. Sandra C

    Sandra C24 ngày trước

    Hi Hugh jackman I like you songs

  76. Francesco Bernoulli

    Francesco Bernoulli24 ngày trước

    Take a shot everytime they say "and we will come back home"

  77. david castro

    david castro25 ngày trước

    The greatest showman

  78. Lily B

    Lily B25 ngày trước

    im i the only one listening in ma 2019? lol

  79. Matilde

    Matilde25 ngày trước

    graduation song?

  80. Zolina Krutzmann

    Zolina Krutzmann26 ngày trước

    It Lead me back to you aww

  81. Wendilyn ??????

    Wendilyn ??????26 ngày trước

    The thing is that the main character is actually a really bad person in real life. He cheatinnnnnnn 😂

  82. Freya Weeks

    Freya Weeks26 ngày trước

    He is so good at singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Jackie Quiros

    Jackie Quiros26 ngày trước

    who is still listening in may 2019

  84. wolfpacrule

    wolfpacrule26 ngày trước

    imaging myself as wolverine and sing this song at the same time.

  85. phat lyphe

    phat lyphe26 ngày trước

    this song is one of my band pieces and i feel like crying every time i play it

  86. The Gaming TV

    The Gaming TV27 ngày trước

    Hugh is just a amazing singer! Who can believe wolverine can sing good?

  87. Elizabeth Alexander

    Elizabeth Alexander10 ngày trước

    I know right. the "badass wolverine" can be so emotional like this it's so powerful that a badass can have a soft side right?

  88. Evan Duquenoy

    Evan Duquenoy27 ngày trước

    i know right

  89. Omar 666

    Omar 66627 ngày trước

    I keep on crying😥😟😢😭

  90. Sadie Jackson

    Sadie Jackson28 ngày trước

    Today is a hot day, windows open, nice warm breeze and ready to start the housework 👌 this soundtrack on in the background ❤❤

  91. Patrick Oliger

    Patrick Oliger29 ngày trước


  92. DaisyJ YT

    DaisyJ YT29 ngày trước

    If I were you I'd skip to 2:02

  93. KookieMonster

    KookieMonster29 ngày trước

    I can’t help but start sing the truth untold at the beginning of the song😂 I need a mash up cover of both songs

  94. Conor Hernon

    Conor Hernon29 ngày trước

    I used to tell my friends this movie looked terrible, and I have never been more wrong. I started listening to this soundtrack about a month ago and I am absolutely blown away, this is a masterpiece, SO underrated.

  95. Luna The Floof

    Luna The Floof29 ngày trước

    This is my graduation class song! My school’s chorus sang this for us! I am officially graduated!

  96. Luna The Floof

    Luna The Floof27 ngày trước

    Hailey Fowler yep

  97. Hailey Fowler

    Hailey Fowler27 ngày trước

    was it APK graduation from 5/20?

  98. Aubree Boender

    Aubree BoenderTháng trước

    from now on it was sad to hear him sad. go hugh, sing it. 😌

  99. Oscar Torres

    Oscar TorresTháng trước


  100. Dark Wolf Kira

    Dark Wolf KiraTháng trước

    Put to the other side on

  101. Horse Dreams

    Horse DreamsTháng trước

    My grandpa brought me too the movies to watch this movie. 2 weeks later he died from a accident. the last word I heard him tell me "From now on Ill be in your heart". I love my gramps I know if we hot 1000 likes he'll ---- idk. he tought how to sing better and tought the paino and much more -- gramps was amazing and he wished that I was a big singer and with him we'll sing but didn't happen well.. After the day he died I went on americans got talent and sung. gramps was proud to hera me sing "From Now On". Love You Gramps..

  102. Beeven

    BeevenTháng trước

    Hugh Jackman: These eyes will not be blinded by the lights Me: Tell that to blind people

  103. Supa Wamen

    Supa Wamen28 ngày trước

    Beeven pretty sure that was a metaphor lol

  104. KG Fit

    KG FitTháng trước

    i like this movie so much my kids liked it

  105. Rosie’s Life xxx

    Rosie’s Life xxxTháng trước

    Imogen is the best

  106. Miguel Ares

    Miguel AresTháng trước

    Lo mejor que he escuchado.

  107. xxxtentacion Andersalt

    xxxtentacion AndersaltTháng trước

    May 2019??? Anyone still listening

  108. Abster Yeet

    Abster YeetTháng trước

    May 2019 anyone else?

  109. Ross Hosie

    Ross HosieTháng trước

    Hugh Jackman is my favourite celebrity

  110. M,B,B Productions Hughes

    M,B,B Productions HughesTháng trước

    May 2019 anyone?????

  111. LadaSoda Explains

    LadaSoda ExplainsTháng trước

    Reeee i have to play the guitar part for my school's choir. Help

  112. Bullet 2756

    Bullet 2756Tháng trước

    Still listening now

  113. Jessica’s Sierra

    Jessica’s SierraTháng trước

    Anyone here 2019 I just love these songs we did a dance for them for school and this movie is apart of are school everyone at my school loves it🥰

  114. Hope Hudgins

    Hope HudginsTháng trước

    This is my favorite soundtrack

  115. B.B. 38🏀

    B.B. 38🏀Tháng trước

    Love that song!!!! Love the greatest showman