1. JonTronShow

    JonTronShow3 tháng trước

    Thanks to Raid for sponsoring today's video! If you want to come play and support the channel download the game now through my link IOS: ANDROID:

  2. Griffin Salmon

    Griffin Salmon6 ngày trước

    This could be a show on Netflix, pitch it Jon!

  3. bapanada

    bapanada20 ngày trước


  4. Rebecca Masterson

    Rebecca Masterson27 ngày trước

    Please do a follow up to this episode, maybe you could call it Head 2 Head.

  5. Red Dead Journals

    Red Dead JournalsTháng trước

    Jon, Please add the Robotic Jacq saying "Jon Tron" at the end of your intro. Thank you

  6. Frost Bite

    Frost BiteTháng trước


  7. Raine

    Raine11 giờ trước

    25:58 look everyone! its vaggie from hazbin hotel!

  8. Meme God

    Meme God2 ngày trước

    We even got a special appearance form inspector Roy.

  9. SuperNobody2ss64

    SuperNobody2ss642 ngày trước

    Woah! It's Matt Jolly! I love the madness series!

  10. Thomas Shrum

    Thomas Shrum3 ngày trước

    I love the way Zach made fun of Jon and his clan on Chris' show. Now if only somebody would make fun of Jon for looking like a fat Iranian Brian Johnson. I love you Jonny!!

  11. aka Duffy

    aka Duffy3 ngày trước

    Let me get this straight. Bazooka-47 was a better built game with more creativity - as the judges said, but Team Gumdrop won? Even though their game was barely playable? Was it decided ahead of time that Jon's team wouldn't win because it had him on it?

  12. Maxi From IT

    Maxi From IT5 ngày trước

    I want a sequel to this

  13. Spoony Bard

    Spoony Bard5 ngày trước

    This time with 100% less Mountain Dew

  14. Assassinac

    Assassinac5 ngày trước

    Ling ling has been practicing 40 hours each day for this moment 😂

  15. Alis

    Alis6 ngày trước

    O E L E W A P P E R

  16. TM Thief

    TM Thief6 ngày trước

    I’d play any of these games over Fortnite

  17. Airstrikingboss

    Airstrikingboss8 ngày trước

    Wait a sec if the guy who is playing but also the host couldn’t he just make his own rules and make himself win all the time

  18. Tommy Rutherford

    Tommy Rutherford8 ngày trước

    He forgot to note Chris's ability to always make his hair appear wet even when it isn't.

  19. Dudofall

    Dudofall9 ngày trước

    Now we know something was left to prove after Gaming Guilty Pleasures.

  20. ZackKoutaRoxas

    ZackKoutaRoxas9 ngày trước

    I'm so inspired by Chris being able to just throw a soulless track together like that :P

  21. mink03

    mink0310 ngày trước

    Mel from FaceOff!!

  22. spide2015

    spide201511 ngày trước

    JONS FROM LA?? U would think New York

  23. Sam Crossland

    Sam Crossland12 ngày trước

    That was mildly uncomfortable the whole time, and it's clear jon tron is more of a comedian than an actual game gumdrop seemed pretty genuine and lighthearted though. glad they won, made up for jon just talking over the programmers doing his "look at me" schtick. don't get me wrong tho, I like Jon Tron and think he's hilarious, I just wish he'd apologize for "the stuff" 2 years ago...

  24. crazyinsane500

    crazyinsane5005 ngày trước

    I think he did issue an apology for some stuff just before that Christmas with the Cranks video. It may have been deleted, though.

  25. O A

    O A12 ngày trước

    Raid shadow legends is Sh*t but the characters look decent and it supports a lot of youtubers so just download it

  26. Alexizonf1re

    Alexizonf1re13 ngày trước

    Very nice.

  27. Minesaster Gameing

    Minesaster Gameing13 ngày trước

    we need head to head game jam 2

  28. Horatio Griffin

    Horatio Griffin13 ngày trước

    14:37 omg its the 3d dog pillow

  29. EmeraldMiner

    EmeraldMiner13 ngày trước

    Appreciation post for the Worlds Strongest Gamer.

  30. Ryyi23

    Ryyi2314 ngày trước

    16:22 don't disrespect Inspector Roy

  31. Gunnberg85

    Gunnberg8515 ngày trước

    Everything right and wrong in the gaming industry within one funny video. It's all so clear to me now.

  32. Timmitny

    Timmitny16 ngày trước

    I'm here just for the World's Strongest Gamer

  33. jxmes meme

    jxmes meme18 ngày trước

    Fucking Zach as world's best gamer oh my god 😂

  34. Adam Watson

    Adam Watson19 ngày trước

    This was fucking horrible self indulgent garbage you sir have well lost what mate you great and special as an entertainer

  35. Echs Dee

    Echs Dee21 ngày trước

    How dare you mention jessi! I’m contacting the cyber police!


    ARDEACT21 ngày trước

    wtf chris is so old, his voice doesnt match

  37. illuminachos

    illuminachos22 ngày trước

    26:14 easily the best part of the video

  38. I Falk

    I Falk23 ngày trước

    Yo Tom Jackson, FPV squad in the house! Cool to see another pilot outside the hobby!

  39. Metal Priest

    Metal Priest23 ngày trước

    They have to do this every year!

  40. Cade White

    Cade White23 ngày trước

    i love oneyNG he is my favorite person/animator i miss him

  41. Brett VV

    Brett VV24 ngày trước

    Swain is really something else. Definitely a master of his craft.

  42. Sean Madden

    Sean Madden24 ngày trước

    Psychic pebbles ftw

  43. Sean Madden

    Sean Madden24 ngày trước

    Omg u got both Oney and The Swain!

  44. Maui McNword

    Maui McNword24 ngày trước

    Nobody: Every VIreporterr Ever: rAiD sHaDoW LeGeNdS

  45. DKennykinz

    DKennykinz24 ngày trước

    is it wierd that i'd actually like to see tema gumdrops game as an actual polished game? xD it seems really fun and i actually would like to play it. specially if Chris does the voice for it

  46. Ccmitch

    Ccmitch24 ngày trước

    Jon tron cracks me up... worlds strongest gamers...... my god classic

  47. Burning Diamond

    Burning Diamond24 ngày trước

    Who wants a sequel?

  48. iamLI3

    iamLI324 ngày trước

    wow this was like the dumbest thing ever im gonna go watch avgn....

  49. Atomic Mark

    Atomic Mark24 ngày trước

    "The rules are pretty simple"

  50. Devon Govan

    Devon Govan24 ngày trước

    My favourite vid yo have ever done!!!!

  51. Dick Behringer

    Dick Behringer25 ngày trước

    “Everything was fine, and then now it’s not” Programming in a nutshell.

  52. raptor cheese

    raptor cheese25 ngày trước

    "whats a neckbeard look like" Have you looked in a mirror there my dude? You've even got the self important lack of self awareness down perfectly.

  53. BoatShoesLewis

    BoatShoesLewis22 ngày trước

    the fuck does this sentence mean

  54. RawbGM

    RawbGM25 ngày trước

    Really heartwarming just seeing Oney and Swain still making stuff together. Jon please make this an annual / returning thing.

  55. Hoodie Clan

    Hoodie Clan25 ngày trước

    I like how judge 3 sounds like satan from hellsing ultimate abridged

  56. Jmabapfd?!

    Jmabapfd?!26 ngày trước

    Where can I get that music that Chris was making? It’s really a bop.

  57. 躍るDD_ChO

    躍るDD_ChO27 ngày trước

    When the gimmick of the trophy broke, I felt my heart actually fucking stop lmfao

  58. Alex L

    Alex L27 ngày trước

    I still can't believe Krinkels himself showed up.

  59. JuanokuG4

    JuanokuG427 ngày trước


  60. wouter r

    wouter r27 ngày trước

    he was speaking german

  61. joves

    joves28 ngày trước

    before hearing the worlds strongest gamer i knew he was gonna be voiced by zach.

  62. Sovereign Snorlax

    Sovereign Snorlax28 ngày trước

    I am glad Chris didn't want to make a " -cucking- " game. Blechh, disgusting.

  63. Sovereign Snorlax

    Sovereign Snorlax27 ngày trước

    @RAINMAKER What a silly question. Maybe because Chris is my favorite let's player and VIreporter allows me to leave comments Why do you leave comments? Yes, yes I did. Your point?


    RAINMAKER27 ngày trước

    Sovereign Snorlax why do you comment things on everything oney related you said BOTW link was quote on quote, "gay"

  65. Andy Preece

    Andy Preece28 ngày trước

    Loved this! more stuff like this please

  66. Leonardo Arias

    Leonardo Arias28 ngày trước

    Chris is the best of all time

  67. Wout Van Cauwenbergh

    Wout Van Cauwenbergh28 ngày trước

    Why is there a hole in de door

  68. Carly L

    Carly LTháng trước

    I'd personally love a sequel to this.

  69. Awkward_ Bomb

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