The man who inspired "BlacKkKlansman"


  1. Marcia Garland

    Marcia Garland2 ngày trước

    Mr Stallworth, its too simple to say, but from the depth of my heart, as a AfroCarribean (Guyanese) who is enjoying ...all the civil liberties in America because of individuals such as yourself... I wont to say Thank You Sir. Thank You

  2. Rob Rus

    Rob Rus2 ngày trước

    John David Washington sounds exactly like his father

  3. Fred Felton III

    Fred Felton III4 ngày trước

    This lady probally doesn't think she is black or African-American. She might say i am beige LOL

  4. Marsha Creary

    Marsha Creary6 ngày trước

    1:15 The Greatest American Hero logo?

  5. Marsha Creary

    Marsha Creary6 ngày trước

    Did he say a P.E. Teacher?

  6. Bob Saget

    Bob Saget6 ngày trước

    Why doesnt David Duke just sue Robert E I mean Spike Lee?

  7. richardm

    richardm6 ngày trước

    Why doesnt David Duke just sue the black devil Spike Lee? Because Duke is a Fed or owes them (maybe even a Jew).

  8. Rachel Lawrence

    Rachel Lawrence7 ngày trước

    This incredible!

  9. James Mason

    James Mason7 ngày trước

    Ron Stallworth the man is even more interesting than Ron Stallworth the character. I may have to go back and read the book too.

  10. Jamell Caver

    Jamell Caver8 ngày trước

    She never been called the “N” word before? 👉🏾FOH ! You probably didn’t hear it , but you’ve been called that hundreds of times!

  11. Kyle F

    Kyle F9 ngày trước

    The story is made up. Are you surprised?

  12. CoopDEVILLE TV

    CoopDEVILLE TV10 ngày trước

    When you actually do your research on Ron, as an African American you would look at him a lil sideways.

  13. Cyndia Gilbert

    Cyndia Gilbert10 ngày trước

    Awesome movie! Awesome story!

  14. Edwin Collins

    Edwin Collins10 ngày trước

    Make being a racist something to be ashamed of again.

  15. USA

    USA10 ngày trước

    TRUMP Is Black TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Todd Adams

    Todd Adams11 ngày trước

    So the interviewer has never been called the n word....interesting

  17. Gary Norton

    Gary Norton11 ngày trước

    Fond over like Trump? You're a I'll informed Blackman. You've become the useful idiot of the left.

  18. Thomas Quill

    Thomas Quill11 ngày trước

    "We have DE-volved..."

  19. Maniac Bob

    Maniac Bob11 ngày trước

    Strong words, couldnt expect nothing less from such a strong headed man. Total awesomeness

  20. Ramona Middleton

    Ramona Middleton11 ngày trước

    I heard that the movie isn’t anything like this book!

  21. Reynard Baillou

    Reynard Baillou12 ngày trước

    They can't give the man a chair?

  22. E. Sanchez

    E. Sanchez12 ngày trước

    Beto!!!!!!!!! 💙💙💙

  23. Carl Davis

    Carl Davis12 ngày trước

    He liked to be fawned trump. Buy that man a beer. Scratch that, buy that man a case of beer. Maybe even a keg 😎

  24. Ranger29

    Ranger2912 ngày trước


  25. Ranger29

    Ranger2912 ngày trước


  26. Ryan Hughes

    Ryan Hughes12 ngày trước

    Get this man a TV special and broadcast it to the world!

  27. Betty Leblanc

    Betty Leblanc12 ngày trước

    Trump has made Amerca great again! Cruz t-shirt would have looked better! 😎🇱🇷 TRUMP 2020! MAGA!

  28. Dr Phot

    Dr Phot12 ngày trước

    Hey Ann-Marie and salute to Mr. Stallworth!

  29. Shauntee Thomason

    Shauntee Thomason13 ngày trước

    David sounds just like his dad😀

  30. Toni Washingtin

    Toni Washingtin14 ngày trước

    Wow only 3 times called the N word? A man threatened to drag me by the bumper after he ran me off the road in the suburbs of Philly in 2000.

  31. O faithful

    O faithful14 ngày trước

    What does his shirt say?? Is it Beto

  32. ICU4life !!!!

    ICU4life !!!!12 ngày trước


  33. Amin Hasan

    Amin Hasan14 ngày trước

    Colin is protesting for black men like me. I got sick of being harassed and followed around by the stamford police so I gave a non violent protest. Look at what these two white cops did to me. Those two white cops lied on the police report and to the media that I was fighting back. They also reported that I knocked them to the ground after they tasered me in my car. capt. hohn and officer petrone reported that they were hurt and injured. Does anyone see me fight back? What a bunch of liars. Channel 12 news, the stamford advocate, and the stamford patch reported the lies told to them by hohn and petrone. They charged me with assault on a police officer. Thats why many black people in this country do not trust the police.

  34. Darrell Brown

    Darrell Brown15 ngày trước

    I think Omarosa saw this movie

  35. Dead Dentist

    Dead Dentist15 ngày trước

    OMG I loved him!!!! I remember he did an Alfred Hitchcock episode. so sad.. I cry...

  36. Christopher Dent

    Christopher Dent15 ngày trước

    OMG! this video is a major movie

  37. KT Gray

    KT Gray16 ngày trước

    Salute to him! But let's talk about how fine that reporter is 👅👅

  38. Pure Energy

    Pure Energy17 ngày trước

    Too bad race is still an issue Quantum physics says that all of us are holograms---many colored brilliant eternal multidimensional electrical magnetic energy field beings---see the book "Hands of Light" written by the physicist Barbara Brennan

  39. J. Martin

    J. Martin17 ngày trước

    Well it started off interesting until he showed himself to be as big a racist as Spike Lee. At the least he’s very deceived.

  40. P.J. Den Oilsjteneer

    P.J. Den Oilsjteneer17 ngày trước

    I have question to you people in the comments, welp a question for Americans. I want to see see this movie but as an non white person and someone from outside the USA, why is being white not ok? I have all kinds of friends and we don't talk about race we are all friends. But again why the hate against ALL white people???? They are not all racist and yes other races can be racist to you know. From own experience the most racist people here in my area and yess not all of them are people from Asia...Again not all just some but to be honest the most are from that group. Yes also Asian friends and they say it themselves.

  41. Samson Tamijani

    Samson Tamijani18 ngày trước

    HIS SHIRT. Texans vote Beto

  42. Rayenal Owens

    Rayenal Owens18 ngày trước

    That sister needs to educate herself immediately

  43. Yes I’m Blessed

    Yes I’m Blessed19 ngày trước


  44. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay19 ngày trước

    A very good movie and makes you realise how racist the USA is.

  45. Charles Coble

    Charles Coble19 ngày trước

  46. Not Today

    Not Today21 ngày trước

    Blacks are racist too. I have a hate for the white man, I ask God to help me not to judge all whites the same, but sometimes I can't help it. I just don't fool with whites like that.

  47. Know Thanks

    Know Thanks19 ngày trước

    and that's ok because feeling something and acting on it are two very different things

  48. Jason Puckett

    Jason Puckett21 ngày trước

    this guy is kickass

  49. Rene Renee

    Rene Renee22 ngày trước

    Fantastic movie!

  50. lina judie

    lina judie23 ngày trước

    Mr Washington sounds just like his father!!

  51. Sharon Sylvie

    Sharon Sylvie23 ngày trước

    Great interview 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  52. R D

    R D23 ngày trước

    I love this man for many reason. The top reason is he calls trump what he is. Now I want to address something. If you are poor and white, trump do not care about you. He is for rich white men. White women weather you’re rich or not. He doesn’t care or respect you. Hate all you want if that is your thing. It don’t let that hate keep you from making you money or keeping food on your table. So in other words if your trailie is being held together with a bandaids and a prayer you need to stop supporting trump. Make your lifves better not worst.

  53. Some Black Guy

    Some Black Guy24 ngày trước

    I love the American white guy with a white American accent talking about how the black accent is wrong. Does he know "R" is pronounced differently by whites in the US and England?...Does he know what English sounds like when spoken by an English person?

  54. Jessica Johnson

    Jessica Johnson24 ngày trước

    John looks like his mom but sounds like his dad! 😂

  55. Hollywood

    Hollywood25 ngày trước

    Pumpkinhead has to go. 2020.

  56. Andrew patrickm4

    Andrew patrickm425 ngày trước

    Too bad Spike Lee didn't research the real story he took many liberties with this film. There is some truth in it but also a lot of Hollywood propaganda.

  57. Anthony Taylor

    Anthony Taylor25 ngày trước

    How can he keep it together lookin at the beautiful women

  58. centerstage entertainment

    centerstage entertainment26 ngày trước

    now you need to interview the white officer id like to here his story as well, both compelling stories I'm sure.

  59. ICU4life !!!!

    ICU4life !!!!12 ngày trước

    He has nothing to say because David Duke speaks for that organization. Anything he says can and will incriminate him.

  60. c dean

    c dean26 ngày trước

    CBS so cheap they couldn't even spring for this American Hero a chair???😂😂😂

  61. TehMomo

    TehMomo3 ngày trước

    maybe they did...but he wanted to stand????

  62. Bobby Coltrane

    Bobby Coltrane26 ngày trước

    I can't believe she asked him that question. Also she's never been called N-word? Where did she grow up?

  63. Jasmine Houston-Burns

    Jasmine Houston-Burns26 ngày trước

    Wow, I just watched Blackkklansmen and was critical of it because it seemed hyperbolic and a bit apologetic, not that I would think Spike Lee is particularly apologetic about his pro-black-ness in person, and while I didn't hear too much about his relationship with the force, or that white police officer (which was where I thought the film romanticized some things) so many dramatic lines from the movie were DIRECT QUOTES from his REAL LIFE experiences. That changes my perception of the movie.

  64. Trillfate

    Trillfate26 ngày trước

    He sounds just like denzel

  65. adictiveadictive

    adictiveadictive13 ngày trước


  66. Kiki Carson

    Kiki Carson26 ngày trước

    When I first heard of this movie I thought it was a comedy. My God it’s real.

  67. Know Thanks

    Know Thanks19 ngày trước

    Except there was no bomb plot or Jewish cop. The movie is fiction and not a true representation of the book. I don't trust Duke any farther than I can throw him, but there's a lot going on here that you are not being told.

  68. Frederick Scott

    Frederick Scott26 ngày trước

    We all of color are truly following the role of the Willy Lynch letter!!!

  69. David Hickey

    David Hickey27 ngày trước

    Spike Lee is a disgusting white hating Devil .. propagandist bullshitter..and race baiter

  70. Chris de Haan

    Chris de Haan28 ngày trước

    What I wanna know have you met Daryl Davis?

  71. Lisa Moses

    Lisa Moses28 ngày trước

    Great man.

  72. Shermo LBC

    Shermo LBC28 ngày trước

    Dose he really have the picture with David duke?

  73. Rahim France

    Rahim France28 ngày trước

    Great movie!

  74. Sandria Olivia

    Sandria Olivia28 ngày trước

    Did Mr Stallworth just said that David Duke shook his hand ? ! I have to see this movie when it come to my country.

  75. Nubian Sioux

    Nubian Sioux29 ngày trước

    "Like Trump" savage!😂😂😂😂

  76. James

    James29 ngày trước

    lol i'm not american so forgive me but is it that cbs cannot afford to give their guest chairs or they just enjoy them standing?

  77. Dylon Ispithotfire

    Dylon Ispithotfire29 ngày trước

    This man’s anti white propaganda never stops amazing.

  78. Eddie Roman

    Eddie Roman29 ngày trước

    Why isn't anybody interviewing David Duke, afraid of the truth?

  79. Know Thanks

    Know Thanks19 ngày trước

    Silence goyim. David Duke is a racist. Send more shekels. (rubs hands)

  80. skyclimber7

    skyclimber729 ngày trước

    ron is an American hero for a better America!

  81. skyclimber7

    skyclimber729 ngày trước

    he sounds just like his dad !

  82. Yep

    Yep29 ngày trước

    Lol,The WHITE HOUSE IDIOT!!! Preach Ron!!

  83. De B

    De B29 ngày trước

    Boots Reilly told the real story!

  84. dr badboy

    dr badboy29 ngày trước

    Nice Beto shirt! :D

  85. negra lopez

    negra lopezTháng trước

    is the actor Denzel Washingtons Son sounds just like him. wow

  86. MarCor

    MarCorTháng trước

    This gentleman is not only the best undercover officer, but remarkably intelligent too!!!🚔

  87. Pattie Bell

    Pattie Bell13 ngày trước

    Really? I find your opinion very disappointing. You have a low opinion of people's intelligence.

  88. c a

    c a13 ngày trước

    Were you expecting him to be an unintelligent cop because he's black?

  89. Trillfate

    Trillfate26 ngày trước

    Yea for a cop

  90. KBJones

    KBJones27 ngày trước

    MarCor WOW!

  91. S C

    S CTháng trước

    The interviewer is so annoying. She has never been called the N word, and probably doesn't think like most of us Blacks who have been called N*gger.

  92. Eric's Fresh Fish Market

    Eric's Fresh Fish MarketTháng trước

    Love your Beto T-shirt!

  93. Monkey Punch

    Monkey PunchTháng trước

    Idiot imbecile in the white house loolll

  94. Explore Greer

    Explore GreerTháng trước

    A super fabulous awesome movie. SPIKE did this story justice.

  95. ThaRealERAQ

    ThaRealERAQTháng trước

    Shes never been called the nword? She never logged onto twitter or facebook ever then.

  96. alex kanyima

    alex kanyima3 ngày trước

    +Sea Pea It depends on the development

  97. Sea Pea

    Sea Pea13 ngày trước

    Fernande Francois Every person of African descent is not black. Hatians, Jamaicans, Nigerians, Afro Cubans and others are Not Black. If you are not a descendant of the African Slaves in America you are not black.

  98. Sammy Sosa

    Sammy SosaTháng trước

    Love this but the 'naive tone and stance' of this person interviewing him is almost annoying... She is playing such a clueless part in this interview that it is almost horrible... Love it but come on... Is She really this disconnected from the reality of the subject she is discussing.... Really....

  99. Jon Dunmore

    Jon DunmoreTháng trước

    God, what an annoying interviewer!

  100. Master Blaster

    Master BlasterTháng trước

    I think this man should infiltrate trump supporters next rally

  101. Cathy Schneider

    Cathy SchneiderTháng trước

    I hoped the interviewer would ask if all the other detectives were actually too busy to protect Duke. Watching the movie, I wondered if it were a setup.

  102. David Harkness

    David HarknessTháng trước

    Spike Lee is just another race baiter.

  103. Yung Drizzy

    Yung Drizzy11 ngày trước

    Nah just makes us stay woke up mad white man

  104. Soowoo21

    Soowoo21Tháng trước

    I saw this film yesterday and want to see it again soon it was amazing

  105. unspokenrespect

    unspokenrespectTháng trước

    She's so sexy

  106. Kathleen Raj

    Kathleen RajTháng trước

    This man deserves a medal 🏅

  107. TAZ MAN

    TAZ MANTháng trước

    Absolutely fascinating...

  108. mindless monk

    mindless monkTháng trước

    she's good looking

  109. xLSx Pizzle2233

    xLSx Pizzle2233Tháng trước blakkklansman review

  110. syntroye

    syntroyeTháng trước

    Great interview. I am glad that the reporter went into such depths in the questioning. This is a great history lesson caught on you-tube. This could have easily been a puff piece, but, I appreciate the reporter taking her time to dig deep on this one. I was running Cross Country in college (of all things) in Louisiana during the time Duke made his run for office. Much, like now, he made it easy for racist and some liberals to approach you with questions that were not asked prior to that time (especially when you were the only black guy on the bus). The only difference with Duke and Trump is that Duke lost his bid for Governor and President. I am glad someone brought this to light. BTW Duke is still a major force in Republican politics. . . He just influences behind the scenes now.

  111. Last Lime

    Last LimeTháng trước

    Based loosely on his story.... Story and movie are not accurate but claim to be true. Cbsn racist network. Undercover telephone operator.... He gave power to that word and he became a true racist!

  112. Charles Edwards

    Charles EdwardsTháng trước

    Well, I didn't get to the good part - The White house idiot!! I love this guy!!! THE WHITE HOUSE IDIOT!!

  113. Charles Edwards

    Charles EdwardsTháng trước

    I love the dig - "Like Trump" AWESOME!!

  114. Lonewalker

    LonewalkerTháng trước

    This is crap. the whole thing about racism to hide colonialism.. No accident how the character of David Duke, went from saying country to God Bless America which is the continent and, not the U.S union company, that is how europeans being a foreign occupying people to this continent, did not only get to hide the fact that they are running a terrorist european occupation on this continent, but, as colonizers they went to falsely use "American" as their fake identity... This is why, movies like this are pushed, to keep everyone talking racism, when the root cause is colonialism, which no one ever mentions which is the goal of the occupiers... So., as people keep, talking racism, which is only part of the terrorism of the european terrorism and, occupation on the american continent as, well as other non-eurpean lands across the Globe..........................................