The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER!


  1. Shoals gang Gang

    Shoals gang Gang4 giờ trước

    19:21 you only see that shit in rocky

  2. David B

    David B5 giờ trước

    about that Mareks Lavrinovics Vs. Rodrigue Nzoyibuka…. The end of15:33 is BULLSHIT. The one guy gets his count down slow AF and got extra time... like 17 I counted. And the second guy only got 6. They both got rocked but this was judged unfairly.... it just seemed like the second guy got up faster and was more coherent after getting rocked then the first guy who had the ref counting at four year old's speed. But when the second guy is getting his count down the ref is counting faster then strippers count ones. Don't take my word for it. Genuinely play it back at least 5 times and you will say the same, Watch the Ref's HANDS while he is counting. You will see this Ref is not capable of his job.... I blame this REF.... its B.S.

  3. TheBrewdonkey

    TheBrewdonkey5 giờ trước

    "Concrete" blocks made of sand apparently.

  4. country collapse

    country collapse7 giờ trước

    Americans are soft as a country and very sad

  5. caesar Wilson

    caesar Wilson8 giờ trước

    no creo ni mierda de esos chinos, más falso que cachetada de payaso

  6. Andrew Marchan

    Andrew Marchan8 giờ trước

    My middle name is Wayne and my wood is small, also imagine being jerked off by the girl in red you have no pp

  7. Andre Molina

    Andre Molina9 giờ trước

    maybe im wrong but isnt wushu more coreography performance than actuall combat sport?

  8. gadgetsage

    gadgetsage11 giờ trước

    Lemme just put this filter on before i fap to this, because if i can't really see them it's not really gay then

  9. gadgetsage

    gadgetsage11 giờ trước

    That's great if you ever hallucinate you're being attacked by piles of bricks...

  10. Johna Bautista

    Johna Bautista19 giờ trước

    Did im right i see gordon ramsey in the crowd?at the number 2 counting?? Wa hahaha my eyes was so clear

  11. Nico

    NicoNgày trước

    Always boxing boxing boxing boxing, k.o blabla No jiu jitsu judo or taek wondo

  12. TJ werewolf

    TJ werewolfNgày trước

    7:32 i wonder what would happen if she didn't dodge that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. Anthony Ramos

    Anthony RamosNgày trước

    You could tell those "bricks" were so week they might as well be paper mache

  14. heartbreakj 13

    heartbreakj 13Ngày trước

    Yo call him Neo because it was the Matrix in that mothafucka

  15. Kmak Milly

    Kmak MillyNgày trước

    I still say that the off of the cage kick was staged. Dude put his foot on the cage and moved in the exact perfect position to get himself cage spring kicked.

  16. David Gibson

    David GibsonNgày trước

    I made a channel just to comment on this video because of how awful it was most of these were amateurs just swinging wildly and getting lucky and the rest weren’t even combat sports how is this the greatest moments in combat sports

  17. Grégory Rougé

    Grégory RougéNgày trước

    Chocked !!!!!!!???!!!

  18. Andrew Dunbar

    Andrew DunbarNgày trước

    Ok bored waiting. Sort your video out no one gives a crap about your 3 minute intro

  19. haris bashir

    haris bashirNgày trước

    8:56 fan

  20. haris bashir

    haris bashirNgày trước

    You deserve a little subscribe

  21. pas de couilles pas de gloire

    pas de couilles pas de gloireNgày trước

    Brutish who are hitting on it, it's not sport.

  22. scooby doobie

    scooby doobie2 ngày trước

    7:45 really? So dance choreographers made it to this video too?

  23. Kevin Bollinger

    Kevin Bollinger2 ngày trước

    Sumo wrestlers are strong as fuck the guy who got thrown down didn't even get winded he just gets up like nothing happened 😂

  24. Talon Higgins

    Talon Higgins2 ngày trước

    The next morning he had a splitting headache

  25. C ts

    C ts2 ngày trước

    15:00 WAS STRAIGHT UP BS. That ref took forever to count to 8 for that dude.

  26. ATLHooligan

    ATLHooligan2 ngày trước

    Holy shit that fat sumo guy has never been that high in his life....

  27. Lord Escanor

    Lord Escanor2 ngày trước

    4:55 I've never seen an armbar that tight be broken out of. That's some serious will power to not tap to that, I was almost certain his arm was about to snap in half.

  28. Lord Escanor

    Lord Escanor2 ngày trước

    +Ryan Corrigan indeed.

  29. Ryan Corrigan

    Ryan Corrigan2 ngày trước

    That was truly impressive. To maintain composure when your arm is about to snap.

  30. Sancho Retáblez

    Sancho Retáblez2 ngày trước

    7:18 Not a real fight, but WTF

  31. sbecktacular

    sbecktacular2 ngày trước

    Why the last 3 in sepia????? Couldn’t see shit!☹️ Anyway- the wushu routine was badassssss- but all were amazing

  32. dat guy

    dat guy2 ngày trước

    number 18 was just disrespecting the loser

  33. Craig Randle jr

    Craig Randle jr2 ngày trước

    4:03 his back looks like it splits open🤢

  34. Ryan Corrigan

    Ryan CorriganNgày trước

    +Craig Randle jr looks very nasty

  35. Craig Randle jr

    Craig Randle jrNgày trước

    +Ryan Corrigan oh ok well it looks nasty lol

  36. Ryan Corrigan

    Ryan Corrigan2 ngày trước

    You're right! Fortunately just the lighting

  37. MrLumberYT

    MrLumberYT2 ngày trước

    12:45 paata from georgia🇬🇪🇬🇪❤

  38. Francisco

    Francisco2 ngày trước

    1st one is hard to believe

  39. Marvin Sithole

    Marvin Sithole2 ngày trước

    Danny Williams G.O.A.T

  40. Сергей Сергеевич

    Сергей Сергеевич2 ngày trước

    Спасибо за Фёдора Емельяненко в концовке! Randleman - вечная память!!!

  41. Sheldon Cooper81

    Sheldon Cooper812 ngày trước

    Wow just Wow on that Wu Shu Lady in yellow she s incredible

  42. Taske SRB

    Taske SRB2 ngày trước

    What about ARthur Abrahams broken jaw?

  43. Salex

    Salex3 ngày trước

    You want surprising? When muhammad ali knocked down george foreman in the 8th, no one expected that

  44. FPVbud

    FPVbud3 ngày trước

    that cement looks more like foam how easy it broke

  45. Dan Hurd

    Dan Hurd3 ngày trước

    That was an impressive belly to belly slam by the sumo

  46. NerdNazareth *

    NerdNazareth *3 ngày trước

    why can't us as Africans do stuff like this @ 7:50 the whole internet only knows us not for being warriors, but for being memes

  47. Tyrone White

    Tyrone White3 ngày trước

    Breaking bricks has to be the most ridiculous shit to be impressed by.

  48. Trevor McGhee

    Trevor McGhee3 ngày trước

    Best combat sport moments ever? All these are trash

  49. Karam Kaandi

    Karam Kaandi3 ngày trước

    That sumo thighs are like chicken legs 👅👅

  50. Justice Warrior

    Justice Warrior3 ngày trước

    Looooooool "concrete"

  51. Christopher T Spiller

    Christopher T Spiller3 ngày trước

    Is it me or did# 12 seem choreographed

  52. edil davletbaev

    edil davletbaev3 ngày trước

    Класс за Рафаэль Физиева

  53. David Espino

    David Espino3 ngày trước

    There are better and bigger battles in the world. What you are showing is a very small part.

  54. Pff ttt

    Pff ttt3 ngày trước


  55. blazzer73553 B

    blazzer73553 B4 ngày trước

    Wushu.. Chinese fucking bullshit

  56. 1187 Adam

    1187 Adam4 ngày trước

    #0 Tablet vs Human

  57. Vocalead

    Vocalead4 ngày trước

    12:54 that dude totally looks like Sagath

  58. Руслан Алиев

    Руслан Алиев4 ngày trước


  59. Fisher Of Men

    Fisher Of Men4 ngày trước

    What's amazing about#20 the flipping dude? And how is #12 combat?

  60. Michael Rosas

    Michael Rosas4 ngày trước

    5:25 my man's just blocked the best part

  61. yellooh

    yellooh4 ngày trước


  62. ELturtle Gotti

    ELturtle Gotti4 ngày trước

    They had the fix in with that most attractive knockout they played dude

  63. VCpassword1

    VCpassword14 ngày trước

    #2 = Askren vs Lawler

  64. Kinnzy

    Kinnzy4 ngày trước

    7:20 when my mom wants to check my temperature to See if im really sick.

  65. Emilio Soria

    Emilio Soria4 ngày trước

    Nicolino Loche the best

  66. Utoepius

    Utoepius4 ngày trước

    Intro/advertisement/lookhowgoodthisis ends at 0:39

  67. ŧώїżđэđ ľїŏή

    ŧώїżđэđ ľїŏή4 ngày trước

    First one needs to be removed!

  68. the amazing family

    the amazing family4 ngày trước

    111 blocks? Was this the special Olympics

  69. MidNight Play

    MidNight Play4 ngày trước

    Background music for 7:09

  70. heber garmendia

    heber garmendia4 ngày trước

    Wayne Smallwood...... pun intended

  71. heber garmendia

    heber garmendia4 ngày trước

    5:25 Mett Chun Lee son

  72. Nai Edizm

    Nai Edizm4 ngày trước

    Nada fue emocionante, no mamen

  73. John Siu

    John Siu4 ngày trước

    1:21 what is the definition of concrete???

  74. Killer456912

    Killer4569124 ngày trước

    Concrete blocks my ass

  75. Donnie M

    Donnie M4 ngày trước

    Is it really "smashing" if you barely touch the blocks and they split in half? Those things are rigged to break with ease.

  76. Ryan Corrigan

    Ryan Corrigan2 ngày trước

    Rice cakes 😁

  77. TitoCompianni

    TitoCompianni2 ngày trước

    Pieces of cake, properly

  78. QuIgYx

    QuIgYx4 ngày trước

    Why train with a spear when you can train with a gun?

  79. Tony Sanger

    Tony Sanger4 ngày trước

    Did you see Gordon Ramsay ringside at Danny Williams fight.

  80. Ner Brs

    Ner Brs4 ngày trước

    Some nice fights, but wth was that first nonsense with sand blocks and those filter at the end ?

  81. เบ ตง

    เบ ตง4 ngày trước


  82. EmilianoRockacrack

    EmilianoRockacrack5 ngày trước

    I loved every fucking number, but those chinese girls are mad!

  83. Dave Batista

    Dave Batista5 ngày trước

    7.07 the real ultra instinct

  84. brendan flanagan

    brendan flanagan5 ngày trước

    The wrestling move at the begining was insane.

  85. Artytheone

    Artytheone5 ngày trước

    This video sucks balls

  86. MadeAUsername

    MadeAUsername5 ngày trước

    8:09 ... most awesome performance and the judges still look bored.

  87. MadeAUsername

    MadeAUsername5 ngày trước

    You know...when I hear combat sports, I want combat...not some dude smashing blocks with his head.

  88. Andrew Marchan

    Andrew Marchan8 giờ trước

    Obviously didn't watch the rest of the video

  89. Onex

    Onex5 ngày trước

    00:45 Concrete blocks? No. Stupid. I can't watch the rest.

  90. O T N

    O T N3 ngày trước

    I was in teakwando till purple senior belt, I can testify, everything is pre cracked, or really weak materials.

  91. Matías Bascuñan

    Matías Bascuñan5 ngày trước

    So no Saenchai?

  92. JoshWolfs REE

    JoshWolfs REE5 ngày trước

    Did you see his back open when he was fighting???

  93. Marsh Randie

    Marsh Randie5 ngày trước

    WTF with bonus 2 and 3... No sport it s just criminal or bestial instinct...

  94. Jordan Stacey

    Jordan Stacey5 ngày trước

    The three bonus moments were the best out of the whole list. Come on now.

  95. Trantor The Troll

    Trantor The Troll5 ngày trước

    3:07 DAMN NIGGA!!!

  96. LordTen

    LordTen5 ngày trước

    1st one is so fucking fake

  97. Manikiran Goud

    Manikiran Goud5 ngày trước

    Wushu 😘😘💪💪

  98. black saibot

    black saibot5 ngày trước

    Wu Shu performances are not combat sports you dip shit.

  99. Vincent Ayala

    Vincent Ayala5 ngày trước

    God damn I wanna learn wushu look at that head movement speed

  100. Alexandru Cojocaru

    Alexandru Cojocaru5 ngày trước


  101. account_name_online online

    account_name_online online6 ngày trước

    Homoerotic 😏

  102. tom d great

    tom d great6 ngày trước

    Nice video..finest looks like diligently search every clip and put them together..hard working uploader

  103. DJMellowDee

    DJMellowDee6 ngày trước

    12:54 Best moment...... Don't talk - just fix it!

  104. David Drake

    David Drake6 ngày trước

    1st video discredited all of it. Dislike.

  105. DJMellowDee

    DJMellowDee6 ngày trước

    I have such fight every week when Monday morning tries to get me.....

  106. LucidDream

    LucidDream6 ngày trước

    Some of these I just don't agree with. The kid flipping over the blocks on his head isn't that amazing. The wushu combat was more just choreography. The Wayne Smallwood fight wasn't impressive either, because just about anyone can knock someone out who's barely even trying to defend themselves. Both were winded, clearly, just flailing arms around for a knockout. That's not impressive.

  107. Nudist Priest

    Nudist Priest6 ngày trước

    3:58 how’s that nigga not dead

  108. Nudist Priest

    Nudist Priest6 ngày trước

    How tf is breaking boards with your face while doing a flip a combat sport

  109. thisguyrighthere3

    thisguyrighthere33 ngày trước

    sometimes you have to headbutt a midget

  110. Sneaky44

    Sneaky443 ngày trước

    It's not a combat sport as you can see it was a world record attempt.

  111. Rich Dandanell

    Rich Dandanell5 ngày trước

    Yes , that has to be one of the dumbest displays of martial arts nonsense I've seen .

  112. Clean Elephant

    Clean Elephant6 ngày trước

    Rip Neurons