The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER!


  1. Alex Meinert

    Alex Meinert2 giờ trước

    What a bunch of slop!!!!!! Maybe one or two actual highlights the rest is rookie slop.. you should be ashamed of your self for making this list.. but oh wait in the beginning of this days it all a creation fan.... you suck just like John cena

  2. Alex Meinert

    Alex Meinert2 giờ trước

    Says it all and cenation fan. I apologize to all for my phone auto correct. Lol I can admit my mistakes maybe the creator of this video should do the same lil

  3. Shrapnel

    Shrapnel4 giờ trước

    6:34 not gonna lie that was nice

  4. DNAunion

    DNAunion5 giờ trước

    So, I have to wait for 45 seconds before the actual stuff starts, and then it starts with a cheap trick. Sucks.

  5. sasa sisi

    sasa sisi5 giờ trước

    de la merde la premiere video tu pisse dessu sa ce casse mdr

  6. NiobProta

    NiobProta6 giờ trước

    Did you know that your intro lasts about 45 seconds? That's a long intro.

  7. Elsa McBong

    Elsa McBong6 giờ trước

    Your bonus scenes give me eye cancer. Nice compilation though

  8. khjtfmibk ljhrgij

    khjtfmibk ljhrgij6 giờ trước

    Ебать этот долбоеб не заебался долбиться своим пустым чайником о подпиленные доски? На 3:30 вшивый петух случайно попал своим тупорылым копытом по ебалу другого петуха и весь его вид выдает что вообще-то он ссыкло ибо только зашуганное чмо хлопает крыльями как этот петух. Например Емельяненко так не делает.

  9. Aiya Knight

    Aiya Knight8 giờ trước

    The last fight the guy with one arm caught him with an elbow

  10. Belmin - K

    Belmin - K8 giờ trước

    19:00 Who remember this WWE Catcher at the right

  11. samir hfaidh

    samir hfaidh9 giờ trước

    number 1 must be the last one

  12. Doug B

    Doug B9 giờ trước

    Literally any highlight from Lomachenko could fit into this list!

  13. dat glad

    dat glad9 giờ trước

    The second I read Anthony Pettis I knew exactly what was comings l

  14. Nasty business.

    Nasty business.10 giờ trước

    111 concrete blocks my ass ! 111 blocks of foam more like

  15. iDiminished

    iDiminished10 giờ trước

    0:17 I can't stop laughing. Dude looks like he had a perm, with Kristen Stuart level of emotion.

  16. Mach Seven

    Mach Seven12 giờ trước

    **Hardly** the "The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER" ... title your video properly rebel scum.

  17. Ivan Corts

    Ivan Corts13 giờ trước

    00:45 What are this tables made of, sugar? 02:04, Pantangco, all my respect for that dude. 07:06, if a want to see somebody dancing in a choreographed secuence, i´m going to the theater. 13:57 Oh yeah man!!!! that´s what call "evading a kick" 20:30 Heart of a lion, Fedor!!!

  18. The Rickest Rick

    The Rickest Rick14 giờ trước

    Fedor... Not Fjodor.

  19. Richard stremme

    Richard stremme15 giờ trước

    whoever made the title, you are either really sad click bait whore, or you have an absolute boring life. just sayin

  20. Stangles z

    Stangles zNgày trước


  21. TheOicyu812

    TheOicyu812Ngày trước

    Where are the highlights from the Francis Ngannou vs. Derrick Lewis fight?

  22. Benny der Vogel

    Benny der VogelNgày trước

    the most impressive guy is #18. the one who spared his oponent recognizing that he will destroy him otherwise. respect for this one.

  23. shant hagopian

    shant hagopianNgày trước

    LOOOL 1st one says concrete... fucking blocks made of biscuits.

  24. David Obscurantis

    David ObscurantisNgày trước

    11:40 Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku!!! D:

  25. poch888

    poch8882 ngày trước


  26. free style

    free style2 ngày trước

    @5:03 damn how did he get KO’d unconscious from that? Didn’t seem that hard of a slam but tf do know

  27. Ksus Susk

    Ksus Susk2 ngày trước

    I wonder if anyone ever got killed in MMA? Let me google that though.

  28. jaime7777

    jaime77772 ngày trước

    #15... if I have someones arm that fucked in an armbar and they won't tap... I'm just going to release it. It's not worth potentially ending someones fight career because of pride. Also fuck that guy for not tapping when he was beat. Guy could have fucked your arm up beyond normally functioning ever again but he maintained control out of respect. No respect for the dickhead that wouldn't tap...

  29. mathiue bibe

    mathiue bibe2 ngày trước

    7:17 who will marry that girl 😳😨

  30. JankesBMW

    JankesBMW2 ngày trước

    where if Rickson gracie flip.........that was something! without this is incomplete.

  31. Tim Bartz

    Tim Bartz2 ngày trước

    7:05 krasse koreographie alter

  32. Tino Trivino

    Tino Trivino3 ngày trước

    its not healthy for children the fan fever! They develop later anxiety.


    JAMAL SPARTAN3 ngày trước

    women with that spear was the greatest

  34. Sr. Goalkeeper

    Sr. Goalkeeper3 ngày trước

    There are more sports than only mma.

  35. don key

    don key3 ngày trước

    Unexpected collective separate define develop ahead fitness.

  36. Cap'n Ditto

    Cap'n Ditto3 ngày trước

    #6 he could've won by default but nah he won by ko

  37. gamingdragon 123

    gamingdragon 1233 ngày trước


  38. Stefan F.

    Stefan F.3 ngày trước

    Demonstrations should not be included, they're not combat. Staged and choreographed.

  39. Sven Dettler

    Sven Dettler3 ngày trước

    That Wushu thing is sooooo acted...

  40. Bleach Life

    Bleach Life3 ngày trước

    I was half expecting someone to let loose a kamehameha!

  41. fourmiz raurau

    fourmiz raurau3 ngày trước

    le n4 c pas fair play au deuxième coup de coude il et ko sa sert a rien d en mettre 50 derrière facon de parler et l arbitre aurais du arreter le combat plu tot

  42. Rober Franco

    Rober Franco4 ngày trước

    el video esta ronpiendo cukis 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. TheGodEmperorofMankind

    TheGodEmperorofMankind4 ngày trước

    0:59 is not a combat sport.

  44. discovery

    discovery4 ngày trước


  45. Poseidon GG

    Poseidon GG4 ngày trước

    7:00 wtf is that even possible

  46. NY OneLove

    NY OneLove4 ngày trước

    Not the greatest, but entertaining clips.

  47. TheDumbRatMan12

    TheDumbRatMan124 ngày trước

    that guy clearly just didnt want to break his arm. he should have won

  48. 14guitargamer

    14guitargamer4 ngày trước

    13:05 is the pinnacle of sportmanship. He could've let the match end and win by default but he showed us true love for the sport and the opponent he faces.

  49. fu tube

    fu tube4 ngày trước

    smashing concrete blocks? If a mouse ran across those blocks they would break.

  50. The Ripp3r

    The Ripp3r4 ngày trước

    9.22 and 9.53 also 13.46 it's Muay Thai not kick boxing .....

  51. Ilan Rais

    Ilan Rais4 ngày trước

    From here the sentence " I will beat you with one left " :D

  52. Jose Sanchez

    Jose Sanchez4 ngày trước

    MMA isn’t even a sport

  53. Tarık Günersel

    Tarık Günersel4 ngày trước

    So much to learn

  54. Emjay Jose

    Emjay Jose4 ngày trước

    7:06 thats me dodging all the chores in the house

  55. Alexander Flerko

    Alexander Flerko4 ngày trước

    Ахуеть !

  56. Louis Green

    Louis Green4 ngày trước

    7:54 was the best tho

  57. andos oaklands

    andos oaklands4 ngày trước

    Why would u ever find the great moments in combat history and think to urself oh I know let's just put a dumb ass filter over it and ruin the picture to almost 0 visibility? And then be dumb enough to actually do it

  58. john. ips

    john. ips5 ngày trước

    They smoke a lot of weed

  59. Wafa Obaid

    Wafa Obaid5 ngày trước

    In the beginning. Shocking. Surprising.......... Jungshook.........👀 😂😂

  60. Kenny Lin

    Kenny Lin5 ngày trước

    5:08 kid on the upper right: "mom what happened to uncle? is he going to dinner later?"

  61. Michael Tester

    Michael Tester5 ngày trước

    Wish ladies teari it up

  62. BlueStag

    BlueStag5 ngày trước

    you might as well not add the bonus if you're gonna add some shitty edits over it ffs

  63. Johnathan B

    Johnathan B5 ngày trước


  64. bruno ferrari

    bruno ferrari5 ngày trước

    There's another one Vitor Belfort vs Wandelei Silva

  65. Vitaliy Galanin

    Vitaliy Galanin5 ngày trước


  66. MuayThai

    MuayThai5 ngày trước (buakaw son maç)

  67. cracktalkz

    cracktalkz5 ngày trước

    that is not concreate.

  68. TNT Qc

    TNT Qc5 ngày trước

    great compilation. But what about this double ko:

  69. Noah Kaysease

    Noah Kaysease6 ngày trước

    LMFAO why that guy goy a glove on his nub HAHAH

  70. Bonjo Perez

    Bonjo Perez6 ngày trước

    3:10 chris brown spin kick

  71. Raczoon

    Raczoon6 ngày trước

    Relocating your disabled opponent's shoulder so he can continue fighting against you is a uniquely honorable thing to do, and I'm deeply moved seeing this. But the fact that he just walked up like a pro and fixed it in one second was also strangely humorous. What a man.

  72. Alex P

    Alex P6 ngày trước

    NEO at 14:00

  73. Rose Red

    Rose Red6 ngày trước

    okay 30 seconds in and the video hasn't even started.. Not off to a good start Edit: 45 fucking seconds to actually get to the video.. Lovely.. I mean #20 is funny, wouldn't cal it amazing Also seven seconds in between each clip is a little unnecessary. fuck, I know I had complaints but this shit is mesmerizing

  74. Kleeny The Ill

    Kleeny The Ill6 ngày trước

    Ryo Chonan? Have you never heard of Masakazu Imanari?

  75. Pavel Kochba

    Pavel Kochba6 ngày trước

    I think Adam Khaliev (14:39) was awesome. More than celebration he cared more about his opponent's health. Of course that goes also to Pantangco and all fair players.

  76. Cesar Gil

    Cesar Gil6 ngày trước

    14:00 why did the idiot judge put himself in the middle when the guy escaped marvelously from a kick and had a chance to do something? I don’t understand these fights, so...

  77. Slash

    Slash6 ngày trước

    Number 8 ??? vs ??? because don't know how to read their name.. LOL

  78. ChefZilla SavAGE

    ChefZilla SavAGE6 ngày trước

    Ha Ha, that was freaking humorous. 😂

  79. Lachlan Salter

    Lachlan Salter6 ngày trước

    Great clips in general, but #1 kinda looks like a fix. Seems like Potter could have ended it any time in the first minute and a half of the clip just had to go hard at his weak side while protecting his right, didn't seem that exhausted so it was either pity, or just throwing it. Also seems to recover after taking the big hit at 18:25, which he left himself totally open for, despite that being the only thing he had to worry about. Then gives up with 22 sec in the round, to a guy with only his weak arm, despite not getting hit again? Seems kinda fishy. But, then again, people never throw fights in boxing, right?

  80. STARKILLER15100

    STARKILLER151007 ngày trước

    China just on some next anime shit

  81. Rayden Tyranitar

    Rayden Tyranitar7 ngày trước

    1:33 Someone please put the ultra instinct theme over this.

  82. jsq yangj

    jsq yangj7 ngày trước


  83. Derply Derp

    Derply Derp7 ngày trước

    Who else saw Gordon Ramsay

  84. PrynKya

    PrynKya7 ngày trước

    Good sportsmanship for the match where he dislocated his shoulder. I like the guy stopped the fight and told the referee about his arm and then he even popped it back in.

  85. Rick C

    Rick C7 ngày trước

    at 1:25 he didn't smash the blocks with his head!

  86. Lee Penrose

    Lee Penrose7 ngày trước

    The first clip - how is that combat, or a sport.

  87. friends and personal

    friends and personal7 ngày trước


  88. So Confused

    So Confused7 ngày trước

    the headbutt front flip thing was lame as fuck.. every knows those "blocks" break easily, he wasnt even putting force down his body weight alone broke them easily. He just proved how much of a joke karate is lol

  89. Djahongir Norgit

    Djahongir Norgit7 ngày trước

    Fedor Emelyanenko is first for ever. Is not diskussable Where is Mike Iron Mike Zambidis, author?

  90. itz CeeJay _

    itz CeeJay _7 ngày trước

    _/﹋\_ (҂`_´)

  91. Zorik

    Zorik7 ngày trước

    Fucking niggers

  92. Massimo Gigante

    Massimo Gigante7 ngày trước

    7:19 What the Fuck is that?

  93. lym boy

    lym boy7 ngày trước

    This is fake...its called fake shows

  94. Leon Batey

    Leon Batey7 ngày trước

    that Asian fighting is so planned. looks like any Asian video

  95. Tisoyon X

    Tisoyon X7 ngày trước

    5 and 18 . The best

  96. Дрон Дрюнов

    Дрон Дрюнов7 ngày trước

    суммоистов на ножи и в брикетах, в хохляндию. Там свиней - блядей не хватает...)))

  97. Alex Tiesto

    Alex Tiesto7 ngày trước

    Nr.8 = Jin Seok Jung

  98. extp1967

    extp19677 ngày trước

    #20. Those "bricks" would break if the wind blew too hard. Those are sugar cubes.

  99. D Schneid

    D Schneid7 ngày trước

    Not concrete at all

  100. Tambo The Tank

    Tambo The Tank7 ngày trước

    Most of this shit isn’t that special or amazing. Also some of this has nothing to do with combat sports?

  101. MrZillas

    MrZillas7 ngày trước

    I am not sure, if I will ever understand people who like to see how other peoples get hurt. Dumb horde of monkeys.