The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER!


  1. SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder3 giờ trước

    Even China's choreography is cheapily made.

  2. SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder3 giờ trước

    Someone says they know taekwondo. I know they are gonna lose a fight against you, and everyone in the room.

  3. SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder

    SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder3 giờ trước

    I'm sorry, but cheerleading is a better martial art than Taekwondo...n't.

  4. Erik Lucas

    Erik Lucas3 giờ trước

    i wish i could get 20 million views for this much effort. good video though

  5. Brian Hibbs

    Brian Hibbs3 giờ trước

    18:41 link to full fight?

  6. Charkles

    Charkles7 giờ trước

    how is a dislocated shoulder not a TKO these days with the worry of brain injury

  7. J Why

    J Why8 giờ trước

    They cheated the shit out of the black dude @ #3

  8. J Why

    J Why8 giờ trước

    #12 that’s just dangerous

  9. J Why

    J Why8 giờ trước

    Damn 18..

  10. lil derpy panda

    lil derpy panda8 giờ trước

    In the first video the birds were cork boards...pre broken...fake boards meant to give students a feel for how to break boards, and give them confidence to break actual 2 by 4's...he basically used his center of gravity to do a summer Sault (however spelled) off the board.

  11. Mike B

    Mike B10 giờ trước

    Jesus Christ, every day now I see a muslim in a hijab 🧕🏾. Not good.

  12. LêSu1luj

    LêSu1luj14 giờ trước

    Dude where is Mohammed Ali?

  13. Dusty Boot

    Dusty Boot16 giờ trước

    Cut down the fucking intro!

  14. TheSamsanca

    TheSamsanca17 giờ trước

    @3:20 that guy could play a Klingon without makeup

  15. dacypher22

    dacypher2219 giờ trước

    0:46 if that is concrete, I am made of iron.

  16. Natan Miksic

    Natan MiksicNgày trước

    I thought I'm gonna see some bones ripping tru this dude skin, OMFG!!!

  17. GeometryDash Sultur

    GeometryDash SulturNgày trước

    MMA is boring asf

  18. crackheadcarljr

    crackheadcarljrNgày trước

    Can they beat the unbeaten karate master though?

  19. According To Honda

    According To HondaNgày trước

    reup without the stupid FX on the bonus you TWAT


    FLIGHT CREWNgày trước

    11:50 when you and your friend hit the same buttons in mortal combat lol

  21. Zi Truong

    Zi TruongNgày trước


  22. Jack Is God.

    Jack Is God.Ngày trước

    Why is nobody talking about the wrestling flip in the beginning? It was amazing!

  23. Anon Ymity

    Anon YmityNgày trước

    Losing to a guy with a dislocated shoulder must of been almost humiliating

  24. guy112ex

    guy112exNgày trước

    First one is obviously not real bricks lol

  25. Connor MacLeod

    Connor MacLeodNgày trước

    Nice collection. But at least one great knockout is missing: Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto vs Kazuyuki Miyata

  26. Dai mon

    Dai monNgày trước

    Those are the weakest concrete blocks ever made. xD

  27. Blenderis YO

    Blenderis YONgày trước

    80 percent mma fighters are mental

  28. Pravda DoHuby

    Pravda DoHubyNgày trước

    lol gordon ramsay at 18:57 hahah :D

  29. Hampus R

    Hampus RNgày trước

    That Wushu at 7:04 made me nervous, lol.

  30. Hazmat bunny

    Hazmat bunnyNgày trước

    First one lmao fake bricks

  31. Сука блять

    Сука блятьNgày trước

    I don’t like how much ass you can see in sumo... way to much ass

  32. JOSEPH

    JOSEPHNgày trước

    Putting some re-bar into those concrete blocks would probably make it more impressive.

  33. Its_ Khalil

    Its_ KhalilNgày trước

    7:34 female rock lee??

  34. 2 subs without a video

    2 subs without a videoNgày trước

    15:47 that ass tho🙏🏾👀

  35. Chilloutextract

    Chilloutextract2 ngày trước

    nice asian guy!

  36. Tyclonex

    Tyclonex2 ngày trước

    Wow, the first video...not concrete. Plaster of Paris. if that. Guinness book? Holy shit dude.

  37. thatOne Guy

    thatOne Guy2 ngày trước

    WOW number 6 was fucking awesome. That dude was like " I got you man, just let me yank your arm back into position so we can fight." What a thug. That guy is a true competitor and a damn respectable person as well.

  38. alejandro cmpunk

    alejandro cmpunk2 ngày trước

    number 14 is k1

  39. Charles Brooks

    Charles Brooks2 ngày trước

    Amazing wow

  40. trwsandford

    trwsandford2 ngày trước

    Sumo is always funnier if you add fart sound effects..#justsayin

  41. NoobDaily

    NoobDaily2 ngày trước

    First one damn this mans got a strong as head, lmao no hate.

  42. Kawy Thowy

    Kawy Thowy2 ngày trước

    Those 2’asian girls were incredible. Amazing.

  43. Samsunghe Andro

    Samsunghe Andro2 ngày trước

    10:02 : mamma mia .

  44. steven aloisi

    steven aloisi2 ngày trước

    Those concrete blocks look like, if anything, theyre made of AAC, which technically does make it a concrete, but the stuffs aerated like an Aero bar, full of bubbles the whole way through. You can break a block that size simply by placing it down onto the ground too quickly, or just break chunks off the block with minimal effort.. shit, sneeze on a block of AAC and something will break off it

  45. Nathan unknown

    Nathan unknown2 ngày trước

    XiPing acting out sanctions on American tarrifs.

  46. Александр Справедливый

    Александр Справедливый2 ngày trước

    The deast killers.

  47. General Zod

    General Zod2 ngày trước

    Bricks provided by Acme Inc.

  48. garv jain

    garv jain2 ngày trước

    8:17 Epic

  49. Train Hard Be Good and Pray

    Train Hard Be Good and Pray2 ngày trước

    Size doesnt matter

  50. xXFeralArtsXx

    xXFeralArtsXx3 ngày trước

    Why is wushu a fighting sport? There is no fighting, only blatant obvious choreography xDDD

  51. Athan asios

    Athan asios3 ngày trước

    16:12 Ironically those guys where picked last at gym class !

  52. Keen Nickolas

    Keen Nickolas3 ngày trước

    20 and 12 ... theatrical bullshit ...

  53. MGKstudios

    MGKstudios3 ngày trước

    BJJ the best martial arts you could possibly need

  54. Jake Sansom

    Jake Sansom3 ngày trước

    Shit music

  55. Prakhar Choubey

    Prakhar Choubey3 ngày trước


  56. Mr. 0000

    Mr. 00003 ngày trước

    13:51 that some fucking ultra instinct

  57. Nick worster

    Nick worster3 ngày trước

    Too bad they're not real concrete bricks try that with a concrete brick you buy at Home Depot

  58. pierrot le fou

    pierrot le fou3 ngày trước

    tu nous emmerdes avec tes notifications !

  59. Andrius Kaseta

    Andrius Kaseta3 ngày trước

    Aleksander Povetkin has won with only his right hand.And he is the best boxer ever lived.

  60. Piquelito Jr

    Piquelito Jr3 ngày trước

    When ippo fought volg and went toe to toe with HIM...

  61. Игорь Игорь

    Игорь Игорь3 ngày trước

    Dislike. Number one, this is Emelyanenko - Hong Мan Choi fight

  62. Rab Coutts

    Rab Coutts3 ngày trước

    holy shit, those wushu women, how?! how do you practice that without impaling someone? top shit, not combat sports, but still!

  63. Timothy Roach

    Timothy Roach4 ngày trước

    The kung fu chics looked cool.. but im sorry.. a coreographed fight is hardly an amazing moment in combat sport.

  64. Mitch Stone

    Mitch Stone4 ngày trước

    Breaking the bricks with the head thing is way too easy! Those bricks are very light and not really strong at all! That's why I never participated in those kinds of exhibitions! I prefer actual bricks from Home Depot! He couldn't do that with those kind! Taekwondo does that to give false achievement to the students! It's all about the money!!

  65. FeaR Panda

    FeaR Panda4 ngày trước

    That first one is SOOOOOOO FAKE.

  66. Frost

    Frost4 ngày trước

    Mma is not a sport tho

  67. RONIX_NW

    RONIX_NW4 ngày trước

    Some really incredible moments in this video. Great compilation

  68. Van Puth

    Van Puth4 ngày trước

    Number 5 Bryan Hawk lol.

  69. Thompson Kirkpatrick

    Thompson Kirkpatrick4 ngày trước

    I wish the bonus footage didn’t look like garbage film from the 20s...

  70. Saladon89

    Saladon894 ngày trước

    very disappointing video, bunch of amateur fighters, kid breaking Styrofoam blocks, and an Asian woman whose trained to dodge dick attacks

  71. Saladon89

    Saladon894 ngày trước

    7:16, damn that dodge, she must really dont want the dick. i wouldnt want her, this would be me all night trying to get some.

  72. Saladon89

    Saladon894 ngày trước

    concrete blocks, please bro, that aint concrete

  73. Mia Rose

    Mia Rose4 ngày trước

    when that man pushed off the cage I was dead af lol , smart guy

  74. Novapelt WarriorCatFan

    Novapelt WarriorCatFan4 ngày trước

    Yeah this is good, but have you seen KSI vs Logan Paul?! This is obviously a joke 😂

  75. unknownalias56

    unknownalias564 ngày trước

    Bad filter at the end

  76. Aleks Seb

    Aleks Seb5 ngày trước

    The blue visual effect on the bonus videos was completely unnecessary. What's the point of watching a video where you can barely tell what they're doing, and who's who?

  77. Coco Lover

    Coco Lover5 ngày trước

    7:22 how i dodge my ex

  78. Christina Ames

    Christina Ames5 ngày trước

    I hate MMA!! Brutal and horrible to watch!!!

  79. MARLIK.BIK. V.R.6

    MARLIK.BIK. V.R.65 ngày trước


  80. zitfrit

    zitfrit5 ngày trước

    Please consider renaming the video to " some cool MMA videos only"

  81. wayne williams

    wayne williams5 ngày trước

    Love the spinning back kick at 3:09, he probably practiced that move a million times, it came off so smooth. WOW

  82. Jay Tiller

    Jay Tiller5 ngày trước

    The referee for #3, the slowest count down for 1st guy....i wonder why...? What a shame....👎👎

  83. Elton Alves

    Elton Alves5 ngày trước

    07:20 - mulher cega da porra!!

  84. John Autullo

    John Autullo5 ngày trước

    Some badass women

  85. Jay Jay

    Jay Jay5 ngày trước


  86. Blixx

    Blixx5 ngày trước

    Cool those bricks at the beginning can be broke with just the weight of his body. They're made of f****** cornmeal

  87. Westerosi Tyrell

    Westerosi Tyrell5 ngày trước

    Those gimmick bricks will break if you sneeze on them.

  88. Robert Kautz

    Robert Kautz5 ngày trước

    How about using real bricks now? Most of this is a sideshow scam.

  89. Constantine Fetter

    Constantine Fetter5 ngày trước

    he can destroy so many foams gj

  90. der Typ

    der Typ5 ngày trước

    Wrestling? Combat sport? 🤔

  91. C Herbo

    C Herbo5 ngày trước

    First one look fake asl

  92. Ishant Sharma

    Ishant Sharma5 ngày trước

    No 18th made me happy

  93. Gray Matter

    Gray Matter6 ngày trước

    The first one looks like salt bricks, week asss bricks lol.

  94. Jay Walker

    Jay Walker6 ngày trước

    @ 10:31, Baek and Hwroang would b hella proud of this dude! Dude kick game so crazy!

  95. nigagara HWAII

    nigagara HWAII6 ngày trước

    효도르 화이팅

  96. XxwindexX

    XxwindexX6 ngày trước

    Boom ting

  97. Sándor Hatvani

    Sándor Hatvani6 ngày trước

    My favorites were the 18th and 4th parts where not the total annihilation of the opponent was the goal of the winner. Respect.

  98. Gabriel Eduardo

    Gabriel Eduardo6 ngày trước

    8:20 as até as japoneses despertaram o instinto superior e você não😂😂😂

  99. Jibis Lakis

    Jibis Lakis6 ngày trước

    Wwwe fans are just stupid like people who like pineapple pizza

  100. bulletcrisis

    bulletcrisis6 ngày trước

    Number 6. “Here bud let me fix your arm so I can beat u up more” 😂