The Physical Friend | Anwar Jibawi


  1. Anwar Jibawi

    Anwar JibawiNgày trước

    Do you have a friend like this?

  2. Richard Coleman

    Richard Coleman14 phút trước

    Anwar Jibawi no

  3. julio Hernandez

    julio Hernandez16 phút trước


  4. pooyak

    pooyak17 phút trước

    you're the best and funniest Anwar.

  5. D ThorntonJr

    D ThorntonJr20 phút trước

    Anwar Jibawiy

  6. The One and Only

    The One and Only21 phút trước

    Anwar Jibawi I AM the friend like this😂

  7. -Glitchez -

    -Glitchez -9 phút trước

    2:54 I’m dead😂😂😂💀

  8. Kevin Songcuan

    Kevin Songcuan9 phút trước

    You wouldn't kill your daughter right? Ye but thanos would... lmao

  9. flame

    flame10 phút trước

    Only niggas that are 12 think his content is funny

  10. Mag Movies

    Mag Movies11 phút trước

    Ahaha, you don't want this guy to re-enact Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

  11. Kayla Valdez

    Kayla Valdez11 phút trước

    Number 2 on trending!!!!!

  12. spongebob 2891

    spongebob 289112 phút trước

    # 2 trending u go anwar

  13. Amal Ahmad

    Amal Ahmad13 phút trước

    That was so f** amazing bro!!!

  14. Levi Halperin

    Levi Halperin14 phút trước

    Spoiler alert

  15. Jia Yan Huang

    Jia Yan Huang14 phút trước

    Wooowww #2 on trending!!😊

  16. -CyborG-

    -CyborG-18 phút trước

    subscribe me i will subscribe back also watch my internesting tutorials and gameplays.

  17. The One and Only

    The One and Only21 phút trước

    *When you realize that you ARE the physical friend*😂

  18. Julie Jones

    Julie Jones21 phút trước

    #2 on Trending in the U.S.

  19. SanYsl 95

    SanYsl 9522 phút trước

    I met the big dude at a local clothes store in victorville,i had took a picture with him very cool guy, hes a pretty big dude like 6’6-6’5 ,i came up to his shoulders

  20. Laya Bee101

    Laya Bee10123 phút trước

    I swear my sisters mom knows the big dude

  21. praveen sharma

    praveen sharma25 phút trước

    very nice

  22. MILLIONAIRE millionaire

    MILLIONAIRE millionaire26 phút trước

    On trending that’s what’s up lil homie

  23. B Garcia

    B Garcia26 phút trước

    Funny thing is that I'm that friend


    INSANEKID27 phút trước


  25. Nogahentido Soka

    Nogahentido Soka29 phút trước

    #2 Trending

  26. Conner DeBlauw

    Conner DeBlauw30 phút trước think you might like this a little better

  27. RedDragon Smaug

    RedDragon Smaug32 phút trước

    ROFL 🤣😂😂😂😂😂👌🏽👍🏽💪🏽🤙🏽

  28. Mayborn Music

    Mayborn Music32 phút trước

    A friend like this, who needs enemies.

  29. Enrique Peterson

    Enrique Peterson33 phút trước

    Who else thought That Anwar was going to give Spoiler alerts and get His ass kicked for spoiling it.

  30. Arianah Harvey

    Arianah Harvey34 phút trước

    #2 on trending

  31. Customer Service

    Customer Service34 phút trước

    Was this supposed to be funny?

  32. Enrique Peterson

    Enrique Peterson37 phút trước

    People can you Listen to “Poke it out” by Playboi Carti 🔥🔥🔥 This song is Lit 🔥🔥

  33. Mariyam Mehendi

    Mariyam Mehendi39 phút trước

    #2 trending in INDIA yay anwar so happy

  34. ReshinX

    ReshinX39 phút trước

    Guessing Anwar wasn't feeling so good 😢

  35. Black Guy

    Black Guy40 phút trước

    Never laughed soooo much😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Ben R.

    Ben R.42 phút trước

    oh my god that was funny

  37. Felicia Anderson-Hodge

    Felicia Anderson-Hodge45 phút trước

    You sure he's not the actual person who played Thanos🤣

  38. Sara alshamy

    Sara alshamy45 phút trước


  39. Im Dad

    Im Dad45 phút trước

    Not my proudest fap.

  40. Vincent Promise

    Vincent Promise47 phút trước

    Lol That last part though

  41. KCB

    KCB47 phút trước

    Yep... That's me sometimes

  42. Zainab Obaidan

    Zainab Obaidan48 phút trước

    Not the smear that I know tbh make better videos

  43. Matthew Martinez-Cruz

    Matthew Martinez-Cruz48 phút trước

    I’m surprised he’s still alive

  44. Ranger alpha

    Ranger alpha49 phút trước

    Thanos did nothing wrong

  45. Hamsa A.

    Hamsa A.55 phút trước

    Why is this trash trending?!!

  46. fadi baqain

    fadi baqainGiờ trước

    Why did you buy your viewers lele pons v.2

  47. APX Marauder

    APX MarauderGiờ trước

    don’t let this distract you from the fact that lightning mcqueen blew a 2 lap lead in the piston cup.

  48. Maya Borisov

    Maya BorisovGiờ trước

    WOW #2 ON TRENDING!!!!

  49. Yousef Srag

    Yousef SragGiờ trước

    Anwar can you speak Arabic in one video please

  50. BigE Hauben

    BigE HaubenGiờ trước

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  51. Alyssa Murphy

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  52. Argenis Nuñez

    Argenis NuñezGiờ trước

    #1 Tendencia 🇩🇴

  53. 9:13

    9:13Giờ trước

    He got so lucky with that punch

  54. Ayaat Sayid

    Ayaat SayidGiờ trước

    Spider man dies in the actual movie

  55. RestLessNessDrop

    RestLessNessDropGiờ trước

    Now! That was some really shit

  56. vv l

    vv lGiờ trước


  57. Legit Gamer

    Legit GamerGiờ trước

    Vinner faggets like you contributed to the destruction of this platform. Fuck you.

  58. New Xnxx

    New XnxxGiờ trước

    nice video love my

  59. Derico Turner

    Derico TurnerGiờ trước

    This man here bro 😂😂

  60. vertrau Auf ihn

    vertrau Auf ihnGiờ trước

    Yo come here real quick

  61. Kyle Kliethermes

    Kyle KliethermesGiờ trước

    This is #2 on trending??? 😂😂😂😂😂 TRASHHHHHH

  62. Rose Thorn

    Rose ThornGiờ trước

    Good job #2 on trending

  63. Xi Ben iX

    Xi Ben iXGiờ trước

    Heck No! The One going for 6th Stone is long-dead! 😂😂😂

  64. meme beam

    meme beamGiờ trước

    Is this really trending ?is it really?

  65. Diamonds Dreams

    Diamonds DreamsGiờ trước


  66. fijisim

    fijisimGiờ trước

    Wash he said that don’t look right with the webs 😂😂

  67. Wendy Vargas

    Wendy VargasGiờ trước

    Omg I laughed my ass off!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor Anward

  68. Francis Messner

    Francis MessnerGiờ trước

    2 on trending

  69. Whitney Ho

    Whitney HoGiờ trước

    Francis Messner Oh thank you for sharing this information that I totally couldn't see. Thank you, from the bottom of heart.

  70. Esteban Tapia

    Esteban TapiaGiờ trước

    Instagram comedy, that's it

  71. Willy Nilly

    Willy NillyGiờ trước

    Lol half of you nigs must be gay

  72. Whitney Ho

    Whitney HoGiờ trước


  73. member of chat

    member of chatGiờ trước

    this is number 2 on trending? goddamn the trending section is full of trash

  74. Whitney Ho

    Whitney HoGiờ trước

    Can you make content like this? Some people can't and yet they call this trash

  75. Vogue Of Today

    Vogue Of TodayGiờ trước


  76. Aditya ENG.

    Aditya ENG.Giờ trước

    Your videos always make me laugh, bro.

  77. eggeg leg

    eggeg legGiờ trước

    hate when my uncle does this at night and tickles my butt

  78. Jatin Wane

    Jatin WaneGiờ trước

    1:58 is THE best part

  79. Now Available On Amazon

    Now Available On AmazonGiờ trước

    So funny bro as alawys, keep up....

  80. Official Soggy Lettuce

    Official Soggy LettuceGiờ trước

    This is cancer.

  81. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach53 phút trước

    Official Soggy Lettuce kill yourself

  82. Mario 1023

    Mario 1023Giờ trước


  83. Whitney Ho

    Whitney HoGiờ trước

    Mario 1023 I totally didn't know

  84. Victor Igwenwanne

    Victor IgwenwanneGiờ trước

    Gamora was adopted

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  86. Haniel Lopez

    Haniel LopezGiờ trước

    Damn big daddy

  87. Rayaan Elkatme

    Rayaan ElkatmeGiờ trước

    Is this a paid promotion for Marvel 😂

  88. Annuza Lacruza

    Annuza LacruzaGiờ trước

    I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  89. Odd-Eyes Von

    Odd-Eyes VonGiờ trước

    "Get up bruh you tripping" Says the nigga who beating up his homie. Lol

  90. gamer11_RBLX From ROBLOX

    gamer11_RBLX From ROBLOXGiờ trước



    Tomas ESCOBAR CARCAMOGiờ trước

    Lightening macween dies on infinite war

  92. Pattitra 123

    Pattitra 123Giờ trước

    Is... that... t-t-the i-finity... gauntlet?! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  93. Mynx Lydon

    Mynx LydonGiờ trước

    It’s funny he said “dang he had em like that” and I do have a friend like this like he don’t stop hitting people ever.

  94. George RPG

    George RPG2 giờ trước

    Is he Arabic?

  95. Black Alpha

    Black Alpha2 giờ trước

    That's what he get letting him get treated like that

  96. MADSEN

    MADSEN2 giờ trước

    (2 0 1 8)!!!!

  97. Waveform

    Waveform2 giờ trước

    Aye come here real quick...

  98. Percius Westbrooks

    Percius Westbrooks2 giờ trước

    This shit ain’t funny at all

  99. Joseph Bruck

    Joseph Bruck2 giờ trước

    "C'mere real quick"

  100. Aditya4Sure

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  101. centerdbeast

    centerdbeast2 giờ trước

    #2 on trending

  102. Natalia Aulia

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  103. Daunté L. Guapo

    Daunté L. Guapo2 giờ trước

    Dead AF

  104. FNG Isma

    FNG Isma2 giờ trước

    If u scroll down fast enough it well be purple 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵 🔵🔴 🔴🔵

  105. shawn secor

    shawn secor2 giờ trước

    hilarious man

  106. Warrantedspeaker

    Warrantedspeaker2 giờ trước

    Bearhug that shit next time.

  107. xyqwelt official

    xyqwelt official2 giờ trước

  108. JAY

    JAY2 giờ trước

    He’s a WILD boy