1. Selp

    Selp42 phút trước

    dramatic at its finest!

  2. zozo sadik

    zozo sadik42 phút trước

    youtubes is pretty much wwe in the way it handles things

  3. CyberStorm

    CyberStorm42 phút trước

    You do have good potential to be a good actor... keep it up man

  4. deadzen

    deadzen43 phút trước

    Logan paul actually looked really good here. He seems like an really good actor! I really hope he makes it in a professional career so we don't have to deal with all the VIreporter drama no more.

  5. Ansley Harriott

    Ansley Harriott44 phút trước

    You just can’t take the movie seriously

  6. supreme venom

    supreme venom44 phút trước

    2:27 I thought it was that apology video

  7. j.e cubero

    j.e cubero45 phút trước

    The thinning.... of your hairline HA!

  8. Neha Chaturvedi

    Neha Chaturvedi45 phút trước

    apparently youtube loves Logan paul

  9. LilyRayme Animation

    LilyRayme Animation46 phút trước


  10. I'm not sure Why

    I'm not sure Why47 phút trước

    Oh VIreporter, you’re such a hypocritical cunt.

  11. Andy Leung

    Andy Leung47 phút trước

    Wow is this the first thing I see popping up on my screen....come on google...

  12. SomeSpicyNoodle

    SomeSpicyNoodle48 phút trước

    not really a fan but not bad

  13. Jason Santos

    Jason Santos48 phút trước

    VIreporter double standard. We see you

  14. Jason Santos

    Jason Santos48 phút trước

    VIreporter double standard. We see you

  15. Tarkobian Warr

    Tarkobian Warr48 phút trước

    why my pp cold?

  16. The03artist

    The03artist49 phút trước

    Where that scare PewDiePie season two at.

  17. Felton Mitchell

    Felton Mitchell50 phút trước

    No thanks I'll wait for the DVD to come out ( the bootleg copy )

  18. JustinTime2SxC

    JustinTime2SxC51 phút trước

    just came to dislike this sh*t cya

  19. P0ison AppLE

    P0ison AppLE51 phút trước

    VIreporter please bring back scare pewdiepie, so many people want it. It will be good for us and for your business.

  20. The Mew Guy

    The Mew Guy51 phút trước

    Don't mind me, just passing through with a dislike.

  21. It'z Sneha

    It'z Sneha52 phút trước

    I freaked out when I saw Reggie 😂

  22. The National Meme

    The National Meme52 phút trước

    If I was there it would be called "The Fattening"

  23. Bugs Bunny

    Bugs Bunny52 phút trước


  24. TheBeauty 28

    TheBeauty 2853 phút trước

    I have waited all year HERE IS IIIT😍

  25. Keyondre and taylor

    Keyondre and taylor53 phút trước

    Subscribe to our channel 💕pranks , vlogs , and more .... we the next be VIreporter couple 💕💯

  26. Rukaiya Shaikh

    Rukaiya Shaikh54 phút trước

    I legit thought this movie is about his hair thinning.

  27. slamsM6

    slamsM654 phút trước

    I hate to admit it, but that actually looks really badass

  28. Joe Jones

    Joe Jones54 phút trước

    Looks gayer than Logan Paul on his own and that's a feat.

  29. Karma Tashi Allemann

    Karma Tashi Allemann55 phút trước

    And all bc a failed test!

  30. Nicole's Castle

    Nicole's Castle56 phút trước

    y'all better make a third movie, I just need some closure and the second one didn't give me any.

  31. Adrian Lss

    Adrian Lss57 phút trước

    estas si son peliculas no como las de wismichu

  32. Syifa Tuffahati

    Syifa Tuffahati57 phút trước


  33. Loco Busters

    Loco Busters58 phút trước

    Is he trying to make people think he's a fighter by adding that cage fighting scene

  34. Inspektical

    Inspektical58 phút trước

    This cunt gets a renewed season but Pewdiepie doesn't, VIreporter really has gone to complete shit

  35. PUMA R

    PUMA R58 phút trước


  36. Danielle Horton

    Danielle Horton59 phút trước

    how do i dislike this twice

  37. Naeem Shah

    Naeem ShahGiờ trước

    i hate movies like these. watching its trailer is like you watched the whole movie. very original :p i have watched maybe 3-4 movies like this one

  38. D-Boy-Los

    D-Boy-LosGiờ trước

    So we getting scared pewdiepie back?👀

  39. The Bleach Effect

    The Bleach EffectGiờ trước

    This looks like fucking garbage..

  40. Bazlur Rahman

    Bazlur RahmanGiờ trước

    That guy is still alive 😱

  41. Awesomekat

    AwesomekatGiờ trước

    How am I suppose to take this movie serious when Logan is in it🤣

  42. niko BEYFAM

    niko BEYFAMGiờ trước

    The only thing thinning is Logan pauls hairline

  43. bloated and alone

    bloated and aloneGiờ trước

    Everyone is worrying about the world overpopulating... but what are we going to do when graveyards run out of graves/space ??? Where are we going to bury the dead bodies 😳

  44. Jaydin Santos

    Jaydin SantosGiờ trước

    This sucks I cannot watch it I live in Guam

  45. thirsty

    thirstyGiờ trước

    wtf is the matter with his face at the end of this vid?

  46. Official Sky gamer

    Official Sky gamerGiờ trước

    I download the movie and it's a banger!Btw I was watching this movie wear the maverick hoddie, socks,pants and hat

  47. Caryn

    CarynGiờ trước

    I hate Logan but this series looks great

  48. lea b

    lea bGiờ trước

    How is this #1 on Trending​ and not Shane?

  49. Jeremy Pinkston

    Jeremy PinkstonGiờ trước

    Fuck the new world order and fuck Jake Paul and Logan paul

  50. Mega 583

    Mega 583Giờ trước

    I am expecting scare pewdiepie season 2 now

  51. Akash Verma

    Akash VermaGiờ trước


  52. NiCortez Z-X9

    NiCortez Z-X9Giờ trước

    Mr greedy jewy piggy named VIreporter is exploiting his new whore called Logan Paul, again and again for money of 9 year old kids

  53. Saqib Academy

    Saqib AcademyGiờ trước

    WTF did I just watched! piece of garbage like logan

  54. Nima Lykkeberg

    Nima LykkebergGiờ trước

    If they give Logan his youtube red show back You should also bring back scare pewdiepie

  55. Reina Garza

    Reina GarzaGiờ trước

    Lmao this looks so wack

  56. iBurp

    iBurpGiờ trước

    So, uh... Where’s ‘Scare PewDiePie: Season 2’?

  57. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph StalinGiờ trước

    Yeah Logan Paul is a legend. Fuck the haters in the comment section

  58. Nanci

    NanciGiờ trước

    Reggie 🖤

  59. Chase Animation

    Chase AnimationGiờ trước

    Rip Logan Paul

  60. Oliver Byrne

    Oliver ByrneGiờ trước

    VIreporter does pewidipie dirty for a joke but Logan paul can film a dead body and be blacklisted from a country and his series is put on trending? aight

  61. Somidemon

    SomidemonGiờ trước

    f u youtude ....... u treated logan paul differently and pewds differently. logan made a video of a hanging corpse is less punishable than some racist jokes .

  62. Boba Vhett

    Boba VhettGiờ trước

    I never liked him and would enjoy punching his face but what I really wanted to say was that I think what annoys me the most about him is that I have never seen another human being with that haircut outside of my time in middle school and early highschool. It's sooo weird.

  63. TheAdventureBros !

    TheAdventureBros !Giờ trước

    ed sheeran im your biggest fan


    BILLIONS after YOUR MOTHERGiờ trước

    Where is scare pewdiepie?

  65. WorstCriticEver

    WorstCriticEverGiờ trước

    No wonder VIreporterd crashed

  66. marvel marble

    marvel marbleGiờ trước

    why does this feel like a maze runner parody?

  67. nibraz tazrian

    nibraz tazrianGiờ trước

    To all the people complaining why is it on trending, any youtube original has always been on #1 trending. Will smith, liza koshy, and now logan paul. It shouldn't be surprising

  68. KJ Stiemke

    KJ StiemkeGiờ trước

    Im more excited for the new quinton reviews vid

  69. Gabriel Ybarra

    Gabriel YbarraGiờ trước

    Fuck Logan Paul

  70. Seanbo124

    Seanbo124Giờ trước

    Why... Ugh

  71. WarmmMilk

    WarmmMilkGiờ trước

    Shane Dawson: *Makes an 8 part series of Jake Paul* Logan: *Puts own fucking corpse on youtube*

  72. BB

    BBGiờ trước

    arg this shit again

  73. 慾望Deecay

    慾望DeecayGiờ trước


  74. Veronica Sanders

    Veronica SandersGiờ trước

    Getttttttt tf outttt. I didn't know Logan had those kind of skills....or knowledge.

  75. Dan Lamountain

    Dan LamountainGiờ trước

    We should boycott this until scare pewdipie is back I mean what he did compared to Logan is not even in the same class of fudgery

  76. DankLord

    DankLordGiờ trước

    I fucking hate Logan but this looks dope

  77. Rahab And Rashab

    Rahab And RashabGiờ trước

    Logan Poul you look different you have a beard

  78. Evan Sampson™

    Evan Sampson™Giờ trước

    Possibly better than the Captain Marvel trailer. And if that shitstick Paul wasn't in it, I might actually watch both of these movies.

  79. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel RodriguezGiờ trước

    Hard pass


    LLAMA LORDGiờ trước

    Look they disabled comments for the next video....

  81. Mirza Taqi

    Mirza TaqiGiờ trước

    So many dead people for Logan to record

  82. Joe Stango

    Joe StangoGiờ trước

    Anyone else uneasy that it's called the new world order that's not okay since that's what the actual agenda is

  83. nibraz tazrian

    nibraz tazrianGiờ trước

    Pew's show was cancelled Logan's one was on hold

  84. MoSteel2

    MoSteel2Giờ trước

    Any movie which suggest genocide is a bad movie, period.

  85. sKtx FINNESEx

    sKtx FINNESExGiờ trước

    Lel he died

  86. OhMyBts

    OhMyBtsGiờ trước


  87. ThrolyHD

    ThrolyHDGiờ trước

    Logan pall and his Brother are crazy people. They care for no one but themselves.

  88. Md. Masud Rana

    Md. Masud RanaGiờ trước

    The movie will ultimately flop 😂😂😂

  89. J G

    J GGiờ trước

    Yea not fucking with this at all

  90. Ocean.girlx

    Ocean.girlxGiờ trước

    Are you fucking kidding me? Logan sucks

  91. Jaber the Redfox

    Jaber the RedfoxGiờ trước


  92. Marcos Acosta

    Marcos AcostaGiờ trước

    Lol... gay

  93. Param Thakkar

    Param ThakkarGiờ trước

    I fuckin love you

  94. MrHunts

    MrHuntsGiờ trước

    Seriously fuck this guy.

  95. nayrb ex

    nayrb exGiờ trước

    If VIreporter cannot abide by their own terms and conditions, then it's complete B.S! If they're allowing this complete non-sense then bring back Scare PewDiePie. Maybe Logan paid his way back in but either way VIreporter is doing some shady shit here. How was he able to get his premium account/ads back? PewDiePie should definitely sue.

  96. Elias Luke Jakobsen 6A Gødvadskolen

    Elias Luke Jakobsen 6A GødvadskolenGiờ trước

    Isn Cloie

  97. leave me

    leave meGiờ trước

    This is not fare

  98. gabe Spain

    gabe SpainGiờ trước


  99. Hallofang

    HallofangGiờ trước


  100. Nowen

    NowenGiờ trước

    This is a mixture of the maze runner w some hunger games 🤦‍♂️”original”