The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Mark Ruffalo


  1. Nicki Swift

    Nicki Swift6 tháng trước

    What are your opinions on Mark after watching our video?

  2. Χρύσα Β

    Χρύσα Β3 ngày trước

    Still the best

  3. Alex R

    Alex R7 ngày trước

    Everybody has a story. I'm glad he uses his as motivation.

  4. Nichole Lyons

    Nichole Lyons13 ngày trước

    Worst/best luck ever.

  5. Mary Lamb

    Mary Lamb13 ngày trước

    love the guy

  6. Laurie S

    Laurie S14 ngày trước

    Nick Priore there’s one in every crowd!

  7. Ron Duey

    Ron Duey3 ngày trước

    I personnaley like his work trying too inform people about the dangers of fracking our earth / and our well water ! !

  8. Kincho Wangmo

    Kincho Wangmo4 ngày trước

    When do Fox News tell the truth and support people who are innocent ?

  9. Guess 123

    Guess 1235 ngày trước

    I wish I can get Ruffaloed ... no homo !

  10. heidi perkins

    heidi perkins6 ngày trước

    great guy but other than the brain tumor i fail to see the tragedy

  11. Malgarzhata Sweet

    Malgarzhata Sweet6 ngày trước

    I love his acting

  12. Inkdraft

    Inkdraft6 ngày trước

    Placing him on the terrorist list: = McCarthyism is alive and well in the 21st century. But we all know what Mark will do: He'll just Ruffalo it! He should make a movie about those fecking eejits, LOL.

  13. Azhar Shaikh

    Azhar Shaikh7 ngày trước

    I can't sleep till 5:30

  14. Mallo Rani

    Mallo Rani7 ngày trước

    One of my favorite humans other than Jim Carey and Keanu Reeves

  15. jewel and friends

    jewel and friends7 ngày trước

    He is different but truly a strong person to admire.

  16. sy scoby

    sy scoby7 ngày trước

    love Mark I saw him in collateral

  17. Reneé Bergeron

    Reneé Bergeron7 ngày trước

    Mark Ruffalo is one of my favorite actors. He can act.

  18. Erin Burkey

    Erin Burkey8 ngày trước

    Sorry about your brother death too,God bless you and your family tho this lost of your brother too

  19. Erin Burkey

    Erin Burkey8 ngày trước

    +Velimir Mišanović ok

  20. Velimir Mišanović

    Velimir Mišanović8 ngày trước

    Mark is not watching this vid so this comment is useful and useless at the same time

  21. Erin Burkey

    Erin Burkey8 ngày trước

    Wow he had it rough too,I'm glad he made it through his surgery and got his life back and im glad he is a good movie star too

  22. IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown

    IntoTheAbyss OfTheUnknown8 ngày trước

    He set the bar high considering he survived, adapted & overcame all of his obstacles! He never gave on himself & never stopped trying where others failed or surrendered! He accepted it & kept his hope & faith in himself! He felt so fortunate at times because he was special! We never know what's exactly ahead, we can prepare for it, prevent what and have the resilience, patience & believe in your abilities. He was always willing face whatever he encountered! The bad comes with the good, it works both ways.

  23. Linda Arnold

    Linda Arnold9 ngày trước

    God bless this man


    MRS FLORENCE KNIGHT9 ngày trước

    I remember him from the movie..'Polarbear'

  25. Lore Alva

    Lore Alva9 ngày trước

    Lo adoro. Me encanta Mark.

  26. Carol Manoukian

    Carol Manoukian11 ngày trước

    Whenever a movie comes out starring Mr. Ruffalo, I KNOW it's going to be good! I really like and appreciate him as an actor. I'm so glad to hear he overcame his personal battles and demons and rose above so many obstacles. Success stories like this are inspirational. Thank you for posting.

  27. doe boi 9

    doe boi 912 ngày trước

    Its true i lost my son.....i never got over it....just used to it😪

  28. April Sharp

    April Sharp12 ngày trước

    He is amazing "Thanks for sharing your story" "Struggles make us stonger" "And we last longer" "He is amazing" "With a smile that's blazing" You and the Hulk, need to be in a Colgate commercial Here is an Idea! Peppermint hulk blend Lol

  29. Vince

    Vince13 ngày trước

    @Nicki Swift The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Your Viewers That Spend Hours Finding The Name Of The Songs You Use In Your Videos.

  30. Velimir Mišanović

    Velimir Mišanović8 ngày trước

    Vince the tragic real-life story of how right you are is very sad indeed

  31. L.L. Mozi

    L.L. Mozi13 ngày trước

    He always speaks so clearly and logically, with sincerity and no bs, it's very refreshing. I had a HUGE crush on him in the mid 2000's. Milwaukee represent! He reminds me of some of the people I knew when I grew up in Wiscahnsin. Hope your luck just gets better, Mark!

  32. Laurie S

    Laurie S14 ngày trước

    Love this guy! He was amazing in Spotlight.

  33. Lea Isma

    Lea Isma14 ngày trước

    I first saw him in Just like Heaven with Reese and i was like....this guy have some attraction..

  34. Gabriel Scruggs

    Gabriel Scruggs14 ngày trước

    He should have been the guy who died and returned as an angel in the movie "Just like Heaven"

  35. Jennifer Coleman

    Jennifer Coleman15 ngày trước

    And people say actors should just act, like they aren't humans

  36. Kim Steinke

    Kim Steinke15 ngày trước

    I love mark

  37. Bridget Lazenby

    Bridget Lazenby17 ngày trước

    Sounds like Mark Ruffleo was a genius in real life as well as in the character Hulk. He was trying to tell others about the danger of the gas lines in a way that made sense. So Mark Ruffleo and Robert Doweny are heros in my Book. Coming from a hard life and making something for them to have a better life, they are real life Achiever's in my book. Thanks Mark Ruffleo and Robert Downey for making a difference in my life as well as so many others.

  38. Yannick P

    Yannick P19 ngày trước

    what ever happens to you, which ever spot you seem to find yourself in at the moment, just know that you'll be alright.

  39. Summer May

    Summer May20 ngày trước

    my hearttt went aaAAAAAA

  40. Shamy unix

    Shamy unix20 ngày trước

    luckily his anger problem doesn't turn him into real life incredible hulk

  41. Grace Abano

    Grace Abano20 ngày trước

    Mark Ruffalo fought a good fight both with himself and the world...with all those downs,he manage to go the ups of life...I salute you for showing the world that there is always a rainbow after the rain...God bless you Mark!

  42. Adyaron Mahera

    Adyaron Mahera20 ngày trước

    he deserved as hulk

  43. KIC

    KIC20 ngày trước

    "RUFFALOED".....😂👍🏼 Love it! I can relate.

  44. Helen Marentette

    Helen Marentette21 ngày trước

    I dont like him

  45. ThePinkDragon

    ThePinkDragon21 ngày trước

    He finshed high school with a undignisted learning disability I want to hug him for everything he's gone through!

  46. rlalko l

    rlalko l23 ngày trước

    I always liked that guy.

  47. mattski1979

    mattski197923 ngày trước

    I kept thinking of Vincent D' Onofrio. Frown face

  48. Nicola

    Nicola24 ngày trước

    he's an Italian guy.. whose heritage is Italian .. as as an afterthought,its the reason why Italy is shaped like a boot... it kicks azz :)

  49. Ron Wylie

    Ron Wylie24 ngày trước

    Oh I meant to mention his performance in "Zodiac", together with Robert Downey Jr their performance in Zodiac was sensational but It would be difficult to shine any brighter in that movie because ALL the actors gave their all. When you see his amazing a low key acting in "Spotlight" and "Foxcatcher" you can see he is on target to be one of our finest actors, I admire how he has come through all this, amazing. His stand on the dreadful effects of the "Fracking " scandal is another feather in his cap, they really tried to destroy him, the people who have the oser to do something like that should be jailed.

  50. Ron Wylie

    Ron Wylie24 ngày trước

    A real talent and one of the best actors around, I didnt know he had this life experience but as he is a normal guy and appears to have got through it, it only makes me like him more lol

  51. Stephen Cunningham

    Stephen Cunningham24 ngày trước

    Can you help me

  52. Stephen Cunningham

    Stephen Cunningham24 ngày trước


  53. xxSpike1989xx

    xxSpike1989xx25 ngày trước

    he deserves the success in his career

  54. Kash TECHFREAK

    Kash TECHFREAK26 ngày trước

    Mark Ruffalo is awasome he's the best


    FORENSIC AWARENESS26 ngày trước

    What great looking guy from janettey

  56. Marco Zolo

    Marco Zolo26 ngày trước

    He got fired recently as the hulk for leaking the avengers title

  57. Marco Zolo

    Marco Zolo8 ngày trước

    Velimir Mišanović dude he is done with the franchise, that's all

  58. Velimir Mišanović

    Velimir Mišanović8 ngày trước


  59. Годный Контент

    Годный Контент26 ngày trước

    Русский пендос

  60. Emily Hill

    Emily Hill26 ngày trước

    Proof that bad people that say theyre only that way because of their bad childhood are FULL OF SHIT

  61. Captain Fire

    Captain Fire26 ngày trước

    Have faith. Mark had and look, he's the Hulk now.

  62. rock steady 786

    rock steady 78627 ngày trước

    Hard is living in a war zone Congo Syria iraq Bosnia in the nineties living throughout the cold war living on skid row maybe Vietnam vets may agree that yeah he's had a well hard life Mr movie star well hard poor you bro poor you

  63. tammy dwight

    tammy dwight27 ngày trước

    Wow, with life cones adversity...Job...what was meant for evil made good

  64. Julie Parker

    Julie Parker27 ngày trước

    He is a genuinely good guy. Love him.

  65. Suzy Mck

    Suzy Mck27 ngày trước

    Ruffalo used to be a favorite, but he trashed my President, now he's not.

  66. Luke

    Luke8 ngày trước

    +Velimir Mišanović i dont hate him, what you going on about

  67. Velimir Mišanović

    Velimir Mišanović8 ngày trước

    You hate someone because they dont like someone you do honestly be ashamed just be ashamed

  68. Luke

    Luke13 ngày trước

    Get over it. Not everybody is conservtive. Don't hate someone who has a different opinon to you, cause they can still be nice people even if you disagree with them.

  69. Brendan Cronin

    Brendan Cronin27 ngày trước

    A seedy beach community. .I like the sound of that

  70. ranyi zhang

    ranyi zhang27 ngày trước

    Once again, the Washington Times helped getting the truth to the public.

  71. MiamiCon

    MiamiCon28 ngày trước

    It always seemed to me as if his face expressions and talking style were a little bit weird. Maybe the effects of the brain tumor weren't fully reversed?

  72. Mockplanet X

    Mockplanet X28 ngày trước

    To bad he got fired from avengers 4

  73. Luke

    Luke13 ngày trước

    lol, it was a joke. You need to check your facts lol

  74. Sllim Noraa

    Sllim Noraa28 ngày trước

    He's one of my favorite actors he seems like He has such a range

  75. Jessye Loxt

    Jessye LoxtTháng trước

    so happy to have a better life. But the rest of us arent that lucky. glad he is. one life at a time

  76. Jamie Scheuermann

    Jamie ScheuermannTháng trước

    Me as old person *sees Mark* Is that my sister

  77. Banished From The Dwarf Planet

    Banished From The Dwarf PlanetTháng trước

    I just watched "You Can Count on Me," and he was absolutely fantastic in it.

  78. Banished From The Dwarf Planet

    Banished From The Dwarf PlanetTháng trước

    Acoustic neuromas are thought by many researchers to be caused by frequent cell phone use.

  79. Memeldz Caingles

    Memeldz CainglesTháng trước

    wow.. now. i love ruffalo more..

  80. Sheldon Reynolds

    Sheldon ReynoldsTháng trước

    Well wow God bless you mark I'm really happy that your hulk I have axity I know how that goes but I'm really glad that your doing good now

  81. R M

    R MTháng trước

    Damn I needed this...mark gives me hope. And a reason to fight through.

  82. Francis Baylon

    Francis BaylonTháng trước

    No wonder I always notice his face looks like a smile in dead air. Now I know he had a brain tumor that might have affected his facial muscle function... Did anyone notice that too?

  83. Ely music covers

    Ely music coversTháng trước

    His such a inspiration after all the tragedy's and every thing he still has the guts to smile

  84. Supa Close

    Supa CloseTháng trước

    his brother dying from a gunshot to the head turned out to be a "blessing in disguise"... k

  85. Andrew Stang-Green

    Andrew Stang-GreenTháng trước

    He is a classic native of UttaraBhadrapada Google is your friend ;)

  86. Zak Sharaz

    Zak SharazTháng trước

    The definition of a true successful man

  87. ZanderLexx

    ZanderLexxTháng trước

    I really like Mark Ruffalo !

  88. Stephen Falk

    Stephen FalkTháng trước

    I like many of the films he's been in and enjoy his work as as an actor. Your video did nothing one way or the other to change that...Some random bits of google searching to make this piece does nothing to reveal more of him as a person. Oh wait..what just happened..I wasted 8.33 of my life watching this ..(ahem) video, and an additional 2 minutes writing this...whoopsie

  89. alexleanh

    alexleanhTháng trước

    There are countless real life hardships and bad luck like this one, and some are even worse. We just don't know about it because it happened to people who are not famous like Mark.

  90. Noel Ortiz

    Noel OrtizTháng trước

    He is a very cool guy

  91. Rudresh Chhapola

    Rudresh ChhapolaTháng trước

    Mark is actually 👌👌 love him🌹

  92. Joseph Gardiner

    Joseph GardinerTháng trước

    And now he has been fired by the Avengers 4 Directors...

  93. Mary

    MaryTháng trước

    I have always liked Mark. I think he’s a great person and actor.

  94. tizme me

    tizme meTháng trước

    Was he ever on a soap opera???


    INTERNETWORKTháng trước

    I love Mark Ruffalo. He's my favorite actor after De Niro. His genuine lovability comes right through the screen. There's nobody like him.

  96. No One

    No OneTháng trước

    Bullshit, his parents live in my town, I've spoken to them. His mother and father are still together.

  97. Srh Srh

    Srh SrhTháng trước

    I love mark & all his movies specially 💖 view from the top 💖

  98. Manic Rhymes

    Manic RhymesTháng trước

    Oh my lord! poor mark Ruffalo's family went bankrupt and they lived in a "seedy" area...What a fucking joke. The other day a woman's house was foreclosed so she jumped off the Newburgh/beacon bridge and killed herself. Dude makes millions but were supposed to feel sad cuz he had it kind of rough. Theirs people who are homeless forever who will do a crime just so they can go to jail for the winter to get out of the cold

  99. Velimir Mišanović

    Velimir Mišanović8 ngày trước

    Its not about that its about how he made it through it but what you said can not be messed with you are 100% correct but this vid is more about how mark ruffalo never gave up

  100. Rodge the Shark

    Rodge the SharkTháng trước

    This is why I love him

  101. Zuadur Rahman

    Zuadur RahmanTháng trước

    So sad

  102. Ronit Levy

    Ronit LevyTháng trước

    Mark rufallo הקדוש ברוך הוא אוהב אותך! אתה מקדש שם שמים בעולם! תצליח! יישר כח על שמחת החיים הצחוק ההישרדות... 👍👌👏ישראל

  103. Pilot Paradise

    Pilot ParadiseTháng trước

    Almost as sad as Robert Downey jr.’s

  104. Charlie Wang

    Charlie WangTháng trước

    Man, Mark is such a wholesome guy

  105. stazorm1

    stazorm1Tháng trước

    Fox "news" did what they always do....

  106. Chinmay Bhoir

    Chinmay BhoirTháng trước

    Best scene thor 3-hulks moves in the ring and Thor's like yesssssss....

  107. inam khan

    inam khanTháng trước

    After watching this and knowing what Mark went through in his real life, i can only say that he is really the strongest person ever, he is the hulk in real life. Huge respect to him.

  108. inam khan

    inam khanTháng trước

    +The Spawn of the Dead you are right! i respect each and everyone of them but here im only talking about Mark Ruffalo.

  109. The Spawn of the Dead

    The Spawn of the DeadTháng trước

    There are many who go through worse

  110. Nafis Mustafa

    Nafis MustafaTháng trước

    I always had a feeling of empathy with mark ruffalo.

  111. Clive Boyland

    Clive BoylandTháng trước

    This just makes me love him even more

  112. Donnie Phillips

    Donnie PhillipsTháng trước

    I like the hulk , but not this guy in real life , anti gun as hell , so he sucks in my book ! If u don't believe in the constitution, well u don't get my money for anything!

  113. My Life Is Constant Pain

    My Life Is Constant PainTháng trước

    We must protect this precious and sweet man.

  114. Siyatshaheb

    SiyatshahebTháng trước

    yeah mark ruffalo huh

  115. shayne Lowther

    shayne LowtherTháng trước

    Private Pile..........

  116. MCU Phase 4

    MCU Phase 4Tháng trước

    Never give up in life those people didnt now its my,our job to never give up #ICAN #IWILL

  117. Jonathan Ortiz

    Jonathan OrtizTháng trước

    So he's the real life hulk