The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Mark Ruffalo


  1. Nicki Swift

    Nicki SwiftNăm trước

    What are your opinions on Mark after watching our video?

  2. Ariel Webster

    Ariel Webster21 ngày trước

    I love him more

  3. Juliano Huerta

    Juliano Huerta26 ngày trước

    @A L now just seeing this . thank you love.

  4. Ishaan Playz

    Ishaan PlayzTháng trước

    @Juliano Huerta I have crippling depression

  5. FlashFire Studios

    FlashFire StudiosTháng trước

    2nd favorite actor. Also we are from the same city, Kenosha, and his birthday is 3 days after mine.


    KRIZZIA2 tháng trước

    the sweetest ever and such an amazing actir

  7. shawn mendrek

    shawn mendrekNgày trước

    I struggle with anger too... but I am working on it. This phone has actually lasted 2 months. Usually they last 2 weeks or a month. Honestly, I broke my tv, ps4, computer. I have nothing to my name. Meditation has been helping me immensely. Glad it helped someone else, too.

  8. shawn mendrek

    shawn mendrekNgày trước

    One of my favorite actors in that crime show. Awesome. I battle anxiety too, sometimes I go outside for 5 minutes and have to rush back in. Not always, but it is still there.

  9. Jeremy Austin

    Jeremy Austin5 ngày trước

    My nice list keanu Reeves tom Hanks the entire avengers cast Daniel Radcliffe

  10. Clinton Pough

    Clinton Pough6 ngày trước

    He looks like Vincent D'Onofrio.

  11. Avengers Assemble

    Avengers Assemble7 ngày trước

    The best Avengers..... Earth's mightiest Heroes...... Some people give up.. *But not us* *Not us* I love them 3000..... But please don't let go..... You did, you won......

  12. Kari Short

    Kari Short14 ngày trước

    He is soooooo good looking 💕

  13. Mary Watkins

    Mary Watkins15 ngày trước

    1:26 Tuna pasta salad is one of my go-to meals between paychecks. No shame at all, bro.

  14. Rema Asley Schiffer

    Rema Asley Schiffer16 ngày trước

    He should accept Jesus before it's too late

  15. Dany #gotaworldtosee

    Dany #gotaworldtosee16 ngày trước

    Good dude

  16. Happy Hermit

    Happy Hermit16 ngày trước

    I'm about to lose my mum to a brain tumour could be this very day I'm about to see her I feel for the last time ..I know this is not all we are and its her time and I'm glad I've seen this as I was feeling guilty for not feeling utterly destroyed by this ...There's always hope and I will make her proud ..Thankyou .

  17. Hazel polerweb

    Hazel polerweb17 ngày trước

    Wait he used to live in Wisconsin omg yes Wisconsin buddy's

  18. Micha-EL KURT W

    Micha-EL KURT W17 ngày trước

    chris sarandon from fright night :)

  19. ljt47. exploring anything and everything

    ljt47. exploring anything and everything17 ngày trước

    Bit of a shit life so far can it get any worse


    RENATA CANTORE GROSS18 ngày trước

    Thank you for telling us this powerful story. This partially explains why he is such an amazing actor. Go bless him 🌹🕊

  21. Roy

    Roy18 ngày trước

    Earlier, I had a huge crush on Charming Ruffalo, he is so Adorable and Sexy.. now I truly love him, respect him.. he has become an inspiration.. no one can portray the vulnerability of Banner 💕💕

  22. Ann Mitchell

    Ann Mitchell18 ngày trước

    I had a tumor but on my right side..thankfully it was also I can empathise.

  23. That Girl

    That Girl18 ngày trước

    Love him.

  24. Minduli Abhayawickrama

    Minduli Abhayawickrama19 ngày trước

    Thumbs up for mark ruffalo !!!💞

  25. Lily

    Lily19 ngày trước

    I'm in luv with the matter how hulk look or how angry he look ...i always found him cute❤❤❤❤

  26. JOY P

    JOY P20 ngày trước


  27. Darshan Borade

    Darshan Borade22 ngày trước

    Bro tum sachme hulk ho Bhai laife ke 👏👏

  28. vibranium gaming25

    vibranium gaming2526 ngày trước

    He recover his anger just like in endgameh

  29. Randy Young

    Randy Young26 ngày trước

    so he is really a real life hulk (in a good way)

  30. Jund exx

    Jund exx27 ngày trước

    Yall lets hug him with love

  31. moonyy x

    moonyy xTháng trước

    weirdly i see mark as a calm young man with a happy life. i'm glad i spent my time watching this video. it shocked me when i started finding out about so many facts about mark. his life is so spectacular and inspiring, and it makes me feel so motivated.

  32. POE LWE

    POE LWETháng trước

    No one care you fake hulk

  33. Ja’iris Wellington

    Ja’iris WellingtonTháng trước

    Being a hero doesn’t mean’s to be green or super strong in the outside it’s better to be strong in the inside

  34. nathan spencer

    nathan spencerTháng trước

    I'm getting angry You won't like me when I'm angry

  35. Sharyn Gratton

    Sharyn GrattonTháng trước

    Marvel actually tried finding actors that match the characters. Brie Larson included.

  36. yemky2007

    yemky200720 ngày trước

    Sharyn Gratton she just got roasted

  37. Azeper Geek

    Azeper GeekTháng trước

    I also can’t hear from my left ear, idk why whenever I ask my parents they tell me because I’m “special “ Thank u

  38. Thinkerbell b

    Thinkerbell bTháng trước

    Wow, that's just...In awe of this man. Doesn't hurt that i can relate to quite a few situation, etc.,either. Stay strong, kindred spirit!

  39. TheTerrificTeddy21

    TheTerrificTeddy21Tháng trước

    Aka Bruce Banner, Aka The Hulk, Aka Proffesser Shrek❤

  40. toby Golding

    toby GoldingTháng trước

    Brian Burton Scofield should get Karma soon they always do!! they say the girl overdosed but Saudi family likely came brought Shaha Mishaal Adham home or someone made her Overdose cause she talked a lot !! Was probably Saudi drugs they were dealing went to get keys alright keys of coke Scott owed screwed up they shot him !!

  41. Toa Lesovikk

    Toa LesovikkTháng trước

    Anger problems and wrestling, he is truly the Hulk.

  42. Monterey Harris

    Monterey HarrisTháng trước

    I love his response to the tragedies he hasn’t countered, “ you just get on with it & you get a little hard, but that’s ok”

  43. Poop Cold

    Poop ColdTháng trước

    I've always enjoyed Ruffalo I thought he was perfect for spotlight and am happy they chose him for hulk and am very happy he's successful I think/hope he will continue to be successful the mcu would not succeed without him

  44. Hills go hard

    Hills go hardTháng trước

    I know this is off topic but I’m gonna get stung this summer , it’s been 11 years of life and I haven’t been stung , it’s a blessing but like I’m not ready for it

  45. MUI Goku

    MUI GokuTháng trước

    Mark Ruffalo IS The Hulk. Change My Mind.

  46. Ari

    AriTháng trước

    Ruffalo & Downey had bad times, but now they shine better than ever!! We love both of them!! 👌🔥🔥

  47. SIR

    SIRTháng trước

    i dont know why im crying 😭 but im happy that rufallo is so successful now 😭👏

  48. August Covenant the poet

    August Covenant the poetTháng trước

    Are you successful now?

  49. Froya Enarvid

    Froya EnarvidTháng trước

    3:38 /3:39 he looks like the guy from CHiPs! "Erik" Estrada

  50. Taqisandhotcheetos

    TaqisandhotcheetosTháng trước

    I grew up having anger issues wonder I felt such a deep connection with him and Hulk in avengers😩❤️

  51. Christopher Maksimik

    Christopher MaksimikTháng trước

    I live in Kenosha and ruffalos pizza is one if the best and I have met him working there

  52. Shaggy Rogers

    Shaggy RogersTháng trước

    Life anger issues? Hulk? He knows a thing or two. Because he experienced a thing or two.

  53. Lies, damn lies, and stats Weird

    Lies, damn lies, and stats WeirdTháng trước

    I ❤ me some Mark Ruffalo!!! The first movie I'd seen him in was the first Avengers film. I'd never even heard of him before. I was SOLD on Mark as Dr. Banner/ Hulk 5 minutes into the Avengers. Mark brought a vulnersbility to the character of David Banner that Eric Bana and Ed Norton lacked. Mark is the BEST big screen Dr. Banner/ Hulk that I've seen to date. I loved him in Zodiac, Fox Catcher, and Spot Light.Oh yeah, Mark is super sexy and very easy on the 👀. (SWOONS)😍😍

  54. Tanu Gupta

    Tanu GuptaTháng trước

    👍for ruffaloed😉

  55. DeadFish

    DeadFishTháng trước

    He looks kinda like Noah Centineo

  56. Eunice Madriaga

    Eunice MadriagaTháng trước

    I love him so much💕

  57. Dylan Nguyen

    Dylan NguyenTháng trước


  58. The Goat

    The GoatTháng trước

    Hes from wisconsin??? Dope!! I was born 30 mins from Green bay, GO BUCKS!

  59. ruby

    rubyTháng trước

    I love my boy mark ruffalo

  60. Kirsten Hoppins

    Kirsten HoppinsTháng trước

    He is so fucking handsome

  61. BTS army

    BTS armyTháng trước

    I love him sm 🥺

  62. TotallyEinarwhals

    TotallyEinarwhalsTháng trước

    I just wanna hug him :(

  63. Neroos ALT

    Neroos ALTTháng trước

    Must be tragic being able to play as a superheroe in avengers

  64. adriya mitra

    adriya mitraTháng trước

    I Love him❤️❤️

  65. Cindy Hua

    Cindy HuaTháng trước

    i was so confused when it was may 15 but today is may 12. realized this was uploaded last year lol

  66. Dani Mother of Dragons

    Dani Mother of DragonsTháng trước

    One of my favorite actors, Robert Redford too

  67. Miloš Salva

    Miloš SalvaTháng trước

    3:32 Jesus!Poor Mark,thanks God he won the battle!

  68. J productions

    J productionsTháng trước

    Awwwww mark

  69. Blerzz World

    Blerzz WorldTháng trước

    Rark Muffalo

  70. Tony Jefferies

    Tony JefferiesTháng trước

    I love him- I have loved him since 13 going on 30. This hurts my heart.

  71. jeezradz

    jeezradzTháng trước

    Tony Jefferies me too I just loved him in 13 going on 30

  72. Arbenita Sahiti

    Arbenita SahitiTháng trước

    I just want to give him a hug

  73. agizzy23

    agizzy23Tháng trước

    I recently graduated from conservatory. They had a question where the professor asked “what do you think the number 600 means?” Eventually he revealed that it was the number of auditions Mark Ruffalo went through before finding work. It’s inspiring.

  74. Marcin Kalbarczyk

    Marcin KalbarczykTháng trước

    Lol, he is rich, why is he crying

  75. Yeet

    YeetTháng trước

    Man I’m so proud of him.

  76. Saraj I

    Saraj ITháng trước

    My math teacher said the same thing “Im always angry’s theres just times when im slightly less mad”

  77. Huskylover 2t

    Huskylover 2tTháng trước

    Pretty RUFF life huh 😂

  78. Strpure 06

    Strpure 06Tháng trước

    I suffered through most stuff like Mark Ruffalo. Dealing with my depression and anxiety and social anxiety and anger issues. As well being picked on in my younger years as a kid by the other kids and as well as one teacher. Calling me stupid and other name's I have ADD and as we'll as being dyslexic. It's cool to look up to Mark now knowing that not the only one who gone through this.

  79. G.M.D 52

    G.M.D 52Tháng trước

    in the film "just like heaven" he was about to lose his girlfriend who was in a coma and then it happened to his brother 😞

  80. Autist-Chan

    Autist-ChanTháng trước

    Mark ruffalo is an inspiration

  81. Flick flock

    Flick flockTháng trước

    Damn this man was tougher than hulk!

  82. bigg leo nardo

    bigg leo nardoTháng trước

    thats why mark and downey are the strongest avengers

  83. Doominatrix

    DoominatrixTháng trước

    "He suffered from anxiety." Don't wanna talk that down, but who doesn't?

  84. bigg leo nardo

    bigg leo nardoTháng trước

    "he had anger issues" thats why he is so good with hulk

  85. bigg leo nardo

    bigg leo nardoTháng trước

    an actor that deserves everything he has

  86. Derman Cevik

    Derman CevikTháng trước

    Is his hearing normal again?

  87. Angela Dubose

    Angela DuboseTháng trước

    I love him so much♥️ he such a kind hearted soul.I am crushing on him big-time

  88. Arthas

    ArthasTháng trước

    he is a fighter and a good man ❤️God bless you✊

  89. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkTháng trước

    He is one of the most wonderfull Human beeings i've ever seen. He deserves to be famous. He is amazing!

  90. c c

    c cTháng trước

    He has the most BEAUTIFUL face and soul

  91. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkTháng trước


  92. kiarav kaye molina

    kiarav kaye molinaTháng trước

    He is great in sweet flicks movie ..He is awkwardly weird and nerdy which I find really cute. My favorite sweet flick movies of his were Going 30 and Just like heaven.

  93. Hassaneepoo

    HassaneepooTháng trước

    damn this guy humble af

  94. Jeanne kozuszek

    Jeanne kozuszekTháng trước

    Amazing recovery.

  95. nick johnson

    nick johnsonTháng trước

    big respect to mark and he is awesome

  96. Bumpy Bum

    Bumpy BumTháng trước

    The MCU has some of the best actors of our generation best suited for their characters and then there Bree Larsen...

  97. mznbhd

    mznbhdTháng trước

    He's so handsome😭 I just wanna hug him and chill

  98. MEGApikachu

    MEGApikachuTháng trước

    What an inspiration this guy is. And I used to think i had “problems”.

  99. LynX

    LynXTháng trước

    That’s sad 😔

  100. Vivek modhwadia

    Vivek modhwadiaTháng trước

    0:46 same with me

  101. table chat

    table chatTháng trước

    salute to him ❤️❤️

  102. josh stilwell

    josh stilwellTháng trước

    My favorite movies are brothers bloom, and the kids are alright

  103. Tiana Leyone

    Tiana LeyoneTháng trước

    I’ve never felt more inspired. I am here feeling sorry for myself for my petty little issues and here he is being so humble and going through so much shit. He is perfection. Thank you

  104. Andrew G

    Andrew GTháng trước

    What is Real Life Anger Issues? Do they just mean Anger Issues ha ha!?

  105. Y4wp

    Y4wpTháng trước

    Literally describing me the whole vid

  106. F Shakes

    F ShakesTháng trước

    I love this man

  107. Joshua Bass

    Joshua BassTháng trước

    “wait till you see this next one everyone dies”

  108. Salih Adam

    Salih AdamTháng trước

    _Yeah, Mark Ruffalo, hu-huh?_

  109. Adnan Raksha

    Adnan RakshaTháng trước

    My inspiration.