The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Mark Ruffalo


  1. Nicki Swift

    Nicki Swift4 tháng trước

    What are your opinions on Mark after watching our video?

  2. Andreea

    Andreea5 ngày trước

    He is brilliant. I admire him a lot. He is such a source of inspiration

  3. Benjamin Carter

    Benjamin Carter8 ngày trước

    A completely narcissistic assclown. I guess the US was "Ruffaloed" when we endured 8 years of Obama that led to everyone's favorite POTUS getting elected.

  4. IMI

    IMI10 ngày trước

    Only increases. He's like those of us who have every reason to have a chip...yet discovered how special it is to just let it go, yet retain the lesson.

  5. Gia

    Gia12 ngày trước

    I have a newfound respect for Mark Ruffalo. I too suffer from anxiety disorder from an abusive childhood environment. I never knew this about him as well as the other challenges he's faced. God Bless him. I'm so glad he continues to share his gifts and talents with us.

  6. Neo Taylor

    Neo Taylor13 ngày trước

    I wish I could give him a hug 🤗

  7. XO TWOD

    XO TWOD4 giờ trước

    What an inspirational person

  8. Sanganu Prasad

    Sanganu Prasad10 giờ trước

    Life is great struggle

  9. David Campbell

    David Campbell14 giờ trước


  10. SuspectedPotato

    SuspectedPotato18 giờ trước

    A blessing in disguise? Really?

  11. LeKa Nolastname

    LeKa Nolastname19 giờ trước

    *R. I. P.*

  12. LeKa Nolastname

    LeKa Nolastname19 giờ trước

    The *H U L K*

  13. Anthony Mesmer

    Anthony MesmerNgày trước

    Ah, that's funny. I was just envisioning the disease from the gay movie he did. I saw it in a meditation. For some reason the gay disease crit'ed this goofy right dog. It rotted his eyebrows. (Dogs have eyebrows; just check.) What's that mean? I dunno. Anyway, that's the phantasmagoria.


    ALEX 4MASTERNgày trước

    yes a great Wisconsinite

  15. Daniel C

    Daniel CNgày trước

    A beast

  16. jokalee

    jokaleeNgày trước

    Fox News strikes again 7:59

  17. Nikki Hampton

    Nikki HamptonNgày trước

    I really have a lot of respect for him. Always have and loved him in teen movies such as 13 Going On 30 and Swim. It really opened my eyes. Meditation has helped with anxiety and anger in so many ways. He's only a few of the most authentic actors out there.

  18. x_Rebecca_x

    x_Rebecca_xNgày trước

    I feel so bad for Robert and Mark ;c

  19. noob player the tr-8r

    noob player the tr-8rNgày trước


  20. Tea Rose 1

    Tea Rose 1Ngày trước

    People who have gone through a lot like mark come out the nicest people to help and care for others.

  21. Wyatt Russell

    Wyatt Russell2 ngày trước

    my brother was possibly murdered, but I was casted as the hulk, so people call it ruffaloed 🙁🤨😒🤔😑🙄

  22. andi anjar joko Susilo

    andi anjar joko Susilo2 ngày trước

    i love him

  23. Paowl Van Vollyball

    Paowl Van Vollyball2 ngày trước

    This is so sad Alexa play despacito

  24. Celia Carbajosa

    Celia Carbajosa2 ngày trước

    Me encanta este hombre, además, parece muy buena persona.

  25. Squago VG

    Squago VG2 ngày trước

    My favourite avergers have had such hard life's They Are Real Superheros!!

  26. Mimikyu Fishy

    Mimikyu Fishy2 ngày trước

    So he was a real life hulk I see wow we lucky he got fixed wow

  27. Dahn Zhay

    Dahn Zhay3 ngày trước

    Liked him til I found out he was a liberal gun grabbing unconstitutional un-American! RDJr much better!

  28. naomi darnel

    naomi darnel3 ngày trước

    I Love him. I wanna hug him.

  29. NinjaStarDestroyer

    NinjaStarDestroyer3 ngày trước

    Love you Mark!

  30. Audrey Derrick

    Audrey Derrick3 ngày trước

    I love you Mark

  31. Mahdi Qurriesh

    Mahdi Qurriesh3 ngày trước

    keep up the good work kid.

  32. Piersy

    Piersy3 ngày trước

    It's funny the way he said "no one would want an actor with half of their face paralyzed" but Sylvester Stallone, half of his face was paralyzed and is one of the biggest and famous actors

  33. Linda Hernandez

    Linda Hernandez3 ngày trước

    I feel that he is a down to earth person..having gone thru what he has in his past..that makes a person stronger.. and I dont understand why people make unflattering remarks about him..i saw a video of the cast of Avengers: Infinity War..they all were taking shots at him..why?? I guess some people do that make themselves feel better ..putting down another fellow human being??

  34. mark Goree

    mark Goree3 ngày trước

    Well he is making a lot of money now and the way he lived his life I think he is a genus anybody that can go through what he did and still be happy and live he is a genus and I like him as a actor and a person he has earned my respect.

  35. nehv78 Sm

    nehv78 Sm4 ngày trước

    First time i saw him in a film I think he has very pleasant face.

  36. John Zane

    John Zane4 ngày trước


  37. Goldclaw837

    Goldclaw8374 ngày trước

    Mark Ruffalo is just another socialist Democrat in Hollywood!

  38. Portuguese The Scouse Way

    Portuguese The Scouse Way4 ngày trước

    He has been off the social networks since March - has his tumor come back?

  39. John Thompson

    John Thompson5 ngày trước

    His politics make him an ASSWIPE

  40. Erkin Jarilxasin

    Erkin Jarilxasin5 ngày trước

    Просто позитивный старик

  41. Shabbadabadoo

    Shabbadabadoo5 ngày trước

    I've always loved his movies even the ones he did for TV. As a kid I would watch "On the 2nd day of Christmas every Christmas and just found him adorable..

  42. Adovin

    Adovin6 ngày trước

    Mark 🅱️uffalo

  43. Michael Plummer

    Michael Plummer6 ngày trước

    It wasn’t tragic, it was a struggle and Mark has done well for what he’s been through.

  44. Harris Frankou

    Harris Frankou6 ngày trước

    I worked and drank at a bar Mark was a barman at great guy..a totally nice guy

  45. Susan S.

    Susan S.6 ngày trước

    So life would not be on the screen at all..but people that have been, ever so brief, you are truly blessed to have been in that position ..and to all of you celebs ..never, ever give matter how small the part or how downgraded you feel taking that does not matter. Your fans and fellow filmgoers or tv watchers love you. Just live

  46. Mayleevang75

    Mayleevang757 ngày trước

    I love Mark Ruffalo!!! Something about him that brings a smile to me😌

  47. tapan mohanta

    tapan mohanta7 ngày trước

    now u see me...i really liked it

  48. Controversial Christian

    Controversial Christian7 ngày trước

    Great actor.


    LIFE IS NOT SO GOOD7 ngày trước

    What's new ? I kinda think depression is common as well as anger issues lel

  50. Gee  Wiz

    Gee Wiz8 ngày trước

    shit. I think he forgot about his white privilege.

  51. Tomi Igo

    Tomi Igo8 ngày trước


  52. Mary Main

    Mary Main8 ngày trước

    I am so in love with Mark, he should be sexist man

  53. Agnes Fredericksen

    Agnes Fredericksen8 ngày trước

    I love Mark Ruffalo since the first time I have ever watched him in a movie ! I only wish we could see a lot more of him !

  54. Wendy Perry

    Wendy Perry8 ngày trước

    I knew there was a reason I just inherently like him! ❤️You, Mark!!!

  55. Maria Dacosta

    Maria Dacosta9 ngày trước

    A man worth of miracles...

  56. linaride

    linaride9 ngày trước

    I knew there was a reason I loved his acting. He kinda looks like someone who's been through shit, even if you don't know that he has. He's always seemed relatable, and the scope of emotions authentic. I'm glad he's so successful.>

  57. Irene Fernandez

    Irene Fernandez9 ngày trước

    interesting...LOVE THIS ACTOR!!!

  58. Jeff Summers

    Jeff Summers9 ngày trước

    RIP Bryan Callen

  59. Eternal Gamer

    Eternal Gamer9 ngày trước

    we marvel fans love every single avenger

  60. Mario.B Alegria.jr. Alegria

    Mario.B Alegria.jr. Alegria9 ngày trước

    I lush out sometimes like the hulk hulk is by far my favorate heroe and it helped me deal with my demons and it made me feel like i am worth something and at the same time i do need to look for good therapy out there...

  61. Michael Duffy

    Michael Duffy9 ngày trước

    Good looking, healthy, and intelligent. Really tough to grow up with those handicaps.

  62. 1Phoenixfire

    1Phoenixfire9 ngày trước

    Mark Ruffalo = lefty door knob!!

  63. tejas khade

    tejas khade9 ngày trước

    hats off to Mark Ruffalo. he is really a living example how to fight to hard time without giving up.......

  64. Zero One

    Zero One10 ngày trước

    Thank you for staying strong Mark. I am currently going through hell myself trying to get out of the hole. I am struggling to make meditation a habit as well, but after watching this, I know that if I make meditation a habit and continue to push forward toward my dreams, I will obtain them.

  65. Ulquiorra Cifer

    Ulquiorra Cifer10 ngày trước

    Strongest Avenger

  66. Monique Shorten

    Monique Shorten10 ngày trước

    What a sweet an amazing guy! He’s one of my favorite actors.

  67. ale

    ale10 ngày trước

    an acoustic neuroma is not a brain tumor ...

  68. James Fisherkeller

    James Fisherkeller10 ngày trước

    Mark was one of my favorite actors already, but damn. I’m glad he was able to turn his life’s tragedies into motivators to live his best life.

  69. Alyssa Auld

    Alyssa Auld10 ngày trước

    That's bae

  70. J R

    J R10 ngày trước

    Much respect to him... I've always liked him as an actor now I like him that much more...I can relate to him in ways

  71. Kim Belanger

    Kim Belanger10 ngày trước

    I just remembered I have an autographed photo of him from Collateral. Gorgeous. And mine all mine😍😘🤩😁

  72. Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    Santiago Rodriguez Guillen10 ngày trước

    Because he is angry all the time

  73. Dvorit Avraham

    Dvorit Avraham10 ngày trước

    He's A big hero, super hero wow..

  74. W

    W10 ngày trước


  75. Rugby Man

    Rugby Man10 ngày trước

    Oh hi Mark

  76. Beneditch Cratesofbooze

    Beneditch Cratesofbooze10 ngày trước

    Been loving him since 13 going on 30. You know, life has too many dead ends, but eventually you will find your way out somehow. Mark is a great man, bless him👏

  77. Trafala32

    Trafala3210 ngày trước

    Good for him . All the odds against him and still he wins . 👍👍👍

  78. So Ni

    So Ni10 ngày trước

    Beautiful...inside and out. ❤

  79. Elsa Weber

    Elsa Weber10 ngày trước

    Getting “Ruffaloed”! What a wonderful legacy and update on the old turning lemons into lemonade idea!

  80. Kenna Valadez

    Kenna Valadez10 ngày trước

    The is a video of mark fangirling another celebrity and it is adorable

  81. laila

    laila10 ngày trước

    i've never sobbed harder

  82. TheChubbyLife

    TheChubbyLife11 ngày trước

    Fox News = Fake News

  83. Simran Nerurkar

    Simran Nerurkar11 ngày trước


  84. SouthParkCows88

    SouthParkCows8811 ngày trước

    Lol but he was for net neutrality. Real informed guy here.

  85. susan hartman

    susan hartman11 ngày trước

    ruffalo has such a honest smile that only that made me like him a lot. and knowing hes that nice irl as he is in the avengers movies, im so happy and glad i support him

  86. Unabashedly Purple

    Unabashedly Purple11 ngày trước

    How horrible it must have been to deal with all of this! He has held well through everything though, so happy

  87. Tom D

    Tom D11 ngày trước

    Someone should probably tell his friends that a word already exists for "getting Ruffaloed"... it's called serendipity :P Still, seems like a cool guy.

  88. TheAdamSmasher Multiverse

    TheAdamSmasher Multiverse11 ngày trước

    My guy

  89. Michelle Grimes

    Michelle Grimes11 ngày trước

    Hearing someone else struggling gives me hope. Bad things happen, to each of us. Keep your head up high, seek help and think with Wisemind and meditation help heal. Thank you for bringing this video to my attention.

  90. Vijay Jadeja

    Vijay Jadeja8 ngày trước

    Stay strong sister...

  91. Jordan Mcallister

    Jordan Mcallister11 ngày trước

    Weirdly hot

  92. Darth Sidious

    Darth Sidious11 ngày trước

    It so sad what life can do to people

  93. pravin rawat

    pravin rawat12 ngày trước

    Best HULK👍

  94. Roger Z

    Roger Z12 ngày trước

    You Can Count on Me--**** Great flick!. Ruffalo always comes through with great performances...

  95. Green Soul!!

    Green Soul!!12 ngày trước

    My fav movie of his is "13 going on 30" . I fell in love with him aftr watching this movie.

  96. vladimir ikic

    vladimir ikic12 ngày trước

    Just watched ragnak today.. loved this guy in it. Great personality

  97. mark styles

    mark styles12 ngày trước

    He is a real hero. He faces, and deals with the what life throughs at him. There are also a lot of people who do this and aren't famous. But I greatly admire him.

  98. Prabhath MP

    Prabhath MP12 ngày trước


  99. jeff crawford

    jeff crawford12 ngày trước

    The most melodramatic video ever posted on VIreporter. Gimme a break. He had some setbacks in life, it’s what most of us living outside the Hollywood bubble call life.

  100. Christo jyn

    Christo jyn12 ngày trước

    Ruffalo is like milo murphy's law?

  101. Mr. Carroll W

    Mr. Carroll W12 ngày trước

    I just can't see him playing Bruce Banner or Hulk .

  102. JusTCM /the command block minecart

    JusTCM /the command block minecart13 ngày trước

    *Yeah mark ruffalo huh?*

  103. Kathi

    Kathi13 ngày trước

    Great human being ❤️

  104. Jean-Pierre Croissant

    Jean-Pierre Croissant13 ngày trước

    his part in collateral will always be my favorite

  105. Fat Bastard Pipes

    Fat Bastard Pipes13 ngày trước

    Mmmm... Tuna pasta. 👍

  106. kate baxter

    kate baxter13 ngày trước

    First time I saw this man was in Zodiac and I thought he was fabulous. I have watched for his movies ever since. Loved him in Spotlight. I have never seen any of the Hulk movies as they are not my style. I knew he was an activist and have always admired him and the low profile he has in his personal life. I believe the less you see of an actor's personal life they more 'real' they are. The ones that are always in the tabs are the ones with no talent.

  107. Vijay Jadeja

    Vijay Jadeja8 ngày trước