The Try Guys Bake Cookies Without A Recipe


  1. AntoEscobedo

    AntoEscobedo5 giờ trước

    this series should NOT end so im going to drop some ideas.... the try guys try to bake/make____ -pizza -donuts -beer -pretzels -cheesecake -brownies -cinnamon rolls -cupcakes

  2. Gail Cachia

    Gail Cachia6 giờ trước

    just realized this series is a mediocre version of masterchef.

  3. b schaub

    b schaub7 giờ trước

    They should make a "Without a recipe" video try wives compete against the try guys or couples vs each other.

  4. Carolina Salmazo

    Carolina Salmazo9 giờ trước

    I don’t want to be mean, but I feel like Zach’s starting to mimic Keith’s kind of humor (throwing tantrums, getting overly loud - which is funny when Keith does it) and it’s getting a bit cringy.

  5. Cam

    Cam10 giờ trước

    “Hey Ned, how’s it going?” Ned: *flips knife into the air* nOT NOw!”

  6. Maelle Hernot

    Maelle Hernot11 giờ trước

    I feel like these kinds of videos prove that eugene is the best try guy

  7. LehS550 _

    LehS550 _17 giờ trước

    This was hilarious! Great job guys!

  8. Chiquillos Squad

    Chiquillos Squad18 giờ trước

    The try guys cook a Tamal without a recipe!! 😁😁🙏🏻

  9. Angelina Li

    Angelina LiNgày trước

    try guys: we're gonna bake cookies reality: "this is a pancake, this is a granola bar, this is a bagel"

  10. Alexandria KING

    Alexandria KINGNgày trước

    Tbh Keith’s cookies looked really fucking good lol

  11. GotitoGaara8

    GotitoGaara8Ngày trước

    why did they get the weirdest cookie expert for this? Who legitimately prefers 'cakey-cookies'?

  12. Schr0edener

    Schr0edenerNgày trước

    That cookie chilling song was my jam

  13. Avarms257

    Avarms257Ngày trước

    Ned: classic Zach: IM MAKING TRASH Eugene: I want the judges to be drunk and also their tongue’s on fire even though one is a child Keith: I WANT TO HONOR MY FATHER.... DADDYS FAVORITE

  14. Dani G

    Dani GNgày trước

    I once made cookies and forgot the flour 💀

  15. Natalie M.

    Natalie M.Ngày trước

    Ro is so funny!

  16. Maddie Schlager

    Maddie SchlagerNgày trước

    I wonder if the judges ever get sick from the foods they make... is that just me? 😂🤣 The Try Guys are the best!

  17. Wrk_in_progres _

    Wrk_in_progres _Ngày trước



    RYAN TRAN2 ngày trước

    1:48 Just you wait keith....

  19. Patrick Beardsley

    Patrick Beardsley2 ngày trước

    Why did ned put oil and butter

  20. Elise Hubbard

    Elise Hubbard2 ngày trước

    16:12 is me when my mom through away my week old burrito

  21. Wyatt Tanner

    Wyatt Tanner2 ngày trước

    These guys on SoundCloud?

  22. Tito G

    Tito G3 ngày trước

    Keith in the beginning of the season: "I just cannot handle the thought of ever getting 4th place in one of these episodes." Keith in the season finale: ....

  23. Mr. Burns

    Mr. Burns3 ngày trước

    Good effort on Zach's part, I thought they looked pretty good.

  24. Mae Cagot

    Mae Cagot3 ngày trước

    “Our cinnamon” daanngg I love u Zach! 😂😍😘❤️

  25. YourUncleOlaf

    YourUncleOlaf3 ngày trước

    Zach: it looks like Australia Me: what do you mean it’s only a little burnt around the edges

  26. Isaac Grimes

    Isaac Grimes3 ngày trước

    You should look at a map. Otherwise I want to know what Australia you’ve been looking at

  27. jaellyn newby

    jaellyn newby3 ngày trước

    OH GOD, I’ve been baking since I was a kid. DONT USE SALTED BUTTER WHEN BAKING 🤢 Specifically cookies. Because your already putting a tiny amount in if you use salted butter your mixture becomes to salty.

  28. Arjun Malik

    Arjun Malik3 ngày trước

    When Ned realizes that he made a mistake eating the spicy thing, WHY THE FUCK DID HE EAT IT AGAIN.

  29. Wraith

    Wraith4 ngày trước

    You can't tell me they never made peanut butter cookies from the back of a kraft jar before. I have that recipe burned in my brain. Good effort though lmao

  30. Sarah Hinkle

    Sarah Hinkle4 ngày trước

    I'd be interested to know how much they are allowed to prepare for without a recipe. Can they practice making cookies on their own time in preparation for the show, or do they need to purposely not try to improve their baking skills in advance? I appreciate the humor of them just creating chaos and truly not having an idea what to do, but I would be curious to see how they would do if they were allowed to practice and perfect a recipe in advance, and then try to recreate that recipe from memory for the actual episode.

  31. Raoul Frasson

    Raoul Frasson4 ngày trước

    Why do people say preasentation when it's spelled presentation?

  32. Jasmine Dhantule

    Jasmine Dhantule4 ngày trước

    I always hear Americans pronounce it that way

  33. Allie_Grinchester 799

    Allie_Grinchester 7994 ngày trước

    17:53 me when my family or friends ask if I'm OK during my period

  34. Cutinici Paul

    Cutinici Paul4 ngày trước

    Mozart horn concerto 4 3rd movement😂

  35. Yaz Costilla

    Yaz Costilla4 ngày trước

    Best part of the video: 7:02 - can i use your cinnamon? -yeah... hey its our cinnamon My heart melted

  36. Miguel Pinilla

    Miguel Pinilla4 ngày trước

    These are the whitest guys I've ever seen in my life

  37. Crazy Taco Lady

    Crazy Taco Lady4 ngày trước

    11:19 My favorite.

  38. Kiara Lopez

    Kiara Lopez4 ngày trước

    Can Christina Tosi be a judge?

  39. KaleidoCrime Gaming

    KaleidoCrime Gaming5 ngày trước

    Zach: CANDY! CANDY! CANDY! Ned: heartfelt memories and experience. Keith: DaDdY’s FAvOrItE! Eugene: LETS GET DRUNK, BITCHES-

  40. Blake Lawson

    Blake Lawson5 ngày trước

    “That’s a pancake, that’s a granola bar, that’s a bagel” 😂😂

  41. OzzaO 12

    OzzaO 125 ngày trước

    Why do neds cookies look like the ones that Cookie Monster eats?

  42. Jono Holmes

    Jono Holmes5 ngày trước

    Should be the gay guys.

  43. Somya Chauhan

    Somya Chauhan5 ngày trước

    4:01 Zach is soo cutee♥️🌺

  44. Simon

    Simon5 ngày trước

    "It's *O U R* Cinnamon" *Communism intensifies*

  45. Kérancia Nice

    Kérancia Nice5 ngày trước

    « I’ve got no baking experience , but I’m extremely judgmental » Like everyone in the comment section buddy 🤜🏾🤛🏾

  46. Maria H.

    Maria H.5 ngày trước

    The song at 11:20 tho

  47. Sam Piekarski

    Sam Piekarski5 ngày trước

    roy choi is my new favorite celebrity ngl

  48. Mr.AJWorks

    Mr.AJWorks5 ngày trước


  49. Zajebista Zuzia

    Zajebista Zuzia6 ngày trước

    Is it just me or does Eugene look really different?

  50. Alyssa Brown

    Alyssa Brown6 ngày trước

    Some channels I watch for five minutes then get bored but with this I watched it all and enjoyed every minute of it lol 👌

  51. Yolanda Trujillo

    Yolanda Trujillo6 ngày trước

    I wish they would actually try and not goof around.

  52. Yellow BANanNaras

    Yellow BANanNaras4 ngày trước

    Wheres the fun in that?😂

  53. Shobs Q

    Shobs Q6 ngày trước

    Collab more with Chef Roy Choi!!! ❤️

  54. Jazmin Webber

    Jazmin Webber6 ngày trước

    All I wanna say is that when the judge talks about Eugenes cookie and how it has a sweet Sid e a feisty side then Eugene say that's a very good description of this cookie well aware they are about to eat it a burn their mouths off crack me up

  55. Namjoon’s perfect. Fight me

    Namjoon’s perfect. Fight me6 ngày trước

    28:18 Zach some small ass dog had a seizure I-

  56. Evelyn Jackson

    Evelyn Jackson6 ngày trước

    it seems like eugene tries to shove his asian culture down your throat

  57. prlnsl

    prlnsl6 ngày trước

    Honestly, I think the food that Eugene makes gets drunk on all the alcohol and forget that they’re shit and get courage and become pretty bomb. Just like how people are. Imma go get a drink

  58. _Queen _

    _Queen _6 ngày trước

    7:02 Keith: Hey can I use your cinnamon? Zach: Hey, it's *our* cinnamon *Sounds like communism to me*

  59. Holly Mcgowan

    Holly Mcgowan6 ngày trước

    Can we talk about how fire Keith and zach’s song was? Like that was actually pretty good

  60. Brianna Gendron

    Brianna Gendron6 ngày trước

    Eugene and his alchohol 😂😂😂👌

  61. llama prana

    llama prana6 ngày trước

    Geeez Rosana angers me

  62. Bridget Traughber

    Bridget Traughber6 ngày trước

    Little Did Keith Know, He Did Not Win a Single Challenge