The Try Guys Recreate Fan Fiction


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    Dat background music tho

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    I think the sandwiches make everything better

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    This episode not sponsored by Subway

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    this whole video was well done and enjoyable.... but i about died at "Toss me!" Hahahaha

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    I was just pathing by...

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    Zach is like an excited little girl reading her fanfic and feels bad when Eugene picks Keith over him🤣🤣


    iE4TBABIES9 giờ trước

    @0:36 Eugene's face. Omg I love all of his disgust towards the other try guys blatant ridicule of romantacized,exaggerated and overgeneralized gay male relations 🙃

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    OH MY GOOD!!!😂 MORE MORE MORE! WE NEED MORE OF THIS!!! (also keiths acting is amazing)

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    Me when I see the title: "Fanfiction... prepare to cringe."

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    also, who wouldn't want to drape themselves onto Ryan Bergara drunk or not hes a whole ass man and that's the tea

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    Im done eating Sandwhiches sis

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    It's so sad bc I read one of the ff before I watched this lmao

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    I’m choking, on my back laughing at Keith in @5:28 sandwich flashback😂😂😂

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    I W A N T T O P U N C H M Y C O M P U T E R

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    in the first 5 seconds i screamed ow from the mental pain

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    I’m crying I’m laughing so hard

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    10:49 though

  20. Josie Ward-Lombardo

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    This made me so uncomfortable, but it is HILARIOUS

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    I have never said ew more times in a video...

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    I really hope they do this again 😂

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    Going down to get another "sandwich" sucking his dick ,🍆😂

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    I was so chill in the last story but I heard another sandwich I just... died! from laughter. Like.... hahaha hahaha!

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    What’s that scar Zach has on his neck?

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    "Call me Daddy" XDDDDDDDDDDD

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    Dem some good samitches.

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    omg I’m crying, this is everything!!!

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    Oh my god I can't this is too much!!!!

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    All I saw was fan fiction and I clicked it

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    I swear i spit out my ramen laughing like 6 times

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    3:25 LMAOO

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    ...all I want is a series of this now😂😂😂

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    Bro finally algo de español :'V

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    bitch hungry for what

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    I laughed so much 😭

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    I wonder how Eugene feels about being the common tread throughout all of these stories.

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    7.55 😂😂😂

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    Literally everything about this is perfect

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    Click to subscribe! Hahaha

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    Keith was eating his meat, then Eugene walks in and is in shock. He starts to eat Keith’s sandwich. 😂

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    Where is Ned and Eugene fan fiction

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    I cant watch this, it's so cringey but I can't stop! 😂😭

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    I have never laugh so hard

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    This is so crINGYYY

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    “Bad kitty....don’t hurt daddy” I’m fucking dead😂

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    so many sandwiches gone to waste

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    "Would you believe me if I said I was just passing by" There was a slight slur to his words "Pathing bye"

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    *paffing buy*

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    Why does Eugene sound like batman

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    1:56 fucking killed me

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    Eugene as a sexy boss is *incredibly* hot, holy shit. This entire thing was gold but this was the best one.

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    More of this please xDDD

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    Eugene saying "Call me daddy" while eating a sandwich with Keith pressed against a wall made me lose my shit completely

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    Is this the 200th video Keith promised us!??!?

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    5:04 what's on zach's neck???

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    sandwich 😂😜

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    10:49 dead 😂

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    Someone give these guys a movie. This was riveting

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    4:29 *i’m cackling*

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    Even me laughing felt awkward

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    This one made me subscribe 😂😂😂😂😂

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    OKay not even half way through the first story I scrolled down and began to read the comments just cause I felt awkward but I still wanted to listen XD idk im weird

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    Did anyone else notice all of these had Eugene

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    I need a fanfic about Keith being shipped with himself.

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    It makes me so happy when Keith can just quote Lord of the Rings.

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    Welp they just gained a KeithxEugene fanfirl

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    Penetration pastrami

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    best Subway brand deal possible

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    👏🏽I👏🏽am👏🏽so👏🏽uncomfortable👏🏽 😂😂😂

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    I feel like they got this from wattpad go to archive for the good shit

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    16 Year Old Girls are the worst. It’s why I hated my sister so much when she turned that age

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    I dind't know before, but I needed this video. Now i'm shipping very hard

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    *why was the sandwhich eating actually kind of hot dammit*

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    next video. try guys write fanfiction and eat sandwiches

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    this is art

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    Haha. I was like.. “I wonder what the actual thing said.” Then my dirty mind took over.. .-.

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    this video is to much

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    Keugene is underrated

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    🤠 Read more

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    “Laters man” what is the meaning of this.

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    Eugene: "I'm not sure if I'm hungry anymore" *KFC advertisement pops up*

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    Please do another part it was way too funny 😂

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    I SHIT!!! XDD

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    I didnt think it was possible to pass out from laughing so hard. Gg.

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    8:55 caption error. Thats a gimli impression because that's what gimli says

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    Now, I'm not sure if I'm hungry anymore, and if I'll ever touch a sandwich!

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    The sandwiches were hilarious. I want to show this video to my friends.

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    This is so funny 🤣🤣 I need more!



    I need more😫

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    Anyone else pause the video and stopped to think “ I wonder how their neighbors respond to four full grown men shouting as if they are playing pretend war outside?” 😂 Nope? Just me? Ok

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    Why didn't they ask Ariel to be in this to play herself lol