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    This is so weird I love it

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    First Fanfiction: 69 with Sandwiches xD

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    Wow! I NEED the sandwitch recepies these guys use, those seem to be some REALLY delicious treats! 😎

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    I realised eugene reminds me of keith from voltron with that hair and all and also the vibes.

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    I lost it when Eugene licked his lips!

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    An idea for a nice slow-burn story? :) enjoy it. #TryGuysEatSandwiches (A Keugene and Zed based fanfiction) Summary: Keith, a well-known comedic mage from the big city of Holair and Zach, a shy timid prince who is blessed with the rune of nature are very close friends. One day, Zach is sent out of the village to accomplish his parents desires (as a child of royal blood), and Keith joins Zach's side on his quest. On their way to the town Uraioth, the hidden town of magicers, a hideous blizzard had risen in their search. When all was lost, they hear the distant sound of a whistle calling their names. (Beginning of chapter??) .... Zach and Keith both head towards the sound until they come across two sillouettes in the horizon. But before any of them could yell out for help, they fall helplessly into the snow as the cold covers them whole. Keith is on the verge of passing out, when suddenly he feels a set of strong hands pulling him out of the snow. He tries opening his eyes, and what he saw were two mysterious men hovering over them. The man holding Keith was the first to speak, his voice low and raspy. As if he hadn't slept in days. "So.. You're gonna tell me we came out here for two unlucky bastards?" He spits at the other man, clearly disappointed. The other man who is seemingly unamused by his friends irritance, looks up with an embarrassed smile and chuckles slightly. "Well, coming out here with *something* is better than *nothing* .. Right Eugene?" The other man picks Zach's unconscious body bridal style and starts walking in the direction they came from. The man carrying Keith rolls his eyes and ignores his smart remark. ".. Let's just go home, Ned. I don't want to stay in this blizzard any longer." As the man picks Keith up, Keith feels warmth resonating within him. The man, whos name appears to be Ned, walks a little farther ahead and calls out, "Hurry Eugene! I don't want the house to freeze up because the one and only fire bender left!" Ned walks a little more forward to possibly ignore Eugenes complaints. Eugene sighs, but decides not to answer Ned. "Whatever..." And the last thing Keith saw before falling into darkness was the pair of dark hooded eyes looking down at him. **END** Author note: sorry this was really weird but I had an idea that I wanted to share to the public lol. It's not the best, but what was supposed to be a short summary turned out to be a long uhhh scene. I didn't edit this, so please don't mind any grammatical mistakes I may have made! Sorry in advance! And just so you know, Keith is a Mage, Zach is a blessed prince, Ned is a knowledgeable sorcerer, and Eugene is the cool fire bender/magicer. Anyways, this was just for something to read! I hope you enjoyed! Love y'all!! 💜💜

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    I need more of this, and I don't even read any Try Guys fanfics. I've never laughed so hard in my life

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    OMG did anyone see eugene's coming out video its sooooo good!! I support you fully eugene!!!!!

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    Me: *arkward comment scrolling*

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    I cringed so hard the entire video

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    You should read more fanfiction!

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    I'm 4 seconds in and I already have to pause to compose myself 😂😂😂 Update: at the 16 second mark and officially dead. 😂😂 maybe I'm just not strong enough for this video

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    This needs a second part!!!!!

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    I am THREE SENTENCES in and ILOVE this idea already!! #ohkeith!

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    Eugene is bae.

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    It's been almost a year, and there haven't been anymore sandwiches...I'm disappointed!

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    6:05 Well then eugene I think something might happ3n behind the scene

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    The first time I saw it, it took me 3 seconds to be blushing, smiling and be like "OH MY GOD NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE..."....... But I continued to watch the video... I think I have a boner.. I'm a girl.

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    I need a part 2

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    11:33 that's so uncomfortablE

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    I'm hungry now...

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    Should I be studying for my exam? Probably. Am I watching this video instead and cringe every 10 seconds? Definitely. Is it worth it? Hell yeah!

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    I need a NedxEugene fanfic here

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    Fanfics really go beyond borders 😂 I cringed bigtime WTH!

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    I cantttt 😂😂

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    You guys need to make a video where you write your own faction and make a video

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    Moreee MORRRRE!

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    5:23 I just laughed at the song because I know it LOL Why in Spanish HAHHAA

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    can they just make a full length version of the second one ?

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    So much sandwich eating

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    Y’all at the end when they are talking Keith starts talking about more fan fiction and how they work at a subway on mars, in the context than sandwiches are portrayed in the fanfic the subway would basically be a brothel.... idk but that’s what I picked up

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    i can only imagine how the writers must feel

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    The Spanish music in the background kills me every time

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    Ewww no please I'm dying and not of laughter

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    Im still watching this after 10 months but anyone notice how Keith had a laptop as a computer screen while he typed on another keyboard????

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    *T O S S M E*

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    Zach : we're gonna recreate the ones where we f*ck each other Keith : *_does wierd thing with hands_* Me : ...

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    Cancel this. Continue this, but cancel it.

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    I hate this and it's great.

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    I had to stop the video every second or so to laugh my ass of and the continue watching And fucking repeat

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    Help me I can’t breathe

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    how am i just now seeing this? i need another one omfg. i was losing it the entire time but that last scene killed me with those expressions from keith.

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    We need a fan fiction series 😂😭 I laughed so hard, I need more re-enactments!!

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    i got an ad of someone making a sandwich

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    I love how in the last fanfic in the beginning, Keith is typing on a keyboard, with his screen as a laptop. Just think about it for a second.

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    Has any of you read blood brothers? There is a reason they skipped to the climax.

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    THatz cUz SciENCE is SExy As FuHCk

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    Mayo starts to seep from Eugene’s sandwich then Keith starts to lick it up then repeatedly smashing his sandwich into Eugene’s mouth to make sure Eugene got a taste of Keith’s mayo then Eugene starts to vigorously suck on Keith’s sandwich same goes for Keith.

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    Sponsred by SOOBWAY.

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    I really wish they would do another one of these video’s

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    I’m soooo hungry

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    Zach is so cute in this video! Omg

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    I like they were all Eugene x _____ XD

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    This is GOLD. I HaD An OuT oF BoDY ExPeRiEnCe WhEn kEitH SiAD ToSS mE.

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    And then they never did

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    Is it just me or did the sandwich thing so confusing

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    This is wiiierddd

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    6:07 Zach looks so happy 11:42 I...I don't know how to feel

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    Euegen lokey looks like a stalker😂😂in the Kuegene fic


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    Me at 4 am: Confused fangirl screeching

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    Everyone is shipped with Eugene and it 's hilarious XD I didn't even know people shipped real life not-fictional-characters??

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    How many sandwiches did they use?

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    1:55 FAMILY SHOW

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    I mean it’s crazy 😜 What? We finish each other’s SANDWICHES 🥪

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    why is Eugene so good at this?

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    Just imagine Ned’s son seeing this in 16 years..... 😁😆

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    You know, I was reading fanfic today and hadn't seen this video. I actually read Blood Brothers SO NO SURPRISES THERE FOR ME but did they ever find out that it said "Ned's good hand" cause the bad guys cut off a finger on the other hand? :'D

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    2:53 This is so me

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    what is the scar on zach’s neck?

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    He was in a car accident as a child.

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    If there was a Ned and Eugene one I imagine it like... Eugene: I can make you want more from me. Ned: That will never happen since my wife makes the best sandwiches. Eugene: I'll prove you wrong. I know how to make a man cry for my sandwiches, you will never see Ariel's sandwiches the same ever again. *Ned bites his lip and gives Eugene a defiant glare* Ned: is that a challenge Eugene: no, it's a promise.

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