The Try Guys Take A Mental Health Vacation


  1. Comment King

    Comment King9 phút trước

    Great job you bumped Spiderman down to #2 trending

  2. Dewei Ma

    Dewei Ma9 phút trước

    Worth the wait for one video.

  3. varvin Karun

    varvin Karun9 phút trước

    You guys deserve much more than a vacation for your hard work

  4. Matt Cunningham

    Matt Cunningham9 phút trước

    I'm getting Shane Dawson flashbacks from the therapist

  5. Bandit Gentleman

    Bandit Gentleman10 phút trước

    Why did this pass the spider man trailer so fast?

  6. FBI

    FBI10 phút trước

    I would love a vacation as well

  7. Nerdy swagg_101

    Nerdy swagg_10110 phút trước

    Yo, I Eugene my whole winter college break. #winterbreakvibes

  8. A R Harleston

    A R Harleston10 phút trước

    "Why can't i just buy it with my big boy money"- Ned 💚💚💚💚💚💚

  9. Let's try to reach 100k subscribers with no videos

    Let's try to reach 100k subscribers with no videos10 phút trước

    such buzzfeed

  10. Vallari Sharma

    Vallari Sharma11 phút trước


  11. HyunBeen Oh

    HyunBeen Oh11 phút trước

    Ayyy you guys are trending #1

  12. Brianna Talent

    Brianna Talent11 phút trước

    Disappointed in their decision to hire Katie Morton for the video but whatever, shit happens, maybe they had their reasons

  13. Let's try to reach 100k subscribers with no videos

    Let's try to reach 100k subscribers with no videos11 phút trước

    Hey!! sorry i am late, i just got off the phone with my Grandma.


    BUBBY BOO12 phút trước

    past all the competition man Buzzfeed is next

  15. tyrone has an opinion deal with it

    tyrone has an opinion deal with it12 phút trước

    Ugh, soi bois

  16. Mia Cawvey

    Mia Cawvey12 phút trước


  17. ociriszues

    ociriszues13 phút trước

    You low T, beta male twats.

  18. Emily Bliatout

    Emily Bliatout13 phút trước


  19. Abbie Bruyere

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  20. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez13 phút trước

    Kati must be having a great time being in everything ever since the shane documentary

  21. Kit kat

    Kit kat13 phút trước

    Are there no other therapists on VIreporter?

  22. GreatJobTy

    GreatJobTy13 phút trước

    Fuck you guys

  23. Tall Skinny Mike

    Tall Skinny Mike13 phút trước

    Viral egg kidnapped 😂👉🏾

  24. Ruby 13

    Ruby 1313 phút trước

    I’m gonna send this to my teachers

  25. Sara Brunslik

    Sara Brunslik13 phút trước

    That woman is from Shane Dawson's Jake Paul series!

  26. Thelambowithin17

    Thelambowithin1714 phút trước

    Ayeee number 1 on trending boysss

  27. Chad Stewart

    Chad Stewart14 phút trước

    Time is running out!

  28. Elizabeth Navarrete

    Elizabeth Navarrete14 phút trước

    Make a video where the try guys try parkour

  29. Hey, I totally agree with you

    Hey, I totally agree with you14 phút trước

    “Get rid of old synapses we’re not using anymore”???? This chick thinks if she uses big words that no one will realise that she really has no idea what she’s talking about.

  30. rowanblack666

    rowanblack66614 phút trước

    Hmm ned wearing that vest makes me uncomfortable for some reason

  31. Julio Contreras

    Julio Contreras14 phút trước

    Great job with making it to #1 on trending

  32. luisa

    luisa14 phút trước


  33. Lee Barber

    Lee Barber14 phút trước

    Eugene is me

  34. Lenilyn Escabosa

    Lenilyn Escabosa14 phút trước

    Go Eugene!!!!! ^-^

  35. Eric Fartman

    Eric Fartman14 phút trước

    Katie *"you're a sociopath"* Morgan

  36. Andrew _

    Andrew _14 phút trước

    what the fuck is this show anymore

  37. Ashley Tai

    Ashley Tai15 phút trước

    #1 on trending???????

  38. Syaz Zamrose

    Syaz Zamrose15 phút trước

    Finallyyyyyyyyyyy! I miss you guyssss

  39. Reilly Duke

    Reilly Duke15 phút trước

    I love that you can see a green glow around each try guy when they're in front of the green screen. they're illuminating

  40. Samantha Monroe

    Samantha Monroe15 phút trước

    Can we just talk about neds shirt 😂❤️

  41. Goh Xin Ning

    Goh Xin Ning15 phút trước

    Love the song 🥰

  42. Aamari Yt

    Aamari Yt15 phút trước

    It’s the girl from Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul videos

  43. Mary Madness

    Mary Madness15 phút trước

    Before 1mil 😁 🎂 🎁

  44. Rain's AsmrSlime

    Rain's AsmrSlime15 phút trước

    Wait u left BuzzFeed I thought try guys was part if buzzfeed

  45. XxLeafGreenxX

    XxLeafGreenxX15 phút trước

    only thing I got from this video: *im on vacation btch!*

  46. Eric Marshall

    Eric Marshall15 phút trước

    I need Ned's friend code for smash bros.

  47. Adam’s life

    Adam’s life15 phút trước

    Yoo who ever seing this add me on Snapchat @agranola3 🌈

  48. Stefany Velasquez

    Stefany Velasquez15 phút trước

    We want big boy money

  49. Venomous Chango

    Venomous Chango15 phút trước

    This sucks

  50. Kayla Deines

    Kayla Deines16 phút trước

    Kati's face at 5:03 hahahaha I love her

  51. Tundra Fox2213

    Tundra Fox221316 phút trước

    So glad you guys wanted to focus on yourselves for once. Good job guys!

  52. Julie 028

    Julie 02816 phút trước

    Oh. I just love Eugene.

  53. Dylan Bickram

    Dylan Bickram16 phút trước


  54. Loveya226

    Loveya22616 phút trước

    Oh god, not Kati Morton

  55. Nicole Price

    Nicole Price16 phút trước

    I love secret Hitler!!!!!!

  56. Staci Koutsis

    Staci Koutsis16 phút trước

    Zach: "Dad, whatcha got?" Zach's adorable dad "I GOT MUFFINS!"

  57. Zach Choi ASMR

    Zach Choi ASMR16 phút trước

    The Try Guys, the type of dudes to take a break from making videos and then make a video about it

  58. Loveya226

    Loveya22617 phút trước

    You guys were pumping out videos like crazy. Maybe you need to lighten the workload

  59. brady50429

    brady5042917 phút trước

    What a poser fucking try hards

  60. Juralyn Abellana

    Juralyn Abellana17 phút trước

    Lol! Eugene aka "Master of the Night"

  61. Frances Leones

    Frances Leones17 phút trước

    I've experienced writing burnout during my second semester of junior year in college. With the burnout came depression. Took a leave of absence during the first semester of what should have been my senior year. Now I'm going back to school and I feel happy with both myself and my writing. For those feeling burnout, DO take a break. It'll do you a world of good.

  62. Sarah Schlichter

    Sarah Schlichter17 phút trước

    This was epic and wonderful. Looking forward to 2019 videos

  63. Eve Cruanes

    Eve Cruanes17 phút trước

    Wait is that the therapist from Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul series ????

  64. satinder pal kaur

    satinder pal kaur17 phút trước

    The rap in the end 😂

  65. Mrs reaferg

    Mrs reaferg17 phút trước

    The knife guy needs a channel.. you need skill, and money... it’s really hard lmbo!

  66. The_World_ Record_Egg

    The_World_ Record_Egg17 phút trước

    The_World_ Record_Egg

  67. Katy Baker

    Katy Baker18 phút trước

    this has been the longest 2 weeks of my life

  68. A&B Music

    A&B Music18 phút trước

    So this video passed the spider Man trailer really

  69. Sarah Williamson

    Sarah Williamson18 phút trước

    Wow Ned is SUCH a dad

  70. Alice Does Stuff

    Alice Does Stuff18 phút trước

    #1 on trending!! Nice job!!!

  71. Gaby  Silva

    Gaby Silva18 phút trước

    When the try guys end up passing Spiderman Far from home

  72. Chromie Barnes

    Chromie Barnes18 phút trước

    petition to have an hour long video of Wes ogling at a ceiling fan 💕👶

  73. Jeda Aspiras

    Jeda Aspiras18 phút trước



    LD4SOCCER19 phút trước

    Sub to me and I’ll sub you back twice. I’m not lying

  75. Tarin Sandwick

    Tarin Sandwick19 phút trước

    I love you guys!!!!

  76. rose garden dreams

    rose garden dreams19 phút trước

    omg Maggie !!!

  77. Isabella Lee-Hauser

    Isabella Lee-Hauser19 phút trước

    Can we get a video of baby Wes just staring at ceiling fan for 5 minutes straight please

  78. Abel Theo

    Abel Theo19 phút trước

    can Keith's brother please be in more videos? dude is funny asf.

  79. Aquetzaly Silva

    Aquetzaly Silva19 phút trước

    We actually get to see Zach's girlfriend in a video😍😍

  80. Angela Celi

    Angela Celi19 phút trước

    Number ONE on TRENDING!

  81. Laurel Rhinehardt

    Laurel Rhinehardt19 phút trước

    I’m about a minute into this and I keep cringing at their involvement of Kati Morton. I love the Try Guys, but Kati Morton has been debunked more than once by the greater mental health community and doesn’t have a great track record. She’s great with young women with eating disorders, but I’m no fan of hers. Really wishing they had picked someone else.

  82. Doctor Kermit

    Doctor Kermit19 phút trước

    17:39 that was a good enough vacation for me

  83. Laura Miller

    Laura Miller19 phút trước

    " dumpster fire of fabulosity" awesome!!! Eugene owning the internet again.

  84. Carnival

    Carnival20 phút trước

    Eugene is a big mood

  85. Barbara Switzler

    Barbara Switzler20 phút trước

    Okay, I missed you all so much that I have watched every video that I could find, except the immigration video, next. I figured that you had some well earned vacation time, so thrilled that was confirmed. Life is good!

  86. Nelly

    Nelly20 phút trước


  87. why is everyone on youtube retarded

    why is everyone on youtube retarded20 phút trước

    Being a person who loves to learn I have no trouble focusing on my 1.5 hour long classes 4x every week day back to back 😂😂 I get really passionate about school. I'm probably the only person like this though most people hate school 😭😭

  88. bts army entertainment

    bts army entertainment20 phút trước

    I still love kpop(bts and blackpink)

  89. jill-O jell-O

    jill-O jell-O20 phút trước

    Yea well guess cant take a fucking mental break from school... So i am forced to keep going, to keep doing dumb shit all hours of the night, to to work that is COMPLETELY FUCKING USELESS (like really when am i gonna need to know the hypotenuse of right triangle). Putting needless stress on us... Surrounded by kids who HATE and BULLY YOU EVERY FUCKING DAY ... To get called a faggot everyday, and not feeling safe in a place of learning...a place where you should be able to be yourself, but you cant because you will just get ridiculed and made fun of for it... (And trust me i have AT LEAST one mental breakdown every month because of school) So yea Try Guys enjoy your fucking vacation.....ill just be in the corner crying, like usual

  90. Keerthana Vinod

    Keerthana Vinod21 phút trước

    I’m in a vacation.. take rest then work hard....

  91. nevershoutmakeup

    nevershoutmakeup21 phút trước


  92. Yung Wook

    Yung Wook21 phút trước

    watch this

  93. poppyseed1987

    poppyseed198721 phút trước

    I can’t believe all those animals at the zoo were actually out and visible. Whenever I go to the zoo they all hide. They must have known Eugene was coming.

  94. Hana Nurhidayati

    Hana Nurhidayati21 phút trước

    "Zacchary! ZACCHARY BE CAREFUL!" so cuuuuuuuttteeeeeeee :3

  95. Jake Antosca

    Jake Antosca21 phút trước

    bring back candid competition

  96. Candis Gonzales

    Candis Gonzales21 phút trước

    Eugene is my spirit animal... "So, Eugene... What are you gonna do?" "I like animals..." Immediately goes to ZOO.... Can anyone else relate

  97. crankylady 666

    crankylady 66622 phút trước

    I really enjoy how much effort they put into bringing us great videos I feel a bit guilty they didn't get a real holiday

  98. teacup

    teacup22 phút trước

    I wanna hang out with keith's family

  99. Null

    Null22 phút trước

    When Eugene said spending time with family is what Christmas is all about instead of spending it on your own.. I felt that lmao. I can't relate either Eugene 😂

  100. Stella Votrubova

    Stella Votrubova22 phút trước

    "cuz im fucking scary" im screaming!!!!!!!!!