The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix


  1. Jojo Momo

    Jojo Momo7 giờ trước

    What a shame the game and the were way too better than this

  2. merlinsdog

    merlinsdog9 giờ trước

    Game of thrones, take note, I'll bet the ending isn't shite!

  3. narda martinez perez

    narda martinez perez11 giờ trước

    Cuanfo esta estrenada en nextflix mexico

  4. Luiz Bezerra

    Luiz Bezerra12 giờ trước

    It’s a shame they didn’t introduce Dandelion or Vesemir in this season...

  5. Tushar tanvir

    Tushar tanvir8 giờ trước

    Dandelion will be there


    Ioane EGGLESTONE13 giờ trước

    unicorn love

  7. Sławomir Bernat

    Sławomir Bernat14 giờ trước


  8. Durnescu Marius

    Durnescu Marius16 giờ trước

    Why hasn't he two swords ?

  9. jacobyfejeran263

    jacobyfejeran26317 giờ trước

    I can tell there's going to be a lot of seasons cause of the side quests.

  10. Zhadow700

    Zhadow70019 giờ trước

    Just so you know it's going to be based on the novels not the games. Im reading the third book right now and they are really good that's why the medallion is round and not a wolf head like it is in the games.

  11. Vishal Kumar

    Vishal Kumar23 giờ trước

    Is 4gb RAM enough to run this on my pc or do I need more?

  12. Danny Harrison

    Danny Harrison23 giờ trước

    Is the blonde chick supposed to be Ciri or Pavetta ??

  13. James Morales

    James Morales23 giờ trước

    Geralt sees deformed Yen: Damn, you're ugly

  14. Purple Shaft

    Purple ShaftNgày trước

    wtf there's a black girl in 12th century north europe?

  15. Marcus A

    Marcus ANgày trước

    Another great series infected by woke hags desperate for potential name droppings, humble brags, some petty cash, and of course for that extra oh so juicy sentence on their resume, "THE WITCHER". Indeed, self respect is what they've exchanged it for, but... Ahh well... Never mind. Whatever this will turn out to be, it will absolutely NOT be the witcher series. Go home bitch, and stay home.

  16. nizam shaikh

    nizam shaikhNgày trước

    I want every soundtrack frm the game into this series...

  17. Luis Blanco

    Luis BlancoNgày trước

    Plot twist: Geralt converts to islam and lives happily ever after with Yennefer, Triss, Keira and Dandelion. Zoltan has joined the battle.

  18. Aleksander Trakul

    Aleksander TrakulNgày trước

    1:25 Maciej Musial

  19. Mutantgamer

    MutantgamerNgày trước

    Where exactly are Geralt and Yen at 1:28? There’s like some kind of sex orgy party going on in the background.

  20. Daniel Caetano

    Daniel CaetanoNgày trước

    That is actually a story from the books.The party is called Belleteyn. A party where people have sex

  21. zights

    zightsNgày trước

    if theres no gwent in there its fake...

  22. Brad Hughes

    Brad HughesNgày trước

    What's going on with Netflix it's a mullty million dollar buisnes and there got like 5 movies that are any good out of all the thousands of good movie.there Ethier got serious shows or in a different language and there catagorie are all the same.i carnt believe how people talk about Netflix all secon write movies pathetic

  23. Sernlol

    SernlolNgày trước

    looks kinda trash to me as a fan of the books + very bad music

  24. UsmValor

    UsmValorNgày trước

    Gwent.... Is chaos...

  25. Envy Llaw

    Envy LlawNgày trước

    Came for the trailer, but the comments are better.

  26. Audrius Kliukas

    Audrius KliukasNgày trước

    Geralt looks incredible. Everything else - not so much. He might be literally the only thing worth watching the series for.

  27. ĒĻĻĩĒ涂鸦

    ĒĻĻĩĒ涂鸦Ngày trước

    Erm the medallion ☹️😩

  28. Marvelous

    MarvelousNgày trước


  29. SCHIZZ

    SCHIZZNgày trước

    Can i run it on apple r7 240, ham 16mm, and potato chips 69 ?

  30. Onkar Saran

    Onkar SaranNgày trước

    It actually looks pretty good

  31. Gabbbs

    GabbbsNgày trước

    we que salga ya lpm

  32. Raiden - Sunny

    Raiden - Sunny2 ngày trước

    Everything BLACK! This is not Witcher, this Bitcher

  33. DarthKuba 10

    DarthKuba 102 ngày trước

    Czy tylko ja uważam że to Polacy powinni zrobić serial ?

  34. DarthKuba 10

    DarthKuba 1010 giờ trước

    @Tomasz Gie to może remake ?

  35. Tomasz Gie

    Tomasz GieNgày trước

    Już zrobili. Wystarczy.

  36. LittleFinger

    LittleFinger2 ngày trước

    I hope Gwent is included.

  37. Aphinya

    Aphinya2 ngày trước

    When is the release date?

  38. Kev J

    Kev J2 ngày trước

    God this looks soooo bad lol

  39. Nouh Esmaeili

    Nouh Esmaeili2 ngày trước

    When is coming this series?

  40. Desi BurgerBoi

    Desi BurgerBoi2 ngày trước

    i know that voice. phillipa eilhart

  41. TechThieve

    TechThieve2 ngày trước

    Geralt looks more like Legolas. Hope u do a nice job Netflix >.>

  42. TechThieve

    TechThieve2 ngày trước

    @Jacob Sample Oh really? O.o I knew that in the series he's much younger but that he hates facial hair was new for me xc I simply prefer the Game Geralt cause he looks more like a Beast hunter and less like an elf from Lord of the rings that is lost in the Witcher franchise.

  43. Jacob Sample

    Jacob Sample2 ngày trước

    @TechThieve but Geralt in the books hates facial hair...

  44. TechThieve

    TechThieve2 ngày trước

    (I think a beard would fix that xc)

  45. QuincyIQ

    QuincyIQ2 ngày trước

    Also the cheesy acting of Yen better be left on the cutting room floor and any edit similar to that!

  46. QuincyIQ

    QuincyIQ2 ngày trước

    I really hope that's just temp music...

  47. Har ress

    Har ress2 ngày trước

    If Geralt doesn't diss Lambert by singing Lambert, lambert what a prick, I'll never erase my browsing history.

  48. Manuel Mastache

    Manuel Mastache2 ngày trước

    Ni se les vaya a ocurrir hacer solo 4 temporadas, como ahora están haciéndoles, NO ES PARA 4 TEMPORADAS!!!, NI CANCELEN NETFLIX, buenas series, buenos proyectos toman y después lo tiran, NO LO PINCHI HAGAN

  49. Satvik Goel

    Satvik Goel2 ngày trước

    release it fast . . . . its hard to wait

  50. D4gger

    D4gger3 ngày trước

    Geralt will die as soon as he has to jump down anything more than 10inchs



    Shove off

  52. Mohd Khizer

    Mohd Khizer3 ngày trước

    Is it already streaming ?

  53. Hotline Graal

    Hotline Graal3 ngày trước

    No CDPR No Party

  54. Marcus A

    Marcus A3 ngày trước

    Brainless sjws writing toxic feministic contents while infesting the lore with their expired thinking. This is what happens when a well respected series is being screwed over by elitist wannabes who have none of the passion, no talent, and zero humility. Same goes to those shills who talked down on the core fan base of the series. Shameless. You don't deserve the witcher series. Go back and net flick yourself, bitch.

  55. Jack Richard

    Jack Richard3 ngày trước

    Place of power.... Its gotta be.

  56. A M

    A M3 ngày trước

    Having now played the witcher 3, this trailer makes a lot more sense

  57. Andrew Black

    Andrew Black3 ngày trước

    Phrases I wanna hear.........*How do you like that silver, What now you piece of filth!*


    RESPECT3 ngày trước

    Please don't be tris please don't be tris 0:45

  59. Leavly The Artist

    Leavly The Artist3 ngày trước

    1:40 now that's what I was searching for in this whole trailer😂

  60. Frederick Speller

    Frederick Speller3 ngày trước

    I hope they fixed the FOV on this one.

  61. George Coakz

    George Coakz3 ngày trước

    Geralt confronts chaos by cleaning his room and slaying dragons

  62. Vijay Kiran

    Vijay KiranNgày trước

    This comment needs more recognition

  63. Michael Xypteras

    Michael Xypteras3 ngày trước

    Why does he not have two swords????

  64. Barbara Woods

    Barbara Woods3 ngày trước

    The book was the best !!!! And polish movie, actually the series...amazing play of Gerald , good looks and true character. I hope Netflix can do as well as that original polish movie. Little Ciri was the cutest!!! Yennefer was amazing too...I hope Netflix won't fail!!!

  65. Elliot Perkins

    Elliot Perkins4 ngày trước

    Henry Cavill is the best decision for geralt

  66. WOLFER

    WOLFER4 ngày trước

    Polska czeka

  67. Elliot Perkins

    Elliot Perkins4 ngày trước

    Going to be amazing

  68. 50lmyr

    50lmyr4 ngày trước

    Game trailers are like 10 times better than this. They could at least make good trailer instead of this generic crap -.-