There Are Only 2 Genders | Change My Mind


  1. StevenCrowder

    StevenCrowderNăm trước

    Which conversation surprised you the most?

  2. Tyler Pogones

    Tyler Pogones28 ngày trước

    You are so articulate I love how you just slay ignorant people

  3. K Jaxn-Bn4d

    K Jaxn-Bn4dTháng trước

    OMGosh!!! This was GREAT!!! The LGBTQ-XYZ female, who was a "leader" or whatever, of the organization on campus, had absolutely NO historical information NOR "Basic" legal understanding on definitions of Law that she kept throwing out! It AMAZES me how "they" consider "us" (heterosexuals) as violent and disrespectful, when "she" couldn't even shake his hand! THEN the disrespectful woman who kept interrupting and the woman who touched him... a physical AND verbal assault!!! THIS shows the confusion THEY have within and the deeper understanding THEY have, that it is NATURALLY and MORALLY WRONG! And try to FORCE Society into compliance to make them feel it's ok. If "they" are "happy" and truly believe what they are doing is "right"... WHY are they committing suicide? Sick and Sad!

  4. AG_ from _83

    AG_ from _83Tháng trước

    17:44 sums it all up

  5. TooFastSorry

    TooFastSorryTháng trước

    2nd one didn't surprise me. Typical SJW she definitely could've proved better points.

  6. Toasty Doggo

    Toasty Doggo2 tháng trước

    The one that looks likes a shaved scrotum head

  7. Dreonix

    DreonixPhút trước

    has he ever lost one of these, im really interested to find out. also could someone tell which video it is?

  8. Christian Ambrosioni

    Christian Ambrosioni2 phút trước

    Of course Madison does not know that the government considers acts of violence "crimes." She/he/it is a wannabe anarchist, so she/he/it has no respect for the law.

  9. Stephane

    Stephane2 phút trước

    *insert Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme*

  10. Garret Andreas

    Garret Andreas7 phút trước

    I wish more people could debate/ have a conversation, like the last guy. He was calm, collected and respectful. We need more people like that, especially in our current society.

  11. NorEasterMike

    NorEasterMike10 phút trước

    So, he, she, hers, his, him and he are signify sex and gender. She is back pedaling on the act of violence. The fact that I disrespect your pronoun and you force me to respect you is disrespect to me. Then the crazy blonde that keeps interupting, she is looking to make a scene. Booom he just dropped a bomb on her about the pronoun crap.

  12. C B

    C B11 phút trước

    This is something that I just can’t take seriously

  13. Shindle Xo

    Shindle Xo11 phút trước

    I’m sorry but the whole pronoun thing annoys me, she (idk what to say Cos she said to call her they but what do you call an individual they lol) said that using the wrong pronoun is an act of violence but you have to ask everyone their pronouns? I honestly would try to be respectful but if I accidentally call someone the wrong pronoun (if they’ve already said) then how is that an act of violence because it’s hard to say a certain pronoun when you’ve always used either he/she. Also the second conversation annoyed me as he could not finish a single sentence without being jumped in on but got criticised when the non binary person was annoyed when they couldn’t finish?

  14. Brian Hardaway

    Brian Hardaway12 phút trước

    35:56 This is factually incorrect. The distinction between male and female in humans is based on the presence or absence of the Y chromosome, not the number of X chromosomes. If Y is present, the person is a male. This is taught in Biology 101.

  15. Mike Totter

    Mike Totter12 phút trước


  16. Zolad4562

    Zolad456218 phút trước

    “How is bobcat a sex?” **later** “You cannot number the genders because people classify anything”

  17. Brian Hardaway

    Brian Hardaway22 phút trước

    His microphone, his choice.

  18. Λ I D Λ N

    Λ I D Λ N23 phút trước

    ON GOD THERE ARE ONLY 2 GENDERS AND THAT'S IT. It's been that way for hundreds of years and all of a sudden these FAKE ASS GENDERS COME OUT OF NOWHERE. Male and Female, that's it.

  19. Mike Totter

    Mike Totter30 phút trước

    Stupid dyke... oops did i say that out loud. Its ok to be gay straight trans but boy is boy girl is girl. Ps im desriminating against stupidity

  20. is that a fact

    is that a fact36 phút trước

    I identify as 3 things and if you get any wrong it's violence. Cuz it is okaaaaay


    GRIFFIN36 phút trước

    ah ah ah

  22. B0i

    B0i38 phút trước

    im so happy that i heard pogos music :)

  23. Angel Vargas

    Angel Vargas38 phút trước

    Its so sad to watch all this people trying to debate on points they dont even fully understand. They just take their opinions as proven facts. Poor world.

  24. Mike Totter

    Mike Totter40 phút trước

    Boy/girl period wat u prefer is ur choise but if u have an adems apple im calling u sir.. i dont care if it offends u...

  25. hank sturgill

    hank sturgill43 phút trước

    I identify as a mine craft cloud now fear me as i strike lightning at you

  26. A y u s h

    A y u s h43 phút trước

    So saying Fuck you and touching them is less offensive than using wrong pronouns, lmfao. Enough internet for today.

  27. Basleal Abshiro

    Basleal Abshiro45 phút trước

    theres only 2 genderz becuz theres one inputer, and an input, a males an inputer, female is an input, there isnt a third sooooo

  28. Cole Young

    Cole Young46 phút trước

    They should make or rename an Island "Transylvanian" and move all the transgender people there then we won't have to deal with this. This is stupid, when god made humans he made 2 genders man and female did he give them the choice to change. The answer is no, it is not natural. So is being gay it isn't natural, you can't change simple biology just because you are insecure or sick in the head and think you can change just because it pleases you. I'm not pleased I have sisters does that give me the right to kill them, NO. Same premise CHANGE MY MIND.

  29. mpuppy ya

    mpuppy ya56 phút trước

    oh no no oh yeah yeah

  30. mpuppy ya

    mpuppy ya56 phút trước


  31. mpuppy ya

    mpuppy ya57 phút trước

    noot noot

  32. TboneNYC10

    TboneNYC10Giờ trước

    I seek to be loved by most. From now on! I identify as a pizza.

  33. Jace Evans

    Jace EvansGiờ trước

    LOL she started to say x y axis.

  34. Kurt Barlow

    Kurt BarlowGiờ trước

    Madison reminds me of the dad from family guy

  35. Guy

    GuyGiờ trước

    Madison is a HER

  36. Dan Jackson

    Dan JacksonGiờ trước

    He got his ass kicked by the non-binary person 15 mins in. haha.

  37. Dan Jackson

    Dan JacksonGiờ trước

    But respect for airing his ass whoopin.

  38. Maximo Suarez

    Maximo SuarezGiờ trước

    I'm biologically 15 and I identify myself as 18 so i'm allowed to drive bitch lets get it this gender shit is actually lit bois

  39. Cash B-Town

    Cash B-TownGiờ trước

    He's so entitled that when the bald person actually got him he just started talking about his sign and avoiding acknowledgement. Lol, he's totally gaslighting n talkin quick like slimy sales people. He probably wishes he could wear his mum's dresses. Get over it dude. Let people be who they wanna be if they aren't hurting anyone. Lol

  40. kyle johnson

    kyle johnsonGiờ trước

    Goin back to the penis convo... if you have a penis you have man hormones if you have a vagina you have girl hormones

  41. kyle johnson

    kyle johnsonGiờ trước

    What if i identifued as an apache attack helicopter

  42. human being

    human being2 giờ trước

    This is lawlessness.. so being confused is a norm who is go a b t majority now..all t best dear world...does t anybody feel these confusions r clearly told in bible will happen in t last days

  43. Nicole Steyn

    Nicole Steyn2 giờ trước

    If there were a guy playing guitar on campus you wouldn't even think of walking up to him and saying "give me your guitar, because your playing guitar in public is YOUR setup and we just have to follow YOUR rules. Now give me the guitar so that everyone can participate; this is a college campus and we can do whatever we want."... Bruh. just no.

  44. human being

    human being2 giờ trước

    Basically u modern uneducated lazy bums changing t meaning of gender or u dont know its meaning🤣🤣..crazy ppl...awesome...t sad thing is ppl who r intersex still dont gt t previlage of these fake transgenders who take all sympathy..crying...idiots

  45. Wes Yee Music

    Wes Yee Music2 giờ trước

    1st guy was an idiot. Madison made solid points, but was way off on the whole "act of violence" thing. Steven is wrong that acts of violence are crimes 100% of the time too though. If I flick you in the arm, it's technically an "act of violence," but to consider that a crime would be insane. My stance is that I believe there are only 2 genders. I don't personally see anything wrong with being a feminine man or a masculine woman, so I don't personally see an issue with choosing one of the two. At the same time, if you want me to call you "they," I'll do my best. It's also important to note that even the woman yelling at Steven at 26:00 knew Madison identified as "they" and said "You should let HER have the mic." If the people strongly in defense of non-binary can't even do it, then it's clearly unrealistic to expect everyone to conform to an infinite number of non-binary pronouns in existence. That being said, I'll still try.

  46. human being

    human being2 giờ trước

    Imagine doing psychology post graduation fr a many personality disorders wanting to hv diff genders...n learning in detail about each 😂😂👍👍all t best doctors

  47. Turboman_64

    Turboman_642 giờ trước

    And here we europeans are, thinking that we were the only ones having silly first world problems....

  48. human being

    human being2 giờ trước

    Dude...u base it all on India having 3rd gender....they wer intersex ppl...who wer later made kidnapping.. n sexual harrassment....its not true...India didn't hv 3rd gender...its fr t rare intersex ppl...all theses brain confused ppl use them as excuse to enjoy there privilege???!!

  49. Becky Horton

    Becky Horton2 giờ trước

    I identify as the God Emperor of Mankind.

  50. Mecca Cringé

    Mecca Cringé2 giờ trước

    They're only 2 genders, male and female. You're not born non-binary or some other shit🤷🏽‍♀️

  51. human being

    human being2 giờ trước

    T reason is ppl r lazy...imagine ok..u b t bus...good...imagine somedays.. I'm t terrorist..ppl will b like..ok..u blow ur bombs ur choice..lazy society is t bottom line

  52. Issac

    Issac2 giờ trước


  53. Hugecannonballs

    Hugecannonballs2 giờ trước

    That lesbo is the type of bitch I would love to Punch in the face!

  54. human being

    human being2 giờ trước

    Haha...all t confused ppl r true. Not judging..just saying its bad idea...

  55. Jem0202

    Jem02023 giờ trước

    The smug look 7:40 "I have a pretty big penis there"

  56. Anthony Lopez

    Anthony Lopez3 giờ trước

    Where did the U.S. go wrong with kids these days? There are only 2 genders no matter what you say. They don't even know who the president was before bill Clinton

  57. Nour Rammal

    Nour Rammal3 giờ trước

    If only everyone could be like that first guy

  58. senkyou

    senkyou3 giờ trước

    I consider your way of thinking (which my words are an act of violence), as an act of violence. So there. its a dilemma :) . What I know is that doctors are yet to solve the brain related issues. And this gender issue is an illness caused by a malfunctioning brain activity. The thing is that if you cannot see it, does not necessarily mean that it does not exist. Let me explain it in examples. You can like blue, i can like red. but actually also the society can effect the people and their thoughts. in quantum physics your thoughts can alter the future. So how you think through time can change the hormonal order in your brain and permanently damage your brain activity and feel like your gender is the opposite of your sex. I am not actually gonna count the ways of how you might have turned into something unusual. It can be by thoughts or by another disease that caused your brain to malfunction or etc. Say your arm is broken, and should I treat your arm as a normal guy's arm? of course not. I should become more careful not to touch the nerve and treat him tenderly, as such in here with gender illness people you should not hurt their feelings by touching their nerve or lets say judging their perspective because they do not even know that they are ill, just as someone may never know that they are asleep until they wake up from the dream. All I am saying is that just because I cannot prove it by showing properly does not mean that there is no illness. By the way I am elhamdulillah a straight male. I did not suffer and hope not in the future as something that disgusting disease like that, because my brother experienced sth. like this(caused by another illness that altered his way of thinking and also behaviours like crazy and every 5 minutes he was completely another guy or girl or sth different. after a year of suffering only then he realized that he was so sick and there was no cure, he hated that fact and I thank god that he committed suicide and the suffering ended. I can only hope he went to heaven. Probably it was one of the worst possible way of deaths I have ever seen. anyway it is a fact that how you feel is related to your hormones and other physical matter so until the doctors or someone else can find a solution this gender issue it is just another disease like cancer.

  59. Scott Wheeler sr

    Scott Wheeler sr3 giờ trước

    you have the right to choose your side but do not expect me to know

  60. Scott Wheeler sr

    Scott Wheeler sr3 giờ trước

    I have no issues with anyone who claims to be the other but how am I sipposed to know if you do not tell me first

  61. Scott Wheeler sr

    Scott Wheeler sr3 giờ trước

    sorry my point is if you have male features then your a man point blank

  62. george streno

    george streno3 giờ trước

    Reading some of these comments is just annoying. Do I agree with Madison? No I don’t however I’m not gonna make fun of her weight, or looks. How immature.


    KING JULIAN3 giờ trước

    Biologically there are only 2 genders

  64. Lola Lopez

    Lola Lopez3 giờ trước

    Our future is bleek if they, them, their, she, him or it are the ones running it. This is so ridiculous . So now we need to throw out the fact that when you see a woman with breast or a man who clearly has balls we cant assume the obvious that they are a she or a he. With all the problems in the world today, we are actually giving these idiots a platform to waste our time and resources. Parents should be pissed that their hard earned money is paying for their bratty entitled kids are wasting time and money on this shit. We should all agree to label these morons as PUSSIES. We should offer all these pussies an island and shipped them to that island and offer no way back. They are political bullies and some how we have been foolish enough to give them a platform.......

  65. Scott Wheeler sr

    Scott Wheeler sr3 giờ trước

    If this is thet case then start wearing a fokkin sign if thats what you want I cant sign in to if who is who damn it

  66. Michael Lione

    Michael Lione3 giờ trước

    Man, I could care less what someone wants to identify as but if someone born with a penis wants to use a male restroom or someone born with a vagina wants to use a mens restroom that's against the law for good reason, the same reason I can't walk my penis into a public womens restroom! Equality!!! Also if someone is wearing a dress, wig etc and I say ma'am it was out of respect so if it turned out these a penis under that dress don't get offended if you managed to convince me! After all that's what you were shooting for! That said, be gay, be trans, be straight or even be sexually attracted to my truck but don't expect special treatment for it! I don't get special treatment for my sexuality. Love, Your neighborhood left leaning gun toting sane person

  67. Ruk us

    Ruk us3 giờ trước

    I cant believe how many thumbs down you got. It’s like everyone wants to be able to decide they wanna be a female one day or a male the next or a ? Which there seems to be more of everyday like it’s cool or something. If your have a full set of properly developed reproductive organs then you are what those sex organs are. Why would you wanna be seen as a male just because you look like a bit of a tom boy but you are a man or a man who is very feminine wanting to chop your dick in half down the middle and get the full sergury which as unbelievable as it is the sergury is paid for in Canada ... like the bitchy seeming woman that had the shaved head and looked kinda like a boy can’t they just do there best to look like the gender you are , grow your hair out act like a boy or man as best you can and you won’t be disrespected, it seems the confused people just wanna be able to bitch and complain. At work you would get fired for using the girls outhouse now apparently you can wake up and decide you wanna be a girl that day. And what now we have to create and produce trans gender washrooms and outhouses.

  68. Ajax Ashford

    Ajax Ashford3 giờ trước

    Mentally ill collage kids. Or is kids not who they are related too? Cattle and sheep is more like it. That bald "thing" not male, not female, Put it down! No one would care.

  69. Alan Callaway

    Alan Callaway3 giờ trước

    You are either male or female. All others are sick, queers. And I will not accept it. Any way shape or form.

  70. Ajax Ashford

    Ajax Ashford3 giờ trước

    When people decide to acknowledge people as something other as what they are, is Mental. And they should be hospitalized. However that bald chick with the glasses could very well be neither female or male But a slug. And as ugly as a sea slug. Wtf. What are they brainwashing these kids with these day. What a bunch a hogwash.

  71. Miley Moose

    Miley Moose3 giờ trước

    Madison is an act of violence against my intelligence.

  72. The Blackcelt

    The Blackcelt4 giờ trước

    It is not a gender role it is biological

  73. Richard Zandburg

    Richard Zandburg4 giờ trước

    She looks a bit like nardole but she’s stupid and her voice is annoying.

  74. Richard Zandburg

    Richard Zandburg4 giờ trước

    She’s ugly but she identifies as stupid.

  75. Sierra Neubauer

    Sierra Neubauer4 giờ trước

    lmao the second lady...what a disrespectful headache

  76. Osiris261

    Osiris2614 giờ trước

    30:44 holy shit there´s a watermelon on the table. if you assumed it was a bottle of water. your a prick and very disrespectful towards watermelons.

  77. 3l snitzel

    3l snitzel4 giờ trước

    my gender is cheeseburger from now on and anyone that will call me otherwise shall be crucified . omg what a load of donkeypiss there are only 2 genders aka sexes which are Original male and Original female all other assumptions are literally braindamage or messed up toughtpatterns and need to be fixed by therapists . would it not be insane if at one point in the future we had or were forced to learn 9.5 billion new words to not offend anyone . hhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha hillarious p.s. i am a quarterpounder now and anyone who says otherwise shall be crucified . pfffffff hahahhahaahahhah note to others i just became pizza . eh no i am French fries or tanktop or.... . yeah sure can you see where this is going hahahahahahahahah do not force me to call anyone anything else than male or female because i would turn into a really grumpy thermostat or jellybean or . Seek help ok

  78. 1982field

    1982field4 giờ trước

    It does not matter what you think or how you feel facts are facts you are a born a man you are a man you are born a woman you are a woman that is just a fact

  79. OxxxyMoron

    OxxxyMoron4 giờ trước

    She's physically considered to be unattractive by most men. So she just wants to belong to a group or gender, where physical attractiveness doesn't matter. If she doesn't have to be a woman, then nobody can tell her that she's an ugly, overweight, and unappealing chick. Sounds mean, but I think I'm right. I can't prove it, but I think I'm right.

  80. Jose Franco

    Jose Franco4 giờ trước

    I am a Mexican male by birth but I consider my self an American citizen and therefore I cannot be deported and need to get a SSN. Change my mind

  81. Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith5 giờ trước

    Sex as a noun describes one's gender... sex as a verb is fun. Why can't people understand that gender dysphoria is a psychological disorder?

  82. D F

    D F5 giờ trước

    Once again, SC proves he has manners, hes respectful and able to have polite discussions even in the face of disrespectful, ignorant and childish behavior 🤗🤣🤣these crazy lunatics are so entertaining while watching their typical intellectually immature psychological meltdowns 🤣🤣

  83. I learned how not to be jealous!

    I learned how not to be jealous!5 giờ trước

    They dont even know how to be liberals...

  84. D F

    D F5 giờ trước

    the 1st guy seemed confused lol. 2nd "thing" was disgusting bitch that want everyone to change THEIR belief to match HERS (yes shes a female! an ugly ass female, but a female nonetheless). The 2nd interviewee was quite rational and I enjoyed listening to him discuss the topic The rude disrespectful COW needs to be slapped like the bitch she is

  85. I learned how not to be jealous!

    I learned how not to be jealous!5 giờ trước

    But there are only 2 genders

  86. B5429671 XJ

    B5429671 XJ5 giờ trước

    I think we should think of gender as more of a range and sex as biological. I think it is much more practical and accurate. We would avoid this "I'm a bobcat" and "third gender" stuff and we could respect people that aren't stereotypically male or female. I think this is what most people already accept anyway.

  87. lwj w

    lwj w5 giờ trước

    Did he just say we do not have hermaphrodite's in our species ?

  88. lwj w

    lwj w5 giờ trước

    People can't see the double standards in these conversations. Your TAKING someone else's rights and beliefs to force your own on them. So your argument is just a big contradictory bubble. It's simple, we are programmed from birth to automatically determine a person's sex by sight. You can't change that.

  89. Kevin Peterson

    Kevin Peterson5 giờ trước

    If you identify as a woman but are biologically a man how should you be medically taken care of?

  90. Sinesgaitz

    Sinesgaitz5 giờ trước

    I'm quite relieved that the Spanish language applies sex-defining sufixes to almost every sustantive, like worker = trabajador (male) / trabajadora (female) and adjectives, like offended = ofendido (male) / ofendida (female). Our language structure prevents all of this non-binary bullshittery from being a thing. Every person here can feel what they want and look like the sex they think they are, but there's no stupid polemics about vage points between male and female sex driven by insecure snowflakes. In fact the snowflakes I have seen in my country seem more like solid mature persons when compared to those from USA, judging from what I have seen. I just hope this American trend doesn't manage to fully filter to Europe. It still doesn't exist here If I'm not missinformed. And no, UK doesn't count.

  91. Annabelle Browning

    Annabelle Browning5 giờ trước

    "I'm not trying to offend you, but gender identity is like slavery."

  92. lwj w

    lwj w5 giờ trước

    Society has made it to where if you do not agree with their idea of what sex and gender are. You become labeled as an enemy of this group of people who believe this non scientific theory. Then you are targeting to be mentally and physically attacked by this group of people. They just expect everyone to except, embrace and insert their delusional reality into your everyday life. The only people who can make a legitimate argument on their sex or gender. Are the ones that are born with both male and female organs. Just because you think you are a different sex than you scientifically are. Doesn't mean you magically become that sex. To me honestly, I don't care either way what you think you should be called. Or ,what sex you think you have magically become. But you're not going to shove it in my face or my childrens faces. And try to force them to agree with your non scientific fantasies.

  93. Lori Adams

    Lori Adams5 giờ trước

    Therman is such a good guy. I love the fact that he used the term “courting.” He was raised a true gentleman. I realize that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

  94. conqueso325

    conqueso3255 giờ trước

    The first guy had no idea what he was trying to say or even what he was debating.

  95. Yo_isJoe

    Yo_isJoe5 giờ trước

    And if you said that to her, she would punch you in the face and get away with it.

  96. Mason Flynn

    Mason Flynn5 giờ trước

    God these people are the biggest cucks on the planet

  97. Alexander Radetsky

    Alexander Radetsky5 giờ trước

    "So this is your setup and we're just supposed to follow your rules?" 17:40 **Proceeds to argue that gender (their setup) are infinite in number and we're just supposed to follow their rules** Anyone keeping count of the number of double standards here?

  98. Eredhen 1

    Eredhen 16 giờ trước

    There are only 2 genders

  99. Attack Helicopter Jr

    Attack Helicopter Jr6 giờ trước

    the title should be called " there are Two Genders / Change Their Brain"

  100. HamoB’z Ono•Valu•Lima

    HamoB’z Ono•Valu•Lima6 giờ trước

    TEAM UP WITH BEN SHAPIRO!!! Tell the world what’s real! People are tryna force their beliefs upon us and want us to fckn accept their bullshit!🤬

  101. John Doe

    John Doe6 giờ trước

    Some of these people are so screwed up and they actually think they are making sense. There is male and female, PERIOD.

  102. HamoB’z Ono•Valu•Lima

    HamoB’z Ono•Valu•Lima6 giờ trước

    Idk how he could sit there and listen to these fckwit idiots of human beings talk over him and force their beliefs of what’s right upon him! I would’ve knocked out their fckn teeth the disrespectful gay transgender fcks🤬 They disgust me, they’re the exact reason why this worlds fcked

  103. Pudenda Johnson

    Pudenda Johnson6 giờ trước

    I don't think the second freak has anything to worry about. No normal, sane, healthy heterosexual would want to be anywhere near her/him, let alone touch it, thay, that, ........

  104. Jaroslav Capek

    Jaroslav Capek6 giờ trước

    You should address me as THERE... because i identify as a location.And location is your mothers cunt. -Louis CK

  105. Mai Big Butt

    Mai Big Butt6 giờ trước

    All persons being interviewed are utterly stupid. Just my opinion.

  106. D.C. AL

    D.C. AL6 giờ trước

    sex and gender is the same thing and there are only 2 genders change my mind