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  1. StevenCrowder

    StevenCrowderNăm trước

    Which conversation surprised you the most?

  2. Kelly Star

    Kelly Star12 ngày trước

    Why don’t u ask if a man who identifies as a female was turned away from a gynecologists office, would that be wrong? And... what jail/prison would the non binary people go to?

  3. Precious

    PreciousTháng trước


  4. Jared Holford

    Jared HolfordTháng trước

    Calling someone the wrong pronoun is an act of violence. I had no clue O.O

  5. Rick Sanchez C137

    Rick Sanchez C137Tháng trước

    Wow, I made comments on here previously, none of them are here now... I hope it wasn’t Stephen and his people. 4 sexes, proven fact, humans with a penis, “BOY.” Humans with a vagina, “GIRL.” Humans with both and the penis is the functioning organ (able to get a woman pregnant), “hermaphrodite male.” Humans with both and the vagina is the functioning organ (able to get pregnant), “hermaphrodite female.” In theory it is possible to have a hermaphrodite with both organs functioning, but there has never been a recorded case of it happening so until a person like that is proven in existence we’ll keep it simple with the smaller number of four; and stay on the lookout. Gender is easier, there are three. You either pitch, catch, or are a switch hitter.... all the stupid weird shit the stupid people claim are genders are actually “kinks” or “fetishes.” They play no part in a gender discussion when all parties are sane; I like to tie my girlfriends up or pin them down when we have sex, those are fetishes, there is no gender specific word for it because there is no need, because I am still pitching, she is still catching.....

  6. Cowerdnerd Despacito

    Cowerdnerd DespacitoTháng trước

    James J as you can she ate them all

  7. Larissa

    Larissa10 phút trước

    If someone wants you to use specific pronouns for them then they should present that when you meet them. If they do, there would be NO WAY to misgender them.. and the only person I would EVER accept as Non-Binary is someone who is intersex...even if they are more identifiable as a man or a woman.

  8. Chavo

    Chavo12 phút trước

    Plane simple Madison is mad

  9. Josue Huerta

    Josue Huerta16 phút trước

    Hoes mad

  10. 45shfifty

    45shfifty20 phút trước

    To be a man you must have honor. Honor and a peeeenis!

  11. superkami guru

    superkami guru26 phút trước

    do you identify as a gun ? Because you are always so triggered😀

  12. Blanca Chipana

    Blanca Chipana29 phút trước

    Creation: Adam (male) Eve (female). What is so confusing?..Everything else is just perversion.

  13. superkami guru

    superkami guru30 phút trước

    Evolution, we humans evolved as male and female.

  14. Diego Alejandro Pleitez Torres

    Diego Alejandro Pleitez Torres37 phút trước

    bruh on god im a 9th grader and im not that retarded to think that there's more than 2 genders that bald head bitch mad annoying ong

  15. Max Mayew

    Max Mayew39 phút trước

    bro youre literally putting them at risk of murder

  16. Seymore Butts

    Seymore Butts56 phút trước

    Ah the Manbun. The haircut of every millennial cuck

  17. Cameron O'Neill

    Cameron O'NeillGiờ trước

    There are only to genders

  18. Jason Lares

    Jason LaresGiờ trước

    I identify as a African American, and my pronoun is the n-word

  19. Life is Hard

    Life is HardGiờ trước

    Sometimes college scares me not because of the work but the students.

  20. HydroFlexRL

    HydroFlexRLGiờ trước

    the second one is a faggg!!!!

  21. Dayquanツ

    DayquanツGiờ trước

    If you think there's more than 2 genders than you need to seek medical attention. Don't @ me

  22. Charles Bidinger

    Charles BidingerGiờ trước

    O have a flarpy doodad

  23. Dylan F

    Dylan FGiờ trước

    Too long didn't read. 31:00 minutes. They try to turn it on him. How do you define if they're male of female? They way people in the country have been for a long time? The question he is struggling to get through to this person is that even though what they want might seems harmless, there are grey areas that are actively causing issues for normal people as well as shitty people. I will respect someone pronouns when told what they are (merely as social politeness), but I agree that you can't hold everyone accountable for understanding this. Especially when it's a theory, people just won't always agree. A theory with plenty of good intentions I should add. But good intentions are only a part of the battle. This person specifically just sat down with the intention to make him look bad, rather that explain her platform. I've dated binary people and most are not as ready to get defensive. If people want the right for a unisex bathroom, please give it to them, like I don't want to revoke people's personal freedoms EVER. But changing the laws so it has the potential to take other's freedom away because they don't subscribe to a theory is okay? I just want this person to walk away from this and become more open to strengthen their platform for a gender spectrum. I don't disagree that people should at least consider it, but this person was so hostile it makes me want to pretend like I disagree with them lol. I could say so much more on the subject, but I think if people looked to change each other's minds respectfully more often we would actually get somewhere. This person, although making a weak argument here, I'm sure could take what she heard from Crowder and actually learn about the law and its relation to the subject at hand. This would give them the advantage of having thought it fully through before jumping hot-headedly into a debate that was intended to be a calm conversation.

  24. Tragedy Edits

    Tragedy EditsGiờ trước

    Bruh the second person must have been the most annoying person ever. Fricking female king jon un.

  25. Charles Bidinger

    Charles BidingerGiờ trước

    I have 2 penises and 2 vaginas

  26. David Fchuk

    David FchukGiờ trước

    As soon as I saw the buzz cut chick, i knew we would be here for a minute

  27. Charles Bidinger

    Charles BidingerGiờ trước

    What r hermis?

  28. TomTomBar

    TomTomBarGiờ trước

    Lol if you think there is more then two genders then you're lost simple

  29. Bad genji Main

    Bad genji MainGiờ trước

    Steven is Ben Shapiro 2.

  30. Brian O’grodnick

    Brian O’grodnickGiờ trước

    Let me catch my son identifying as another gender.

  31. Bad genji Main

    Bad genji MainGiờ trước

    More gay libtards destroyed

  32. Connor P

    Connor PGiờ trước

    Man that lady oops sorry that uhh thing i love how when ever it was losing the argument she turned to the crowd for help and that crazy bitch was all hanging up with her then not having the common ground to shack his hand is just I think a act of violence

  33. VeroAce Gaming

    VeroAce GamingGiờ trước

    Can't put a NUMBER on the "Number of genders". But she just said.. Ima let y'all try and dig out of that grave👌.

  34. VeroAce Gaming

    VeroAce GamingGiờ trước

    Also if she's talking the LAW and sociable standard are different? She's getting shit mixed up with law and anarchy

  35. Zota

    Zota2 giờ trước

    The Shadow People like to gouge out their eyes just to fuck with me

  36. Big Hoss

    Big Hoss2 giờ trước

    I fuckn love this dude #nohomo

  37. Travis Booth

    Travis Booth2 giờ trước

    So Madison's the co-president of an LGBTQ organization? Doesn't the B in LGBTQ stand for bisexual? Doesn't the prefix bi- mean 2? So wouldn't the term bisexual imply the existence of only 2 genders? He must be at a community college.

  38. rjmprod

    rjmprod2 giờ trước

    They get all worked up when they are shot down on their narrative. A very narrow minded group..

  39. Andre Kadlec

    Andre Kadlec2 giờ trước

    All of this seems extremely overrated and unnecessary

  40. Djjdhdhdbdehwevekisgss Sndnxbshiendbskw

    Djjdhdhdbdehwevekisgss Sndnxbshiendbskw3 giờ trước

    The 2nd conversation is just him getting talked over

  41. Derrick Small

    Derrick Small3 giờ trước

    she needs some dick lol

  42. Naziyr Ruwack

    Naziyr Ruwack3 giờ trước

    He's in college and doesn't understand "parameters"

  43. Derrick Small

    Derrick Small3 giờ trước

    this proves that there is life from other worlds on earth

  44. Amnesia Iforget

    Amnesia Iforget3 giờ trước

    The begining of future nondescript slave training. That level of brain washing about gender being different from sex is insanity. Insanity to accept reality. But that's what happens when you close mental health institutions and leave the crazy and weak DNA to breed and wreck the species. I'll agree you can identify your personality as more masculine it feminine, but you cannot change your real gender. You might as well be playing in the funny farm with your imagination friend the mad hatter.

  45. Hi

    Hi3 giờ trước

    Wait is this where the meme came from

  46. Amnesia Iforget

    Amnesia Iforget3 giờ trước

    For generations no real responsibility had been required. So these full grown children are still playing princess tea party.

  47. Djjdhdhdbdehwevekisgss Sndnxbshiendbskw

    Djjdhdhdbdehwevekisgss Sndnxbshiendbskw3 giờ trước

    The second girl is something alright.Ya I said girl

  48. Derrick Small

    Derrick Small3 giờ trước

    boy turns into man girl turns into women

  49. anger issues

    anger issues3 giờ trước

    Ohh its the guy from the meme

  50. Amnesia Iforget

    Amnesia Iforget3 giờ trước

    I would say there is there. But transgender is not one. The third one is hermaphrodite. A little bit of both.

  51. Fearedupon

    Fearedupon3 giờ trước

    This channel is great but the people he interviews can be so stupid : ( Just for fun i'd argue there should be 3 genders: Male, Female, and those born with both, not like i know what we should call them but does that not make sense that the small ".08%" of the world can have there own classification? I mean scientifically does it not make sense since they have both they are neither a male nor a female but, a third option. There's obvioulsy an argument against it but seems more logical than saying there's 50+ genders that shit is illogical. It really seems like there is 3. Male female and in between.

  52. Erick Alvarez

    Erick Alvarez3 giờ trước

    Madison was ridiculous she got white people problems

  53. 100 Subs One video?

    100 Subs One video?3 giờ trước

    umm im pretty sure native americans have 2 genders like everyone else

  54. Metal Meister

    Metal Meister3 giờ trước

    Colleges and Universities are the breeding ground for insanity and madness. The fat lady intervenes and basically says "We do not allow reasoning and logic on our campus".


    ABRAHAM & ISAAC3 giờ trước

    Homosexuality was originally classified as a mental disorder; in 1974, it was removed from the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, though a category remained for people who were in conflict with their sexuality. This was removed in 1987. they erred in 1987!!!! here's the proof..

  56. tma neq

    tma neq4 giờ trước

    I love you crowder no homo

  57. Jorge Docasal

    Jorge Docasal4 giờ trước

    So science isn’t enough boys or should I say people of the internet

  58. Richard Dupczyński

    Richard Dupczyński4 giờ trước

    they all are wrong. Gender is only 1 and It is MOTHER RUSSIA

  59. hutch homestead

    hutch homestead4 giờ trước

    Lib logic just shows that if these are the issues of oppression, then 'merica is doing pretty fucking awesome

  60. hutch homestead

    hutch homestead4 giờ trước

    Just sayin', it wasn't called "the greatest generation" after women could vote......... satire, shut up fems.

  61. Benjamin Jorgensen

    Benjamin Jorgensen4 giờ trước

    She is so mind numbingly dumb

  62. hutch homestead

    hutch homestead4 giờ trước

    I would love to see how much meat was brought back to the cave if caveMEN, had the women go hunting

  63. Thestripper

    Thestripper4 giờ trước

    What kind of world do YOU want?

  64. Amber Lane

    Amber Lane4 giờ trước

    Ooohhhmygod...coming here to actually listen to the discussion between two people and then having these fragile idiots come up and try to disrupt is absolutely infuriating. Like, back off. For real. Some people are actually trying to inform themselves on different points of view. Like I think that gender is different from sex regardless of how things have traditionally been handled and the legal interchangeable use of then terms. However, when it comes to how many genders there are I don’t think there is innumerable amount of them and I don’t call them “man” and “woman” and “non-binary”. I think that people have different levels of masculine and feminine traits. I don’t think anyone is one or the other-because I don’t believe in absolutes, but that everyone has a certain ratio of both-and never neither because that’s not a thing. Dog, cat, and fucking helicopter are not genders. Period. My beliefs on this matter get hazy when we begin to try to apply these arbitrary identifiers in the legal realm and that is what I want to form an INFORMED opinion on. I am leaning towards this: the legal world should only be concerned with biology because it is a waste of resources and far too much work to attempt to legally validate subjective self-identification. I do not think it would be too complicated to add a third option labeled “Other” as long as it was established that there would be absolutely no other classifications beyond that because of limiting complexity. As for what that means for how it applies to real life interactions, it does NOT dictate with individuals can say or refer to you as. This is why free speech exists. I’m sorry, but you’re not going to punish me for not calling you the right thing. Fuck you very much. ANYWAYS, this is where I am at currently, but I am very much open to reassessing my feelings on the matter.

  65. Bobby’s Bag

    Bobby’s Bag5 giờ trước

    There is only two genders literally a male and female there’s no middle ground

  66. TheBirdandEagle

    TheBirdandEagle5 giờ trước

    If people are confused of their gender, they're really confused. Let me help, penis=male, vagina=women. DUH!🤣

  67. nmssis

    nmssis5 giờ trước

    no...there are 3 Genders but only 2 Sexes. Genders: Masculine, Feminine and Neuter Sexes: Male and Female Gender has nothing to do with the sex....get it right!

  68. W4V3 G4MING

    W4V3 G4MING5 giờ trước

    This video very offends me. I identify as an apache helicopter!!!!🤬🤬🚁🚁🚁🌬

  69. 240X

    240X5 giờ trước

    Why can't we just call it out like it is you're either straight or gay doesn't matter what your gender is your either homosexual or do not deal with it

  70. Malcolm Rowe

    Malcolm Rowe5 giờ trước

    What a horrible person at the end, I won't say woman as I'll probably be misgendering! Typical leftist, can't debate only spew hatred! That last guy was very articulate and clever, the 1st couldn't convince himself!

  71. Ermac Jones

    Ermac Jones5 giờ trước

    Leftists are so God damn pathetic lol they can't even have a conversation without losing their shit completely when they're proven wrong, which pretty much happens every single time because of the complete lack if evidence and logic in their political views. It's amazing how they can be genuinely confused as to why everyone makes fun of them, and get mad about it. They do it to themselves.

  72. sonny day

    sonny day5 giờ trước

    These gender benders are clowns. What's worse is colleges and society accept and protect their mental illness and malady.

  73. tommatito 5

    tommatito 55 giờ trước

    There aren't 2 genders and there aren't 57 or whatever genders. Gender is a social construct, this is the medical consensus and the misconceptions that people think that there are multiple genders is weird

  74. Claudio Uta

    Claudio Uta5 giờ trước

    Be whatever the fuck you want to be! But from a legal and biological point of view you are either male or female.

  75. gsxrxtrememarbella

    gsxrxtrememarbella5 giờ trước

    Call yourself what ever you want, but when in a court of the land you will be referred to as a make or a Female. Then argue that with the judge. YOU WILL BE SHOT DOWN.

  76. Ralph Alpha

    Ralph Alpha6 giờ trước


  77. Blas Andres Ayala García

    Blas Andres Ayala García6 giờ trước

    Honestly its both ironic and disturbing how she considers people should lose their career because they didnt use a pronoun they didnt knew existed of which there is an infinite amount of, because it is offense. Still she doesnt get expelled nor lose her career by calling people scum and telling them to fuck themselves. Like, I dont like the word " privilage" since everything technically is one, but god...

  78. Koeber123

    Koeber1236 giờ trước

    I have a feeling this is more a debate about semantics... In germany we only have "Geschlecht" which is the biological sex (or gender) When we talk about how a person identify as, we say "Geschlechterrolle" (gender role) or "Geschlechtsidentität" ( gender identity) So i dont understand why LGBT community wants to force us to accept there are different genders, when that word commonly used in our history as a synonym for biological sex. Why should we redefine that? Why not say: there are gender and there are genderroles. Because the problem is, if you go down that rabbithole, you dont even know what defines the gender "male" or "female" Because some men are more "manly", some less. Some men like to make more girly things, without wanting to be a woman. If there infinite genders, you cant put anyone in any group. Theoretically everyone can have there own gender. Its getting really absurd. Im totally fine with the statement :"there are infinite number of genderroles" Because every human is different. And as society goes forward, a man doesnt need to be manly, a girl doesnt need to be girly. A man can dress and act like what society sees as typical woman. That doesnt change his gender. He just chose a certain gender role to live, and that is totally fine for me.

  79. I B

    I B6 giờ trước

    Steven society changes it does not have to stay stagnant, science and sociology which is in itself a sceince is meant to be adapted, and yes we can accept biological sex, and for health and things that have to deal with sex we can use male and female for, but that doesn't prevent society from changing the definition of gender and how we apply it to society and maybe if needed laws.

  80. Day Knight

    Day Knight6 giờ trước

    No there are 3 FeMale Male And hermaphrodite (male/female or a person with both genders)

  81. 1usi0n

    1usi0n6 giờ trước

    boy these non gender conforming people are so confused. they believe whatever they feel is true lol

  82. Guess Time

    Guess Time6 giờ trước

    I thought this was the ad.

  83. papermaniac

    papermaniac6 giờ trước

    Steven totally owned those SJWs

  84. I B

    I B6 giờ trước

    The second person really wasn't a great representative of the people who believe in allowing to have different types of gender

  85. I B

    I B6 giờ trước

    I personally believe that people shouldn't be forced to accept people's gender but I think both sides should try to compromise and that non binary folk should be allowed to express themselves and that everyone else should try to give them respect and vise versa

  86. Alexandra G

    Alexandra G6 giờ trước

    14:43 that smiling guy, emerging from the shadows, ready to tackle the t e a

  87. All Sevens

    All Sevens6 giờ trước

    Fucking bigot

  88. Roger Curry

    Roger Curry6 giờ trước

    No matter the gender, you’ll all burn in Hell with equal pain..

  89. Lajit Raps

    Lajit Raps6 giờ trước

    No hair jus want her way. She did know anything.... lol

  90. KashHelvetica

    KashHelvetica7 giờ trước

    Lol its funny when facts hit a person and all they can do is shout out slurs. At that point you lost not only the battle but all hopes to ever debate on a topic in all rational matters

  91. Joe mc glue

    Joe mc glue7 giờ trước

    she is a feminist & she thinks she is always right even if she is proven totally wrong

  92. Hideous Hank

    Hideous Hank7 giờ trước

    That fatass tried to get you removed lmao

  93. Lajit Raps

    Lajit Raps7 giờ trước

    Hes stuttering idiot

  94. Tracy Barber

    Tracy Barber7 giờ trước

    *sigh* when are white women gonna realize shit can't always be the way they want just cause they say so.

  95. Nathan Roberts

    Nathan Roberts7 giờ trước

    I identify as seasoned chicken from Taco Bell

  96. Kevin Gutierrez

    Kevin Gutierrez6 giờ trước

    What pronoun should I use for u?

  97. Joe mc glue

    Joe mc glue7 giờ trước

    this guy is a fool nature makes gender not society /not man definitely he is a dumb ass air head

  98. Alonzo Turner

    Alonzo Turner7 giờ trước

    I think this dude gay bruh 7:35

  99. ArieanaLove

    ArieanaLove7 giờ trước

    I knew Madison was going to be horrible before she even started talking LOL

  100. Kevin Gutierrez

    Kevin Gutierrez6 giờ trước

    Yeah bc if her haircut xdxdxdxd

  101. Acewing Dabson

    Acewing Dabson7 giờ trước

    26:40 ‘tism

  102. Mic Will

    Mic Will7 giờ trước

    Fucking land whale

  103. Professor_Cube

    Professor_Cube7 giờ trước

    No that isnt illegal. An act of violence isnt illegal at all. thats like walking up to a homosexual and saying, "Look at this faggot" Youre an asshole and but thats not illegal. Violence doent have to be physical.

  104. Billy Shears

    Billy Shears7 giờ trước

    Wait, I can't be of the belief that there are people who identify outside of male or female without knowing the exact number of genders that are possible? That's not even remotely true. Go to Thailand and it will change your mind. They have have penises, but they sure aren't male.

  105. Leonardo Datore

    Leonardo Datore7 giờ trước

    Imagine being so utterly conformed to societal constructs that you openly debate someone that believes in basic science.

  106. Andrew Church

    Andrew Church7 giờ trước

    I believe in 4. Male female trans and Hermaphrodite.

  107. Xc LuxZenRa

    Xc LuxZenRa7 giờ trước

    Real question, If I Feel like I am a God does that make me a Demi-God?

  108. Sommer Turtle

    Sommer Turtle8 giờ trước

    HUZZAH! Well done. If someone identities as Spiderman, Superman, or the Hulk - I deserve the right to respectfully disagree without people think I am being disrespectful, rude, or hateful. If someone identities as a Bobcat...I should DEFINITLY be able to disagree and believe they would benefit from getting mental help...especially when living as a bobcat could potentially harm others or themselves. (Isn't it in a bobcats nature to attack a human if feeling threatened and might potentially harm someone?) And, to an extreme...if someone identifies as a necrophiliac, a cannibal, a pedophile... I should have the right to disagree with that also....and those particular individuals CERTAINLY need counseling and society should definitely say that is wrong! (A school district in California is currently teaching that Pedophilia is just another sexual identity ... this is NOT OK! To be clear - I am not homophobic just because I disagree with their lifestyles - my oldest brother is gay, married to one of the kindest, sweetest men I have ever known (who I love just as much as my brother)... but both men want and expect me respect to their beliefs (not necessarily agree with)... and they also respect that I deserve the right to believe the way I do also! They love me and offer me the same respect I offer them. They are not hypocrites with double standards... and neither am I. My brother and his husband know that my personal belief is that their lifestyle is not natural... just as biologically in nature you need male and female to procreate. Just as a lock is made for a cannot open a "locked" door with only 2 keys and with no hole to access a lock... nor can 2 locks open the same door without a key. My brother and his husband know that just because they have a lifestyle and beliefs I happen to disagree with that doesn't mean that I don't love them and accept them as people. Just as many people smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol - I may not agree with their lifestyles but that is their choice, they are not physically hurting or harming anyone, and I still adore them as humans and people. They don't consider that my particular beliefs are hateful, aggressive, violent, or need to be suppressed just because they disagree or think I am wrong. They believe in the Freedom of Speech and love me unconditionally just as I do them! This slippery slope our society is on is a dangerous one when people start forcing others to speak, act, or believe a certain way without respecting others diversity in belief (when no one is getting hurt or harmed physically)....especially when people could be seriously punished by expressing themselves. Isn't this why our forefathers left England and came to America in the first place??? Freedom of belief, freedom of speech, freedom to live a life in the way they choose to as long as they aren't hurting others and respecting their space. This was so well done. People need to allow others the right to disagree and be kind and civil towards one another... and legally we should stick with biological standards as that is concrete and not subjective to emotions and constant change. Personally, I love my Freedom...don't you?