Things to do for FREE with your friends!


  1. Ryland Adams

    Ryland Adams4 tháng trước

    Hey guys. I hear you and it breaks my heart that the idea of this video hurt anyone’s feelings. The goal of my video was to show that you don’t need money to have fun with your friends and I wanted to show that in a fun way. I changed the thumbnail and title because I completely agree that it looked intensive and I should have thought that through much better. Ive gone through financial struggles myself and I didn’t even know what Gucci was for most of my life. I never want people to think that having money makes you happy because it doesn’t. I’m grateful and proud that I was able to work hard and afford things I never could as a kid but that doesn’t equal happiness. Spending time with my friends for free was the most fun I’ve had on my channel in a long time and I hope that message shines through. I’m so sorry for offending anyone and I really do just wanna make you guys happy with my videos. Looking back I should have focused more on the message rather than trying to make it funny. Please know my heart is always in the right place.

  2. Antisocial Aimee

    Antisocial Aimee2 tháng trước


  3. Jose Meraz

    Jose Meraz2 tháng trước

    Fuck you bitch for attacking Twaimz just for taking a break! You dumb cunt Shane did the same thing! He literally sold out after making bank on the few series that he did! I don't give a fuck if he told us about the break he was going to be taking because he still sold out at the end of the day! Fuck you! You dumb fucking fake ass twat! Burn in hell bitch! I never liked your fake ass!

  4. cheeto dawson

    cheeto dawson3 tháng trước

    Ryland Adams ❤️

  5. cheeto dawson

    cheeto dawson3 tháng trước

    Ryland Adams LAST COMMENT

  6. Miley Seliquini

    Miley Seliquini3 tháng trước

    @natalia heredia He was only doing this for entertainment purposes. I really don't think it's that offensive, but you have a right to your own opinion..

  7. Angel Brummett

    Angel Brummett2 giờ trước

    Liked video just hate u don’t say prayer to God

  8. Christian Sintigo

    Christian Sintigo5 giờ trước

    Awww garret is such a good friend, every time he show up i like the video and make it entertaining

  9. kuazexin

    kuazexin7 giờ trước

    Garret: No not everything is from 711 i’ve got the bananas (points)

  10. MaggieKat

    MaggieKat11 giờ trước

    the video was nice and calm and then garret joined in and everything got chaotic, love that

  11. Laura Francis

    Laura Francis14 giờ trước

    I love Garret 😌

  12. Elizabeth L.

    Elizabeth L.19 giờ trước

    Morgan wearing a Balenciaga purse and Ryland wearing TWO multi thousand dollar engagement rings as they pretend to be poor...ya'll are a disease.

  13. Elizabeth L.

    Elizabeth L.19 giờ trước

    This is really distasteful and tone deaf when a huge chunk of Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or working full-time but still under the poverty line. Especially the car shit, what the hell was that? C'mon guys. Edit: I don't care that this was Shane's idea, it was still in poor taste when he's literally rich now.

  14. Emma Smith

    Emma SmithNgày trước

    The person who out that on there story is a noob

  15. David Dobrik

    David DobrikNgày trước

    Next podcast is soon here. thanks all

  16. G- B Hustlin

    G- B HustlinNgày trước

    I couldn’t help but think Did Ryland wash his hands after going into the dumpster? While watching him putting his fingers in his mouth while he ate. Lol

  17. Taylor Zachrich

    Taylor ZachrichNgày trước

    i love that garrets holding the pizza box with a slice of pizza sticking out

  18. amelia taylor

    amelia taylorNgày trước

    If I'm being honest. The faces Garrett makes... make me cry. Like I love him so much, and he's so cute.

  19. Ellie Harris

    Ellie HarrisNgày trước

    I miss Garrett and his chaotic energy 😂😭

  20. Boss Lady

    Boss LadyNgày trước

    Garrett looks like shane a lil haha

  21. Haley Burton

    Haley Burton2 ngày trước

    I love how delightfully weird Garrett is

  22. Keira Browne

    Keira Browne2 ngày trước

    What was the originals thumbnail and title?

  23. Keira Browne

    Keira Browne2 ngày trước

    26:32 that “woah” sounded a lot like Shane for a second then lol till I replayed it lmao

  24. Keira Browne

    Keira Browne2 ngày trước

    Omg I loved lunch ales but the cheese tastes like friggen cardboard

  25. Keira Browne

    Keira Browne2 ngày trước

    I immediately smiled when Garret entered the frame, can’t help but laugh at everything Garret does or says ♥️♥️ if Garret and Morgan had a kid it would be me with a touch of Shane and a sprinkle of Ryland= ME

  26. lexabitxh_ •

    lexabitxh_ •2 ngày trước

    Also what’s with Ryland having to apologize, it’s a damn fucking video, get over it and do something with your life. Everything is offensive these days smh. Most of you guys are living under a roof, so there’s nothing for you to complain about. Be grateful and shut up

  27. lexabitxh_ •

    lexabitxh_ •2 ngày trước

    I wanna huh Garrett 😭 I live Garrett, but can we all just take a moment and talk about Andrew at the end 😭😩💖 such a bean

  28. Andrealaura17

    Andrealaura172 ngày trước

    I don't understand any hateful comment about this video, luckily I'm watching this much later and all the comments are too far down the list for me to care, lol! I LOVED this video because it showed a brother and sister spending the day together doing fun things for no money at all! We tend to forget that money shouldn't ever define us because we have all had our struggles, some greater than others. Ryland's videos are always so much fun full of laughter and lightheartedness and really put a smile on my face. I love your videos because we feel like we are hanging out with such an awesome group of people :)

  29. Kimberly

    Kimberly2 ngày trước

    Car dealerships have free coffee

  30. Syriana Coronado

    Syriana Coronado2 ngày trước

    at 15:11 in the video, behind ryland the box reads ''g wagon ''

  31. Melody Tyler

    Melody Tyler2 ngày trước

    "Dude, I'm serious." "Dude? I'm your brother, dUdE" Literally my conversation with my brother EVERYTIME

  32. Sweet Serendipity

    Sweet Serendipity2 ngày trước

    Free coffee at hotels! Just walk in, make some then leave

  33. ahhaha

    ahhaha2 ngày trước

    Garrett is me and its scary.

  34. Pluie's Spectrum

    Pluie's Spectrum2 ngày trước

    People are getting offended out of everything.... Lol

  35. Jadie Girl

    Jadie Girl3 ngày trước

    In Hawai’i we run on Hawaiian time

  36. April Wilson

    April Wilson3 ngày trước

    Omg I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE Garrett!! Very entertaining video 👌😂😂

  37. Pensaingiallo

    Pensaingiallo3 ngày trước

    why didn't you call this video: hoow to get for free things I usually pay for? Guys: prepare food home and go for a picnic.

  38. Aiko Bliss

    Aiko Bliss3 ngày trước

    Ryand you're gonna end up living in a bubble if you try to please everyone. Do you if people get mad heck em.

  39. Hattie Dame

    Hattie Dame3 ngày trước

    Garrett is just adorable as all get out. I want to adopt him and be his one year older momma.

  40. Zarzy

    Zarzy3 ngày trước

    15:18 Morgan's me to my mom.

  41. Carmen’s Corner

    Carmen’s Corner4 ngày trước

    Garret makes me so happy like he’s such a good friend.

  42. Gloria Mara

    Gloria Mara4 ngày trước

    I want a friend like garret ❤️ he’s so amazing 💕💕💕

  43. Gloria Mara

    Gloria Mara4 ngày trước

    “The last time I went to Garrets house he had like a wanka bar and like a cricket “ in garret

  44. Enderguin58 The youtuber

    Enderguin58 The youtuber4 ngày trước

    poor garret he was so nervous rip!

  45. Charlie and Emma Todoroki x Deku

    Charlie and Emma Todoroki x Deku4 ngày trước

    Ryland:And see who can come up with the best free idea! Me:30 DAY FREE TRIAL ON NETFLIX

  46. Honest Reader

    Honest Reader4 ngày trước

    I love Garrett SO MUCH. I need a Garrett in my life!!!

  47. jisoobear

    jisoobear4 ngày trước

    a lot of comments are either -hating -telling haters that the title wasn't suppost to be harmful -GARRETT

  48. D D

    D D4 ngày trước

    I feel like there’s eggshell white privilege, off white privilege, this is hospital white privilege, the whitest of all white privilege

  49. sketchwolf paw

    sketchwolf paw5 ngày trước

    Its so wholesome to see Garrett get so excited about serving lunch with his friends awwww

  50. lynnani

    lynnani5 ngày trước

    Garrett is the sweetest man if I wasn’t gay I’d marry him

  51. Trevor Dillon

    Trevor Dillon5 ngày trước

    I truly don’t understand the hate against Ryland........he’s my favorite!!

  52. catbeara

    catbeara5 ngày trước

    "EW! EW! ...Eh. I would've done it."

  53. Deborah Brown

    Deborah Brown5 ngày trước

    Why do you use plastic cutlery?

  54. Deborah Brown

    Deborah Brown5 ngày trước

    Fit as f

  55. Florence Stephanie Del Mundo

    Florence Stephanie Del Mundo5 ngày trước

    you guys are my family

  56. Ace Anthony Referiza

    Ace Anthony Referiza5 ngày trước

    I want Garrett to find all the love and happiness he deserves in the world. But also, hee needs to take care of himself.

  57. Various Adrian

    Various Adrian5 ngày trước

    I cant stand! Krispy kreme Yuck😅😅😅

  58. Sara Talavera

    Sara Talavera5 ngày trước

    Andrew and Garret are so sweet! 💕

  59. Mario N Myra

    Mario N Myra6 ngày trước

    When Morgan said her dishwasher was broke being Hispanic we hand wash everything having a dishwasher at my legs 🤣

  60. florasundara 93

    florasundara 932 ngày trước

    SWEAR!!! The dishwasher is my bf nowadays, don't tell my mom 😂

  61. LovelyMe2116

    LovelyMe21163 ngày trước

    And opening the dishwasher to only find topers and random things because the dishwasher is just a fancy storage cabinet 😂

  62. Graciela Marin

    Graciela Marin6 ngày trước

    You guys were at the burbank empire center🤯😁 thats where i shop

  63. kermits SoFa ChAiR

    kermits SoFa ChAiR6 ngày trước

    this is not a challenge it’s a lifestyle 😌

  64. Angelia Spith.

    Angelia Spith.6 ngày trước

    Literally every paint store in bc has free coffee 👌

  65. Shaila Garcia

    Shaila Garcia6 ngày trước

    Did some one saw that 16:31you see a face

  66. AvaWrld

    AvaWrld6 ngày trước

    13:24 really got me

  67. Kennley Aul

    Kennley Aul6 ngày trước

    At the part with garrett i just have a smile on my face