This Guy Hid from His Boss All Day (You’ll Never Guess How) | Hidden in Plain Sight #1


  1. Vat19

    Vat192 tháng trước

    On a scale of 1 out of 10 how good was Danny's disguise? We think it's a 10! See even more of Danny hiding here:

  2. Hank InsertLastNameHear

    Hank InsertLastNameHear3 ngày trước


  3. CC

    CC6 ngày trước

    The 'we' in that comment... is probably just Danny typing.

  4. Lisa Loft

    Lisa Loft8 ngày trước

    well i knew it was him from the start so 7 because it was good but i knew it

  5. Seth Flanders

    Seth Flanders11 ngày trước

    7.7 the jaw wasn't all that amazing

  6. RayzedWayzed

    RayzedWayzed11 ngày trước

    ik it has to be 1 at least but his hiding spot is 0/9999999999

  7. Fadhel Ben hassine

    Fadhel Ben hassine2 ngày trước

    I flushed Danny head down the toilet

  8. Zorkz HD

    Zorkz HD2 ngày trước

    I would of round him😉😉😉

  9. Edmond Huynh

    Edmond Huynh3 ngày trước

    Didn’t he say that you can’t mive

  10. Edmond Huynh

    Edmond Huynh3 ngày trước

    I mean move

  11. mena heberlig

    mena heberlig4 ngày trước

    call him then listen for his ringer

  12. Rebecca Turner

    Rebecca Turner5 ngày trước

    Vat19: The other 18 vats: are we a joke to you?

  13. Kayla Kelleher

    Kayla Kelleher6 ngày trước

    3:19 He looked at the camera I have paused vid Edit: XD so it was him

  14. Cookie Man

    Cookie Man6 ngày trước

    Jamie was very aggressive this video.

  15. Pandy 114

    Pandy 1146 ngày trước

    The best part is that I saw him immediately when a "random guy" smiled at the camera...😂

  16. Luke Browning

    Luke Browning7 ngày trước

    2:24 that's a picture of Danny's disguise LOOL

  17. harmony arakaki

    harmony arakaki7 ngày trước

    Danny should get a mask like in Ms.Doubtfire and disguise himself as the camera man with a microphone and speaker with someone else’s voice.

  18. ew madsTM

    ew madsTM7 ngày trước

    i was wondering who that was and why they were getting so close. near the middle i was questioning if it was Danny

  19. Lisa Loft

    Lisa Loft8 ngày trước

    i knew it was him!

  20. Leona Moore

    Leona Moore8 ngày trước

    On the carts they have names from the walking dead like Hershel, Judith, Merle and Mika

  21. black chaos

    black chaos8 ngày trước

    Hi Danny 2:34 (edit:hi again 3:19

  22. Potatoplayz

    Potatoplayz8 ngày trước

    i saw him and thought it was him

  23. Elisabeth Rodman

    Elisabeth Rodman8 ngày trước

    i knew it was him

  24. Kempy Bass

    Kempy Bass9 ngày trước

    The first time I see the suspicious worker always lurking in the background it was just obvious it was Danny

  25. Zara-Lee Hamilton

    Zara-Lee Hamilton9 ngày trước

    You know what will be funny if he is at home on they security camera watching him eating food laughing his ass off

  26. GawkyOrpheus510

    GawkyOrpheus5109 ngày trước

    his disguise is the hiding spot thus it moves with him

  27. notharmonious

    notharmonious9 ngày trước

    I figured it out lol

  28. Dicte Wiederholt Ljungberg

    Dicte Wiederholt Ljungberg9 ngày trước

    Plot twist: he never showed up, and it was Danny's twin

  29. Sophia Vieira

    Sophia Vieira9 ngày trước

    What’s with all the TWD names in the warehouse 🤔

  30. Debbie Lambright

    Debbie Lambright9 ngày trước

    I saw him in the 1st min just walking around and then I was like no don't be dumb that can't be him to myself I'm sad now

  31. Breanna Castielle Llauder

    Breanna Castielle Llauder10 ngày trước


  32. Breanna Castielle Llauder

    Breanna Castielle Llauder10 ngày trước

    What if you said to him you are fired

  33. What a Witch

    What a Witch11 ngày trước

    not bad

  34. tg Gaming

    tg Gaming11 ngày trước

    I found out what he was doing from when they first said the can that hides your valueables

  35. C Storm

    C Storm11 ngày trước

    Danny is a chaotic mastermind

  36. idek

    idek11 ngày trước

    4:45 how did that girl not smile or make a facial expression?!?! 😂😂😂

  37. Bryden Giese

    Bryden Giese11 ngày trước

    His disguise made him look like my uncle

  38. Red Thunder

    Red Thunder12 ngày trước

    I been knew that it was him because he was keep on walking behind him and looking at the camera and he had nothing on the thing he was pushing for the whole time

  39. Milly Cowan

    Milly Cowan12 ngày trước

    I love these videos Like if u agres

  40. bow and me

    bow and me12 ngày trước

    Is anyone going to talk about that pillow on the couch that has Jamie's face printed on it lol😂

  41. Evangeline W

    Evangeline W12 ngày trước

    I was like “who’s that guy in the beanie who keeps showing up?” at 3:20

  42. Some random ghost 19

    Some random ghost 1913 ngày trước

    Lmao best disguise ever. He is working, just not on a computer

  43. Dulcineia Tizotti

    Dulcineia Tizotti13 ngày trước

    “What’s the golf club for” “Oh it’s for *poking* ” ~proceeds to whip beanbag with all of his strength~

  44. Alexander Abreu

    Alexander Abreu14 ngày trước

    Jamie will kill somebody by accident by poking someone

  45. 「Amai Lenari」

    「Amai Lenari」14 ngày trước

    “What do you need the golf club for?” “I need it for poking stuff” *DESTROYS COUCH WITH THE POWERS OF THE GOLF CLUB*

  46. ellaaa cheetoo

    ellaaa cheetoo14 ngày trước

    And I oop

  47. ellaaa cheetoo

    ellaaa cheetoo14 ngày trước

    I bet it's the guy who's pushing around the cart

  48. Gabriel Van Brunt

    Gabriel Van Brunt15 ngày trước

    Danny’s inside of us all That’s what she said

  49. Zahra Elbakkali

    Zahra Elbakkali15 ngày trước

    I have watched all the hidden in plain sight videos and I love them. Plz make more

  50. Isabelle Wimberly

    Isabelle Wimberly15 ngày trước

    I figured it out when I saw him the second time

  51. Speak English

    Speak English15 ngày trước

    1,54 it's that man pushing something

  52. Colleen

    Colleen15 ngày trước

    Danny’s disguise was actually real good

  53. Drawing With Zoe

    Drawing With Zoe15 ngày trước

    This is like a game of extreme hide and seek

  54. Night of fun times

    Night of fun times15 ngày trước

    Well he couldn't of moved from his hiding place He is the hiding place wither that still breaks the rules is a whole different thing

  55. Leo;u

    Leo;u15 ngày trước

    Should have got one of those Instagram famous makeup artist that can make you look like anybody and turn himself into one of the other employees.

  56. Adriana DeLeon

    Adriana DeLeon16 ngày trước

    Ok don't hate on me because I don't usually watch their videos but why do they have the walking dead characters names on the carts 😂