1. Bla Bla

    Bla Bla15 giờ trước

    Whats the song on 3:09??? Please anyone knows?

  2. Deolinda Bango

    Deolinda BangoNgày trước

    I really need to know the name of these songs

  3. Esperanza Ybarra

    Esperanza YbarraNgày trước


  4. Esperanza Ybarra

    Esperanza YbarraNgày trước


  5. Esperanza Ybarra

    Esperanza YbarraNgày trước


  6. Maribella Hiles

    Maribella HilesNgày trước

    Be happy 4 them thats all u gotta say nobody congradulated them either soooo.. CONGRADULATIONS #LANDSGANGGGGGGGG SO happy for the baby girl comin soon🤰

  7. Maribella Hiles

    Maribella HilesNgày trước

    Every Single Comment on thus Video is about How Shyla didnt have a good reaction and all she wanted was the car. Yall are wrong Like its not ur baby is their baby so why yall judging periott.?!

  8. April Valadez

    April ValadezNgày trước


  9. leann rupp

    leann rupp2 ngày trước

    Ig the mcbroom men can only produce girls lol p.s. ily guys

  10. Maryam Mahmood

    Maryam Mahmood2 ngày trước

    Obviously Shyla was exited it is her baby after all so she had to be or else that would not have made sense she looked exited anyway

  11. Priscilla Mac

    Priscilla Mac2 ngày trước

    why did everybody seem so upset like they did not want it to be a girl also shyla looked more happy about the car then her having a baby girl this is so sad ....

  12. Blue Girl

    Blue Girl2 ngày trước

    People are so stupid and mean. During pregnancy my sister in law was always bitchy it's kinda normal. But 12 years old kid like you cannot know.

  13. Charlz

    Charlz2 ngày trước


  14. Shenita Rambaran

    Shenita Rambaran3 ngày trước

    whats the name of the song @ 2:24

  15. Boss Lady

    Boss Lady3 ngày trước

    Anyone know the song playing @ 8:53?

  16. Sara Almuhtadi

    Sara Almuhtadi4 ngày trước

    Looks like through Ryan eyes family wasn’t invited!

  17. Alayian White

    Alayian White4 ngày trước

    Whats The Name Of The Song At The End

  18. Stephani Chavez

    Stephani Chavez5 ngày trước

    Shyla’s wasn’t that emotional for the reveal. She’s clearly a gold digger that wants fame and clout. For a soon to be mother she would’ve been OVERJOYED for having a daughter but she was more excited about the car.

  19. emma olivo

    emma olivo5 ngày trước

    Shyla should do a baby haul of what she is getting the baby now that she knows!She has great taste I'd love to see what she gets

  20. Fatima Ijaz

    Fatima Ijaz5 ngày trước

    What’s the song in the video?

  21. Rii Nn

    Rii Nn5 ngày trước

    I’m more excited that phora and des are there lmao

  22. Fieke Steneker

    Fieke Steneker5 ngày trước

    Why can't they say 'I'm happy'. I mean you can always have a girl or a boy, it is not a loss. I would be very happy with a boy.

  23. Shantel Moore

    Shantel Moore5 ngày trước

    Love love love u guys can’t Waite for baby to arrive anyone know we’re her dress is from lol

  24. connieluvzpink

    connieluvzpink5 ngày trước

    I don’t watch their videos anymore like I used to after Shyla got pregnant because all I can think of is when Landon said something like “ having a baby or getting pregnant would be good for the views” 😒 having a child for all the wrong reasons, babies having babies smh

  25. Bashy Park

    Bashy Park5 ngày trước

    Congratulations on having a girl you guys are honestly the cutest congratssss

  26. Vitor Belfort

    Vitor Belfort5 ngày trước

    Having kids just for VIreporter and just for views, likes is terrible!!

  27. Vitor Belfort

    Vitor Belfort2 ngày trước

    Blue Girl thank you bitch 😘🤡

  28. Blue Girl

    Blue Girl2 ngày trước

    Yours is one of the stupidest comments I've ever seen. Congratulations.

  29. Candy

    Candy5 ngày trước

    Omg congratulations to both of you I thought girl to y'all lol!! ❤

  30. Alejandra Noyola

    Alejandra Noyola6 ngày trước

    I love you shyla and landon so much💜

  31. Gerber Hijar

    Gerber Hijar6 ngày trước

    Wig? Horrendous

  32. Andrea Breaux

    Andrea Breaux6 ngày trước

    Their dad is 😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤

  33. Ifh Sarin

    Ifh Sarin6 ngày trước

    I hate that girl she’s sooo fake!!! She don’t look excited all all she’s gold digger.

  34. Michelle Demartino

    Michelle Demartino7 ngày trước

    Legit shed a tear when they did the count down Just had my baby boy 17 days ago

  35. Jasmine Garcia

    Jasmine Garcia7 ngày trước

    I want the makeup give away !!!!

  36. Tamy Hope

    Tamy Hope7 ngày trước

    Awn bless you guys so happy for them ❤️

  37. Helen t

    Helen t7 ngày trước

    Feeling my future watching this ❤❤😁🤗

  38. valery rachel

    valery rachel7 ngày trước

    Omgg yessss #pinkalltheway💕🎀 congrats. Subscribed & post notification are always on

  39. Paige Larkin

    Paige Larkin7 ngày trước

    Song at 2:26 is Wind Me Up by Oh Tre Tre Tre

  40. Silvia Dubeňová

    Silvia Dubeňová7 ngày trước


  41. Cara Littlefield

    Cara Littlefield7 ngày trước

    Yeah...I cried😍😭. To be that happy that you cry, wow, what a beautiful moment captured of you both sharing this with family and friends. Definitely a day to reminisce about

  42. Hello Out there

    Hello Out there7 ngày trước

    The worst gender reveal ever, how boring, I think their not loved alot. People attended for Austin & Catherine that is it. What crap

  43. SpanishKvndy Benitez

    SpanishKvndy Benitez8 ngày trước

    Everyone need to leave Shyla alone & he loves her! Y’all just straight hating 🙄 not every couple is the same

  44. SpanishKvndy Benitez

    SpanishKvndy Benitez8 ngày trước

    They both wanted a boy obviously

  45. Kala Agundis

    Kala Agundis8 ngày trước

    It warmed my heart to finally see Catherine and Shyla near each other!! Praying for a safe delivery i know you two are going to be great parents. Much love sent

  46. Claudia Fuentes

    Claudia Fuentes8 ngày trước

    Thats funny they wanted a boy just to rubbed it on austins face .....

  47. Terrance Johnson

    Terrance Johnson9 ngày trước

    Who sing this song

  48. Slime Makers

    Slime Makers9 ngày trước

    Who else saw l&s on love stories for the gender reveal?

  49. Marcia Jones

    Marcia Jones9 ngày trước

    I love you guys so much 😘

  50. Marcia Jones

    Marcia Jones9 ngày trước


  51. Evapors

    Evapors9 ngày trước

    Love this! Looking to grow my channel would love you guys to swing by and subscribe!

  52. Victoria Fata

    Victoria Fata9 ngày trước


  53. Viktorija Eriksson

    Viktorija Eriksson9 ngày trước

    namn of the song?

  54. Ramis_ Oritro

    Ramis_ Oritro9 ngày trước

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song they used in the video??

  55. Liz Valentine

    Liz Valentine9 ngày trước

    nothing but girls all over the place. Austin, Landon and Ryan. WOW!

  56. Gaming with Yas

    Gaming with Yas10 ngày trước

    What’s the song name

  57. Holly Hazz

    Holly Hazz10 ngày trước

    Dont get why shayla wore a wedding dress kinda

  58. Nawr Nass

    Nawr Nass10 ngày trước

    What’s the song name right at the end of the video?

  59. Green Blade

    Green Blade10 ngày trước

    Landon wanted a #BOY !!! :(

  60. Madison Somuah

    Madison Somuah10 ngày trước


  61. Madison Somuah

    Madison Somuah10 ngày trước


  62. Angela Fuentes

    Angela Fuentes10 ngày trước

    :40 song Glenn Travis - Need Somebody

  63. Angela Fuentes

    Angela FuentesNgày trước

    @Brenda Serrano I was looking for it like craaaayze love. Lol I even tried to Shazam it. Nope! Didn't work, I was like "I am not giving up"(this song is life) I had a feeling it was Glenn Travis though.

  64. Brenda Serrano

    Brenda SerranoNgày trước