This Smartphone Changes Everything...


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox Therapy4 tháng trước

    What is your next smartphone?

  2. Unknown

    Unknown12 ngày trước

    Unbox Therapy that one

  3. TechRager

    TechRager12 ngày trước

    homtom ht70

  4. Haunted Gaming

    Haunted Gaming2 tháng trước

    Unbox Therapy iPhone x

  5. Tech Teacher

    Tech Teacher2 tháng trước

    Unbox Therapy, I hope Xiaomi MI A2.

  6. Deathless Studio

    Deathless Studio9 giờ trước

    That's fucking trash. Literally 3 months into having the phone the mechanical motor will fail and then you have a obstruction at the top of your phone......trash

  7. Joshua Obane

    Joshua Obane15 giờ trước

    What about filipino phones uses Oppo F9

  8. Ashu Saini

    Ashu Saini22 giờ trước


  9. Sublimebike 2

    Sublimebike 2Ngày trước

    May I have that one please I got a Luna phone

  10. PenguinZ

    PenguinZNgày trước

    iphone:" HAHA well that too bad im about to announce new colors. i call them... super black, ultra black , rusty silver , shiny silver, maximum silver!"

  11. Terrence Macinterry

    Terrence MacinterryNgày trước

    Are you still using this phone? If not do you still have it? Im looking to test one myself. not wanting to spend a ton of cash. Let me know.. Thanks.!

  12. Jorge Mendez

    Jorge MendezNgày trước

    What the fuck is this overreaction

  13. Stephon Davis

    Stephon Davis2 ngày trước

    can it run fortnite 😂😂

  14. Max Beter

    Max Beter2 ngày trước

    *thought I was on epic meal time*

  15. Badde Liyanage Don Dilanga

    Badde Liyanage Don Dilanga2 ngày trước

    I thought it has on screen camera, sensors, finger print reader. then it would be really futuristic. pop selfie camera concept is hardly a new thing.

  16. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson2 ngày trước

    I for one would never trade functional touch buttons for an inevitably clunky gesture system.. Try navigating your gesture phone while drunk- Ain't happening.

  17. Neelamber Thapa

    Neelamber Thapa3 ngày trước

    No nut November day 13! Got a boner while looking at the mannequin's eyes!

  18. Pretty Ricky

    Pretty Ricky3 ngày trước

    More moving parts to break down smh

  19. focalathletic

    focalathletic3 ngày trước

    ugly as fuck, reminds me of those old slide Nokias.

  20. David Šigut

    David Šigut3 ngày trước

    It's just as fun to use an extra wide-format portrait for your mobile, which does not make any difference. While the PC monitor is a 16/9 standard, the 4/3 is far more suitable for the site.

  21. Maloofy

    Maloofy3 ngày trước

    4:51 legitimately me and my filters.

  22. Muhammad Hussein

    Muhammad Hussein4 ngày trước

    Cool innovation by OPPO. Vivo, Huawei, OPPO, xiaomi, those China brand truly developing rapidly, that used to be labeled of copycat and follower brand, now become a great innovator!

  23. night fury

    night fury4 ngày trước

    It still has moving parts tho

  24. Alex H

    Alex H4 ngày trước

    So this is better than Samsung and Apple?

  25. ميثاء وضحاء

    ميثاء وضحاء4 ngày trước


  26. Khalid Oppa

    Khalid Oppa4 ngày trước

    "Screen to body ratio tho, its all face!"


    ALPHA’S & DARDI’S DLCION4 ngày trước

    WE HAVE: Android, iOS and (.....) future device

  28. None Ofurbusiness

    None Ofurbusiness4 ngày trước

    Wow the last 100 years really made us technologically ... insane?

  29. dudosmokokos

    dudosmokokos4 ngày trước

    This pop up idea was presented to Apple already but they passed on it. One reason was the case issue the other was the breakdown of the moving part.

  30. Ferdinand Barrera

    Ferdinand Barrera4 ngày trước


  31. Darren Ava

    Darren Ava5 ngày trước

    No notch amazing

  32. FuryZ

    FuryZ5 ngày trước

    Rip headphone jack T_T

  33. barbie wings

    barbie wings5 ngày trước

    Mind giving some extra phone to me? 😂😂😂

  34. Huawei NL

    Huawei NL5 ngày trước

    What a rage filled douche nozzle

  35. Sub - Zero 93

    Sub - Zero 935 ngày trước

    Why don't you review SONY XPERIA phones ?

  36. Bestmobiles

    Bestmobiles5 ngày trước

    Да это же американская версия Вилсы, правда более стройная.

  37. Never Mind

    Never Mind5 ngày trước

    I'll buy this phone for $19.99 including tax , Charges and Fees no more no less , send me one today here's my $20.00 cash : keep the change .......

  38. Dothurnaax

    Dothurnaax5 ngày trước

    What about cases? Are there many options?

  39. SBN Mughal

    SBN Mughal5 ngày trước

    Seems extremely fragile. Need a case with a slide too.

  40. James Chizzy

    James Chizzy5 ngày trước

    This guy's talking is everything that can't bore me.

  41. Earej

    Earej6 ngày trước

    Why does this old man dress like he's 14 and listened to too much rap music?

  42. Agnichandra Subedi

    Agnichandra Subedi6 ngày trước


  43. Pintel Yaluom

    Pintel Yaluom6 ngày trước

    How would you protect this phone? Since the pop up camera doesn't work with a case

  44. Jan Kruger

    Jan Kruger6 ngày trước

    Painful to listen to, leaving the building with Elvis>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  45. Han Luo

    Han Luo6 ngày trước

    Thats a Chinese phone brand you talking about , Good job China

  46. 9y old

    9y old6 ngày trước

    But it has an amoled display while the galaxy s7 edge has a super amoled display and it came out 2016, just when will get the perfect device... when??

  47. Vogel Fant

    Vogel Fant6 ngày trước

    its ok , just take some camilla tea ; )

  48. Lotte Kuipers

    Lotte Kuipers6 ngày trước

    But you can't have a Phoncase with this phone🤨😅

  49. Niladri Banerjee

    Niladri Banerjee6 ngày trước

    What about Chinese surveillance?

  50. iamEMO iam

    iamEMO iam7 ngày trước

    Tbh, Oppo has the highest ratings of best in Camera, it even looks like it is much more enhanced than Iphone Camers or DSLR Cameras.

  51. aventador gallardo

    aventador gallardo7 ngày trước

    And it bends terribly well very easily.

  52. Leomared Campos

    Leomared Campos7 ngày trước

    Yes, this is innovating. Battery life I hope will improve.

  53. Stefan Balint

    Stefan Balint7 ngày trước

    I whant it and i whant it now!

  54. kudmahelben

    kudmahelben7 ngày trước

    The real me: UGLY. The new me: BEAUTIFUL!!! Best line ever!!! LOOOOOLLLLL

  55. Ed Lockley

    Ed Lockley7 ngày trước

    So it’s basically an iPhone XS with a shittier android skin and a questionable mechanical system that doesn’t actually make a difference because it solves 1 problem and creates another.

  56. 2Crazy1Side

    2Crazy1Side7 ngày trước

    Is it water resistance

  57. babevso

    babevso7 ngày trước

    I just got Mines today, OPPO F9

  58. Achhuana The Niggaman

    Achhuana The Niggaman7 ngày trước

    Nice sweatshirt

  59. Sucha Djentleman

    Sucha Djentleman7 ngày trước

    How tf do i get this

  60. Z

    Z8 ngày trước

    LOL u sound over-dramatical, as if you discovered the whole new universe :)

  61. Nadim N

    Nadim N8 ngày trước

    So its a Samsung... 😁

  62. Antonio Norman

    Antonio Norman8 ngày trước

    Shit!!! I may fuck around and get this also

  63. Raw Bear Toe Cave

    Raw Bear Toe Cave8 ngày trước

    I wonder how long the slide mechanism will last.

  64. Raw Bear Toe Cave

    Raw Bear Toe Cave6 ngày trước

    That is probably in a lab. Real world with all the dust and pocket lint, I don't see it lasting that long.

  65. Amir DZ

    Amir DZ6 ngày trước

    300.000 times

  66. Hana Cheong

    Hana Cheong8 ngày trước

    not made for phone cases...

  67. Hichem Chalouche

    Hichem Chalouche8 ngày trước

    Oh god , i will never can buy this phone , maybe in 2025 cuz the price go down :c

  68. Rishabh Kumar

    Rishabh Kumar8 ngày trước


  69. tb _790

    tb _7908 ngày trước

    no in-screen fingerprint though!!!

  70. Donyun Lee

    Donyun Lee9 ngày trước

    I despise Oppo and Vivo,Only sound and camera things but no connotation.

  71. Amirul Hakim

    Amirul Hakim9 ngày trước

    How about the cover? Wouldn't you have to take it off every time when you want to use the camera...

  72. The Drumbo

    The Drumbo9 ngày trước

    This guy is awesome

  73. B N Sharma

    B N Sharma9 ngày trước

    The seen of 2:07 is amazing

  74. J'Neal

    J'Neal9 ngày trước

    I really dislike phones w/o aux port, but I've gotta say that camera is something else

  75. Shane Councill

    Shane Councill9 ngày trước

    I would get this phone if it was 1440p

  76. Ebony Kelly

    Ebony Kelly9 ngày trước

    sucks that this thing snaps in half easy

  77. Denzel Viet Nguyen

    Denzel Viet Nguyen9 ngày trước

    Yo. You keep promoting Chinese phones. There is no doubt that Chinese phones are the cost effective ones. But it comes with a sharp edge cutting point on privacy.

  78. Adioz Varez

    Adioz Varez9 ngày trước

    when u talk, u look like connor mc tapper😂

  79. Mauro RAELIANO

    Mauro RAELIANO9 ngày trước


  80. Lex Alford

    Lex Alford9 ngày trước

    Lmao no mannequins were harmed in the making of this video... too bad, that thing scares me! And as far as the phone goes... where can I get one? Lol

  81. Atlantic Recordss

    Atlantic Recordss9 ngày trước

    Do the nubia x unboxing dual screen phone front and back

  82. Pax Gaming

    Pax Gaming9 ngày trước

    Old video but where is those 60 frames per second at ?

  83. To Be Elegant

    To Be Elegant9 ngày trước

    its incredible phone can you give it to me please 😭

  84. Millie Leah Rogers

    Millie Leah Rogers9 ngày trước

    Wow that camera quality tho is the best thing in the world

  85. Lovin Bala

    Lovin Bala9 ngày trước

    ok im subbing to him

  86. Lol Loolollo

    Lol Loolollo10 ngày trước

    His laugh tho

  87. Reviewer Discounts

    Reviewer Discounts10 ngày trước

    of curse samsung note 9

  88. PATHAN ki creativity

    PATHAN ki creativity10 ngày trước


  89. dasistcona

    dasistcona10 ngày trước

    The system completely looks like an ios rip off.. the gestures, the multitasking etc. cool not to have a notch but i guess this motorized thing can be a pain in the ass if you need to get it repaired one day... plus i like to mention that everyone made fun of apple for getting rid of the fingerprint sensor, but at the same time every other manufacturer is copying the mechanics apple introduced first (like the dot projector for example)... the look of this phone however is freaking beautiful!!

  90. Jenchu Lichaeng

    Jenchu Lichaeng10 ngày trước

    Bruhh!!! Amazing U

  91. mrzack888

    mrzack88810 ngày trước

    This or zenfone?

  92. Isaac Cristobal

    Isaac Cristobal10 ngày trước

    might be complicated to put a case on. need a special design for that case. the design is unique and pretty.

  93. JTTechie

    JTTechie10 ngày trước

    how does the camera come up if the phone is in a case?

  94. Qamar Hassan

    Qamar Hassan11 ngày trước

    Today is a day......

  95. Anne Maina

    Anne Maina11 ngày trước

    Samsung should then get the credit half for Samsung and half for oppo

  96. mohammed abd

    mohammed abd11 ngày trước

    I don’t think that camera mechanism will last long plus it will have slight delay in term of face recognition

  97. Ishaan Jujjuri

    Ishaan Jujjuri11 ngày trước

    Do Samsung galaxy a9

  98. Aveneer Holodu

    Aveneer Holodu11 ngày trước

    How do you put a case on that thing

  99. Alfonso Quibranza

    Alfonso Quibranza11 ngày trước


  100. zuri Hassan

    zuri Hassan11 ngày trước

    How many smartphones he has recommended to inspector gadget ?

  101. spud webb

    spud webb11 ngày trước

    Which should i get pocophone f1 or oppo find x

  102. david kazak

    david kazak11 ngày trước

    my problem inset the bezels it would be wheres the top of the the phone and wheres the bottom.

  103. Jadon Barnes

    Jadon Barnes11 ngày trước

    They straight up copied Apple on the multi gestures LOL

  104. TakeNoticeDesigns

    TakeNoticeDesigns11 ngày trước

    And look at me with my old ass phone

  105. Modest Mewtwo

    Modest Mewtwo11 ngày trước

    s8/9 screen better.

  106. DonSofianiXD Gaming

    DonSofianiXD Gaming11 ngày trước

    now let huawei matebook x pro know about this cam placement, then it will be almost prefect.