This Animated Titanic Movie Is Horrendous


  1. Danny Gonzalez

    Danny GonzalezTháng trước

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  2. Techo The cat

    Techo The catNgày trước



    MYSTIC3 ngày trước

    Wow Danny I believed you would see through there deceptions

  4. noodle nugget

    noodle nugget6 ngày trước

    I dont know how i feel about this

  5. Arnie Calang

    Arnie Calang7 ngày trước

    Very hypocritical

  6. Arnie Calang

    Arnie Calang7 ngày trước

    Omgggggg no.

  7. briankulbaba

    briankulbaba3 giờ trước

    “Yes mum” 🥱🥱😕

  8. CEO of Sbeve

    CEO of Sbeve3 giờ trước

    Jontron would be proud

  9. Mustafa Abuqteish

    Mustafa Abuqteish5 giờ trước

    Does Danny know that JONTRON made a movie review of this.

  10. Long Tongs

    Long Tongs5 giờ trước

    Don’t get raid, it’s not worth it. Just a fair warning for those who aren’t aware that it’s absolute garbage.

  11. The Bari Gamer

    The Bari Gamer5 giờ trước

    Just be happy happy happy- THERES AN ICEBERG RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!!

  12. Adele Pandatree

    Adele Pandatree7 giờ trước

    Can we all just take a second and listen to how he said “Translated” 11:28

  13. Shweller— TheAnnoyingPerson

    Shweller— TheAnnoyingPerson15 giờ trước

    And now, a word from our sponsor, Raid: Shadow Legends

  14. S I L V I

    S I L V I17 giờ trước

    Creepy dude who knows the titanic will sink: HoPe ItS a SmOoTh CrOsSiNg Also him: BOARDS BOAT Dang he has serious depression

  15. Rosey Posey

    Rosey Posey18 giờ trước


  16. NBA KING

    NBA KING18 giờ trước

    Rapping in 1912....huh

  17. Bruna Cavalcanti

    Bruna Cavalcanti18 giờ trước

    This movie gives off a cdi zelda vibe

  18. Daii Baii

    Daii Baii20 giờ trước

    dog: starts rapping [😭]

  19. Atlanta gerogia official

    Atlanta gerogia official21 giờ trước

    W o o o o o w

  20. Doopy the Dooper

    Doopy the Dooper21 giờ trước

    JonTron did it years ago

  21. Tony Patino

    Tony PatinoNgày trước

    Skip Ad Button: 3:13

  22. Dizzy Booth

    Dizzy BoothNgày trước

    The different character designs stress me out, they don’t even look like they’re supposed to be in the same movie. They’re a completely different style.

  23. Allyson Fronda

    Allyson FrondaNgày trước

    it kinda ripped off scenes and designs from anastasia, my fave too LMAO

  24. MadHoetter

    MadHoetterNgày trước

    I dont know why but the voice actors dont match the characters... its like nothing fits

  25. MadHoetter

    MadHoetterNgày trước

    This movie looks so uncoordinated im crine 😂

  26. princeyocker

    princeyockerNgày trước

    i’m actually loving the physical comedy in this video. please keep doing stuff like this!

  27. ya boi

    ya boiNgày trước

    okay so to get a girlfriend i've gotta 1. knock over her laundry and go through it while creepily complimenting her 2. talk to her one other time while she just leaves randomly and ignores my question 3. see her at a ball and declare my love for her o k a y

  28. Piggy Ree

    Piggy ReeNgày trước

    Woah so like raid is a romantic drama and titanic is a rip off of Mickey Mouse and cod4 mixed that’s like souper suss

  29. The Week Program

    The Week ProgramNgày trước

    The mice went on to create ratatoing

  30. TruBirb _Edits

    TruBirb _EditsNgày trước

    me: yub tub time youtubers: AND LETS TALK ABOUT OUR SPONSOR TAID SHADOW LEGENDS!1!1!1!1

  31. Miss Ace

    Miss AceNgày trước

    and then there is one with an octopus that's somehow even worse

  32. Celena McLaren

    Celena McLarenNgày trước

    Ok but the weird love interest sounds like the villian from the corpse bride

  33. George Jetson

    George JetsonNgày trước

    Wait. The "evil" step sisters are the same as Cinderella.....I think... Wait nevermind

  34. sbeccy

    sbeccyNgày trước

    his impression of the man falling and mumbling makes me die

  35. Natalie Ren

    Natalie RenNgày trước

    hey, at least the movie makes more sense than Riverdale

  36. Gabby ThePotatoGoalieee2

    Gabby ThePotatoGoalieee22 ngày trước

    *Rich Boi Coming Over Knocking My Stuff THATS MY TYPE THATS MY TYPE*

  37. bur berry

    bur berry2 ngày trước

    Where are her parents?

  38. Candy doggo

    Candy doggo2 ngày trước

    okay- So- She did say she was going to meet her father AND her mother- What if... She did? Is the blonde babe actually her father and he fell for her over the fact she looked so much like her mother? not knowing he had a daughter with her. What if later on it was "Yeah, I knew from the moment I saw you. You know- You looked like a lady I once dated for a while" (banged and then left.) Guys,, this is bad.

  39. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna2 ngày trước

    This is probably the most I laughed in quite a while Juss the acting you did is so beautiful

  40. Sushi Eggrolls

    Sushi Eggrolls2 ngày trước

    6:00 You lost me. 😂

  41. Bernice Greenacre

    Bernice Greenacre2 ngày trước

    8:02 that sounds so australian

  42. Ivory

    Ivory2 ngày trước

    6:00-6:10 gave me the most legit cry laugh to a video im still laughing even if i think about it This whole video the editing makes me wheeze

  43. Julie Gerstel

    Julie Gerstel2 ngày trước

    "Nothing you could tell me could stop me from loving you" " *But i'm lesbian-* "


    TITUS DANIELS2 ngày trước

    When you go to use the bathroom & the special ed kid escapes the classroom 6:01

  45. Kenneth Brewer

    Kenneth Brewer2 ngày trước

    Hey she did better than Rose did. She made room for him.

  46. milk tea • 104,563 years ago

    milk tea • 104,563 years ago2 ngày trước

    stuff this movie copied: 1. An American Mouse Tail 2. Cinderella 3. Speedy Gonzales 4. Titanic also is nobody else going to talk about how bad the voice acting was-

  47. Mr_ Jay

    Mr_ Jay2 ngày trước

    I think the rich bush said “hurry up you layabout”

  48. Octavio Ramaswamy

    Octavio Ramaswamy2 ngày trước

    Raid shadow legends has taken another VIreporterr

  49. Emma Kobs

    Emma Kobs2 ngày trước

    oh jesus christ i can't breathe from laughing so hard why are the reenactions so good WHY DOES A DOG HAVE FURRY FINGERS and that creepy dude's horrible, meaty LIPS AAAA

  50. Dajanae Phillips

    Dajanae Phillips2 ngày trước

    19:12-19:14 _John Mulaney, is that you, our dear tall child?_ 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. LpsMario

    LpsMario2 ngày trước

    I never wanna watch this at school.

  52. Eren

    Eren2 ngày trước

    Omfg 😂I have never laughed that hard like at 13:46 - 13:56

  53. Abigail S

    Abigail S2 ngày trước

    Angelica is the name of one of the original step sisters

  54. Ayden Reviews

    Ayden Reviews3 ngày trước

    Raid is still better than Race With Ryan, and Ryan costs money!!

  55. Bed head gacha •w•

    Bed head gacha •w•3 ngày trước

    No one: VIreporter: so have you heard about R aId sHadow LeGEnDS-

  56. Paakhee Mukta

    Paakhee Mukta3 ngày trước

    I'm still laughing at that impression he did

  57. Alopex Lagopus

    Alopex Lagopus3 ngày trước

    Angelica literally has an incredulous look on her face every time the camera cuts to her

  58. V1ral

    V1ral3 ngày trước

    Jontron, anyone?

  59. Jess G

    Jess G3 ngày trước

    In addition to the Cinderella thing: •The two dogs in the beginning look like the Dalmatians from 101 dalmations. •The woman who can't speak looks like cruela devile. •The crow is like the one from dumbo. •The rat fam seem like speedy Gonzalez. • ratatouille? • the lady and the tramp?

  60. wicked wiccan

    wicked wiccan3 ngày trước

    "his creepy fingery hands"

  61. sailorjoonッ

    sailorjoonッ3 ngày trước

    This whole review and clips had me lmao damn

  62. Mimilongis YT

    Mimilongis YT3 ngày trước

    This Animated Titanic Movie Is *Horrendous* Me : *Just like 2019 rewind....*

  63. MilkFridge

    MilkFridge3 ngày trước

    We lost a good soul today raid shadow legends got to him

  64. Dr. Koeller

    Dr. Koeller3 ngày trước

    If Danny replies to me I’m going to be the manifestation of happiness Also, at 7:55 the dude’s mustache is the color of his skin and not his hair or anything

  65. Deathlii

    Deathlii3 ngày trước

    The geese and mice are rip offs of aristocats (there are two geese with bonnets) and American tail (they go on a boat and the mice in suits look a lot like American tail and also speedy Gonzales no pun intended)