Three Girls Arrested After Filming Dying Patient On Snapchat


  1. Danny Holder

    Danny Holder12 ngày trước

    This is fuckin horrid!

  2. Matt Simms

    Matt Simms22 ngày trước

    You are SO right. !!

  3. Nitty Andrade

    Nitty Andrade25 ngày trước

    This made my blood boil

  4. ZeddVines

    ZeddVines26 ngày trước

    Low life scummy bitchs.

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    dorklo ermenTháng trước

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  6. Kamel

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  7. ameko amekomusoyo

    ameko amekomusoyoTháng trước

    When I was in college, I wanted to be involved in things that would change the world. 5895

  8. youngflyjuly

    youngflyjulyTháng trước

    Ok so what about the dudes that recorded the dude drowning in the river...while they laughed at him

  9. whitney e

    whitney eTháng trước

    Smh hopefully they lost their licenses.

  10. Wyatt Russell

    Wyatt RussellTháng trước

    Type 2 twats

  11. Garvin Benjamin -G LION

    Garvin Benjamin -G LION2 tháng trước

    three dumb ass for real

  12. DeAundré AldermanChristian

    DeAundré AldermanChristian2 tháng trước

    Generation Dumbass!!

  13. barbara wright

    barbara wright2 tháng trước

    Wow! Disturbing! That's neglect and murder. Their duty was to immediately aid the patient.

  14. eclecticaspie

    eclecticaspie2 tháng trước

    There's a reason why cell phones aren't allowed to be carried by staff in facilities that care for the elderly or people with special needs.

  15. Patrick King

    Patrick King3 tháng trước

    It's called Mob Mentality. It's why under normal circumstances people don't start riots or tip over football goals. People do stuff they wouldn't normally do when part of a collective.

  16. Carlos Marte

    Carlos Marte3 tháng trước

    At least my city made it on to The Breakfast Club lol

  17. Eleidy Breton

    Eleidy Breton3 tháng trước

    Charlemagne ain't never tell a lie. Generation Numb and Dumb

  18. WhiteNoiseEnt

    WhiteNoiseEnt3 tháng trước

    Give them the death penalty

  19. Dion Afeworki

    Dion Afeworki3 tháng trước

    These whores now days Just care about their phone Their boyfriends, their ,facebook😃😂

  20. Dion Afeworki

    Dion Afeworki3 tháng trước

    New Generation is stupid

  21. eiula

    eiula3 tháng trước

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  22. MRS G

    MRS G3 tháng trước

    21, 21 And 19? These hoes look like they are borderline 40

  23. MissMelaninated

    MissMelaninated3 tháng trước

    I just can’t ........

  24. ashes ly

    ashes ly3 tháng trước

    Look up Derrick Jaxn on youtube...he has the whole interview shown.

  25. fucking president bush

    fucking president bush3 tháng trước

    That donkey song gets me every time lol

  26. MO JOE

    MO JOE3 tháng trước

    He did what he wanted to do?

  27. J. Cooper

    J. Cooper3 tháng trước

    Stand up for our young, disabled and our elderly.........this could happen to any of us if we live long enough!

  28. maya 0100

    maya 01003 tháng trước

    Remy Ma should have sang to them the donkey of the day. Yeehaw yeehaw you stupid mutherfucker are ya dumb. 😤😤😡

  29. flyguy 216

    flyguy 2163 tháng trước

    I would have charge them wit more serious charges they would at least get 2 or 3 years in jail

  30. Ego def

    Ego def3 tháng trước

    I don't like Charlamagne only because he promotes black vs white and BLM who is owned by a thousand year old Nazi sympathizer. But he is right. Generation numb. The devil thinks he's slick but guess what? He's powerless over some of us.

  31. Ego def

    Ego def3 tháng trước

    I hate this culture.

  32. maryyjanee247

    maryyjanee2473 tháng trước

    This is why I have no social media

  33. Matt Kinsman

    Matt Kinsman3 tháng trước

    Black at it...

  34. Pamela Murphy

    Pamela Murphy3 tháng trước

    They're horriable

  35. Rýán Túçk

    Rýán Túçk3 tháng trước

    Test post

  36. Champagne davy

    Champagne davy3 tháng trước

    Ahh the age of social media never ceases to amaze me

  37. Partisan Black

    Partisan Black3 tháng trước

    Sorry Charla, but my moral compass doesn't work right around mayonnaise. Plus I grew up around nursing homes. Many of these residents are abusive and are the same racists from 60-70 years ago running around saying the n-word attacking and lynching Black folks for fun, so leaving this world while seeing them laugh and berate the white supremacists dying in pain is the least they could do to kick the person's ass down the steps of hell.

  38. True DON

    True DON3 tháng trước

    Three evil slags





    MISTER TWISTER10373 tháng trước


  41. Khaled Qaraghuli

    Khaled Qaraghuli3 tháng trước

    Instagram wut

  42. MimiJae

    MimiJae3 tháng trước

    Nah Uncle Charla this isn't any millennial crap, this is disturbing. It's not normal.

  43. Juanita Arroyo

    Juanita Arroyo3 tháng trước


  44. Scott Pratt

    Scott Pratt3 tháng trước

    Ironic coming from people who perpetuate the social media lifestyle and profit from it.

  45. #1 Negans Girl - the original

    #1 Negans Girl - the original3 tháng trước

    Exactly Donkey Of The Day! Haha LOL

  46. Jae KiDd

    Jae KiDd3 tháng trước

    I've been saying this ... That's why I love charlagmne *pause* he's the only 1 who tells it how it is 24/7 no filter ... People living there lies on social media we live in the matrix... Everything is so temporary & we beyond desensitized like we demonetized & scared this social media is anti social it makes people do dumb things & have a false sense of reality facts

  47. Yag Toggaf

    Yag Toggaf3 tháng trước

    Comment section in 1 word r/LeWRONGGENERATION

  48. pale horse

    pale horse3 tháng trước

    And these or 21st century dumbass kids and our future dumbass kids God help us all with the dumbass kids

  49. Nikki Hopkins

    Nikki Hopkins3 tháng trước

    Makes you wonder if they did this before. Maybe this is the first time they recorded it.

  50. Sevenstarz1216

    Sevenstarz12163 tháng trước

    Teleprompter: Ramirez News anchor: Ram-uh-rez

  51. rekt

    rekt3 tháng trước

    americas social media- is so why th.

  52. Dorian BeDorian

    Dorian BeDorian3 tháng trước

    Since when did they start pronouncing Ra-mir-ez as Ram-mer-rez??

  53. John coalp

    John coalp3 tháng trước

    Lol obv. The black one idea

  54. Syrnian

    Syrnian3 tháng trước

    Disgusting people. Look them up and throw away the key.

  55. Aaron 117

    Aaron 1173 tháng trước

    I can’t be the only one who isn’t blind by how fast this world is degrading. Natural resources, dignity, self-respect, compassion for others- all becoming a precious and rare thing. We are a society that kills our grandchildren to feed our children. A lot of this being disguised as technological advancement for the benefit of mankind. I’m glad I studied and practiced primitive survival skills for 12 years and learned to respect what nature has to offer. I don’t spend countless hours sitting in front of a t.v. watching flashing lights, or swiping through a facebook feed until my hands cramp up. Sure, I use youtube, but 90% of it’s use for me is to learn new things. That aside, It really is sad to see what our world has become. The only thing you can do is stay positive and enjoy every moment of your life without these instruments of confusion and artificial living (snapchat, facebook) cloud your vision. Everything in moderation and NEVER lose sight of who you are.

  56. nunyer beeznaz

    nunyer beeznaz3 tháng trước

    THIS is what the teachers that complained about working hours actually taught our children !!! ANY teacher that would allow a student with this mindset to leave the grade they were in should be publicly humiliated !!!

  57. Bobby White

    Bobby White3 tháng trước

    No mention of the real reason of the devil taking over Go back to our lord and savior Jesus Christ And stop the devil cold

  58. Joanna Bailey

    Joanna Bailey3 tháng trước

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  59. pyramid architect

    pyramid architect3 tháng trước

    3 girls white,Latina and black we are all capable of wickedness

  60. Josh Cornell

    Josh Cornell3 tháng trước

    Well, im outta here *Runs out of rooms*

  61. Blake

    Blake3 tháng trước

    If everyone could just forgot about their social media status for one day, this world would be such a better place. It’s a shame that that’s all people think about nowadays. They only care about how many views they get on Snapchat, how many retweets their post can get, how many likes and followers they have on Instagram. These people don’t care about ANYTHING at all, as long as it benefits them, they’re ok with it. And even if you are someone with a heart who cares about others, you are just swept under the rug by social media. No one cares about you cause you don’t have a big following on social media. As a kid who just graduated high school, I don’t see any bright future ahead for this generation. Guess I’m going to have to work every breath I have in my body to make this world a better place, even if I only impact 1 person, I know I did my job as a human being, and that’s setting up a bright future.

  62. topcat365

    topcat3653 tháng trước

    Howcome the dude that took a picture of a person about to get run over by a train in a NY subway didn't get arrested too?

  63. Frank Bank

    Frank Bank3 tháng trước

    One of the girls spotted in the background!

  64. CineFutbol By Scarlos

    CineFutbol By Scarlos3 tháng trước


  65. L Naye

    L Naye3 tháng trước

    Stupid a** nuts

  66. TheGoldinChannel

    TheGoldinChannel3 tháng trước

    This is disgusting.

  67. Diatonic5th

    Diatonic5th3 tháng trước

    I hope these three women die slow painful deaths.

  68. JustSomeone Here

    JustSomeone Here4 tháng trước

    How stupid can you be nowadays?

  69. Cristen F. Collins

    Cristen F. Collins4 tháng trước



    INVISIBLE TYRANT4 tháng trước

    when they get old...karma will have its way with them

  71. Akstylez _ak

    Akstylez _ak4 tháng trước

    Shut all social Media down. Make it a payable app

  72. Akstylez _ak

    Akstylez _ak4 tháng trước


  73. tina kletter

    tina kletter4 tháng trước

    The girls are rotten and should stay in jail for life What if it was their family how would they If it happens to them shame on them Jesus is watching you girls Change your evil ways or you won’t go to heaven . SHAME

  74. Matthew Coolness

    Matthew Coolness4 tháng trước

    This is disgusting. So many of the women who wind up working in these places have the lowest nursing certification that you can possibly get. They can't find good people, because nobody wants the nasty job. You have to change thier diapers, insert catheters, wipe butts, deal with dead bodies, & Even put your fingers up thier butt sometimes to break up the poop if they are impacted (I'm not kidding), it's Sad. Some of these nurses are absolute Hero's, but most are irresponsible idiots (having babies they can't afford, gossiping, starting shit, constantly calling out, you know the type...😕).

  75. Tammy Kay

    Tammy Kay4 tháng trước

    I so agree people are all about entertainment until it's a sickness or rather addiction. Evil times with evil actions. I want no part of that.

  76. Kitty Kandy

    Kitty Kandy4 tháng trước

    3:20 TRUE

  77. jmek08

    jmek084 tháng trước

    Lol dumb bitches

  78. Chris Griffin

    Chris Griffin4 tháng trước

    Add me on Snapchat: rayshonm6666

  79. schoomzer

    schoomzer4 tháng trước

    Those 3 cockroaches don't realize that one day, possibly sooner than they think, they or theirs will one day be in one of those beds.

  80. sactown916

    sactown9164 tháng trước

    Hang them all and put it on social media

  81. Isabella C

    Isabella C4 tháng trước

    Speaking the TRUTH; Sad state of affairs!

  82. dankwrasslin

    dankwrasslin4 tháng trước

    these are women not girls

  83. The Realest Idealist

    The Realest Idealist4 tháng trước

    3:56 There will come a time when you'll want to feel something, but you won't know how to. Well damn, I felt that! #CutDeep

  84. Beautiful Mind

    Beautiful Mind4 tháng trước

    Wow. They're just representing ALL the races with pride. Smh

  85. alittlestrength

    alittlestrength4 tháng trước

    You are insulting donkeys by comparing them to those three evil women. It is sickening to see what comes out of the human heart. Thank God they have been removed and charged. May justice be served and may they never be able to repeat this vicious act in some other care facility.

  86. Dejahzvu

    Dejahzvu4 tháng trước

    Generation numb! Perfect name.... so sad

  87. SexMyShh

    SexMyShh4 tháng trước

    Says the guy who gave a 15 year old liquor and allowed her to get raped by your homies ugh black men disgust me

  88. Sharrieff Vincent

    Sharrieff Vincent4 tháng trước

    Let the elderly stay at home and just take care of them...This is not surprising its sad sick fucks..GET THE STRAP !...CTG speaking the truth

  89. ResidentEvil302 rican215

    ResidentEvil302 rican2154 tháng trước

    They should be charged wit something do some type of time...I hope they go 2 hell for that shit that's some1s family member wtf is up wit them trash

  90. ResidentEvil302 rican215

    ResidentEvil302 rican2154 tháng trước

    Jus thinking about my gmom she was jus in the ICU Thank God she got out but if they did that 2 my gmom or family I would kill them that's fuckd up real fucked up dumb whore bitches..thank God my gmoms nurses where very good n we got them each 100 gift cards and edible arrangements

  91. Saitima Ichiban

    Saitima Ichiban4 tháng trước

    I always see bum ass cnas on fb talking shit and putting out the business of the seniors they take care of mad unprofessional.

  92. jaylove5555

    jaylove55554 tháng trước

    Generation dumb

  93. India Love

    India Love4 tháng trước

    the trash that walk the medical hallways these days are preposterous

  94. Hikari horatio

    Hikari horatio4 tháng trước

    these people make the good CNAs look bad...

  95. Jazzmine

    Jazzmine4 tháng trước

    The funny thing this is my first time hearing this story but when the news reporter said their names I knew which name belonged to who😂😂😂😂

  96. Kevin Miles

    Kevin Miles4 tháng trước

    Women these days are cutthroat... Stay single because these women have no respect for nothing...

  97. brigitte cuntie

    brigitte cuntie4 tháng trước

    Ctg r*ped me

  98. bo william

    bo william4 tháng trước

    Were you at least good In the sack

  99. Londa Bates

    Londa Bates4 tháng trước

    This is disgraceful! 3 young women that could with every possibility become mothers in the future!! Horrifying thought!! Sickens me that people are so callous but even more so that those same people posted that wretched video and knew people would watch!! 😢😢😢💔💔💔 Not how I grew up at all!!

  100. Maybe The Best

    Maybe The Best4 tháng trước

    Shut up about the social media thing it’s not social media who did that they did that social media didn’t influence it

  101. Phzeek V

    Phzeek V4 tháng trước

    Charlamagne should make himself donkey of the day for being a rapist