TIE - A Game About Depression


  1. Jeremy Romberg

    Jeremy Romberg6 tháng trước

    Hi Jack! I'm Jeremy Romberg - I worked on the sound and composed the music for the game. I met Tony Nowak (the game developer) in the summer of 2013 when he approached me online and asked if I would be interested in composing the soundtrack for the game. Listening to his idea and looking at the work he was showing me, I was immediately drawn into it and agreed to work with Tony on the project. I decided to have 7 songs that would be associated with every day of the week: and with each passing day I tried to reflect the character's state of mind in the music. If anyone is interested in listening to the rest of the soundtrack, they can listen to it on my bandcamp (search for MeatAnalogue) Tony and I would just like to point out that you haven't quite reached the end of the game in this playthrough. You've only reached the second day, Tuesday, and have encountered a collision bug which prevents you from carrying through the rest of the level. To pass by it you need to tap on the left movement key a few times to nudge the character past that point. Tony has actually been continuing to iron out some of the bugs that you see in the game like this one, and he'll update the current release once it's ready. For anyone who wants to download the current release of the game, they can do so by following the blogspot link that you posted. I'm not sure I can put into words how amazed I am by the response that you're getting with this video. This project has been on our minds for several years, and to see how you've given people an avenue to express these feelings which they might not normally feel comfortable or able to express, well, it means a lot to me.

  2. Alpha X

    Alpha X6 ngày trước

    Cool bro

  3. SmPlayZ _

    SmPlayZ _22 ngày trước

    Thanks jack for pinning this comment Or this would have burried by stupid jokes

  4. Jessica Caron

    Jessica CaronTháng trước

    I downloaded the game an hour ago and I can't clock in or out! I was able to twice, but after that no luck! Where do I click? Is this a bug?

  5. Depressed K⃟i⃟d⃟

    Depressed K⃟i⃟d⃟Tháng trước

    Tl dr to long didn't read. Ummmm well i have depression

  6. Alex Ra'Shun

    Alex Ra'Shun3 tháng trước

    Ariona Miller no, it's the bug that stopped the character from resting. Not the glitch guy, the glitch guy was suppose to be there.

  7. JustGrape

    JustGrape7 giờ trước

    Came here from TikTok

  8. moo Loo

    moo Loo19 giờ trước

    Dont worry kids it was just apple cider vinegar he was drinking.

  9. Stuffs for real !!!

    Stuffs for real !!!2 ngày trước

    It got deep when it reseted

  10. Parker

    Parker2 ngày trước

    Can I just lost my two cents? Depression is a very serious matter. As someone suffering from it day in and day out, as someone who self harms, as someone who has mild social anxiety, and as someone who has mild auditory hallucinations time and time again, this isn't sadness. The only way to describe it is feeling empty and worthless all of the time, and then when something new happens, all of your emotions you forgot existed come back and slam you into the ground, to the point where you're stressed out and crying because you forgot how to deal with them and manage them. You feel constantly bored and alone, and as if nothing is worth it anymore since hey, you aren't making a difference anyway, right? It's not something you can just get over one day after you wake up in the morning. It's chronic self hate, low self confidence, low motivation, loss of interest or pleasure in doing things that used to give you such. It's a whirlwind of emotions and lack thereof that plague your mind and soul and make you feel completely worthless. If your life felt the same every day, and you begun to think that no one cared about you, what would you do? Hurt yourself out of hatred for yourself because you can't make a difference? Kill yourself since no one cares anyway? Now do you see?

  11. Lucas Rush

    Lucas Rush2 ngày trước

    Hey Jack you help me I hope you know that

  12. Gay Child

    Gay Child4 ngày trước

    This hits close to home, everyday is like a loop, nothing changes, everyday is the same and i feel the only way i could stop it from repeating is if i die


    GYMNASTICS RULES5 ngày trước

    Dear Jack, I know I may be a kid but I suffer from depression, anxiety, and anorexia you help me a lot and I also suffer from self harm and suicidal thoughts and you help me a lot from my thoughts and pain and I know the feeling of waking up and feeling empty and I also wanted to say thanks for helping and any people suffering you will get better

  14. Bianca Flores

    Bianca Flores6 ngày trước

    The things you were saying were all too real. I hate it. I cried. My life is no change. Constantly repeating. Work home sleep repeat. I don't want to get up sometimes I don't want to eat sometimes I just... cry sometimes I can't even figure out why. This... this was way too real..

  15. Alpha X

    Alpha X6 ngày trước

    Does anybody else get why it's called TIE

  16. Jazzy Ninja

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  17. xxCheetahKinzxx

    xxCheetahKinzxx10 ngày trước

    *hugs Jack* I know how depression feels.... It's horrible..... I feel the same way...... You feel trapped.... Stuck in a rut..... But, things will get better.... I promise.....

  18. Silent Protagonist

    Silent Protagonist10 ngày trước

    I've been living alone for a few months now since my family is abroad and my depression got to the point where I'm eating like once a day. I realised how much money I'm saving on food and now I'm getting angry when my organism demands more food. Dammit.

  19. LeesilSohma

    LeesilSohma10 ngày trước

    I appreciate that Jack you're really respecting the width and breadth of depression and how it can affect just about any being differently. Just those comments alone are enough to make someone with pretty terrible depression feel a little better. He may mock some things out of this, but the respect he gave to how it affect people is real. That said...probably don't follow suit and drink those problems away because gon't, but thank you Jack or Sean or whatever you'd prefer for taking these things seriously and helping others.

  20. TØP fan

    TØP fan11 ngày trước

    This guy has a cool accent

  21. milk bolbi

    milk bolbi11 ngày trước

    What makes me mad is so many people use depression to get attention. Those people use other people's sadness to benefit them selves

  22. j tuomiva

    j tuomiva12 ngày trước

    Why is there finish subtitles

  23. Katie -

    Katie -3 ngày trước

    Because there are Finnish people who watch his videos.

  24. Blusher Shy

    Blusher Shy12 ngày trước

    Depression is when everyday we feel like Sisyphus, constantly trying to push the same boulder up a hill and never make it to the top, when we convince ourselves its never going to get better, and when we feel alone all the time. I can only hope that we will find happiness someday.

  25. TheGaymer 9969

    TheGaymer 996913 ngày trước

    Wait, does Jack have KIDS?

  26. Katie -

    Katie -3 ngày trước

    Yes, totally.

  27. Sepia Smith

    Sepia Smith15 ngày trước

    the theories that we all have that Chase is running the channel are weirdly complicated by this because (1) he must be pretending to be Jack, but (2) in this one he openly admits to being Chase (maybe not by name but he doesn't hide the hints) so. hmm

  28. Cierra Lowe

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  29. Kaylin :P hi

    Kaylin :P hi16 ngày trước

    I saw this thing on youtube and I mean idk if I have depression, but most of the stuff that was there, I did A LOT of. Edit: The only thing that makes me happy is all the wonderful and funny you tubers that I watch after school!

  30. Kaylie Hebda

    Kaylie Hebda18 ngày trước

    Thank you jack I've been having thoughts again and just laughing at your videos are helping me so thank you so much

  31. Imke

    Imke19 ngày trước

    You know watching this and seeing the end is really serious and kind of sad. But seeing this stupid commercial for herpes medication at the end of the video just upsets me.

  32. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper19 ngày trước

    Damn it jack that ending is so sad! Or should I say chase? Dun dun duuuuuunnnn!

  33. Jane Freakin Doe

    Jane Freakin Doe20 ngày trước

    That seems pretty accurate to myself at least.

  34. russ robotics

    russ robotics21 ngày trước

    I'm going through times of puberty and this virus and it hurts my throat burns there r bumps on my hands feet and mouth it hurts and I want to end it I thought I could but I couldn't my family would never be the same it hurts to type this the thoughts running through my head r just saying it won't get better no one can help u ur nothing I wish it would go away....

  35. anime lover

    anime lover21 ngày trước

    this game hit me hard..cuz i went through depression, anxiety and loneliness before...it was hellish for me but now I am happier and have a lot of friends whom I love!!

  36. Queen Krystal

    Queen Krystal22 ngày trước

    I know how this guy feels

  37. Razvan Florea

    Razvan Florea22 ngày trước

    Lets get this bread :(

  38. whatever.works.01 ._.

    whatever.works.01 ._.22 ngày trước

    This video is supposed to be Chase playing, and I think that’s what makes it even more meaningful, because of Chase’s situation, and how he is struggling with his own life. I love how Sean has given each ego different stories, and Chase’s gives you a sense of what real people are actually going through.

  39. wegetitluci

    wegetitluci23 ngày trước

    tomorrow isn't always a better day.

  40. wegetitluci

    wegetitluci23 ngày trước

    "I am depressed" and "I have depression" are two different things. Saying "I have depression" makes it better, piece by piece. "I am depressed" make it worse. Piece by piece.

  41. Chase Brody

    Chase Brody24 ngày trước

    As a kid with depression this video . . . I connected to. . . ? And Jack has been helping me cause its been really rough lately and yeah and my heart is telling me to believe but my brain is my logical one (sometimes) so . . . Thanks For everything Jack love ya

  42. One Phil

    One Phil24 ngày trước

    This helped my depression some. Thanks

  43. Raulin Reyner

    Raulin Reyner26 ngày trước

    Was that ending supposes to be funny?

  44. ieva glagaua

    ieva glagaua27 ngày trước

    I just want to hug chase and say to him that everything will be ok

  45. Troy Pascoe

    Troy Pascoe27 ngày trước

    I actually have M.D.D. I always wake up and fell empty, and suicidal.

  46. 350Z Lover

    350Z Lover27 ngày trước

    The little dark glitchy thingy I call that “dark me” it’s the side of me that screams you just want attention and you need to cut yourself because you deserve pain and your too fat and don’t need to eat then tell me I’m not worth anything to anyone and are better off dead

  47. Lauranges

    Lauranges27 ngày trước

    Dang it Jack. Why do you have to be such a sensitive, emotional person? Why do you have to be 110% human? You make it hard for us artists. When we want to draw a picture of you, we get so frustrated because we know we can only get a small fraction of your essence in one picture. I have found myself trying to draw you more times than I can count, and I can never get the right emotion. I always question which picture I'm going to draw of you, only to be dumbfounded at how much personality that can go into one person. I think what I am trying to say is that you truly are a miracle. There is no amount of painting and sketching I can do to equal the amount of pureness you have. You manage to care about everyone in the world simultaneously while also enjoying yourself and pleasing others. And for that, on behalf of all 20 mil of us, we thank you. Thank you for being human. Thank you for being there for those who need it. Just...thank you. I know there is probably only like a 0.0001 percent chance you will see this, but if you do, please let me know this message got through to you.

  48. Unique star

    Unique star28 ngày trước

    Chase! If you need help I'm willing to help others may not realize it's you and not Jack in this video but I do wife kids her leaving you I can help you if you want?

  49. Michael Afton

    Michael Afton28 ngày trước

    So I've had suicidal thoughts on some acausations sometimes but I don't because I know there are some people out there who really love me and want to embrace me they love you even though I know that I still have some thoughts about sometimes and when my grandfather almost passed away it didn't really help I was really sad and worried for his life but it's all fine and I'm ok

  50. Lazy Days

    Lazy DaysTháng trước

    "some people can't even get out of bed" hahahaha why do I relate a little to much 0_0

  51. random videos

    random videosTháng trước

    You good bro?

  52. Cankerleaf

    CankerleafTháng trước

    2.04 you’re on time today.*

  53. Chloe Lacerna

    Chloe LacernaTháng trước

    Sean: YOU LIKE COFFEE DON'T YA My mind: you like fake tickets don't ya (that's bad,that's bad) 😂😂😆 Who else??

  54. KieraCat

    KieraCatTháng trước

    Nooooo! Chase! Stacey’s an ass! Not ur fault!

  55. 8-bit Alpha

    8-bit AlphaTháng trước

    Damn, that ending tho got me drowning in sadness😢

  56. Alora Quackenbush

    Alora QuackenbushTháng trước

    depression is a curse you are lucky u im sick of being empty i hate it this is HELL

  57. FBI OPEN UP !

    FBI OPEN UP !Tháng trước

    I feel like I should say my thoughts in these comments.. My brother died, its been a year since. I try to convince my friends that I'm OK, im fine. But I'm not. I overeat a lot and almost every night I have flashbacks of when my dad first told me my brother died. It hurts. I can't do anything, I feel helpless. I got bullied all throughout my primary school and I thought it was because I'm ugly.. I try to help myself, go outside, talk to my friends at school, sometimes I don't even want to talk at all. I need help. I just can't find it..

  58. vivlodia

    vivlodiaTháng trước

    I remember watching this a few months ago, when I didn't have anxiety and depression. Back then, I watched it without relating much. Now...I don't know what to feel... _what happened to me?_

  59. AntisocialCat G.

    AntisocialCat G.Tháng trước

    Jack you just want us to cry for chase dont you dksnskmsns

  60. alyssa medlin

    alyssa medlinTháng trước

    um, what the fuck is with the ending?

  61. rev-law 20C

    rev-law 20CTháng trước

    10:20 - 11:02 You honestly made me cry since I went through this too. :'(

  62. Markie R

    Markie RTháng trước

    Love you Sean

  63. Tena snider

    Tena sniderTháng trước

    With this topic I don’t think *TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA!!!* doesn’t feel very....appropriate

  64. Robert Awsome

    Robert AwsomeTháng trước

    I have no joke have depression

  65. Existing Creature

    Existing CreatureTháng trước

    Idk maybe jack is talking about himself. I mean idk but it seems like. And the end makes me think that more. But idk im a stupid girl thinking i would know something.

  66. Deeper Space

    Deeper SpaceTháng trước

    The ending greatly confused me ;-;

  67. Hopeful Dawn

    Hopeful DawnTháng trước

    I'm unaware whether you will ever see this comment, it's been a few months since you uploaded this video. From the amount of videos I've seen I honestly wish I had started watching your channel sooner. Especially since you are one of the few people, and your channel one of the few things, that can make me smile even on a bad day. I suffered through a lot for a long time. I was severely depressed at one point. So much so that just opening my eyes in the morning was what I considered an accomplishment. Your videos breathe life into me, and I am so grateful for that. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you.

  68. IzzyGamming

    IzzyGammingTháng trước

    people think that depression is just being sad, but its really guilt, anxiety,lonnlyness, low self esteem and low self worth, i have a bit of depression, but thats from my ptsd im fine and dandy now,but back then it was really difficult, people who think that after depreession and the pills they perscribe, (doctors) that after that there is no more sadness, but thats not true, the depression still lingers, its just you dont feel it as much,if you have anything, please tell someone!

  69. lowercaseletters 237

    lowercaseletters 237Tháng trước

    Nobody likes Rodger.

  70. Kenny Gonzalez

    Kenny GonzalezTháng trước

    What just happened

  71. Wolfy Is here

    Wolfy Is hereTháng trước

    It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning, manly because I know i have to fake a smile around my freinds. And if I fail to fake the smile everyone thinks someone thing happened. Most of my family doesn’t even know I’m depressed. Most of the time it’s easy to hide the fact that i shouldn’t have gotten out of bed in the morning. Other times it gets so hard that I can’t even fake happiness. My freinds worry about nothing because they don’t understand. Even my freinds with depression don’t understand because they don’t know I don’t really feel happiness. And now it’s getting harder to hide it as the days go by and I’m afraid people with forget about me if I show anything but happiness. My one true fear is being alone....

  72. Dankmew mew

    Dankmew mewTháng trước

    I have depression from being so lonely all the time, both of my sisters left me, my best friend is gone, basically everybody that was special to me is gone. This has been going on for over 10 years until the pain got so unbearable that i started cutting (i started cutting april of last year), it made me feel better and i still cut. Sometimes i can’t tell the difference between real-life events and dreams, and i often experience depersonalization (If you don’t know what it is, then look it up.). I’m not trying to be a ‘Cringey emo’ or anything like that by the way.

  73. Yukili73

    Yukili73Tháng trước

    feeling ya, but we still live arent we

  74. Byun Baekhyun

    Byun BaekhyunTháng trước

    Love u jack, ur the best

  75. Jessica Caron

    Jessica CaronTháng trước

    Where do I click to clock in and out? I've clicked everywhere around the box on the wall and nothing works!!

  76. timber wolf

    timber wolfTháng trước

    This is just another chase episodes so don't say jack is doing this he was in an anti induced coma

  77. Molly Starkenburg

    Molly StarkenburgTháng trước

    depression sucks.

  78. yuri The Fox

    yuri The FoxTháng trước

    I think anti is behind this..........idk

  79. Natasha Kanth

    Natasha KanthTháng trước

    Steve? Roger? Captain America!!!

  80. Tatianna Alexis

    Tatianna AlexisTháng trước

    this was a wonderful birthday present because the game jack/sean was playing perfectly describes my life and it makes me happy knowing that him and other people understand it


    HELLO DERE MY BRUDDA!Tháng trước

    im going to be honest, people SERIOUSLY don't usually care if somebody is depressed and they will just be usually dicks about it and make it worse for the person, it's like they treat the person like a robot, in my case, the song Gasoline pretty much summed it up. (oh and, im not saying summs up beacuse i am feeling better now.)

  82. bish no

    bish noTháng trước

    this game is my life, I get up and kind of fake laugh and fake smile my way through life. I really just want to go home and cry myself to sleep because I don't have important people in my life because the world is cruel and won't let the people I need live

  83. Sarah Brewington

    Sarah BrewingtonTháng trước

    there is actually a.. more of a first person choosing game that simulates what it's like having depression. And some choices are crossed out because of the depression and anxiety

  84. happy friend

    happy friendTháng trước

    Your a dad? Congratulations. I hope you and your kids have a good day and my sorry your freind is in a que Comer I would be really hard but just hope

  85. AlphaF36

    AlphaF36Tháng trước

    You know...not very many people are willing to admit that they have depression and some will never talk about it but for the ones that do, i applaud you because it's usually those people that are willing to admit that have it really bad, those are the kinda people that are too scared to talk about the SEVERITY of it so they let people know so they can try and seek help, depression is never as simple as whag people say it is, it's tough and i mean one of the hardest things about it is probably the emotions you feel when you go through it those emotions...aren't real and that's the problem, waking up and feeling nothing at all except fatigue and tiredness and wishing you were hungry(some people even have to tell themselves that they are hungry because if they don't then they starve) it's honestly just such a hellish thing to go through not feeling anything, even when you cry, people think you're sad but in reality you aren't, but you just Don't know what else to do except cry, scream, punch something, freak out, run, faint, or even without thinking, start self-harming. It's weird and it sucks and for the people that know exactly what im talking about when i say this routine, just know that someone out there can help us and maybe even save us too. This is my routine and I'm sure a lot of you that have this real depression know exactly what it's like: wake up, i don't move for about 5-10 minutes because im so fatigued and tired, i finally get up, i walk to bathroom, look in the mirror for a minute and just stare into my own eyes looking for something other than myself, i stop and go turn on my shower, get in there and let the water run on me for 5 minutes before i actually do anything, no smile, no pained expression, nothing, just blank, i don't even open my mouth and it makes me forget that i have one, when im done i get out and stare in the mirror again but for less time than before and i get dressed, i probably wear the same long sleeve i wore yesterday but nobody will notice hopefully, before i leave the house, i check my messages and streaks and say good morning to people and don't text them after they text me back, i get to school and see my "friends" and say hi, walk past them and find my girlfriend, i love her i really do but with my depression im only able to feel something when im with her which sucks so for that 5 minutes of my day i am actually happy, the day continues with a blank expression and a lot of fake smiles when everyone is watching, so when it's all over, i go to my extracurricular activity and have "fun", i leave and make sure i say bye to everyone first on somedays and others i just leave and walk for half an hour nowhere till i go home and go to my room...take in a long breath or cry aftet setting my stuff down and realise that i haven't ate anything so i wait until 6 or 7 for dinner patiently doing homework and research for no reason then i eat but only a little before i decide to go to bed at 8 and lay there, my phone playing music in one hand and in my right hand, my sharpest knife being gripped tightly...because at this time of day, all the thinking i was doing was all about suicide and the thought of self-harm, some nights i will just lay there and cry for hours not doing anything but other nights, I'll cry and cry until i cut myself a few times and fall asleep in pain, those nights are rare but they happen and the next day, it will all happen again...a lot of people can relate, i know they can because my own daily routine isn't even as severe as those who don't leave their house a lot and are always alone, i just thought I'd share what's inside of me for once, if you read this then thank you for your time and bothering read my own short version of the story despite it being the way it is

  86. Sophia Villanueva

    Sophia VillanuevaTháng trước

    I feel like majority of the people who watched this video are depressed, I don’t mean to assume but since I’ve been scrolling through the comments, I have my reasons to believe so.

  87. Mystery Wolf Gacha

    Mystery Wolf GachaTháng trước

    I have depression. I rarely want to get out of bed in the morning. Im 12 with anxiety and depression. I watch VIreporter to help me, it works... sometimes.. I have many reasons to end my life but I havent.. yet I dont care about what others say to me most the time. Im blank at school, I fake smile. "Are you okay?" "Yea, Im fine!" Why am I caring this on a comment? Bc I have online friends who care for me, they help me get through it. And so does watching your videos, Jack!

  88. trinitylee1able

    trinitylee1ableTháng trước

    Ok I'm getting in the theories rn and EVERYTHING STARTS MAKING SENSE LIKE WITH THE "FRIEND IN COMA" LIKE OMFG sorry I'm just freaking out a bit

  89. I’m Edd LOL

    I’m Edd LOLTháng trước

    10:24 THAT is depression, Sean.

  90. I’m Edd LOL

    I’m Edd LOLTháng trước

    10:24 - 11:03

  91. Wolflover101 girl

    Wolflover101 girlTháng trước

    -depression- something i go through everyday i take walks with a demon on my back telling me to get over it. i joke about it at school but no one heres me screaming from the inside im fine i tell them when deep down we both know that im lying its not something easy to hide since i dont speak up that demon will be on my back until it puches me to a dark place i like to call social suicide and next is comitting suicide because no one chooses to hear me im fine

  92. x

    xTháng trước

    2:02 they said "your" instead of "you're" rip

  93. Scott Harrison

    Scott HarrisonTháng trước

    Anyone else rly confused

  94. Lila Muse

    Lila MuseTháng trước

    Fuckin’ rip Chase I guess

  95. Kine Kreature

    Kine KreatureTháng trước

    Why is it that the ending makes me feel like he’s joking around but not really? Like he was actually referring to his past and the channels past? I dunno, it may just be me, but after all these years, many things have changed. I’ve always wondered exactly how he’s handled it emotionally.

  96. Ariel Sea

    Ariel SeaTháng trước

    Jack I am alone because I miss my dad he died because he was sick and we we're sad and it's not my fault! I'm just upset because I love my father :-(

  97. Moon •

    Moon •Tháng trước

    I got a therapy ad during this

  98. Jane Machan

    Jane MachanTháng trước

    The bus just...materialised

  99. Midnight

    MidnightTháng trước

    I have depression, and I’ve been seeking help for over 7 years. I hate looking at myself every single day, and i just tell myself that I shouldn’t be alive anymore. I was diagnosed with depression, along with other things when I was six, and I can’t seem to handle it all that well. I always resort to harming myself by banging my head on the wall, which usually ends up being a concussion of some sort. I can’t live with myself at the moment, and watching you, Jack, really helps as a distraction. I consider you as one of my coping skills. If I’m depressed and I have a meltdown or breakdown, I just run upstairs, open my laptop, and watch you for as long as I want. I really want to thank you Jack, you are truly a hero even if you don’t know it.

  100. Dgrckid21 Games

    Dgrckid21 GamesTháng trước

    jack is chase theory

  101. hgrftv girls

    hgrftv girlsTháng trước

    Ok I know I'm VERY late and this is comment has nothing to do with the video but.... jack has kids????

  102. my hero markiplier

    my hero markiplierTháng trước

    Sean. You have helpt me trough some shit in my life and I want u to know that you are the best you always make me smile and feel lucky was in a deppretion an i feel so lost but you always got me to laugh and feel happy i just want you to know that you are wonderfull in youre way an never stop With what you are doing cuz a love it. We love it all youre fans. I dont know if u see this but i hope so. I wish i could help you back bit i cant and that makes me sad. Plese never stop With what youre doing cuz u have helpt so meny in their lives. Hope you see this i love you. ❤️

  103. my hero markiplier

    my hero markiplierTháng trước

    Im Sorry that i cant spell 😓

  104. Diamond Pup Stah

    Diamond Pup StahTháng trước

    So. is.. no one going to question how Jack is feeling? If Chase if just a mask? So he can express himself without people actually becoming worried? (or any other reason, that was just the first thing that came to mind) God knows how many other people on earth put on a mask, is no one going to wonder if Jack is to? Because he portrays himself as a happy ball of sunshine and loud screaming and swearing, but maybe thats a mask. I could be looking too far into things, but the second top comment on the glitchy game he was playing today, a few people were worried about him and saying that somethings up. And i know, he made a video about it already, but from what ive seen, hes continuing to be a happy ball of sunshine. Is anyone else finding this off, or am i just crazy. And Sean if your reading this, we're here for you if you need to talk to someone. You've been there for us, now we need to be here for you 💚

  105. Diamond Pup Stah

    Diamond Pup Stah17 ngày trước

    My friend was logged onto my account

  106. Diamond Pup Stah

    Diamond Pup StahTháng trước

    ?.or i could just be over thinking things like i always do

  107. Tobi Boy

    Tobi BoyTháng trước

    Tie is a game about depression... M E

  108. TheStriped Wolf!

    TheStriped Wolf!Tháng trước

    I read the description and uh well..I try to reach out to people but..nobody understands..Sometimes I just sit in class quietly,People look at me and ask me why Im quiet ,I tell them It's nothing and im obviously not okay but I normally just keep to myself..It hurts me mentally though..Im going to therapy but they don't understand,my friends,family,don't understand..I hope this phase goes away. It might also have something to do with watching my parents fight day after day and it finally ended with the divorce,im probably still adjusting :/

  109. ally.

    ally.Tháng trước

    I have some sort of sadness and possibly anxiety. I’m scared of calling it that because I don’t want to blame my actions on something I’m not. Whenever I meet other people, my face turns red and I start getting major headaches and tear up without being able to control it. Even when I’m around friends, it still happens sometimes. I have this thing where I can’t sleep well and start eternally thinking about ‘depressing’ things. I wonder if my friends actually care about me, what’ll happen after something happens in my family, and then I just feel sad without knowing why. Could someone tell me if somethings wrong with me so I wouldn’t have to always be worried?


    FAIRYTAIL LOVERTháng trước

    For me it's different. Yes I don't feel anything and yes I am not hungry most of the time. But if I stopped eating everyone would be on my case, and I don't want anyone to know all my secrets.

  111. BitterSalty

    BitterSaltyTháng trước

    Honestly, as a person with really bad depression, I can agree that I may not be an older, working man but I still relate really hard to this....

  112. Antiplier Edits

    Antiplier EditsTháng trước

    Did no one else notice the red aura?