TIE - A Game About Depression


  1. Jeremy Romberg

    Jeremy Romberg4 tháng trước

    Hi Jack! I'm Jeremy Romberg - I worked on the sound and composed the music for the game. I met Tony Nowak (the game developer) in the summer of 2013 when he approached me online and asked if I would be interested in composing the soundtrack for the game. Listening to his idea and looking at the work he was showing me, I was immediately drawn into it and agreed to work with Tony on the project. I decided to have 7 songs that would be associated with every day of the week: and with each passing day I tried to reflect the character's state of mind in the music. If anyone is interested in listening to the rest of the soundtrack, they can listen to it on my bandcamp (search for MeatAnalogue) Tony and I would just like to point out that you haven't quite reached the end of the game in this playthrough. You've only reached the second day, Tuesday, and have encountered a collision bug which prevents you from carrying through the rest of the level. To pass by it you need to tap on the left movement key a few times to nudge the character past that point. Tony has actually been continuing to iron out some of the bugs that you see in the game like this one, and he'll update the current release once it's ready. For anyone who wants to download the current release of the game, they can do so by following the blogspot link that you posted. I'm not sure I can put into words how amazed I am by the response that you're getting with this video. This project has been on our minds for several years, and to see how you've given people an avenue to express these feelings which they might not normally feel comfortable or able to express, well, it means a lot to me.

  2. Depressed K⃟i⃟d⃟

    Depressed K⃟i⃟d⃟2 ngày trước

    Tl dr to long didn't read. Ummmm well i have depression

  3. RogueTastic Shows

    RogueTastic ShowsTháng trước

    Ariona Miller no, it's the bug that stopped the character from resting. Not the glitch guy, the glitch guy was suppose to be there.

  4. Ariona Miller

    Ariona MillerTháng trước

    Jeremy Romberg wait, so the glitchy guy and glitchy portls thing wasnt suppost to happen? It seemed like it was suppost to happen.

  5. Ariona Miller

    Ariona MillerTháng trước

    Jeremy Romberg 0 JACK MUST SEE

  6. crazy static

    crazy static2 tháng trước

    Jeremy Romberg that's AWESOME it's so pixelated I love it

  7. Tobi Boy

    Tobi BoyGiờ trước

    Tie is a game about depression... M E

  8. TheStriped Wolf!

    TheStriped Wolf!2 giờ trước

    I read the description and uh well..I try to reach out to people but..nobody understands..Sometimes I just sit in class quietly,People look at me and ask me why Im quiet ,I tell them It's nothing and im obviously not okay but I normally just keep to myself..It hurts me mentally though..Im going to therapy but they don't understand,my friends,family,don't understand..I hope this phase goes away. It might also have something to do with watching my parents fight day after day and it finally ended with the divorce,im probably still adjusting :/

  9. ally.

    ally.5 giờ trước

    I have some sort of sadness and possibly anxiety. I’m scared of calling it that because I don’t want to blame my actions on something I’m not. Whenever I meet other people, my face turns red and I start getting major headaches and tear up without being able to control it. Even when I’m around friends, it still happens sometimes. I have this thing where I can’t sleep well and start eternally thinking about ‘depressing’ things. I wonder if my friends actually care about me, what’ll happen after something happens in my family, and then I just feel sad without knowing why. Could someone tell me if somethings wrong with me so I wouldn’t have to always be worried?


    FAIRYTAIL LOVER21 giờ trước

    For me it's different. Yes I don't feel anything and yes I am not hungry most of the time. But if I stopped eating everyone would be on my case, and I don't want anyone to know all my secrets.

  11. Kayla S-C

    Kayla S-C22 giờ trước

    Honestly, as a person with really bad depression, I can agree that I may not be an older, working man but I still relate really hard to this....

  12. Antiplier Edits

    Antiplier EditsNgày trước

    Did no one else notice the red aura?

  13. Tate Redden

    Tate ReddenNgày trước

    the comment in the description is what I needed to hear (er.. read i guess) today... today is the worst day I've had with my depression in a couple months and it IS hard to get out of bed. it IS hard to force myself to eat. and there are things I used to enjoy doing that no longer please me, and it's a very difficult thing to live with. and it's even harder with other problems on top of it, such as anxiety and PTSD. I'm just glad you're out there making videos that help people, like me, smile, even if just for a short time

  14. HeyHeyItsKK !

    HeyHeyItsKK !Ngày trước

    Hey Jack! I have been watching you for about a year now, and I just want you to know how much you have helped me. I’m a young girl that has depression, and just watching your videos makes me feel so much better. I love how you make me laugh when I need it. I love how when you’re playing games like this you still joke around but you’re still serious about the bad stuff. You make me feel like I’m actually worth something. Thank you so much and keep doing what you’re doing.

  15. Jade CandyCat

    Jade CandyCatNgày trước

    4:27 darkipliar anyone?

  16. The666Cipher

    The666Cipher2 ngày trước

    i can relate to the stick dude on the fact that im never hungry

  17. Dinosaurus

    Dinosaurus3 ngày trước

    I hate it when my mom says exercise more or gets too serious about grades. Either she's ignorant of the signs of my depression, or she chooses to ignore it. Curing depression isn't as simple as working out, or reading more. Its harder than that.

  18. GetYour Fix

    GetYour Fix3 ngày trước

    When I'm depressed I eat everything tho.

  19. brennah161

    brennah1613 ngày trước

    It does sometimes feel worse when you have to fake that you are fine when in fact depression is just sucking everything out of you that day... I speak from experience...

  20. _.kearahh._

    _.kearahh._3 ngày trước

    "you just feel empty" TRUUUUUUU

  21. Kaylee Covel

    Kaylee Covel5 ngày trước

    I hate my life and I want to die.

  22. Ram

    Ram5 ngày trước

    4:32 who else heard "It scares me" instead of "Excuse me"?

  23. ImDying

    ImDying6 ngày trước

    Hey Jack do you remember Sayori?

  24. E drop

    E drop6 ngày trước

    Good old Harold. -Don't be like Harold-

  25. Kali M.P

    Kali M.P6 ngày trước

    "Me too!Aah...Sports! *T R I C K S H O T S!* "

  26. E McDonald

    E McDonald7 ngày trước

    As someone who has MDD I really appreciate how you didn’t make a mockery of depression or the game itself. Thanks, Jack.

  27. legitfox animations

    legitfox animations8 ngày trước

    I am currently 12, and here is my life so far. When i was 13 my mom and dad got divorced. He married someone else when i was 4 and she had 3 kids. I when to school there and bullying was bad. When i turned 8 i knew something was off. I knew i had something nobody else had, like a shadow creeping up on me. My pets stared dying, at least two of my animals died a year for 3 years. At 10 i was depressed, i just didnt know it. At 11 i learned the term. At 11.5 i began having suicidal thoughts. My step mom would freak oit over stupid things and hit me. When i was 10 i was terrified of her and would cry whenever she told me she loved me, because i didnt believe her. Fast forward to present, i still want to die. My life is a never ending cycle of the same stuff. Im a mindless puppet to my step mom and teachers. Im gonna die someday anyway, why not kill myself now instead of waiting for it to sweep over me when im 80 and all alone!?

  28. UltraBeastModePaula666 Samurai

    UltraBeastModePaula666 Samurai9 ngày trước

    Chase Brody? Like, Bro Average Chase Brody?

  29. Esper Reads

    Esper Reads7 giờ trước

    UltraBeastModePaula666 Samurai the very one

  30. leanne wilton

    leanne wilton9 ngày trước

    Hi jack can I just say everyday I watch your videos and it's not easy being a youtuber with severe depression And you make my life worth living you cheer me up thank you so very much jack

  31. Samuel Tamayo

    Samuel Tamayo9 ngày trước

    Jack isn't mocking depression. He wouldn't do that. This is a video of chase brody one of his characters- who is honestly perfect for raising awareness about depression

  32. MintyOtter

    MintyOtter9 ngày trước

    I was crying curled up on my bed then I saw this video. I realized that I'm being a fuck idiot.

  33. Hunter Kennedy

    Hunter Kennedy9 ngày trước

    Feel like I wanna scream but can't get anything out Wake up feel nothing but the tears dropping down my face and heart pounding with anxiety. Now I got a knife on my wrist and finally feel at peace. Fall asleep Repeat. That's what I've had going on for the past 9 years of my life. I'm 17....

  34. Night Owl

    Night Owl11 ngày trước

    Match Stick: Was last night a dream? Jack: What are you talking about? Me: GEE I don't know, maybe the fact there was a replica of him that glitched!

  35. Dr. Noir Dr. Noir Here, Back At Another Video.

    Dr. Noir Dr. Noir Here, Back At Another Video.11 ngày trước

    Hi. I’m Depressed. That’s Accurate...... Why...

  36. 8-bit Sadie

    8-bit Sadie11 ngày trước

    I have had depression for 5 years and I still have it thank you for trying to make me and others happy Goodbye forever Sadie Roff Age :10 Died 9-13-18

  37. Salma esam Atia

    Salma esam Atia11 ngày trước

    l want to give chase a hug

  38. Just Vicky

    Just Vicky14 ngày trước

    As someone who doesn't cry that much,, I fuckin cried at this video

  39. Serenity Cook

    Serenity Cook14 ngày trước

    Sean you are truly amazing!:)

  40. Krazy Kitten

    Krazy Kitten14 ngày trước

    "Lost your kids"? Chase???

  41. Its Me, Lee!

    Its Me, Lee!14 ngày trước


  42. Ayannah E.

    Ayannah E.15 ngày trước

    I reached out to my crush in 6th grade... He got me into praying, so he's a really good friend for me..

  43. Mel 525

    Mel 52516 ngày trước

    « another day another dollar « BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE YASSS

  44. Lilz LuvsAnimals

    Lilz LuvsAnimals16 ngày trước

    This game is only the tip of the iceberg of what depression really feels like. You don't always feel empty. A lot of people feel worthless, like they are not contributing anything to the world. This is the most common cause of suicide

  45. KateTheTrash

    KateTheTrash18 ngày trước

    Depression for me is the feeling that you can't seem to move forward, but you can't go back. You're just... stuck in limbo.

  46. Julia TheBirdWhoDraws

    Julia TheBirdWhoDraws18 ngày trước

    This is not Jack playing! It's Chase! Wth. Now I am wanting to make more theories and such GAHHHH, why do everything have to do this to me

  47. ItzEmberTheWolf Tv

    ItzEmberTheWolf Tv19 ngày trước

    Jack said being a single dad When did he get kids why am I so late

  48. dimintri samuls

    dimintri samuls19 ngày trước

    5:32 Wait Sean, you have KIDS?!?

  49. Marley Ough

    Marley Ough19 ngày trước

    I have depression and I have self-harmed

  50. Meme Lord

    Meme Lord19 ngày trước

    this might be a bit out of nowhere, but could someone please explain the end of this video? (12:37)

  51. Xiny

    Xiny20 ngày trước

    this really hits me hard, because you nailed the issue deep at the end. Thanks for being jovial and loud, Jack!

  52. Alieewn Aaaad

    Alieewn Aaaad21 ngày trước

    YUP that is what happen when you stuck for months doing math homeworks

  53. Under Dyne

    Under Dyne21 ngày trước

    I've officially been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (or better known as manic depression) not long ago. But even if I'm officially 'depressed' I can function perfectly, and am quite happy in general. Whenever I'm with friends or watching video's I'm always having fun! Though when I ain't or I should be sad I go completely numb. What I'm trying to say really, is just that being sad doesn't mean you have depression, and if you feel like you more than often are you should get yourself diagnosed first. And if you really are depressed, just remember that you too deserve to live life, and just *try* to be happy

  54. Ari Peltz

    Ari Peltz21 ngày trước

    11:02 Chase Brody shirt

  55. zsombor channel

    zsombor channel21 ngày trước

    This made me think that im not alone

  56. Scarred Marquet

    Scarred Marquet21 ngày trước

    Press “R” for suicide.

  57. Lam Nguyen

    Lam Nguyen21 ngày trước

    i am depressed and BROKE AM DEPRESSED BRUHS btw i told mah parents they didn't care that i have depression it's ok if ya feel bad for anyone but not me though cuz poeple hates me

  58. Luke Hoodings

    Luke Hoodings22 ngày trước

    My fucking life

  59. Sheena Buckley

    Sheena Buckley22 ngày trước

    Its accurate at least for me

  60. Alex VanAlstine

    Alex VanAlstine23 ngày trước

    pretty accurate. **cries in depression** SIDE NOTE: I HAVE DEPRESSION MYSLEF SO DONT @ ME. IM NOT OFFENDING YOU.

  61. Greylite

    Greylite23 ngày trước

    Videos like this are why you saved me on my five year jackaboy journey during my relapse. I love you jack.

  62. Elizta Cookie

    Elizta Cookie23 ngày trước

    9:03: Jack trying to talk about sports is me.

  63. Emotionless_Prodigal

    Emotionless_Prodigal23 ngày trước

    i have depression and two types of anxiety and its really hard for me sometimes I cant eat for days other times I cant even make it out of bed

  64. Mongoose Maddy

    Mongoose Maddy24 ngày trước

    I feel like I can’t talk openly about my mind

  65. Aliyah B.

    Aliyah B.24 ngày trước

    12:50 holy fudge that's a lot friggin whiskey

  66. anime gamer

    anime gamer24 ngày trước

    monikas mess with the script

  67. Ac _Element

    Ac _Element24 ngày trước

    I am really depressed but every time I watch you it puts a smile on my face and you push me to keep going your positive mental attitude forces me to have one as well. Thank you.

  68. Drunk Sayori

    Drunk Sayori24 ngày trước

    *How do you tie a hangman noose?*

  69. Just a Writer

    Just a Writer25 ngày trước

    I'm new here, but I just wanted to say thank you for being you. So thank you :)

  70. GalaxyLoliSwag :p

    GalaxyLoliSwag :p26 ngày trước

    It's ok jack... I actually suffer depression and anxiety no joke but you but a bright smile on my face...

  71. Luna Lee

    Luna Lee26 ngày trước

    You, reading those comments. You can make it to another day. I know it. ❤

  72. Cami Bear

    Cami Bear27 ngày trước

    Hi jack, I’m a girl in the war of depression. I have always thought that life isn’t worth it... and it isn’t for me. But for all the other people out there. Please don’t think of your life as a useless ball in the middle of nowhere. Nobody may understand you. But you understand you. You are a person and a useful one. Your life is a magic rainbow! If you end it all you’ll never experience the amazing things In life. Please feel free to express yourselves. Don’t just bottle your feelings up in a small glass jar, Smash the jar onto the floor and let it all out. Your safe. I promise.

  73. Amber Hyde

    Amber Hyde27 ngày trước

    Realizing how bad you depression truly is but still really not going to give a shit because it’s stupid.

  74. Neve Woods

    Neve Woods27 ngày trước

    10:32- 10:59 Reminds me of my life...

  75. Gray Lyczak

    Gray Lyczak27 ngày trước

    This made me realize that I might actually need help. Thank you Jack.

  76. Gunam Kobayashi

    Gunam Kobayashi28 ngày trước

    This is my everyday life,every day is just complete reputation

  77. Emily Mills

    Emily Mills28 ngày trước

    4:26 ......anti?

  78. Trash can

    Trash can29 ngày trước

    This game its relatable to me with the deppresion and anxiety i have stuck in me. I mostly keep everything to myself but some days i dont feel nothing but empty. Some days i just wanna cry and leave already. But.... No seems to notice it... So i just put on a smile so they cant notice it. I never thought my life would turn out like this..... No matter how big the waves get... I still keep going having such little hope in me..

  79. Bethany Love

    Bethany Love29 ngày trước

    It literally takes so much to just get out of bed... I'm not lazy I'm just to exasperated to move.. I just want to be asleep... I swear sleep is the only thing that makes me feel something... Like I love your videos and laugh but it's like I just can't... It's like life is falling apart

  80. I am Greg

    I am GregTháng trước

    STUPID ROGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the other comments are sad and mines just like "ROGER"!!!!!!! I suffer from depression...

  81. T H I C C   B O I

    T H I C C B O ITháng trước

    Jack, you doing fine buddy?


    UNDEAD R METháng trước

    4:06... quick Mandela Effect update: It's not "Sex in The City" it's "Sex and The City".. *Mind Blown*? :p

  83. Mayor Of Simpleton

    Mayor Of SimpletonTháng trước

    If you you happen to read this, please take a second to consider that this is more or less life for many people. I hate living like this. I don’t want to live like this. I am stuck. I don’t know what to do. Anyone there? I’d love to talk.

  84. Mayor Of Simpleton

    Mayor Of Simpleton27 ngày trước

    andy yu I do every week + take antidepressants.

  85. andy yu

    andy yuTháng trước

    It would be better to talk to a psychologist

  86. Dr Who

    Dr WhoTháng trước


  87. The Bad Badger

    The Bad BadgerTháng trước

    Now I’m sad...

  88. dsleech

    dsleechTháng trước

    At least you get a seat on the bus

  89. Lalazebra

    LalazebraTháng trước

    Awww, Chase. I guess a lot of us kinda wish for happier days. Days where things were easier and far less complicated. Days where feeling absolutely anything at all was simpler. It's nice to see more types of media seriously cover this kind of thing.

  90. V Leath

    V LeathTháng trước

    Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry... *sobs*

  91. Myra Montgomery

    Myra MontgomeryTháng trước

    What was that he was drinking in the end

  92. Wander Tumble

    Wander TumbleTháng trước

    Wow his words at 10:22 - 11:02 made me cry tho

  93. Brianna Perez

    Brianna PerezTháng trước

    I have social anxiety I'm 12 and still get scared at the first day of school. why? I get nervous around people and start trembling last year on my 12th birthday I started trembling at my own party. Depression. Don't want to talk about it.

  94. The gaming Dog

    The gaming DogTháng trước

    I have depression and I wish I didnt

  95. Oh wow

    Oh wowTháng trước

    So do i, the same kind. Also, i have social anxiety, which makes the depression worse. The best way to get better is to talk about it, like your parents. People care, and want to help! Do things that make you happy, try to spend time with friends and family. It helps. I think you can do it, i know you can. . . . Ps. Try not to be like me, and skip everyday of school and hide in a closet... It lead to police coming to my house and bring me to a hospital. Its not fun.

  96. The gaming Dog

    The gaming DogTháng trước

    My type of depression is that I hear voices tell me stuff I don't want to hear and telling me that every thing that is nice about me is a lie and I want it to stop and it hurts and I want someone to just help me and I want to be happy

  97. Maple Syrup

    Maple SyrupTháng trước

    Jack you are so inspiring to me. The fact that you can talk about the same thing that I suffer from is incredible. When ever you play a game like this or make a speech about a topic like this in one of your videos it’s uplifting. You aren’t making fun of it or romanizing it either you’re showing it as it is as it should be. I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was eight every time you talk about this topic it’s uplifting because then people like me know that people like you actually care about us and that you’re trying to send awareness to these topics. Thank you. And although this video was a while ago I still want to say thank you.

  98. Misty Neko

    Misty NekoTháng trước


  99. enderkitty Williams

    enderkitty WilliamsTháng trước

    Omfg it's Chase....

  100. Eden The gacha girl

    Eden The gacha girlTháng trước

    Jack I'm late I know but.... 1.the glitchy man The glitchy man is the voice in ur head He is making u anorexic He is making u see nothing ur mind is just toxic Everything is a blur U don't care about ur self needs u only care about what the voice thinks

  101. I'm deadpool

    I'm deadpoolTháng trước

    Ok. I just wanna sort out some misconceptions about antidepressants that I saw in the comments. Antidepressants don’t “give” you happiness it helps you “unlock” the happiness you already have but can’t reach because of depression. “Depression is all in your head” yes. Yes it is. It’s a MENTAL illness Not everyone with depression is suicidal. Not everyone will seem sad because they will try and hide it. Please don’t assume someone has depression I just wanted to clear some things up. I’m sorry if this came of aggression, aggravated or targeted at anyone. It’s not Thank you, goodbye

  102. Soloix MSP

    Soloix MSPTháng trước

    *Is nobody gonna say something about how Chase is talked about and described over and over throughout the video?*

  103. Alex knudsen

    Alex knudsenTháng trước

    "Sex In The City" PROOF

  104. xAlienXx _

    xAlienXx _Tháng trước


  105. SkyMaster Albani

    SkyMaster AlbaniTháng trước

    well justin case you don't know, the person who was playing this game is not jack, but chase

  106. xAlienXx _

    xAlienXx _Tháng trước

    SkyMaster Albani Oh wow. Well, I agree with you.

  107. SkyMaster Albani

    SkyMaster AlbaniTháng trước

    well i thought it was obvious?

  108. xAlienXx _

    xAlienXx _Tháng trước

    SkyMaster Albani Ooh. But how do you know that for sure?

  109. SkyMaster Albani

    SkyMaster AlbaniTháng trước

    chase with his family of course

  110. Emily Harfst

    Emily HarfstTháng trước

    Wow I relate so hard damn. Except my “hunger” was increased and I was always “hungry.” There was no hunger, just emptiness.

  111. The Autistic Weeb

    The Autistic WeebTháng trước

    hey Sean, this video made me remember how i felt last year. i didn't eat and i never got out of bed, i never went to school because i was the only girl in my class, being in a autism program i never got talked to. the boys would call me mean names every day and they would tall me to kill myself. i never felt much emotion but i just wished that i was not a girl at times. seeing your videos and how happy you are made me feel like i should feel that way to. i tried my hardest and i feel alot more now, but i rarely feel happy. i pretend to be happy and put on a smile every day, but people would still be mean to me. they would hurt me and hit me but i tried to manage. hopefully when i go to high school next year it will be better. thank you for inspiring me, your awsome -- lailan

  112. Brynna Pyle

    Brynna PyleTháng trước

    A game about me yay 😭😭😭😭😑😑🙁🙁

  113. Conor Weyhmueller

    Conor WeyhmuellerTháng trước

    I have a friend who has depression.

  114. Deborah Kahutka

    Deborah KahutkaTháng trước

    i imagine gismos in the picture at the end

  115. Shimmer Pusheen

    Shimmer PusheenTháng trước

    I don't mean to be rude or offensive or seem stupid but how do you get diagnosed with depression? I'm not asking for like a doctor or place or anything, but like do they give you a survey or a brain scanny thing?? Idk