TIE - A Game About Depression


  1. Minecraftgirl 101

    Minecraftgirl 1013 giờ trước

    I have bad depression and anxiety, I've cut, tried to kill myself, and have even been to hospital for it... I try to get better but its hard. I go to therapy for it and even take medicine... i don't want to die i just want the world to stop and slow down so i can take some time to think... Sadly the world doesn't have a pause button and does not revolve around others needs... I thank everyone who is here to help and has it as well but is trying and succeeding.. I may not take my own advise but keep living because it is worth it... one day all the bad will pass... you will be happy with a family and loved ones... you're not alone in this and if anyone needs someone to talk too, I am always here and will help

  2. Serendipity Films

    Serendipity Films7 giờ trước

    This game did a really good job and the music is good. I have Depression, along with Anxiety, and ADHD. I know what it's like to be here. But you have to know, life does get better, and it will get better. You just got to wait for that right moment, find that moment, where your life is starting to get better

  3. CodaRedEye

    CodaRedEyeNgày trước

    So what was the ending to the game?

  4. Sheila Ok

    Sheila OkNgày trước

    Poor chase. And Jacksepticeye. 😢

  5. Sheila Ok

    Sheila OkNgày trước

    Chase Brody can hear Jacksepticeye. And I'm very sad when Jacksepticeye is sad and I'm always here for Jacksepticeye and chase cause they're my friends too.

  6. melon

    melon2 ngày trước

    I love when influencers talk about serious issues.

  7. melon

    melonNgày trước

    also all the talk about a lack of appetite encouraged me to get out of bed and eat, so thanks

  8. Buster North

    Buster North2 ngày trước

    i have depression and anxiety so my life sucks and the only thing that get a good laugh out of me is watching jacksepticeye videos (i'm not kidding)


    TECH NATION GAMING4 ngày trước

    Jack never thanked the bus driver.... wouldn't recommend 3/10

  10. Nightingale

    Nightingale5 ngày trước

    Can somebody please explain ..what was that game i feel like it was bad but maybe i missed something and then it just ended ...im confused. And if its just that and theres nothing more to it i dont think it is a good representation of depression. Yes it can feel like your stuck and your not hungry ..but those are the only two things that i noticed. And there is so much more to depression than that ...

  11. Tristin Griffin

    Tristin Griffin6 ngày trước

    I feel empty a lot....depression sucks

  12. korinakokk

    korinakokk9 ngày trước

    So- apparently during all of this it’s fucking chase talking

  13. Devany Gill

    Devany Gill9 ngày trước

    Sean made me realize that I haven't eaten in the last 2 days and I'm still not hungry, I have been told that I am depressed but I don't know anymore, I feel empty.

  14. Rainbow Cloud productions

    Rainbow Cloud productions9 ngày trước

    the ending with chase, my heart. my heart? whos she?

  15. username? idk

    username? idk10 ngày trước

    omg all the quirky 14 year olds saying that they have depression and how they cut themselves is annoying

  16. Memerman

    Memerman13 ngày trước

    (as a person who's had depression this is my best explanation of what i took from this video) this game may not be an accurate representation of depression, maybe an artists interpretation. depression is the lack of feeling almost like a vacuum, it suffocates you and dictates where your life goes, how you eat, sleep, and even how you feel (wow what a surprise). its like being lost in a maze and you don't ever think you'll find a way out. you feel empty pretty much, its not the 'glass' half full or half empty its just empty. if you know someone with depression dont say i feel sad sometimes too because its not sadness its just being stuck in not caring about yourself or what happens to you. so offer them help and maybe invite them to do somehting fun or just hang out and talk.

  17. coolhandjake

    coolhandjake16 ngày trước

    I find it honestly insulting when people use depression as a means to gain attention if you were actually depressed you wouldn't feel like giving the energy to tell a large sum of people you are depressed they have to wake up with a feeling in there stomach that feels like there going to be sick but at the same time your not they overthink what people do to us we get judged and jokes are made about us which dosent help at all depression is nothing to fake or exploit you couldn't even begin to understand what it feels like to wake up empty and wonder what your purpose is and not be able to find a good answer next time you Joke about or fake depression please think of what the people who ARE depressed are actually feeling

  18. Jessica Moore

    Jessica Moore3 ngày trước

    When I was depressed I was very open about it. I even had thoughts of harming myself which I didn't mind explaining to many of my friends. Everyone can be depressed but sometimes it manifest in different ways.

  19. Honey? Where's my super suit?

    Honey? Where's my super suit?16 ngày trước

    I don't want to die, sometimes I wish I'd never born at all.

  20. Tony Nowak

    Tony Nowak16 ngày trước

    Developer here again. Glad too see people have enjoyed the game. I may revisit the concept one day as a lot has happened since then, it would for sure be a much different game given the events of recent and past since games completion. I am glad too see people come back too it and at leas enjoy the art, music, and whatnot. :) I'm not the most positive person in the world but keep yours heads up guys...

  21. Jessica Moore

    Jessica Moore3 ngày trước

    Omg hiiii

  22. Joleigh Yim

    Joleigh Yim17 ngày trước

    I think it's good that games are bringing awareness to mental health but I also think that mental conditions range from person to person

  23. Jessica Moore

    Jessica Moore3 ngày trước

    I agree!

  24. Neon Raincloud

    Neon Raincloud21 ngày trước

    The transition from primary school to high school be like

  25. Caleb Hayes

    Caleb Hayes21 ngày trước

    Dear Chase: We love you, okay?

  26. Little Miss BOSS

    Little Miss BOSS22 ngày trước

    I cried because I imagined that that was a picture of wiishu

  27. Spooky Jay

    Spooky Jay24 ngày trước

    “I just want things to go back to the way they were.. I just want to go back to when I was happy” honestly i’ve thought that a lot lately and i am seeing some one to help but nothing’s really changed. i saw an old picture of me my mom showed it to me because she said she liked it but that picture was from one of my lowest moments but no one else saw it but me. When my family saw that picture all they saw was a bright and happy smiling little kid, all i saw was a broken soul with a fake smile that poorly covered the sadness inside of them. I hate that picture because it reminds me of the things i thought during that period in my life and how awful i felt. without noticing i have been getting better that picture reminded me not only of how horrible my depression was then but also reminded me of how far i’ve come in recovering. i’m no where near “better” or “cured” but i’ve certainly improved and that’s better than nothing. not only Sean but many other VIreporterrs and friends and family have all helped me come as far as i have and are still helping me to get better. my point to all this is, if you’re still reading this and you feel how i felt then, then please reach out to someone. yeah, i know, that’s what everyone says and you’re probably thinking that it won’t do any good. that’s what i thought too but then i did tell someone and they helped me come so far and i’m so thankful so that, and if you’re suffering from depression or any other mental illness in secret, i can promise you, you will be relieved when you finally reach out for help, it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength, the strength to know that you’re not okay and the strength to admit it and ask for help. if you’re still reading thank you and if you or someone you know wants or needs help, please, help them or help yourself thanks you -Jay

  28. Violet MB_YT

    Violet MB_YT24 ngày trước

    When Sean said "some people can't even get out if bed." I was raising my hand saying... "Oh! Like me!? My mom thinks I'm lazy but it's just cause I'm a hostage in my bed and it's hard to escape... (;u;)

  29. Dean Nielson

    Dean Nielson25 ngày trước

    Good art comes from those who have been wounded by the world. The blood of their wounds is the paint from their pain. Good art moves you, and nothing is more powerfully moving than raw existential despair. It makes for a callous exterior, but that's only a defense mechanism. A mechanism to defend the beautifully vulnerable heart and mind at the core.

  30. Mountain of Mia

    Mountain of Mia27 ngày trước

    (JUST A RANT) Okay. So I’ve been scrolling through these comments and practically around 93% of them are just kids saying they have depression and are begging for likes because of it. I myself do actually have depression (I was officially diagnosed with it and have had to take medication, get tons of therapy and counselling, etc.) but it makes me physically sick looking at all these people in the comments that say they “have depression” when they were probably just sad at that time, or maybe just took some stupid online test. I can’t be the only person that thinks this is disgusting. Depression isn’t a trend. People like this need to stop using it as a way to get attention and shit. People use the word “depression” a lot as a way to get popular. There’s practically more fakes in the world which makes people like us, actually diagnosed with the disorder become blinded and turned away because professionals just think we’re faking it. This honestly needs to just fucking stop because it’s getting to the point where depression isn’t even taken seriously by anyone anymore.

  31. Jessica Moore

    Jessica Moore3 ngày trước

    I agree with you but not entirely. You never know what those commenters could be going through behind the screen or if they have been diagnosed or gotten therapy or help for it. We don't know their situation so it's best to tred lightly and have a big of faith in humanity that they're being honest. I do not have clinically diagnosed depression but I was depressed for years of my life and struggled to get better. These people could be going through that as well.

  32. I'm my own Aesthetic

    I'm my own Aesthetic27 ngày trước

    Wait does Sean have kids?

  33. Hinachino

    Hinachino28 ngày trước

    *JACK!* Can we be friends? :> ...... I'm allergic to antiseptic?

  34. Dead Inside

    Dead InsideTháng trước

    **intense coughing** No YOU haven't eaten in two days

  35. I'm just a guy

    I'm just a guyTháng trước

    I really thgout that the person in the game was talking and jack was voise acting him really good, but it was jack talking, its becuas I'm not use to subtitls lol

  36. Wei Jie

    Wei JieTháng trước

    Is anyone gonna talk about how the game just ended like that

  37. Nightingale

    Nightingale5 ngày trước

    I dont get it eather ...what even , i feel like i missed something

  38. 13My Dude

    13My DudeTháng trước

    How you explain it it is so accurate I have depression

  39. Hugo tiago

    Hugo tiagoTháng trước

    The ending of this video is what I do every day I'm single I nèef help pls anyone

  40. Coolios Man

    Coolios ManTháng trước

    Oh boy another depressing game, and its pixelated well don't mind if watch

  41. Emma Engel

    Emma EngelTháng trước

    Sometimes when I'm not paying attention I forget to eat lunch/dinner. My mom gets mad at me every single time. My dad is Xtra supportive. I wish I could live with him.

  42. Chloe H

    Chloe HTháng trước

    Sean you are getting me in my feels at this point

  43. Taryn Patchin

    Taryn PatchinTháng trước

    I don't know why but I feel like this game hits home really hard especially at the end. Know life is hard and sometimes you have to stop just to go forward and I feel like if I go back I'll brake. Alright sorry bye.

  44. Katherine Hawkins

    Katherine HawkinsTháng trước

    Yo, jack, buddy, you ok?

  45. Mallowfly !

    Mallowfly !Tháng trước

    * 💔 but it refused ❤️

  46. Waaayyyshel

    WaaayyyshelTháng trước

    4:27 ITS ANTI!

  47. Obamas Dad

    Obamas DadTháng trước

    I love jack and all but it slightly annoys me when the mood of him and the mood of the game are at completely different ends. Jack is trying to be joyful and making jokes and all but I feel takes away from the mood of the game and doesn’t allow the viewer to fully immerse into the darkness and meaning of the game. Just my thoughts.

  48. vicky fox

    vicky foxTháng trước

    When will there be an update?

  49. ZMuzzi

    ZMuzziTháng trước

    It's hard to comprehend depression

  50. Rey the Raygun

    Rey the RaygunTháng trước

    Glitch dude is anti

  51. Daisy Artz

    Daisy ArtzTháng trước

    Who else came here for Chase?

  52. Gachaverse Girl

    Gachaverse GirlTháng trước

    I think that most depression games don’t exactly cover the entire experience of having depression because, =We don’t see weird ghosts. =We allways believe that we are ugly. =If we are alone we tend to be sad and loners. =And we become sad and non hungry because we believe that we are fat. =And if we set a goal and we fail we become more upset and think that we are failures to life and that we are worthless Also thank you Sean for showing a lot of respect to this game because most people tent to say rude and upsetting things Edit: I’m not saying any of this to be mean or to get likes I just want to raise awareness!

  53. Jessica Moore

    Jessica Moore3 ngày trước

    Actually a lot of those are from insecurity and low self-esteem. And the weird ghost thing is a representation or manifestation of his depressed. The game covered a depression that was caused by different things so there are different reasons. Just my thoughts! Take a cookie 🍪 and have a nice day!

  54. starlight

    starlightTháng trước

    I just wanna ask,are you alright Jack? I just wanna make sure,you have always brightened my day,I've been going through a lot of family issues along with stress and anxiety tho you have always been a way I take my mind off things,I know that a lot of people hide there depression by acting hapy,outgoing,and make people smile like you do so I just wanna know if you're alright.......

  55. goldenhearts

    goldenheartsTháng trước

    starlight hope I helped! 👍

  56. starlight

    starlightTháng trước

    @goldenhearts ah okay ^^

  57. goldenhearts

    goldenheartsTháng trước

    starlight he is, this was a video about chase, one of his egos

  58. Cobalt Wolf

    Cobalt WolfTháng trước

    Rogers a fucking carrot topped asshole

  59. Ash Marringle

    Ash MarringleTháng trước

    Depression makes you tired, makes you feel like everyone hates you and doesn't care about you, makes you lose your appetite, makes you want to kill yourself. I makes life hard. I makes life meaningless. You hate yourself. I hate myself. I want to die. I want to be happy. But I'm depressed. I still think that everyone will be happy if I was dead and didn't exist. Depression is a killer. A murderer. I makes people suicidal and is fine if someone threatens to to kill you.

  60. Silver AG

    Silver AGTháng trước

    I have self worth issues permission to talk about how it makes me feel really bad no okay I’ll just go back to sitting in my closet

  61. Georgia Kidd

    Georgia KiddTháng trước

    I can relate to the whole not wanting to eat thing cuz I don’t have depression but I have anxiety disorder and sometimes I just get so anxious that I just don’t wanna eat anything but my mum always makes me eat no matter what so, I’m actually interested In some of these comments actually and if you ever feel like ending your life than you shouldn’t, your life isn’t a movie don’t end it....

  62. _Cyrusis _

    _Cyrusis _Tháng trước

    Hit or miss. She took the fucking kids, yuh. Jump off a bridge, don't have a will to live, yuh.

  63. KirbyAndStuff

    KirbyAndStuffTháng trước

    1 year later

  64. Kathleen Asmussen

    Kathleen AsmussenTháng trước

    It's been one year..

  65. Lovely Hearts

    Lovely HeartsTháng trước

    I'm numb, people think I'm the happy weird puff ball. But I'm not...

  66. Eliot Jupiter

    Eliot JupiterTháng trước

    Leave a like is your NOT depressed

  67. goldenhearts

    goldenheartsTháng trước

    Eliot Jupiter Oof

  68. baileigh barker

    baileigh barkerTháng trước

    Do I sense Chase Brody throughout this ? Yep

  69. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur MorganTháng trước

    8:06 another day, another.......... _nickle_

  70. lunarkiller

    lunarkillerTháng trước

    this is just a test but leave a like or reply if you have deppression

  71. goldenhearts

    goldenheartsTháng trước


  72. lunarkiller

    lunarkillerTháng trước

    i do

  73. Callaway Fishbach

    Callaway FishbachTháng trước

    So I had seen this when this fist came out and i cant remember what i said, but i would like to say chase as a character is great, you as a person is great! I mean i cant say i know you and i cant say that i have met you, but i just want you to know that you have helped me, so much... i'm pretty sure at the time i watched this is was in a pretty dark place, i did nothing for myself and i wish it was all over, i felt numb in the short of it... as if i was nothing... i did not smile, did not speak, i didn't eat, i was in a place of "i give up".... i still cant say i am the best, but i have reached out to medical help... but you are the one person i can thank for helping me out of my deepest dumps... i know this is probably the millionth time you heard this but... you are my hero! thank you Sean, for everything you have done!

  74. icecreampuff Kirklin

    icecreampuff KirklinTháng trước

    I hope your friend gets better

  75. Cactus Pillow

    Cactus PillowTháng trước

    Sean is definitely chase in this video

  76. Star Riku

    Star RikuTháng trước

    Character: Ugh, what do you want? Me: Your head.

  77. Who Knows

    Who KnowsTháng trước

    Jack, your too happy! For ya boi here, suicide, It’s all like Yup Yeah I did that yesterday Uh huh Indeed

  78. Snowflakes Gacha

    Snowflakes GachaTháng trước

    What happened at the end?

  79. goldenhearts

    goldenheartsTháng trước

    Snowflakes Gacha it was one of jacks egos; chase

  80. kobi christensen

    kobi christensenTháng trước

    No one ever knows if they have depression until they find out by looking up symptoms. I found out I have it by asking a buddy who has it what it's like.

  81. Jacksepticboi

    JacksepticboiTháng trước

    The glitching dude looks like Anti to me.

  82. goldenhearts

    goldenheartsTháng trước

    Jacksepticboi lmaooo frick off glitch bitch

  83. Night Shadow

    Night ShadowTháng trước

    Im out of my depression but why does it keep chasing me just to be sad again? I DONT WANT TO. I DONT WANNA MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES AGAIN. I DONT WANT TO RETURN TO THE PAST

  84. 해미안

    해미안Tháng trước

    Honestly, this game doesn't do a bad job at showing ppl who don't have depression what it really is like to have depression. I was diagnosed with a depressive disorder after a lot happened n I tried to do a really bad thing to myself. It really is hard to get out of bed. Its hard to eat. Its hard to breath without feeling like ur suffocating. Everything is blanked and boring. Something as simple as using the br or taking a shower or even brushing ur teeth takes so much effort. It takes so much effort to open ur eyes everyday and face the fact that its always going to be the same. Maybe things do happen differently than the day before but all in all, its the sane thing. U wake up, pretend to be okay all day long, go home, and sleep, and repeat. Its boring and tiring. And for some people who're depressed, it can become so boring and bland that you want to end everything bc there is no point. No matter what we do, it doesn't rlly change anything. and if it does, it only changes it for a few days at most then it goes back to the same thing.

  85. sweet Tart *-;

    sweet Tart *-;2 tháng trước

    Hey jack you might not see this. But you make me feel better I have been going through things , I have bone thing but thank for helping me 💞

  86. Maisy Blue :P

    Maisy Blue :P2 tháng trước

    ....... wow jack has hairy arms

  87. Rylee Yeatman

    Rylee Yeatman2 tháng trước

    I always feel empty.. I never eat because I don't feel like it.. . Any shadows I see, I see my biggest fears in them.. Or.. Death....i relate to this game...

  88. Lilly Lavender

    Lilly Lavender2 tháng trước

    I am sure I have depression. I've been bullied almost my whole life, I cry randomly, I get real angry real fast and the fire quickly fizzle down into tears. I swear a lot and I'm just having lots of problems taking care of myself. I have fatigue, I wake up and I lay awake in bed, thinking for a while. Sometimes, I go back to sleep and others, I just lay there and afterwards, I get up, I don't eat properly. Sometimes, I over eat and other times, I don't eat all, I sit down most of the day and still get tired half way through and I used to love watching Jack's videos and I mean, like, LOVED watching them. Every morning, I'd set my alarm 2-5 minutes before he uploaded. I would make it my business to know when his latest videos came out and I watched and liked every single one and those days made me happy. But now I don't. I see one of his videos and I'm just like "meh." I want and need help for this and I've tried for 3 years straight to get the proper help that I need but in my country, mental health is an issue that people kinda just dismiss. They sweep it under the rug like it's nothing and the saddest part about it is over 600 people died in a year where I'm from and the government officials like to blame the families but even if they are the ones to cause it, since they're the people who run healthcare businesses, they should help to fix it because it's their job to. I could've died when I overdosed on 60 paracetamol pills within 48 hours last year and all they sent for me was a woman to talk to me about my problems and feelings which I talk to everyone about who I've never seen since and the truth is that I don't wanna die. But I want to have never existed so that I wouldn't have gone through what I did and I didn't struggle so much in getting the help I need and deserve. Telling people to get help isn't always the best thing to say because sometimes, the people they ask to help them don't help them at all. I've gone through 5 psychologists and none of them helped at all, I'm on my 5th now and she's on vacation and she's promised me this and that but I don't see any movement happening towards those things. I currently don't attend any school at all and I have anxiety issues so severe that I have panic attacks when it comes to a certain situation and I need funding to actually get into one but we're not even sure how to make that happen and I am struggling with a family that ridicules me about being fat and lazy but the truth is that I am eating away at my feelings and I have had fatigue for almost a couple years now, from what I vaguely remember. I am suffering and I don't know what I did to deserve it but I need help and I need it desperately and I can't sit around and wait for some people who can't even guarantee what they're offering to come to me and disappoint me with an "oh sorry but you're not sick enough for this to happen" because they think it's an act because I'm a kid but if I died today or tomorrow or whenever, my whole family would have records of how many psychologists I've seen and be able to shoves that info in their faces and dance on their graves as they die of shame, knowing they they didn't do their job right. I am suffering and I don't know what I did to deserve it I just wish I was better. Oh well, that's it for now. Thanks for reading. I appreciate that you care about what I have to say. Really. It's means a lot.

  89. Lyrical Libby

    Lyrical Libby2 tháng trước

    I know he was playing a game did anyone get actually cconcerned for Jack towards the end or just me?

  90. Danielle Dan

    Danielle Dan2 tháng trước

    Is Jack.. okay?? I know hes into whiskey and games. But seriously.. alcoholic and depression.. it hit me hard. I used to abuse alcohol to feel okay. Not feeling bad for an hour or two... 😔😢😭

  91. Autumn Jones

    Autumn Jones2 tháng trước

    Jack makes me happy. I love watching his videos, especially when he does humorus ones. it makes me forget about my self harm addiction... Thank you Jack...

  92. Autumn Jones

    Autumn Jones2 tháng trước

    sean is depressed?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?!?

  93. Lyric Andres

    Lyric Andres2 tháng trước

    Depression is like a lock you can only open it or get rid of it if you destroy it

  94. Alpaca MooseNZ

    Alpaca MooseNZ2 tháng trước

    I didn't know I could smile.... Thanks.

  95. Laura Marie

    Laura Marie2 tháng trước

    It’s real depresspacito hours

  96. Maisie Stout

    Maisie Stout2 tháng trước

    Making fun of depression? What

  97. Red_ Suramow

    Red_ Suramow2 tháng trước

    It's his character, Chase.

  98. FluffyFazbear

    FluffyFazbear2 tháng trước

    *me when i saw the game starting to glitch out* since when did monika get her hands on this game?

  99. Cheeky Chimp

    Cheeky Chimp2 tháng trước

    If you see this comment, then just know... You have just been internet hugged... in *aNiMe!*

  100. cringe Norwegian gamer

    cringe Norwegian gamer2 tháng trước

    What cures depression? *L A U G H*

  101. Kitsickles

    Kitsickles28 ngày trước

    M E M E T I M E*

  102. EmPac

    EmPac2 tháng trước

    I remember being at my lowest point and suffering from depression and anxiety. I know what it feels to want to stay in bed and never leave. I know what it feels like to constantly have to put on a smile even when you’re hurting inside. I know how it feels when you have to constantly lie to yourself that everything is okay when it’s not. Keeping my pain to myself was one of my worst mistakes I ever made. The longer I held it in, the more painful it got. Not telling my parents about my nightmares and my problems was a decision I wish I never made. But I get it. Opening up about such dark thoughts is hard and you feel lost. If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or any other sort of mental illness- communication is one of the biggest and best things you need. Even though you feel like nobody notices, nobody cares, or nobody would listen or understand- you’re wrong. People do notice. People do care. They care and they DO understand. The best thing you can do is talk about it. Talk to your most trusted friend, your parents, siblings- maybe even a school counselor or a church official if you’re religious. You can get help. Don’t let it linger until it’s too late. Talk to people. It helps. Trust me.

  103. mayah Resz

    mayah Resz2 tháng trước

    "day in day out the same things happen. I just want things to change," Things do change. The dark thoughts become stronger. They come in larger quantities. The cuts and bruises become deeper. It all becomes worse.

  104. mayah Resz

    mayah Resz2 tháng trước

    I wish they would show what the guy is THINKING. Not just some random comments and questions. If they showed what they were thinking, then the person playing would understand the whole picture. But this is just my opinion.

  105. Gaming Wiener

    Gaming Wiener2 tháng trước

    Jack HATES Roger (go watch new tabs videos)

  106. CrumblezCookie

    CrumblezCookie2 tháng trước

    I started tearing up. I'm severely depressed but I keep it to myself. I have a few friends who I trust with knowing this. The eating thing is true Many things about depression are true. I have lost countless hours of sleep due to my mind just racing. People think I'm sloppy for wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Little do they know what I'm hiding under there...

  107. Emily Du Toit

    Emily Du Toit2 tháng trước

    This should be called " a simulation of my life" yeah, I have depression😧

  108. Sun The Alpha

    Sun The Alpha2 tháng trước

    As a 6th grade girl with depression, i can verify that this is quite accurate. Its just a constant wake up, go to work/school, get home, repeat. And, as depression gets worse, everything you feel gets worse

  109. Natalie Morehouse

    Natalie Morehouse2 tháng trước

    5:57 exactly. emptiness is all i feel, and i can't even get out of bed some days. i have 3 mental disorders: adhd, anxiety, and depression. not a lot of people know, since i'm able to hide it so well. that being, i haven't even told some of my closest friends, and i was diagnosed over 2 months ago. it's been a rough time for me, and honestly it makes me feel better knowing that videos like these spread awareness for something that is becoming a growing problem in the world. i know i'm late, but thank you, sean. thank you.


    SOFIA_PLAYS_NOTHING2 tháng trước

    I had depression once

  111. Red_ Suramow

    Red_ Suramow3 ngày trước

    @Jessica Moore Oh, all right, I actually didn't know that. Growing up in a household with chronically depressed relatives I thought that once you had it you'll never grow out of it. Thank you for telling me!

  112. Jessica Moore

    Jessica Moore3 ngày trước

    @Red_ Suramow actually yes! Some diagnosed therapist do say that people of younger ages can sometimes grow out of their depression because it was due to hormonal changes effecting their mood. They don't really say that for adults or people with stable hormones though.

  113. Red_ Suramow

    Red_ Suramow2 tháng trước

    I... I don't think that's how it works.

  114. jasmine hammel

    jasmine hammel2 tháng trước

    i don't feel like eating or smiling i just do it so know one worries about me -_- oof

  115. MaiMaiTheCat

    MaiMaiTheCat2 tháng trước

    I came to this video after watching TABS and it's amazing how much jack's perspective of Roger has changed!

  116. SayamGamer

    SayamGamer2 tháng trước

    Omg he hates roger, but roger is your main man in tabs.

  117. Life Sucks

    Life Sucks2 tháng trước

    Chase no!

  118. Sezja Gaines

    Sezja Gaines2 tháng trước

    12:33-13:20 You are not alone Jack it’s okay sometimes I feel like that but I have to hide it😭

  119. xxmistyymusicz official

    xxmistyymusicz official2 tháng trước

    A week ago I finally got a therapist so yay even though no one really cares and what I have to say doesn’t matter lmao

  120. Hearth4days

    Hearth4days2 tháng trước

    I'm happy for you 💜 Good luck

  121. A Heckin D o o d

    A Heckin D o o d2 tháng trước

    I can't believe I didn't find this video until now. I don't know what type of depression I have, but life flies by for me. Every single day is the same, wake up at 6 am, shower, go to school, come home, sleep. I skip dinner completely. I don't feel hungry. I dont wanna eat. Sometimes in the morning, I can't get out of bed quick enough so I can take a shower. Sometimes on the weekends, I don't leave bed at all unless its for pee breaks. I have cut in the past, and I am trying to recover now. I hate mental hospitals. I never wanna go in one. Im currently on my couch, not feeling anything. I dont feel sad, lonely, happy, angry, anything. I just feel empty. If you would go and try to punch me in the face, I wouldn't even move. I don't know what to do anymore. I can't see my boyfriend until im 19. ( Im 13 now ) My boyfriend says he doesn't even know if hes gonna make it that long, and, the fact that I can't pack or bind because my mom says that I can't, kills me. I've gotten so good at pretending that im happy around everyone, that I sometimes trick myself. I need to keep fighting for my boyfriend, so I can get him help. -Alicia- Brandon Robin Hope Barnes.