Toasted Tomato Sandwich - You Suck at Cooking (episode 79)


  1. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking5 tháng trước

    Tweet the tomato: F book the tomato:

  2. Voracious Weasel

    Voracious Weasel2 tháng trước

    I know this is random, but what is the name of the song you used for your video?

  3. FatherBrown Dudeist

    FatherBrown Dudeist3 tháng trước

    Philly cheese steak

  4. Chuck Berry

    Chuck Berry3 tháng trước

    You Suck At Cooking I'm getting hungry... 😎

  5. lisa Jane Boone

    lisa Jane Boone4 tháng trước

    U need to make an episode when Devin finnaly retaliates

  6. SpOoKy G.P.F

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  7. MidoriMushrooms

    MidoriMushrooms8 giờ trước

    I half-expected this video to end with such-and-such politician not being affiliated with this advertisement for how similar it sounds to shit I actually hear on local radio stations.

  8. A AbNormal Human I

    A AbNormal Human INgày trước

    “A time before algebra-“ THATS ALL YOU HAD TO SAY

  9. Alfred Gable

    Alfred GableNgày trước

    Domo arigato where's Mr. Pemblockto?

  10. Mr. Muffins

    Mr. Muffins2 ngày trước

    I feel like Algebra has been around since before tomatoes, or at least Europeans had algebra before tomatoes. Because, if I remember correctly, tomatoes we're discovered by Europeans when they colonized the New World, but Algebra was around for hundreds of years at that point. I think.

  11. Epicpanda_ ROBLOX

    Epicpanda_ ROBLOX3 ngày trước

    That was beautuful

  12. Tekno

    Tekno3 ngày trước

    Somebody please tell me what music this is, I NEED IT!!!!

  13. EN Fingerhut

    EN Fingerhut3 ngày trước

    When I show friends your channel, this is the video I show them. This one is poetry.

  14. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking3 ngày trước


  15. Grant Arnold

    Grant Arnold3 ngày trước

    One of the best YSAC videos yet. Seriously: I gotta go find some Rhodium and get started here, my mouth is watering.

  16. LoanLeaf

    LoanLeaf5 ngày trước

    Tomato sandwiches are so good

  17. Roman Söngen

    Roman Söngen5 ngày trước

    Did I watch an commercial for tomatoes?

  18. Richard Darma

    Richard Darma6 ngày trước

    Illuminati in the subtitles

  19. Josiah Reigner

    Josiah Reigner6 ngày trước

    Why didn't you add ketchup

  20. Mr Syndicate

    Mr Syndicate7 ngày trước

    i made this and now im having sex with my sister

  21. not a squirrel

    not a squirrel8 ngày trước

    Tomatoes are satans testicle

  22. odi the homeslice

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  23. jez_h

    jez_h8 ngày trước

    this is actually really good tho

  24. godofgaming 77

    godofgaming 778 ngày trước

    What if I dont like tomatoes?

  25. Doctor Drinking Bird

    Doctor Drinking Bird8 ngày trước

    Actually, honestly thank you for this video. I am starving and poor and this sandwich looks delicious. Gonna go make it Thanks man

  26. Ew

    Ew9 ngày trước

    Is vegan mayonnaise okay?

  27. Connor Spagnolo

    Connor Spagnolo10 ngày trước

    Why do I want to eat that

  28. General Knowledge

    General Knowledge10 ngày trước

    this was fucking amazing

  29. Chaotic Logic

    Chaotic Logic10 ngày trước

    I snapped my fingers in applause.

  30. Mosrael

    Mosrael11 ngày trước

    I don't even like tomatoes, but I'll watch your videos.

  31. safaa elbayed

    safaa elbayed11 ngày trước

    This is the best cooking video I’ve ever watched

  32. Wingmaster16

    Wingmaster1611 ngày trước

    I had toasted tomato sandwiches for lunch and surprisingly it was really good. 10/10

  33. the last leprechaun 420

    the last leprechaun 42012 ngày trước

    The beg does not make sense because back then tomatoes were considered poisonous

  34. DEEJAY

    DEEJAY12 ngày trước

    All that for a sandwich?

  35. Miss Oriel

    Miss Oriel12 ngày trước

    One of the things I love about YSAC is that even when he makes food that I personally don’t like, such as the tomato sandwiches or the artichoke dip, I still think they look really good at the end and I have a strong desire to make the recipes even though I know I won’t like the food

  36. CallOfDutyChi

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  37. WarriorAngel4God

    WarriorAngel4God12 ngày trước

    i'm from the south and this is pretty damn spot-on

  38. Shadik

    Shadik14 ngày trước

    Actually made 2 of these but, put cheese. Threw up.

  39. LRK007

    LRK00714 ngày trước

    Far cry 5 vibes.

  40. queen_ xoxo

    queen_ xoxo14 ngày trước

    Looks yummy



    8000 horse power ....jesus

  42. kaakeliuuni AKA tiled stove

    kaakeliuuni AKA tiled stove14 ngày trước

    yo like not kidding i used to hate tomatoes, but this simple recipe made me love them!

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  44. Drugs

    Drugs15 ngày trước

    These taste amazing stoned

  45. Daddymir Putin

    Daddymir Putin15 ngày trước

    Ah dude you got it wrong they didn’t have water back then

  46. Emily Schaffer

    Emily Schaffer16 ngày trước

    This was beautiful.

  47. Aveleigh the weirdo

    Aveleigh the weirdo16 ngày trước

    this channel deserves more attention

  48. Tall BOI

    Tall BOI16 ngày trước

    I HATE tomatoes but this still looked good

  49. Kajetan Mlynarczyk

    Kajetan Mlynarczyk16 ngày trước

    3:11 thought he was gonna yeet that sandwich

  50. lifted Ninja

    lifted Ninja16 ngày trước

    What kind of monster dislikes this video?

  51. Carter Vogt

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  52. sean patterson

    sean patterson16 ngày trước

    Now if sam elliot would narrate this

  53. laiii

    laiii17 ngày trước

    I missed this video???? I'm four months late?????

  54. Michael Wilson

    Michael Wilson18 ngày trước

    Welcome To Night Vale much?

  55. The Beana Lisa

    The Beana Lisa18 ngày trước

    This humor is brilliant---ironic, cleverly written, satirical, and all the good things comedy should be

  56. TabbyCatQueen

    TabbyCatQueen18 ngày trước

    The issue for me I hate tomatoes but I can make it for my mom or dad

  57. Corey Cuevas

    Corey Cuevas18 ngày trước

    That tastes like shit what the fuck

  58. vmvoropaev

    vmvoropaev19 ngày trước

    Come home to simple Rick's

  59. HasPrivilege

    HasPrivilege19 ngày trước

    this is so enlightening, Alexa play *_Country Roads_*

  60. Peter Vlčko

    Peter Vlčko20 ngày trước

    Nothing against rainbow but this was too much gay.

  61. Service Moodles

    Service Moodles21 ngày trước

    That looks good

  62. Erin Colvin

    Erin Colvin21 ngày trước

    I am so emotionally invested in this video, I swear I almost cried at the end.

  63. MoonSoul88

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    Mandy 77722 ngày trước

    This needs a round of applause

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    I love fresh tomato and mayo sandwiches.

  66. Dave S.

    Dave S.23 ngày trước

    im allergic to raw tomatoes

  67. Bridger James

    Bridger James24 ngày trước

    Makes me wanna live on a tomato farm

  68. ollie ollie oxen free

    ollie ollie oxen free24 ngày trước

    let's be honest, tomato sandwiches are a religious experience.

  69. Kalomay Gaming

    Kalomay Gaming25 ngày trước

    Youre like HowToBasic just not crazy. Youre channel is cool.

  70. Cristina Fisher

    Cristina Fisher25 ngày trước

    This was... super calming actually. I was watching it for like the fifth time and I just woke up on episode 53 of the series (god knows what autoplay did while I had a nap)

  71. Knorbie _

    Knorbie _26 ngày trước

    That's not bread... That's just dark toast!

  72. Terra Shae

    Terra Shae26 ngày trước

    This was aesthetically pleasing af

  73. Lydia Abedeen

    Lydia Abedeen27 ngày trước

    Made this for breakfast as soon I watched the video this morning! Thought it wouldn't be that great (I'm not a big tomato fan) BUT IT IS WONDERFUL AND SO EASY TO MAKE! THANK YOU FOR SHARING!

  74. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking27 ngày trước


  75. -てつや

    -てつや29 ngày trước

    This is so relaxing

  76. Chayton Thompson

    Chayton Thompson29 ngày trước

    I didnt know this was a thing, and i wish i never wouldve learned about this because tomatoes are whole grain ass.

  77. leah nicole

    leah nicoleTháng trước

    Is this far cry 5

  78. Mattie Roark

    Mattie RoarkTháng trước

    Some Nightvale shit 😂

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    What is that background music

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    This is what you call good content.

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    8000 Horsepower Truck?!?!

  82. ag4 study

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    If you think algebra is hard then you’re bad at math

  83. Chris Flood

    Chris FloodTháng trước

    next time I'm in a soybean field I'm going to look for tomatoes on the ground

  84. TheMovieGuy

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    I'm trapped

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    Wren or somethingTháng trước

    This made me feel

  86. Wren or something

    Wren or somethingTháng trước

    Me & my gecko are watching your videos

  87. Eun Zhang

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    The tomato at the end was so perfect I cried.

  88. REDKEN

    REDKENTháng trước

    How could anyone dislike this piece of art

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    Wendy LauTháng trước

    Your voice. It changed?

  90. Paranormal Banana

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    this video is to country for its on good

  91. Quinn Price

    Quinn PriceTháng trước

    That sandwich wouldn't have gotten near as soggy if you hadn't put that awful mayo on there. ... Tell yourself you'll do better next time. ... Or don't, to each their own.

  92. Kopp

    KoppTháng trước

    But i like soggy toast 😢

  93. Fuck You

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    Can you do more tomato stuff please I love you.

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    This reminds me of Simple Ricks’s from Rick and Morty 😅

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    I feel like he should be selling me a car.

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    Did anyone cry?

  98. Sammy

    SammyTháng trước

    What is the backround music genre called?

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    this radiates "helmen's ad",, I love it

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    That was beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye

  101. Jayden The Meme God

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    Step 1: get tomatoe Step 2: put on bread Step 3: eat Step 4: profit

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    the perfect man doesnt exi-

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    Simple Rick

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    Is this guy vegetarian?

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    Would love to meet this guy in person

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    i want to marry this guy

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    you are obviously more than just an engineer at food...that was some pretty fancy words spoken while standing in the field of cash crop.