Toasted Tomato Sandwich - You Suck at Cooking (episode 79)


  1. You Suck At Cooking

    You Suck At Cooking3 tháng trước

    Tweet the tomato: F book the tomato:

  2. Voracious Weasel

    Voracious Weasel5 ngày trước

    I know this is random, but what is the name of the song you used for your video?

  3. FatherBrown Dudeist

    FatherBrown DudeistTháng trước

    Philly cheese steak

  4. Chuck Berry

    Chuck BerryTháng trước

    You Suck At Cooking I'm getting hungry... 😎

  5. lisa Jane Boone

    lisa Jane Boone2 tháng trước

    U need to make an episode when Devin finnaly retaliates

  6. SpOoKy G.P.F

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  7. Bugz life

    Bugz life2 ngày trước

    Here I am about to put my Tyson nugs in the oven

  8. LeMonAde *

    LeMonAde *2 ngày trước

    *Where tomatoes come from*

  9. XL XL

    XL XL2 ngày trước

    Such a beautiful and inspiring story

  10. Sour Soap

    Sour Soap4 ngày trước

    I at least tried to like this, I didnt

  11. Oh_Drea

    Oh_Drea4 ngày trước

    *am I the only that likes soggy sandwiches oof*

  12. Christina 1st Isu

    Christina 1st Isu5 ngày trước

    That’s what I actually call art

  13. Malia Van Loo

    Malia Van Loo7 ngày trước

    Lol theses cooking videos are dumb but funny

  14. Alternate World

    Alternate World7 ngày trước

    That was.. (snif) that was beautiful

  15. Ace

    Ace7 ngày trước

    i remember when i was like 8 or 9 my mum would make them for me i loved it

  16. Akira Ishu

    Akira Ishu8 ngày trước

    is this an ad for tomato?

  17. myztiik

    myztiik8 ngày trước

    Am I just really stoned

  18. Noah Fisher

    Noah Fisher8 ngày trước

    Picks a tomato from a bean field

  19. Ray

    Ray9 ngày trước

    you made me laugh at a very desperate time, thank you sir.

  20. CrazyAngelGaming

    CrazyAngelGaming9 ngày trước

    These sandwiches were the only thing my parents could get me to eat for 5 months when I was 5. idk why

  21. The angry Jack

    The angry Jack10 ngày trước

    Puhhhhhhh like we don’t know where a tomato is from. Daddy what’s a tomato

  22. 65jamma Gameplay

    65jamma Gameplay11 ngày trước

    thanks this is really good and I eat this all the time kind of funny thought I make it really dramatic to XD

  23. Fall The Fox

    Fall The Fox11 ngày trước

    its so inspiring

  24. Dog eat dog worlds

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  25. hoseokgram

    hoseokgram11 ngày trước

    It tastes good with eggs too uwu

  26. lasermeep

    lasermeep12 ngày trước

    Art, True Art

  27. Lily

    Lily12 ngày trước

    Maybe I'm high but it looks so good I'd eat ten of those right now

  28. Logan Selvaggio

    Logan Selvaggio13 ngày trước

    You socket cooking you actually do you suck at cooking 🥘

  29. Beastvolcat A

    Beastvolcat A13 ngày trước

    Almost heaven

  30. Neffex for life

    Neffex for life13 ngày trước

    i wonder how he resisted not eating the sandwich while taking it for the walk ..... damn

  31. Andy Bailey

    Andy Bailey14 ngày trước

    That was beautiful 😪

  32. Im too lazy to think of a name

    Im too lazy to think of a name14 ngày trước

    This is beautiful

  33. MadiCat247

    MadiCat24714 ngày trước

    Fun fact, fresh country air smells like manure and pesticides... i hate living in a farm town

  34. Spoopywhisks

    Spoopywhisks14 ngày trước

    I think I cried a little

  35. J&R

    J&R15 ngày trước

    I'm in my late thirties and had never heard of this kind of sandwich before seeing your video. Now, however, it's my go-to sandwich, hands down. I made them for my toddlers, and now they're hooked, too. Thank you so much!

  36. Magnus Ameh

    Magnus Ameh17 ngày trước

    You can burn in hell, My BrEaD iS cRyInG

  37. Sara Cevallos

    Sara Cevallos17 ngày trước

    Love your videos !!!

  38. Movie Nerd

    Movie Nerd17 ngày trước

    Tomato sandwich is the most underrated sandwich.

  39. itadakimasu101

    itadakimasu10117 ngày trước

    The cinematography was as crisp as this sandwich! Keep on trucking partner 🍅

  40. Brian Cross

    Brian Cross18 ngày trước

    Beautiful 😭

  41. Hannah Ivins

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  42. MySmart Device

    MySmart Device19 ngày trước

    You suck so bad at cooking you think cooking is baking and slicing vegetables. Neat!

  43. Movie Nerd

    Movie Nerd17 ngày trước

    You suck so bad at identifying humor.

  44. Shower Toughts

    Shower Toughts19 ngày trước

    This gave the exact feeling of hearing 'Country Roads'.

  45. Chaz Badiola

    Chaz Badiola19 ngày trước

    I forgot about you and i found you again! Can't stop watching, but i always wonder? Where dafuq do you live?

  46. Blood wolf games

    Blood wolf games19 ngày trước

    I Actually made this it was pretty good I didn’t do the exact way you did it though

  47. M. Khan

    M. Khan20 ngày trước

    Adding a slice of cheese to this complex recipe will make it taste better...just sayin

  48. Movie Nerd

    Movie Nerd17 ngày trước

    That's an entirely different sandwich.

  49. Banjo Billy

    Banjo Billy20 ngày trước

    All jokes aside, that was Oscar worthy

  50. jill mont

    jill mont20 ngày trước

    Face reveal

  51. Tony Danza

    Tony Danza20 ngày trước

    is this a randy marsh commercial from tegrady farms?

  52. Piglets Animations

    Piglets Animations20 ngày trước

    Quality content

  53. Lovely Sunshinee

    Lovely Sunshinee20 ngày trước

    The worst part of a BLT :(

  54. Adam Hults

    Adam Hults21 ngày trước

    Is it bad I got a chill from this?... I guess I am Texan

  55. JonSnowIII

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  56. Boba

    Boba21 ngày trước

    I hate tomatoes

  57. hello world

    hello world21 ngày trước

    simple ricks

  58. Ted Dixon

    Ted Dixon21 ngày trước

    The illuminati owl quietly approves.

  59. Delano Giroir

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    Simply simple :)

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  62. Zero Player

    Zero Player23 ngày trước

    Its better with white cheese and some cucumber

  63. HackPackJunior

    HackPackJunior24 ngày trước

    I cried... the most perfekt sandwitch ever made. BEAUTYFULL

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    1 million views let's have a party

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    869 views away from 1 mil. Views

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    “Sprinkle some pepper” Me in my head *pepper pepper pepper* 😨

  68. Not_A_Bad_Person 096

    Not_A_Bad_Person 09629 ngày trước

    I actually made this, and it taste hecka good!

  69. Sub Servants

    Sub Servants29 ngày trước

    This is too funny

  70. ProCrow

    ProCrow29 ngày trước

    This video makes me happy.

  71. atenis92

    atenis9229 ngày trước

    10/10 , i nominate this for best video 2018!

  72. GameHero

    GameHero29 ngày trước

    Some deep poitry here love it!

  73. CptEddyPrice

    CptEddyPriceTháng trước

    Thank you for your humor it makes my day.

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  75. CrocodileDabDee

    CrocodileDabDeeTháng trước

    Someone tell me where do I add the bacon and cheese!

  76. Lowry

    LowryTháng trước

    basically bruschetta

  77. Napoleon Blownapart

    Napoleon BlownapartTháng trước

    Who would do tomatoes sandwiches?? Tomatoes is like the most disgusting food ever

  78. Robbie Richard

    Robbie RichardTháng trước

    Honestly tho... one of my favorite sandwiches.

  79. Ⱥffābłe

    ȺffābłeTháng trước

    This is so beautiful, alexa play despacito

  80. Timmy the Teacup

    Timmy the TeacupTháng trước

    I put two pieces of bread in one hole of the toaster to get a soft side and a crispy side...

  81. ethdman

    ethdmanTháng trước

    Beautiful. :')

  82. Royal Vegeta

    Royal VegetaTháng trước

    Eww tomato

  83. Lazaro Monteagudo

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    How Romantic

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    I hate tomatoes burn them all in hell

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    Wena uncela ekuphekeni yeah wena ngokuphelele uncel

  86. Aidan MacNamin

    Aidan MacNaminTháng trước

    For real, this is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.

  87. Meezik. exe

    Meezik. exeTháng trước

    BLT - BL = this

  88. James the Squirrel

    James the SquirrelTháng trước

    Haha! Those pesky ILLUMINATI TOMATOES get everywhere these Days!. 🍅🤘🤔

  89. The pun alpha OwO

    The pun alpha OwOTháng trước

    Just started the video and I know the recipe (because I love it,) it's toasted white bread, mayo, salt and pepper, tomatoes. Best way.

  90. yoko oshit

    yoko oshitTháng trước

    This is art.

  91. 次のドアから可愛いロリ

    次のドアから可愛いロリTháng trước

    Omni directional maneuver gear

  92. Jorge Luis Candelario

    Jorge Luis CandelarioTháng trước

    This guys is a genius

  93. maddison Newell

    maddison NewellTháng trước

    i just like how he says Out ok

  94. mr. myth08

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    The mythology is amazing

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    iTemoTháng trước

    Yum bacon

  96. Diesel VII

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    greatest commercial of all time

  97. Skeletal Gun

    Skeletal GunTháng trước

    Tip: Add Spring Salmon from the hard work of fishing to this delicious meal to add some delight.

  98. Alexandre Souto Nogueira

    Alexandre Souto NogueiraTháng trước

    I f**cking h4t3 raw tomatoes.

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    I just made the sandwich and I am eating it

  102. John is Kewl

    John is KewlTháng trước

    I’ve honestly never seen any VIreporter who puts more work, effort, and comedy into their video. Keep up the great work

  103. Alexander Davis

    Alexander DavisTháng trước

    This reminds me of the book, Grapes Of Wrath

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    My new favorite channel. Please never stop! 😊😶

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    I detected several innaccuracies in this video.

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    Can you please make asmr videos on like a secondary channel in this voice

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    Link off of gmm wood hate these so much but rub some bacon on it

  108. Unavalable Unavalable

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    Im sorry but you cant cook for shit.👎