Took My Uber Driver on a Date (pt2)


  1. QU0B3N 9999

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  2. Lee Pitcock

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    Stop kissing ok your gay stop now

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    Hostel part 4

  4. Adrian Lopez

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  5. Jailan P

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    Bruh I’ve been watching your videos since the Disney videos (I watched them right before my school club took the disney trip😂😂😂) love your videos😂💜

  6. newson1177

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    "Not today Satan!!" Dat had meh rollin

  7. gamepopkid ,

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    Who else saw the blockbuster vid

  8. Deadshot Fan

    Deadshot FanNgày trước

    Bro they might have been human traficers

  9. MixableBug

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    Sounds like an orgy 😂

  10. Switch Fan94

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    Or human trafficking or them trying to make a porno

  11. mango._. duxe

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    U should meet tamago2474 like dude

  12. Name Less

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    That is Justine. That’s my wife! Crap this dude going to give me zero stars

  13. Jack K

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    2:35 3:33 3:45 5:31 Is this a Black Mirror episode, Swoozie?

  14. Gacha Potato

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    Um no I've never had a oovoo javer (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°) (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง

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    Grab purchase uber grab is like uber but not in america

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    One of ur stories got me a girlfriend it expired me to do it

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    He took his ovo Javier on a date again1!!1!1!1!1!1

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    Yo swooz: Wha da GIF do?

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  20. Conspiracy queens

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    nobody: uber driver: swoozie: dont give me 0 stars or i will cry

  21. Conspiracy queens

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    uber driver: swoozie: lets go out

  22. just monika

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    Ayy I haven't watched you in 2 years I'm so sorry!

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    🧐hmmm sounds like a Sex Group wanting views on Pornhub: •Justine runs a few businesses and didn’t provide names •Group of high class people •Justine getting girls for the house •Finds A black man •Feeds the black man with drinks possibly drugging him •Going to an unknown house Good job Swoozie on keeping your eyes up. I’ve seen a lot of SVU and this sounds like a SVU type story.

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    Diego Martin gettin so shoot up now ah days we yuh lucky u gone u.s.a

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    Swoozie be more careful ok ? :(

  26. Mitchell Moinat

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    Did you ever rent out MGM studios Disney World?

  27. Malte Olsson

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    I just realized you’re in VIreporter rewind this year XD

  28. ClearlyElemental

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    But the real question is... did your Uber rating drop?

  29. Sooper Dude

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    Reply when you became a fan of Swoozie! Been a fan since 2016

  30. Max the fooball taco

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    *k so I got off of breakfast* *then I wanted sum pussy so I got wha I wanted*

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  32. Eddy

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    🤔that's a scam they tryna rob you or kill ya bro, going missing giving ya drinks you better watch out! Sounds like a bar scam to me hbu you guys?

  33. hailey andra

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    i just wanna know who paid the bill.....

  34. Toxic Universe

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    Y'all I've seen Hostel. Good that you didn't go. Stay safe out there!

  35. Keri

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    Not gonna lie, that sounds like a human trafficking ring. You should take her picture to the authorities and describe what happened to you. Maybe they'd investigate. Or at least report her to Uber and cut off her ability to pick up victims that way.

  36. Cj2fresh

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    That’s 2 million could have been brought up to a 2 billion

  37. gSNIPES2

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    How come u never last with any of these girls? Tell a long term relationship story

  38. Naruto Jr.

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    I really wanna know what they were gonna do

  39. xd grimesgirl

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    Ngl I thought the intro was an ad 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 And the get out reference at the end got me dead💀

  40. Alisa Holland

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    Two quotes I want to use. "Give me the address one time" and "Not today Satan".

  41. SnackingOnAnts

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    Swoozie either dodged human trafficking or an orgy

  42. Switch Fan94

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    SnackingOnAnts probably both This is a SVU episode in nutshell

  43. Richard Nguyen

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    This lady was doing some cardi b business


    BJJMDOG6 ngày trước

    Dawg you passed up an opportunity for an orgy.

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    Human trafficking o.o

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    Swoozie you get throught

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    No no no drinking foe me this is a Christian hotline😆😆😂😂

  48. Lucy EDWARDS

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    Thanks for my first two likes wait why is it blue

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    Swoozie do you play rainbow six siege you should make a video if you play

  50. Ethan Flett

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    Bro you were in a mr beast video

  51. 1nfin17y

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    2:20 This is the moment that swoozie knew He fucked up

  52. Tectonic Turtle

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    This nigga met cardi B 😴

  53. Golden Gucci

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    I think swoozie has got a bunch of girls in his dms

  54. Switch Fan94

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    Golden Gucci lucky sob

  55. Lily Erwin

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    Swoozie omg we had to put my dog down today and ur vids are like the only thing making me laugh

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    #shanghainoon "uno mas"

  57. Remy Williams

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    Sooooooooo what did she say back?

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    6:58 This is a Christian Server

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    Im tired af

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    Ted Bundy is a serial killer.

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    Lemme cop dat instagwam son

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    •~• ❤️🎂

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    Cant waot for Sunday😖😖

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    Pedophile: so how was the drink? Me: 6:06

  67. SawRunner

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    Swoozie: this uber drives a 100 000$ ford Also Swoozie: *draws a mercedes*

  68. Ostrid Everon

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    hes didnt say ford he said car in a very weird accent like COOHR or somthing

  69. T1C3

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    O hell nah lol That's dat to good to be true scenario, plus the ghost drinking club, o nope nope nope

  70. sean henderson

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    when you said she was getting more girls I thought we were about to have another how i nearly lost my v card story


    NR SHAOWN8 ngày trước

    Dammm 😂😂😂 You could be trapped 😆😆

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    9:11 Not today Satan!

  74. A. A

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    I see the human trafficking business is still thriving


    JUSTANGLEA8 ngày trước

    *sniff sniff* Smells like roofies to me 😂

  76. Mistical Thoughts

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    “No no, no alcohol for me, this is the Christian hotline, bye”🤣

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    How did swoozie drop a video and I didn’t know???

  78. T-Visor XYZ

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    Swoozie idk how you do it. Been a fan since 2014 and your level of storytelling is still consistent and amazing. Hilarious story btw, wish my life had some moments like that 😂

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    Swoozie my G keep it up, you be making my day every waking moment!

  80. xd massamassa

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    6:27 FACTS MY GUY

  81. Riyaan Ibrahim

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    It’s so funny cause i just got an Uber ad rit before this

  82. brittain stafford

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    Wow fr you dodged a HUGE BULLET

  83. ya2pir2gojlr

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    can u explain the human trafficking more? how would that work in swoozies case

  84. 123GO Studios

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    4:45 you ain’t taking me to no secondary location

  85. Mr.snipershot21 - Gameplays and vlog's

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    does he take long to post bc it takes a long time to make this or he just does not want to ?

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    this was starting to sound like Get Out lmao

  87. jiminniee

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    okay well you mentioned it like a minute later xD nvm

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    We need more Stacy from blockbuster

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    Bill Jensen would be proud

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    They wanted to leave the country with him

  91. mars

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    What’s TFti

  92. Chilling in the comments

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    G wagon G wagon G wagon G wagon G wagon

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    shit I can’t imagine getting drunk. doesn’t it make your stomach feel weird and make you throw up?

  94. Katherine Perez

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    I used to do lyft, not for the money, i was just bored

  95. Brad Van

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    Fr fr this could’ve been a horror story if swoozie changed the music and everything lol

  96. Switch Fan94

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    This could’ve been a Horror/SVU Story if Swoozie went to the house. Thank Jesus he kept his eyes out

  97. Justin Ponado

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    true af

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    This is pure comedy 😂😂😂

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    😂😂😂 Blockbuster Woman Lmaoo

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    took my ovoo javer on a date

  101. TheStimuli

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    Swoozie only guy afraid of an orgy.


    LUCAS CERBINO9 ngày trước

    I feel like we need another part to this. So many unanswered questions!

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    Howlin Rays gonna make so much money

  105. General Goldy Semper Fi future Marine

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    See swoozie this why you need to keep a Glock or a Colt 1911 hidden in your underwear on safety cause 1 wrong move and your not having children and i swear this this only happens in LA

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    Boi get on my 5 star lvl

  107. ᖙαиιɛƖ ツシ

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    *I don't know no uber javer*

  108. General Goldy Semper Fi future Marine

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    I would just slowly get out and walk home

  109. Apriya Corrothers

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    Include stacy from metro west more

  110. { LilyFlower2261 }

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    Get out is the best horror movie

  111. Jake Paul

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    Swoozie where you in Mr best youtuber batter because I sea the vido