Took My Uber Driver on a Date (pt2)


  1. 123GO Studios

    123GO Studios19 giờ trước

    *ITS SUUUUPER COMPLICATED SUCH A LONG STORY* we broke up but the papers haven’t gone though

  2. candilish

    candilish20 giờ trước

    Stacy is swoozie thanos

  3. Brock Stepp

    Brock Stepp22 giờ trước

    Who thought the text alert was your device

  4. Penn Penn

    Penn PennNgày trước

    Y’all better not try to report her unless you have proof she’s trafficking people. Social media people try to “do the right thing” and ruin people’s lives.

  5. Fire Astronaut

    Fire AstronautNgày trước


  6. Jupiter Stone

    Jupiter StoneNgày trước

    fuckin' spooky

  7. Wilkys Taveras

    Wilkys Taveras2 ngày trước

    It was hillarious and scary at the same time

  8. Clemitine Everret

    Clemitine Everret3 ngày trước

    He Did The Thing CoryXKenshin does With That Start The Video All Ready

  9. the Bailey show

    the Bailey show3 ngày trước

    Umm hi this is stacy for blockbusters nobody cares get to the tea

  10. Cyber Ryder

    Cyber Ryder3 ngày trước

    Bruh swoozie can do like 20 different voices

  11. Zion Johnson

    Zion Johnson3 ngày trước

    Tbh I would have gone to see what it is then I was going to leave but if they tried to keep me there i'd be handing out hot slices and I am not talking about pizza

  12. apb5000

    apb50003 ngày trước

    Swoozie.... The moment a woman says "It's complicated"... RUN!!! No, I mean.... Literally... RUN!!!!

  13. Rafael Rito

    Rafael Rito4 ngày trước

    God is Good, the angels warned him.

  14. gold the greatest

    gold the greatest5 ngày trước

    Justine is lesbian

  15. Dylan Buchman

    Dylan Buchman5 ngày trước

    The blockbuster bitch tho lololol

  16. Dylan Buchman

    Dylan Buchman5 ngày trước

    Lmfao why these girls took you to the abbey why were they even there 🤷‍♂️ this whole story ain't adding up you were right to get out of that mess

  17. AnAchorAfire

    AnAchorAfire5 ngày trước

    I spit my drink, at the part where she laid out the candy lol

  18. ThePsalms

    ThePsalms5 ngày trước

    Bro you should have gone

  19. Antank

    Antank5 ngày trước

    1:00 go to that restaurant

  20. Dope boy 365

    Dope boy 3655 ngày trước

    This reminded me of hostel

  21. B W

    B W6 ngày trước

    That was a scary story. Always trust your gut instincts

  22. TheDogNamedBob YT

    TheDogNamedBob YT6 ngày trước

    Haha the blockbuster girl!

  23. ryukenb2k

    ryukenb2k6 ngày trước

    These bitches cant be trusted. Especially when a dude before you has buss all types of nuts deep inside her sugar walls. Fuck all that. I aint never getting married. How many bitches I fucked then shortly after a few weeks they tell me I was just their fuck buddy. And they are going back to their husbands. Makes me sick that these bitches could have been my hyperthetical wife.These bitches showed me they good women right. Said im the only one for them. I was like uh huh. The massive amount of lies they spun could make a epic tv series,movies,books,game series. mgtow monk mode for life. I have had enough of being looked at as a corrales/chad/tyrone type. Fuck

  24. Carey Walker

    Carey Walker6 ngày trước

    Were they trying to get ur organs?! Did u contact the police??

  25. Aliyatopia

    Aliyatopia6 ngày trước

    it's insane how the fact that the uber driver you were going out on a date with happened to be married to the uber driver who picked you both up was not the craziest part of this story. i really thought that was the big plot twist...who knew...

  26. Micaela Proano

    Micaela Proano6 ngày trước

    Swoozie probs just dodged human trafficking

  27. Lord Zander’s Soap Box

    Lord Zander’s Soap Box6 ngày trước

    Smart man the house party probably wouldn’t have ended well.

  28. Angel Mendoza

    Angel Mendoza7 ngày trước

    Yo swoozie we need a second part to this !!

  29. kordulus

    kordulus7 ngày trước

    I mean dude. you are famous and the ladies know you. Chances are you were being setup for a date rape. Then they were going to either upload the pics/story for fame or ransom you. Either way.. You were going to get laid by multiple women........and maybe one dude..

  30. elite hunter

    elite hunter7 ngày trước

    dis man was gonna be a drip! holy shit man cap' don' work!

  31. Izzy Black

    Izzy Black7 ngày trước

    Y y’all get an Uber if she gotta car

  32. we are here to smile

    we are here to smile8 ngày trước

    Black man auction 😂😂 😂 one has to be careful

  33. Bryner Joseph

    Bryner Joseph8 ngày trước

    Y’all don’t peep in the beginning of the video of the price for the uber💀💀💀

  34. n a

    n a8 ngày trước

    8:02 FN>APEX 😂 The real maths

  35. Jonah Hassell

    Jonah Hassell8 ngày trước

    Get out was a great move

  36. The_Legend_27

    The_Legend_279 ngày trước

    F to the bar plant... sober 5 months

  37. Dwayne Roberts

    Dwayne Roberts9 ngày trước

    Like Kanye said no mare parties in LA

  38. Jonathan Carcamo

    Jonathan Carcamo9 ngày trước

    bro you gotta google maps that addy with that street view guaranteed it’s the trap house

  39. Norah C

    Norah C9 ngày trước

    Where’s the rest of the story?

  40. Herowebcomics

    Herowebcomics9 ngày trước

    Right on! When in doubt, GET OUT!

  41. K, Jetix's Sucessor

    K, Jetix's Sucessor10 ngày trước

    The club music gave me chills😖

  42. TTK Skully

    TTK Skully10 ngày trước

    Human trafficking? LoL

  43. Jacob Cox

    Jacob Cox10 ngày trước

    Swoozie a girl that puts a cigarette in her mouth will put anything in her mouth

  44. Surviv Warrior

    Surviv Warrior10 ngày trước


  45. Xd Jorge

    Xd Jorge10 ngày trước

    How to get likes on a Swoozie video: quote him and put lol

  46. Terrence Rowe

    Terrence Rowe10 ngày trước

    LMAO, Sketchy situations seem to make for the best video content. Bet that party would have been straight out of the movie - eyes wide shut.

  47. TheWafflezMan

    TheWafflezMan11 ngày trước

    I don't get uber at here where I am, it's shit

  48. Yei Lo

    Yei Lo11 ngày trước

    What why is the person not driving getting stars

  49. Andrew G

    Andrew G11 ngày trước

    Broh you overreacting. Ain’t no plotting other than getting some guy to pay for drinks, but you were about to get paid back...

  50. Dan and jake epic gaming

    Dan and jake epic gaming11 ngày trước