Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures


  1. kubekzpiciem

    kubekzpiciem35 giây trước


  2. Random Comment

    Random CommentPhút trước

    Tom cruise should crash a jet into Justin Bieber’s House

  3. Rick M

    Rick MPhút trước

    That F-14 in the last scene...God damn I miss that plane. I cant wait for this one. This is going to break the box office!!!

  4. Random Comment

    Random Comment2 phút trước

    How many of you want to fly with Tom cruise ⬇️

  5. We Are Venom

    We Are Venom2 phút trước

    Tom cruise has more balls than whole avengers combined

  6. Creative Commons

    Creative Commons3 phút trước

    there is no dogfight ! ok, this *hit will be boring

  7. Maria Pagan

    Maria Pagan3 phút trước

    Non woke/sjw trash in a movie?! Here's the money.💵👏😎

  8. Gracjan Rötke

    Gracjan Rötke3 phút trước

    This is gonna make some much $$$!!!

  9. Steven Hensley

    Steven Hensley3 phút trước

    He becomes a drone pilot in part 3 and looks like Thor in end game.

  10. Jack Collier

    Jack Collier4 phút trước

    Initiate goosebumps.

  11. TamarinPamarin

    TamarinPamarin4 phút trước

    80% of the original movie was its soundtrack they should add banging new 80s styled OST and it will be a hit.

  12. Guillermo Garraton

    Guillermo Garraton4 phút trước

    That Tomcat at the end gave me goosebumps!

  13. brageritu

    brageritu4 phút trước

    Hard. As. A. Rock!!!

  14. Anderson Silva

    Anderson Silva4 phút trước

    Really nice!

  15. Ronald 21

    Ronald 214 phút trước

    Oh shiiiit boys the moment is almost here

  16. Clive Ngu

    Clive Ngu4 phút trước

    The original movie was released in 1986 when I was still 1 year old. And I have not watched the movie until today... now I am looking forward to visit the original. Who's with me?

  17. Junior Sundar

    Junior Sundar4 phút trước

    FACT: They had to use aging CGI software to actually make Tom Cruise look older

  18. vishal anjana

    vishal anjana5 phút trước

    Define sadness : when you see your favorite star getting old😢

  19. W

    W5 phút trước

    Cats looks better.......if I were high!!!!!!!

  20. Farquaad Castle

    Farquaad Castle5 phút trước

    If I'm right, the plot will be something like STEALTH, a movie made in 2005, human (maverick) vs AI. And there'll be a space mission there somewhere, he has an astronaut suit+helmet

  21. Michael

    Michael5 phút trước

    Nothing else needs to be said!

  22. Vishnu Dinesh

    Vishnu Dinesh5 phút trước

    Anyone else feeling the need...the need for speed?!😎

  23. pus ・

    pus ・6 phút trước

    Hello H2

  24. EvilPlaya

    EvilPlaya7 phút trước

    Qst: Is kelly Mcgillis still playing his love interest and women candy for the audience? Ans: I hope not.

  25. spackle9999

    spackle99997 phút trước


  26. Tina Bitch Ass

    Tina Bitch Ass7 phút trước

    I was ready to dislike and click off once the main character had a race-change and/or gender-bending.

  27. steven129er

    steven129er7 phút trước


  28. steven129er

    steven129er7 phút trước


  29. Lina Leeann

    Lina Leeann8 phút trước

    Was that the glimpse of another volleyball scene?😍

  30. waranon leksaree

    waranon leksaree8 phút trước

    Kawasaki h2r

  31. marcelo78

    marcelo788 phút trước

    Now that looks like a proper sequel.

  32. gigio giaggi

    gigio giaggi9 phút trước

    After top gun 2 and Rambo i need to see “HOT SHOTS 3” !!!!!!!

  33. 俗人酒半壶

    俗人酒半壶9 phút trước

    awesome!!! long time no see maverick

  34. Emerald Coast Tactics

    Emerald Coast Tactics9 phút trước

    Why do I feel like the villian will be drones hinted by the your kind is going exstinct line

  35. ankit jaiswal

    ankit jaiswal9 phút trước

    Tom cruise, name is enough 😎

  36. manwh0re1

    manwh0re19 phút trước

    Love that they continued the ninja motorbike theme too

  37. Sai Kumar

    Sai Kumar9 phút trước

    Boeing F/A 18 SUPER HORNET 🔥🔥

  38. Kyle Chesshir

    Kyle Chesshir9 phút trước

    Danger Zone should be covered by the Foo Fighters....think about it, it would work!!!

  39. madman wrx

    madman wrx9 phút trước

    Omfg I can wait for this ... hit that danger zone

  40. Ben Sisko

    Ben Sisko10 phút trước

    Well, at least it ain’t trying to be WOKE.

  41. GeneralShenanigans

    GeneralShenanigans10 phút trước

    modernized topgun. Soo expect aliens, space and a gay relationship.

  42. W200ME

    W200ME10 phút trước


  43. Mr Gonzalez

    Mr Gonzalez10 phút trước

    Shout Out To The Navy & Them Deadly Frog Men Out There! 💙😏😎🙌🐸 🇺🇸 Can’t Wait To See It! 😭

  44. Daniel Cuevas

    Daniel Cuevas10 phút trước

    Damn he dose his own stunts I bet he flys those jets also lucky.

  45. Jack Wills

    Jack Wills11 phút trước

    I think this movie will gain 209 m $ in the first week in the cinemas (just prediction)

  46. Jasmine

    Jasmine11 phút trước

    If there’s no volleyball scene I’m not watching 😤

  47. Elestar Blogs

    Elestar Blogs11 phút trước

    It’s a good thing this trailer exists for Paramount Pictures. Why? It makes me forget Terminator: Dark Fate or the Sonic the Hedgehog movie ever happened.

  48. Kevin Garnett

    Kevin Garnett11 phút trước

    Man do these people know how to cut a trailer that looked amazing and I have never even seen the first Top Gun. 😁

  49. Kanishk Dhanker 02

    Kanishk Dhanker 0211 phút trước

    This time F-14 would be enemy.

  50. Aileen Found

    Aileen Found12 phút trước

    And some guy named Justin Bieber challenge this legend... What a a**hole

  51. Will Schaefer

    Will Schaefer12 phút trước

    Well Hollywood is ruining Bond and The Terminator and other beloved franchises, it at least looks like this will be true to the spirit of the original. Seems most Tom Cruise films are