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    ΣLITΣ DΣΔTH19 giờ trước

    It think movie is called 8 ball y does one of the character look like michael jackson

  2. The Golden Fox

    The Golden Fox22 giờ trước

    Isn't Anna Faris a pornstar?

  3. Bee Well

    Bee WellNgày trước

    the first movie is a good reboot of overboard

  4. Ethan The Pig Boi

    Ethan The Pig Boi3 ngày trước

    Wat name of first one

  5. saad zubair

    saad zubair3 ngày trước

    pls put name when trail end of movie

  6. BackSpacəTM

    BackSpacəTM4 ngày trước

    The clapper looks okay

  7. Danny War Robots

    Danny War Robots4 ngày trước

    80% are just sexual based movies. No comedy or family fun in there.

  8. Русский сквотер is cool

    Русский сквотер is cool9 ngày trước

    add naked scenes and jewish jokes and you got a comedy nowdays!

  9. Bianca Fogliani

    Bianca Fogliani9 ngày trước


  10. Elf4eli2

    Elf4eli29 ngày trước

    Who’s here from 2018

  11. Your Mom

    Your Mom9 ngày trước

    12:19 you can’t act in the office, and then come back and have a serious film career.


    CiNNACHiMBON10 ngày trước

    Overboard is the best movie ever :3

  13. Kiwikatja

    Kiwikatja10 ngày trước

    So What are the movies cald?

  14. Darcy Ouwehand

    Darcy Ouwehand11 ngày trước

    They should make movies with only woman in it, with men! Otherwise it’s just biased towards us woman!

  15. Corey Mitchell 2020

    Corey Mitchell 202012 ngày trước

    These are old

  16. andrewszombie

    andrewszombie12 ngày trước

    11:36 *brett kavanaugh has entered the chat*

  17. Sophia 1304

    Sophia 130412 ngày trước

    My gosh Deadpool XD

  18. Sophia 1304

    Sophia 130412 ngày trước


  19. tradesman1000

    tradesman100012 ngày trước

    All Hollywood femtard rubbish doing its best to undermine men. That’s all I could see here.

  20. FathTroll XXX

    FathTroll XXX13 ngày trước

    Omg James Corden!!!

  21. Westies are besties

    Westies are besties13 ngày trước

    Since when does Rosa Dias (Sorry for spelling) complain about her sex life with two other women?

  22. Westies are besties

    Westies are besties13 ngày trước

    I'm not sure how other people think, but I loved game night.

  23. Fortnite Suicide

    Fortnite Suicide14 ngày trước

    Roses are red violets are blue I just got caught master baiting to a picture of you 🎃🎃🎃

  24. Gabriel Perez

    Gabriel Perez15 ngày trước

    4:56 on no he died

  25. the bonniebrother

    the bonniebrother15 ngày trước

    The first one wasn't there already a film like in the 90s I think

  26. BKN / UFC MHJN

    BKN / UFC MHJN15 ngày trước

    First was amazing and funny too..😂😂😂😂😂

  27. 伊藤孝

    伊藤孝15 ngày trước

    overboard if the ending is that he gets his memory back and ends up falling in love with her its just lazy writing

  28. Alice Wonderland

    Alice Wonderland16 ngày trước

    "Keep you pants dry and your dreams wet. And remember: hugs not drugs." 😂😂

  29. Irina Nguyen

    Irina Nguyen17 ngày trước

    On the first one She kinda reminds me of Lisa from blackpink

  30. Poocheese Gaming

    Poocheese Gaming18 ngày trước


  31. Ethan Schommer

    Ethan Schommer18 ngày trước

    "Comedy" movies.

  32. Emerald Eggshells

    Emerald Eggshells18 ngày trước


  33. Natasza M

    Natasza M19 ngày trước

    Shit, that one movie with Polish guys got me triggered. THAT'S RUSSIAN ACCENT not Polish! If it's based off a true story then get your voice right, goddamnit :////


    NOUREEN FATIMA19 ngày trước

    What is the the song that played at the emd of this video..kindly reply if anyone knows

  35. Meowz Muzic Channel

    Meowz Muzic Channel20 ngày trước

    Drugs not hugs

  36. ~ Bright Romeo ~

    ~ Bright Romeo ~20 ngày trước

    Evil Hollywood causing hysteria again. Gender war this time. I wish people could throw their garbage back at them and reject some of the shit they make. Hollyweird and their evil agenda.

  37. Extreme Mertymert !

    Extreme Mertymert !20 ngày trước

    Were is jonny english

  38. Mee K

    Mee K21 ngày trước

    Aw... I feelt so bad for the one whit the dog toy in his mouth when they was going to remove the bullet. T-T Wanted to hug him.

  39. MERB_JacoGames

    MERB_JacoGames21 ngày trước

    No Jonny English?

  40. nazmul hasan

    nazmul hasan21 ngày trước

    First movie name plz

  41. Maria Chase

    Maria Chase22 ngày trước

    24 minutes of my life wasted

  42. Maria Chase

    Maria Chase22 ngày trước

    seriously 😐

  43. NO NAME

    NO NAME23 ngày trước

    The squishy toy tho 😂😂😂😂😂

  44. demonqueen26

    demonqueen2623 ngày trước

    Deadpool....Bob Ross.....that' good.

  45. joschua bluhm

    joschua bluhm24 ngày trước

    Game night is not a new movie

  46. MyNameIsNate

    MyNameIsNate24 ngày trước

    What's the movie in the thumbnail called

  47. Akorede Adedolapo

    Akorede Adedolapo24 ngày trước

    I died at “oloruneledumare”😂😂😂😂

  48. Malia Van Loo

    Malia Van Loo24 ngày trước

    7:48 Oml 😂😭😂😭😂 lmao

  49. Sunday Seance

    Sunday Seance25 ngày trước

    who da bitch in the thumbnail

  50. John KnightsDwell

    John KnightsDwell25 ngày trước

    I came here for the bitties!

  51. Mandraquex3000

    Mandraquex300025 ngày trước

    omg... soooooo many bad movies I think my iq just drop 10 points. there are 3 good to half good ones in that batch of crap that I saw... game night, deadpool, gringo.

  52. Sm Q7

    Sm Q726 ngày trước

    Super trooper lol


    I LIKE SUPERNATURAL27 ngày trước

    I watched Overboard. It was pretty good.

  54. Kolie Dawn

    Kolie Dawn27 ngày trước

    First video seems cool🙂

  55. Dr. Drake Ramoray

    Dr. Drake Ramoray28 ngày trước

    Why doesn't Anna Faris's character call the police. The guy destroyed $3000.00 worth of equipment. That's a felony plus why would the cleaning company fire her? Stupid plot holes for an unnecessary remake.

  56. GodRay

    GodRay28 ngày trước

    why are there so many women comedies? nobody likes them anyways. we want some boret type shit.

  57. Shelby Ramirez

    Shelby Ramirez28 ngày trước



    PIKACHU GUY28 ngày trước

    I thought that was Regina George at the beginning

  59. Hansel And Gretel

    Hansel And Gretel28 ngày trước

    My parents watched Game night

  60. Jessica Jordan

    Jessica Jordan29 ngày trước

    2:19 Logic

  61. Fire Gun

    Fire Gun29 ngày trước

    Its jenny mccurdy

  62. AeideineTheDragon

    AeideineTheDragonTháng trước

    game night is easily the best

  63. SkulliTora Reaper

    SkulliTora ReaperTháng trước

    The first comedy is just a remake of "Overboard" but back to front so instead of it being a rich girl it's a rich boy. Also the working lady in this one was the spoiled rich girl in the old movie "Overboard" guess they thought people forgot about the "Banarang sisters" and "Overboard".

  64. sunshine

    sunshineTháng trước

    the bob ross part!! I died.

  65. Lantern Of Gallifrey

    Lantern Of GallifreyTháng trước

    I'm sorry but Overboard didn't need a remake

  66. hoa nguyen

    hoa nguyenTháng trước

    Tiffany Fallon is the chick in the thumbnail for those of you who might've been wondering

  67. dat girl aqua 221

    dat girl aqua 221Tháng trước

    9:09 did i just see what she was holding up? if anyone else noticed that leave a like, lol

  68. Skelter

    SkelterTháng trước

    When you have a brilliant funny movie and then remake it without the brilliance and the funny.

  69. hybrid green

    hybrid greenTháng trước

    Oh! That's a remake of the awesome old comedy!

  70. Insane Brain

    Insane BrainTháng trước

    The second one looked retarded af

  71. Eko

    EkoTháng trước

    I don’t like needles!!!!!!

  72. Kevin Wong

    Kevin WongTháng trước

    This one thumbnails keep damn baiting me

  73. XxEvelyn GachaxX

    XxEvelyn GachaxXTháng trước

    I love OCEAN'S 8!!!! 😍😍😍

  74. Jk Grunge

    Jk GrungeTháng trước

    Who's that lady in the thumbnail? I came here for her bobs & vagena.. Lmao

  75. Mind Gamer X

    Mind Gamer XTháng trước

    the deadpool one i loved it

  76. DoctorWho fan! #1 Whovian

    DoctorWho fan! #1 WhovianTháng trước

    7:35 top marvel film ever!!!!!!!!!!! Apart from infinity war.

  77. Yannick Hollanda

    Yannick HollandaTháng trước


  78. NiverZibib

    NiverZibibTháng trước

    They remade over board

  79. Hannah van der Star

    Hannah van der StarTháng trước


  80. Seddarta Govender

    Seddarta GovenderTháng trước

    What’s the thumb clip movie called 🤣

  81. Justen Hey

    Justen HeyTháng trước

    2:50 pouse thank me later

  82. Jonz Nathanz

    Jonz NathanzTháng trước

    That prisoner girl looks like michael jackson.

  83. Revo

    RevoTháng trước

    This first movie looks so funny!

  84. I'm Me

    I'm MeTháng trước

    If you watched Deadpool first , you won't laugh on any other movie

  85. carlos millan

    carlos millanTháng trước

    venom 2018 smallfoot 2018

  86. Purple9471

    Purple9471Tháng trước

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  87. Purple9471

    Purple9471Tháng trước

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  90. Purple9471

    Purple9471Tháng trước

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    Purple9471Tháng trước

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    Purple9471Tháng trước

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    Purple9471Tháng trước

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  94. uuufffttaa

    uuufffttaaTháng trước

    Fuck you Trump.

  95. Scarlet Little

    Scarlet LittleTháng trước


  96. Bazz

    BazzTháng trước

    Looks exactly like Superbad

  97. Brandon Zhong

    Brandon ZhongTháng trước

    I thought top was a super villan too Jesse quick

  98. Hot Bab

    Hot BabTháng trước

    Whats song played at the end of this video?

  99. BasicallyiamZeke 21

    BasicallyiamZeke 21Tháng trước

    can anyone tell me what's the name of the music he uses at the end of the video

  100. Vijay Kumar

    Vijay KumarTháng trước

    U motherfucker whr is Gal????