Topher Grace on Playing David Duke in BlacKkKlansman


  1. Ione Shakur

    Ione Shakur18 giờ trước

    love the way he sits, it's so cute!

  2. Gringo Green

    Gringo GreenNgày trước

    He was so great in this movie. The whole movie was perfectly cast!

  3. Elliot Cutting

    Elliot Cutting2 ngày trước

    Is it just me or is he reading from an autocue?

  4. Childish Nujabes

    Childish Nujabes4 ngày trước

    Forman !!!

  5. james21620

    james216204 ngày trước

    This movie was amazing, he did the role so well

  6. Tim Sticle

    Tim Sticle5 ngày trước

    tophers lines were much more tame than the other klan characters

  7. Tim Sticle

    Tim Sticle5 ngày trước

    0:34 lol ashamed to mention that it was spider-man 3

  8. JP Kloess

    JP Kloess5 ngày trước

    Ohhhh...that's Eddie Brock.

  9. Shubhajit Malakar

    Shubhajit Malakar6 ngày trước

    Topher Grace looks so different now. I am seeing him for the first time since Spider-Man 3. Wow... Its been a long time.

  10. Arnel Duracak

    Arnel Duracak7 ngày trước

    ahh the old Don Rickles "Can't you see I'm eating Frank" approach. Nice.

  11. badenry

    badenry9 ngày trước

    I LOVE how he sits absolutely nonchalant!

  12. A. T.

    A. T.10 ngày trước

    bring back that 70's show.

  13. Shelda J.

    Shelda J.10 ngày trước

    That 70s show wasn’t he same without him. He was my personal favorite. Love that dry wit.

  14. Kristopher Victorian

    Kristopher Victorian13 ngày trước

    "My spidey senses are tingling if you what I'm talking about ." --David Duke😂😂😂

  15. Jay Jay Louise

    Jay Jay Louise13 ngày trước

    Amazing!! ☺️

  16. Hannah Collins

    Hannah Collins14 ngày trước

    didn't know I missed Eric foreman so much until now

  17. Fash out

    Fash out15 ngày trước

    /watch?v=0_-AkKxKWQM David Duke responses to the film

  18. Matthias Rambally

    Matthias Rambally16 ngày trước

    You're trash Brock

  19. meh heh

    meh heh16 ngày trước

    Watch an interview or two with David Duke and you realize he isn't a hateful or evil man at all. At this point, Hollywood/liberal are the truly evil ones. They actively work to undermine the progress of civil rights and incite extreme racial division. Sick.

  20. whogg0521

    whogg052117 ngày trước

    That was outstanding. I saw his interview on Sway in the Morning and could feel his vibe.

  21. Averyofthemain

    Averyofthemain17 ngày trước

    You know david duke has been on Tommy sotomayor's show three times, he just did a live skype with him talking about this movie.

  22. Words of Welke

    Words of Welke18 ngày trước

    I'd rather watch David Duke in a video in his kitchen then Topher Grace in any movie ever again or watch any movie ever again out of Hollywood smear machine.

  23. MY Bembery

    MY Bembery18 ngày trước

    Topher was really, really good.

  24. Know Thanks

    Know Thanks18 ngày trước

    I'm surprised he was able to get "My Awakening" on Amazon since Amazon has censored so many Holocaust revisionist titles.

  25. Know Thanks

    Know Thanks18 ngày trước

    what a cuck

  26. The Goodly Dragon

    The Goodly Dragon18 ngày trước

    Dr. David Duke is actually a highly intelligent, nice, decent, mild-mannered, friendly southern gentleman who you can learn a lot from. His only crime is standing up for the existence of his people, just as he does for the Tibetans and for all peoples of the world who potentially face an existential threat. He is not even conservative exactly, but rather he's a conservationist; almost like Steve Irwin if Irwin's focus was on human conservation rather than animal conservation.

  27. Know Thanks

    Know Thanks18 ngày trước

    silence goy

  28. Paul 87

    Paul 8719 ngày trước

    His name is Topher. WTF

  29. Langhorn Chimmens

    Langhorn Chimmens20 ngày trước

    Topher's a legit actor. I hope he keeps getting bigger roles in films.

  30. GhettoMist

    GhettoMist20 ngày trước

    This guy looks like a Dumbass

  31. Loyalty1269

    Loyalty126920 ngày trước

    He’s really good in the movie

  32. white isright

    white isright21 ngày trước

    The great Dr. Duke is FAR FROM BEING EVIL. IN FACT HE IS ON THE SIDE OF THE ANGELS AGAINST THE POWERS OF DARKNESS. It is the evil Zionist Christ hating commie racist gew faggots that run our media and Hollywierd, which promotes every kind of filth and degeneracy, even torture, that are making it out that Duke is evil, as the children of the devil are vicious anti-white, anti-Christian psychopathic LIARS and spread mountains of toxic manure on all decent people because THEY HATE ALL OF HUMANITY. Just read the evil filthy TALMUD for more insight into this filthy evil alien tribe. It's time to deport the commie leftist Marxist gew faggots the hell out of the USA. No more blood or money for the ethno state of Zionist IsraHELL.

  33. Alex Llivisaca

    Alex Llivisaca21 ngày trước

    Man after all these years he hasn't changed at all. I've missed him a lot

  34. Shona Lovely

    Shona Lovely21 ngày trước

    Topher still looks young.

  35. crypter27

    crypter2721 ngày trước

    Hollywood lies about David Duke

  36. Frankie M

    Frankie M21 ngày trước

    who is he looking at during this whole interview lol

  37. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe22 ngày trước

    David Duke is one of the least violent people you'll ever meet and this movie was full on propaganda bullshit. Listen to David Duke explain here

  38. Eric Paul Goldie

    Eric Paul Goldie22 ngày trước

    Can we get a reunion of "That 70's show" just one episode called "That 80's show"? Just one episode? Please..... p.s. great interview

  39. jessi bari

    jessi bari23 ngày trước

    Topher Grace Still a Cutie!! 😍

  40. Bobby Fisher

    Bobby Fisher23 ngày trước

    they make them look so different in the movies

  41. Luke

    Luke24 ngày trước

    Eric foreman at 3:17

  42. SharpieSniffer663

    SharpieSniffer66324 ngày trước

    Omg that Brad Pitt promise. Glorious.

  43. El Bruce

    El Bruce24 ngày trước

    Middle aged Topher Grace is weirding me out.

  44. douglas gawitt

    douglas gawitt25 ngày trước

    “Not now” Rickles did that to Sinatra, Sinatra talks about it on Johnny Carson show.

  45. Carlos Doerksen

    Carlos Doerksen25 ngày trước


  46. t-bone WWG1WGA

    t-bone WWG1WGA26 ngày trước

    It takes a pu**y to play a pu**y

  47. NotAWarPerson

    NotAWarPerson26 ngày trước

    he looks a bit like tobey maguire

  48. Joey Cathcart

    Joey Cathcart26 ngày trước

    “A ching ching a chong chong I can’t understaaand youuuu.White power.” Clayton Bigsby

  49. Dave Martel

    Dave Martel26 ngày trước

    Fake trash propaganda movie. Go watch David Duke on JF Gariepy to hear his side. I'm not a fan of Duke but I can't stand the bias and dishonesty of Hollyweird pedophiles.

  50. A Florida Son

    A Florida Son26 ngày trước

    David Duke is an American hero.., in Trump's dreams.

  51. iwishicouldbefunny

    iwishicouldbefunny27 ngày trước

    Wow Eric is just as racist as his dad if not more

  52. Geigh Sects

    Geigh Sects27 ngày trước

    Why does it look like he’s reading a teleprompter?

  53. Tactical Newfie

    Tactical Newfie27 ngày trước

    Duke, the man with a plan... Who can.

  54. Friedrich Schmidt

    Friedrich Schmidt27 ngày trước

    "My Awakening" is like "Mein Kampf"? And he´s "so evil"? This Topher Grace (what kind of name is that anyway?) is an empty Hollywood suit.

  55. ConchitaHM

    ConchitaHM27 ngày trước

    You darn tootin’

  56. Vote Little Win Big

    Vote Little Win Big28 ngày trước

    Oy vey!

  57. Christian Hernandez

    Christian Hernandez28 ngày trước

    He’s really promoting the hell out of this.

  58. Sqiggles Wiggles

    Sqiggles Wiggles28 ngày trước

    Topher was 27, Seth was 31, why lie?

  59. alter ego

    alter ego28 ngày trước


  60. alter ego

    alter ego28 ngày trước

    The joke is on y'all Duke is a Hero 100% with sir David Duke Topher Disgrace is a traitor an a shabbos goy

  61. Ceasar Montes

    Ceasar Montes28 ngày trước

    Topher you still got it 👌

  62. Lauren Metzdorff

    Lauren Metzdorff28 ngày trước

    Eric got ooooooold

  63. Ejector Seat Reservation

    Ejector Seat Reservation28 ngày trước

    Another raciest jew in Hollywood. Big surprise. Go molest a small child

  64. pantsforsale

    pantsforsale28 ngày trước

    this eyeline is whack

  65. Jim Mauch

    Jim Mauch29 ngày trước

    I suggest Topher Grace shutdown his Facebook account because is going to get inundated by the 'Make America Great Again' trolls.

  66. Tony Guzman

    Tony Guzman29 ngày trước

    Dude still looks like he did when he was on that 70’s show!!!???

  67. Meredith Nestor

    Meredith Nestor29 ngày trước

    great show

  68. ThisGuy Here

    ThisGuy Here29 ngày trước

    Eric Forman played David Duke in that movie?! Holy Toronto! That's shocking news! Good one! #LOL

  69. Rup Tratin

    Rup Tratin29 ngày trước

    It's hilarious how contrived his somber lines are.

  70. Lar

    Lar29 ngày trước

    One of the few white people who has not aged like cheese

  71. kingtajj 23315

    kingtajj 2331529 ngày trước

    He's such a cool and nice guy I just wish him the best in everything he does.

  72. Jason Clark

    Jason ClarkTháng trước

    Never trust A Jew who portrays a White Man.

  73. chaniqua smith

    chaniqua smith27 ngày trước

    Jason Clark A jew is white dumb ass.

  74. Jason Clark

    Jason Clark28 ngày trước

    Yes. Jewish trick #1- Lying.

  75. wylie richardson

    wylie richardson28 ngày trước

    Um, just about every Jewish male actor who ever lived have exclusively played white men! :-P

  76. mindless monk

    mindless monkTháng trước

    3:02 is too funny

  77. Goyim United

    Goyim UnitedTháng trước

    It’s obvious that Topher Grace did no studying on David Duke! The black Klansman movie is like 90% fake!

  78. Chave Dappelle

    Chave DappelleTháng trước

    This guy dropped chris out of his name to appease his Jewish overlords

  79. Vince Howard

    Vince HowardTháng trước

    White don't crack ??? 🤔 It's a joke. This guy looks great for his age. 👏🏾

  80. Magnus Ramaglioni

    Magnus RamaglioniTháng trước

    Fantastic suit

  81. Bartholomew

    BartholomewTháng trước

    That effeminate frail, sick looking guy requires a protein calorie malnutrition examination.

  82. LaFart Ball

    LaFart BallTháng trước

    Red would be so proud.

  83. Falando Coisas

    Falando CoisasTháng trước

    AHHAHA "I don't want the credit when I say it" ahahah smart dude. Amazing movie

  84. loveld Lu

    loveld LuTháng trước

    So this is for you to CEO for members any employees so when it comes to presentation and representation toward a culture who's been repressed for 400 years it's the way you serve and the way you act and where you percent something yes you have a company and you use your business to serve customers it's the way you do not recognize what is going on when one customer who is trying to show you how you're not doing it right out of respect using the knowledge you have and you're too in this case you are not doing it properly or right so hot 97 Morning Show and I'm going to say this again was interviewing the actor who got his job on insecurity and I think you know who I'm talking about and if you looked at and review what one of the host said to him it was not political correct saying and stereotyping a black halter in such ways and using such language shows to me and no certain the DJ true knot come off in such disrespectful and a certain manner you have to remember the n word and what it means in a culture and history and the past and you think that you can just go off and saying like you just talkin and it's no big deal it tells me in his racist and Prejudice country and Son review the truth and who they really are and so are you saying that you represent in that way you condone such Behavior form a radio station it's okay do you remember last year when a woman died because of what happened I leave you a thot for company that posed to represent funeral speech it seems that you think that your boss everything else and it shows because you keep on bringing the subject on your VIreporter saying that you don't give a damn so to me I think your customers should know this and how you feel about African-American and truly do not give a damn

  85. degergard

    degergardTháng trước

    His eyes make me dizzy

  86. enigma 1982

    enigma 1982Tháng trước

    So "Eric Forman" playes a kkk leader. And "Red Forman" did that also in a time to kill. Anybody noticed that?

  87. Eva Braun

    Eva BraunTháng trước

    Yeah the scary thing with people like David Duke is that when people actually listen to what they have to say and their arguments it actually makes more sense than the liberal dribble people are fed through mainstream media, that's definitely scary to liberals and conservatives with the same fundamental agenda. So yeah don't listen to all opinions and arguments for yourself and making up your own mind, that's dangerous.

  88. wylie richardson

    wylie richardson28 ngày trước

    And considering your chosen nic for this site, your 'opinions and argument's might be kind of 'scary' enough!

  89. Niko Bellic

    Niko BellicTháng trước

    You're trash, Brock.

  90. 72957498273192875409870 45934845984

    72957498273192875409870 45934845984Tháng trước

    He looks different

  91. Quintin Garvin

    Quintin GarvinTháng trước

    Topher keep getting a job and doing it well

  92. Paper Mario

    Paper MarioTháng trước

    Seems like a decent person

  93. Majin Gojira

    Majin GojiraTháng trước

    David Duke is the greatest American since George Washington

  94. wylie richardson

    wylie richardson26 ngày trước

    Its pretty ethnic-sounding.

  95. Majin Gojira

    Majin Gojira26 ngày trước


  96. wylie richardson

    wylie richardson28 ngày trước

    With a name like "Majin Gojira", David himself probably wouldnt even want your support! lol

  97. Kistal Gordon

    Kistal GordonTháng trước

    I love Eric😍

  98. R L

    R LTháng trước

    Topher Grace stealing Don Rickles' Frank Sinatra bit.

  99. Beverly

    BeverlyTháng trước

    Ahh, still love Topher Grace! He's so funny and likeable.

  100. CashNasty Forhead

    CashNasty ForheadTháng trước


  101. Armand E.

    Armand E.Tháng trước

    Hey isn’t that the guy from Collider?

  102. Chloë Niamh

    Chloë NiamhTháng trước

    I don't know why it would be weird to buy David Dukes book at the bookstore considering you can buy mein kampf there

  103. negromermaid 420

    negromermaid 42017 ngày trước

    Mein Kampf isn't bad either.

  104. Mister006

    Mister006Tháng trước

    White Supremacy is a curse that rots the lives of European American children, and to rid your life of it requires a significant amount of work. Topher's playacting, because in some ways he identified with David Duke's message, but cannot state it publicly, because that's part of the deal. So many European American children are given the curse of white supremacy. You cannot ever call yourself "white" and not be a white supremacist. The key to rid yourself of the curse of white supremacy reclaim your European ETHNICITY. Your European indigenous ethnic culture is very similar to every other indigenous ethnic culture. You're not supreme, you're the same. If you continue in maintaining the curse of white supremacy, you'll be lesser.

  105. Robert Shaff

    Robert Shaff28 ngày trước

    Mister006 you've been brainwashed

  106. juyhhkj itth

    juyhhkj itthTháng trước

    I'm proud to be white.

  107. akhil kadway

    akhil kadwayTháng trước

    This guy is 40??? DAMN!!!

  108. Monkiimagic

    MonkiimagicTháng trước

    The Brad Pitt Party gag... is a Don Rickles gag, he did it to Sinatra in a restaurant.

  109. Rafeal Henderson

    Rafeal HendersonTháng trước

    Spike Lee gave him his soul back after marvel took it and killed his career

  110. Samuel A

    Samuel ATháng trước


  111. Inquisitive Cameron

    Inquisitive CameronTháng trước

    My Awakening by David Duke People also searched for: Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler The Turner Diaries - William Luther Pierce The Bible The Art of the Deal - Donald Trump

  112. Guy Fieri Is My God

    Guy Fieri Is My God9 ngày trước

    Words of Welke yeah, it probably is. You’re an idiot if you think someone is more likely to commit crimes because of the color of their skin.

  113. Words of Welke

    Words of Welke18 ngày trước

    You are a raving moron, do you live in a black neighborhood? I do and it's not crime ridden due to poverty.