Town Hall 12 Update is Here! (Clash of Clans Official)


  1. Vineet Dhiman

    Vineet Dhiman2 giờ trước

    Thanks bro

  2. Gohil Aryan

    Gohil Aryan3 giờ trước

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  3. Omar Marhon

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  4. Aquiles Lacourtois

    Aquiles Lacourtois4 giờ trước

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  5. clash of clans fans

    clash of clans fans5 giờ trước

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  8. minda bartolata

    minda bartolata10 giờ trước

    Perfect 👌 your making Clash Of Clans better than ever!

  9. Ruslan Aflatov

    Ruslan Aflatov12 giờ trước

    thank you

  10. Ruslan Aflatov

    Ruslan Aflatov12 giờ trước

    last time,threw

  11. Keane Diego C. LACEDA

    Keane Diego C. LACEDA12 giờ trước

    Like people play coc today I quit at a town hall 7

  12. Evan al Muktadir

    Evan al Muktadir14 giờ trước

    why not you make available clash of clans for pc?

  13. hypedmaniac

    hypedmaniac19 giờ trước

    I'll translate the video for you guys: "GIVE US MORE OF YOUR MONEY!"

  14. Techno Salami

    Techno Salami23 giờ trước

    I don’t even play this game

  15. pratham prathamNgày trước

    hy supercell I am promoting this game and u have send a copy right claim please if u can then take it back

  16. MD Tahsan Tonmoy

    MD Tahsan TonmoyNgày trước

    Please give us Bangladesh national flag in coc

  17. MD Tahsan Tonmoy

    MD Tahsan TonmoyNgày trước

    We want Bangladesh national flag in decoration

  18. om doshi

    om doshiNgày trước

    Coc hake hotahe ki nahi

  19. gamerul zombie

    gamerul zombieNgày trước

    Supercell i like this update imi TH7 an ime a big fan on your'e job

  20. Clash of clan super cell

    Clash of clan super cellNgày trước

    Remove clouds in legendary league


    FRANK LYNNgày trước

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  22. Shazada Qween

    Shazada QweenNgày trước

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    FRANK LYNNgày trước

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  24. Rajdeep Gogoi

    Rajdeep GogoiNgày trước

    It is world best game


    CUPINDOGLOVER DoggoNgày trước

    When i reach that th theyll probably already new ones

  26. Rajat Sharma

    Rajat SharmaNgày trước

    6th builder friends

  27. Phal Saly

    Phal SalyNgày trước


  28. Buckett du Bois

    Buckett du BoisNgày trước

    this is cool... except it will take a minimum of thirty years to get it

  29. Йога

    Йога2 ngày trước


  30. elizabeth greene

    elizabeth greene2 ngày trước

    I'm still th8 lmao no where close

  31. Nithyakala K

    Nithyakala K2 ngày trước

    Hey clash of clans bring back the water fall and the spell costs gold to train please

  32. Awesome Gamer

    Awesome Gamer2 ngày trước

    yea um while supercell releases new town halls i will be stuck at like town hall 8

  33. leangphuy leangphuy

    leangphuy leangphuy2 ngày trước

  34. Rohit Waghmare

    Rohit Waghmare2 ngày trước

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  37. Gaming city

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  39. NASCAR48FAN #48

    NASCAR48FAN #482 ngày trước

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  41. Kbc

    Kbc2 ngày trước

    Clash of clains is not opening suddenly on my device and showing '' downloading content " Plz give me a suggestion

  42. Prity Gupta

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  45. Legand of Master

    Legand of Master2 ngày trước

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  46. Legand of Master

    Legand of Master2 ngày trước


  47. The Holy Channel

    The Holy Channel2 ngày trước

  48. ffdpwarior thegreat

    ffdpwarior thegreat2 ngày trước

    Supercell i got a question

  49. Konaw Sai

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  50. Marwan Marwan

    Marwan Marwan2 ngày trước

    Delete muhammad name from siege machine and army camp


    FILIPINO REACTS2 ngày trước

    dammit c'mon supercell no one plays clash of clans anymore

  52. Mohammad Rateb

    Mohammad Rateb2 ngày trước

    يلي عربي لايك😂

  53. Jojo Franza

    Jojo Franza3 ngày trước

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  54. Vinod kumar Mishra

    Vinod kumar Mishra3 ngày trước

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  55. Anju Panwar

    Anju Panwar3 ngày trước

    please do a giveaway of townhall 9 account

  56. Ezgi Aksu

    Ezgi Aksu3 ngày trước

    Ios da şu sürümü ios 7 yapın ya yeter

  57. ADAM 2.0

    ADAM 2.03 ngày trước

    This make me want to play back clash of clan

  58. XxSavagexX XxSavagexX

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  61. ScrubbyP

    ScrubbyP3 ngày trước

    Just make a battle royale mode already...

  62. Jhune Carl

    Jhune Carl3 ngày trước

    Pls i donate or receive troops on chat u see full but my castle still empty many times happened .i spend gems to donate


    SPIN TO WIN3 ngày trước

    Hey when i open coc and chose the task for clan games it does not select?? and have done a lot of thing to fix it i have cleard my all coc date then also it do that same thing again please help me

  64. Kaden Klingsheim

    Kaden Klingsheim3 ngày trước

    Why isn't this game dead yet?

  65. TheGaming Rex

    TheGaming Rex3 ngày trước

    They should put dinosaurs in the game!

  66. Tung Ten

    Tung Ten3 ngày trước

    COC.전략2018. 리더 Eric Moon. 성 Cc VIETNAM

  67. ThisStrutIsSoSmecher

    ThisStrutIsSoSmecher3 ngày trước

    now with that siege machine why should i upgrade walls?

  68. Fred Boyle

    Fred Boyle3 ngày trước

    Supercell running out of ideas so they just add a movable clan castle dat either destroys things or walls then pops out troops not cool and just plain boring

  69. ZOCKERPRO 745

    ZOCKERPRO 7453 ngày trước

    Good Video i Love you Channel


    JERENSON 90 GAMER3 ngày trước

    Alguien que avale español

  71. عبدالله الملك

    عبدالله الملك3 ngày trước

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  72. Clash With JOKER

    Clash With JOKER3 ngày trước

    We needs tawen hole 13

  73. Whatsapp Status Videos

    Whatsapp Status Videos4 ngày trước

    Good game

  74. Kashef Kashif

    Kashef Kashif4 ngày trước

    Town hall 12 at 12 million subscribers

  75. Kajal Jha

    Kajal Jha4 ngày trước

    I have lost my village

  76. nana kitte

    nana kitte4 ngày trước

    Just get Clash of Magic

  77. Kayden 21

    Kayden 214 ngày trước

    Just die already

  78. Partha Mandal

    Partha Mandal4 ngày trước


  79. Aatish Kumar

    Aatish Kumar4 ngày trước

    Can I challenge my friend?? In town hall 12

  80. EleCteo SpiĐY

    EleCteo SpiĐY4 ngày trước

  81. Shaik Adnan Saleem

    Shaik Adnan Saleem4 ngày trước

    kya bhi introduce karle abh kuch nahi hoga

  82. sam sung

    sam sung4 ngày trước

    town whole 12 jai ho


    FRANK FŘÆŇĶ4 ngày trước

    TH 9

  84. LESEEN Play

    LESEEN Play4 ngày trước

    Wow it's like a like a … SUPER UPDATE

  85. Shadow Hunter

    Shadow Hunter4 ngày trước

    I remember when I was obsessed with this game. Now I don’t play it at all lol

  86. raj lodha Lodha

    raj lodha Lodha4 ngày trước

    Good game i am also in th11 in some time i also upgrade to th12

  87. J-a-s-h the potato

    J-a-s-h the potato4 ngày trước

    I wish CoC added a 6th or 2 more builders in the game because it literally takes like 2 weeks or even a month just to upgrade a SINGLE defense. Combine that with all the walls, troops, and the defenses that should be maxed and that will take a millenium just to max out everything and Town Hall 12? Welp let me guess, it will take another millenium to max it again. (Please no hate this is my opinion because I am an impatient person anyways)

  88. Kamel Omar

    Kamel Omar4 ngày trước

    Sadly this content is all but out of reach for free players unless you have been following the game since its inception.

  89. Hex Imprim

    Hex Imprim4 ngày trước

    R u serious? Maybe what I'm about to say is off topic but idk why you would ever try to get someone to buy a wall ring ( which upgrades 1 good wall) for a huge 500 or 400 gems. I wouldn't by it even if I was rich. Sorry again, had no where else to put it

  90. That one big Star Wars nerd

    That one big Star Wars nerd4 ngày trước

    I just realized that when you get to town hall 12 and get the giga tesla it says the electrickery leaves the air tasting like coconut and metal which is a reference to Iron Man 3. I knew that coconut and metal line was familiar!

  91. Tesari0n

    Tesari0n4 ngày trước



    IAN VLOGS4 ngày trước

    Anyone have a lvl 18+ clan, I’m a low th but still message me ASAP. I’m a th 7 in crystal 3!

  93. FunnyPiggeh

    FunnyPiggeh4 ngày trước

    this game is dead

  94. Shaf

    Shaf4 ngày trước

    sad to say people still play this game...


    CLASH MAN4 ngày trước

    Clash of clans 👍


    CLASH MAN4 ngày trước

    Clash of clans 👍

  97. Karim olimo

    Karim olimo4 ngày trước

    Ummm. I left this game for a few years. Stop, what happened

  98. spooki سبويك

    spooki سبويك4 ngày trước

    i don't care

  99. MR GARYK

    MR GARYK5 ngày trước

    говно вот чес слово

  100. Adamm Damm

    Adamm Damm5 ngày trước

    is clash of clans still a thing? last time i played this spiderman was alive. god bless your soul peter

  101. Xipo86

    Xipo864 ngày trước

    don´t know. I dont play mobile trash