Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2


  1. 울다 아기Eco

    울다 아기Eco43 phút trước

    "Why am I alive?" Mood.

  2. 66760 • 67 million years ago

    66760 • 67 million years ago44 phút trước


  3. Pikminologue Raisin

    Pikminologue Raisin44 phút trước

    Toy story 1: woody trying to get rid of Andy's new favorite toy because hes jealous Toy story 4: woody trying to save bonies favorite toy so shes happy Now that's what I call character development

  4. Toti 075

    Toti 07544 phút trước

    Like si hablas español Espero que haya alguien me siento solo

  5. mastered doge

    mastered doge45 phút trước

    2:09 LOL

  6. Anthony S

    Anthony S45 phút trước

    Same concept lost or stolen toy to rescue

  7. frixos 007

    frixos 00745 phút trước

    Why am I getting the feeling that all the guys are incompetent and all the girls are going to save the day?

  8. Okami Jones

    Okami Jones45 phút trước

    Vintage Key & Peele 2:10 🤣😂🤣😂😱💀

  9. Olivia Johnson

    Olivia Johnson45 phút trước

    Not gonna lie i thought that purple thing @ 0:21 was a llama from fortnite

  10. 10000 subs no vids Gretchen the dog

    10000 subs no vids Gretchen the dog46 phút trước

    Bojack horseman?

  11. legendman97

    legendman9746 phút trước

    Remaster 1&2 with these visuals.

  12. cool stuff 306

    cool stuff 30647 phút trước

    No andy no me.

  13. 10000 subs no vids Gretchen the dog

    10000 subs no vids Gretchen the dog48 phút trước

    0:00 Exactly what I think every day

  14. LOCO_moto

    LOCO_moto48 phút trước

    A fork smh

  15. Omotayo Lawal

    Omotayo Lawal48 phút trước

    Loiuse from Bob's Burgers...😍😍😍

  16. Jiren the Grey

    Jiren the Grey49 phút trước

    Name of the song pls?

  17. Jamie Kerr

    Jamie Kerr50 phút trước

    More buzz please

  18. TheAnonymousConnor

    TheAnonymousConnor51 phút trước

    Oh no.

  19. Ganderlow

    Ganderlow51 phút trước

    Im so excited. Gonna trample all the little kids running to my seat.

  20. Lunar Lacy

    Lunar Lacy51 phút trước

    Surprised this doesn't have more views by now. Are people off the Toy Story hype? I never thought they'd really go for a fourth installment of this franchise tbh

  21. Julianne And Mili

    Julianne And Mili52 phút trước

    There’s prolly going to be more adults then kidz 😂

  22. Catherine Tarango

    Catherine Tarango52 phút trước

    I will never look at a spork the same way

  23. Joe Garapic

    Joe Garapic52 phút trước

    Am I the only one who thinks they should’ve just stuck with the trilogy? The ending of Toy Story 3 was so perfect in my opinion. Still looking forward to what this new one has in store! 👍🏼

  24. Catherine Tarango

    Catherine Tarango54 phút trước

    How is this #1 trending

  25. Moncus5155

    Moncus515556 phút trước


  26. Joseph Broseph

    Joseph Broseph57 phút trước

    I can’t really like or dislike it because I feel like if I love toy story but it’ll end up like finding dory

  27. Catherine Tarango

    Catherine Tarango58 phút trước

    Bruh I waited 9 years to see a movie about a fork

  28. Asinate Selupe

    Asinate Selupe58 phút trước

    WHERES JESSIE???!!!!

  29. Bonarchy

    Bonarchy59 phút trước

    Toy story 1:woody trying to find Andy Toy story 2:woody trying to find buzz Toy story 3:woody trying to find everyone else Toy story 4:woody trying to find a spork

  30. StrawBerry Dragon

    StrawBerry DragonGiờ trước


  31. Carlitos 12a

    Carlitos 12aGiờ trước

    Este comentario habla hispana debe marcar territorio, pido miles (AUTOLIKE)

  32. FiVorT98

    FiVorT98Giờ trước

    The song is "Livin' thing" by Electric Light Orchestra

  33. Damian Mendoza

    Damian MendozaGiờ trước

    Los amo


    SOCALGOONSGiờ trước

    i dont care what yall say, im 16 and imma see this movie so my childhood will be complete

  35. Juan Jose Lopez

    Juan Jose LopezGiờ trước


  36. Haneef Muhammad

    Haneef MuhammadGiờ trước

    This movie will changed the whole worlds perspective of depression.

  37. Unused- Unwanted

    Unused- UnwantedGiờ trước

    Rex is my sprit animal. Always messing things up

  38. Tomato Talks

    Tomato TalksGiờ trước

    Mom : Don’t worry the Sonic movie won’t be that bad Me : Ok Me, after the movie : 0:01

  39. Christopher Killian

    Christopher KillianGiờ trước

    2:09 did they just break the toilet rule?

  40. Ashley Marie

    Ashley MarieGiờ trước

    So now do i have to buy like the fork toy Or can i just make it myself diy 🤣🤣

  41. Sebastian II

    Sebastian IIGiờ trước

    This is great and all, but, If they actually sell that spork as a toy... It'll go for like $20...

  42. Lucas Gawor

    Lucas GaworGiờ trước

    Toy story sucks

  43. Aditi Tripathi

    Aditi TripathiGiờ trước

    Buzz in the first movie: speaks Spanish and everyone is jealous of him Buzz in the fourth movie: gets hit by a port a potty

  44. Enrique Dehoyos

    Enrique DehoyosGiờ trước


  45. iRAIDYOU

    iRAIDYOUGiờ trước

    (0:10) Is that Mabel from Gravity Falls?

  46. Hakovani DG

    Hakovani DGGiờ trước

    Quality looks awesome when you compare with older ones, but they should end this

  47. Tina LaRosa

    Tina LaRosaGiờ trước


  48. Rafika 1337

    Rafika 1337Giờ trước

    One thing Im looking forward to is the Pixar lore on how toys are brought to life. ☺

  49. Gera Mx Fans

    Gera Mx FansGiờ trước

    Toy story 1: woody trying to get rid of Andy's new favorite toy because hes jealous Toy story 4: woody trying to save bonies favorite toy so shes happy Now that's what I call character development

  50. Alexander Cipher

    Alexander CipherGiờ trước


  51. super licorne

    super licorneGiờ trước

    They cant just make another sporky with a f******* spoon!!

  52. Ted Shin

    Ted ShinGiờ trước

    at 0:35 isn't that Andy's room? Bonnie doesnt have those blankets right?

  53. Mr BAT

    Mr BATGiờ trước

    Anyone else notice at 2:05 looks like the old lady from Incredibles

  54. roman ortega

    roman ortegaGiờ trước

    no entendí nada pero se ve épica xDxD

  55. 10,000 Subscribers With One YouTube Video!!!

    10,000 Subscribers With One YouTube Video!!!Giờ trước


  56. Hypebeast 21

    Hypebeast 21Giờ trước

    Why is mable a Dinosaur 🦕

  57. Hypebeast 21

    Hypebeast 2157 phút trước




    Dont know they use the same actor plus trixie was first before mabel

  59. James Benoist

    James BenoistGiờ trước


  60. Oompa Loompa

    Oompa LoompaGiờ trước

    When you tell your friends that there’s gonna be a Toy Story 4 and they say they don’t care Me: *There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere*

  61. Red-Rook

    Red-RookGiờ trước

    Is that one toy the voice actor from that disney cartoon gravity falls?

  62. kayla taylor

    kayla taylorGiờ trước

    bruh that dinosaur toy was that voice of the chick from Gravity Falls

  63. BunniesOfDoom

    BunniesOfDoomGiờ trước

    Needs more Wheezy

  64. Pocket God

    Pocket GodGiờ trước

    Not gonna watch so idc.

  65. Poison

    PoisonGiờ trước

    I can tell this is gonna be dodo butter

  66. José Carlos Inocêncio

    José Carlos InocêncioGiờ trước

    Eu sou o único brasileiro aqui

  67. vebriyan pasha

    vebriyan pashaGiờ trước

    don't you hate it when your stuffed animal jump to your face?

  68. Emiliano Andrade

    Emiliano AndradeGiờ trước

    If they wouldve made a movie each year since the first that would have been awesome thats what i would call character development.

  69. King Bubba

    King BubbaGiờ trước

    0:12 is that Mabel?

  70. Dylan Mitchell

    Dylan MitchellGiờ trước

    Is it just me, or did anyone else notice that the spork no longer wants to die.

  71. Patrick Kostrzewa

    Patrick KostrzewaGiờ trước

    Just a warning from John Ratzenberger (Mr. Potato Man) bring tissues

  72. Awesome Adventures of Kat

    Awesome Adventures of KatGiờ trước

    1:21 slappy???

  73. Emiliano Andrade

    Emiliano AndradeGiờ trước


  74. Emilio YT

    Emilio YTGiờ trước

    2:06-2:16 is so funny 😂😂😂

  75. Jboog S

    Jboog SGiờ trước

    Woody never gets wet in the rain until in the fourth film.

  76. Brandon Brozosky

    Brandon BrozoskyGiờ trước

    Andy > Bonnie

  77. Tristen Jacob

    Tristen JacobGiờ trước

    I already know I’m going to cry

  78. Kalem Babar

    Kalem BabarGiờ trước

    Bo Beep is back!

  79. Xx_MYTHO _Xx

    Xx_MYTHO _XxGiờ trước


  80. Vilma Oliveira

    Vilma OliveiraGiờ trước

    Cadê os brasileiros que amam Toy Story volto a ser criança excelente animação!

  81. Bat1O1

    Bat1O1Giờ trước

    Lotso:I am inevitable *snaps* huh? Woody:And I...wanna............ *BE A COWBOY BABY snaps*

  82. Dragonblaze

    DragonblazeGiờ trước

    The rain, the cat, the lighting is so perfect. Looks real 😍😍

  83. xd Licky

    xd LickyGiờ trước

    the amount of adults in the theater that day..

  84. Anna Carolina Lopes De Souza

    Anna Carolina Lopes De SouzaGiờ trước

    Who wantes to watch like

  85. Diego Martins

    Diego MartinsGiờ trước

    Como vou amadurecer se sempre quero assistir Toy Story?!!😍

  86. The Black Sheep We Don't Associate With

    The Black Sheep We Don't Associate WithGiờ trước

    still the stupidest addition ever. a plastic fork. smh

  87. Charlotte Roberts

    Charlotte RobertsGiờ trước

    thought it was gonna be better tbh

  88. sub for free lettuce

    sub for free lettuceGiờ trước

    Me in school presentation My blood cells: 0:51

  89. Martin Maureille

    Martin MaureilleGiờ trước

    From PIXAR and Disney, not Disney and Pixar.

  90. B.E.A.M Productions

    B.E.A.M ProductionsGiờ trước

    E.l.O and toy story, my childhood is coming to life

  91. TLS Cerati Games44

    TLS Cerati Games44Giờ trước

    Good trailer

  92. Zulxy

    ZulxyGiờ trước

    It must a took the producers a very long time thinking of that spork



    Must be nice to work at youtube and change the algorithm in big companies favors

  94. H US

    H USGiờ trước

    Idk like toy story 3 left on such an amazing ending and I really don’t feel like this movie was necessary even tho I LOOOOOVE toy story. Ya feel? It just feels like recycled content. My favorite movie series r ending like avengers and toy story should have just stayed that way. Come on Pixar I know u can do more! Give us more! 😃

  95. KatelynGrace Murphy

    KatelynGrace MurphyGiờ trước

    "I've known him all my life, 2 days" AMAZING

  96. vinchenzo !

    vinchenzo !Giờ trước

    I used to play with toy cars but now I play with virtual cars in GTA V.

  97. Skeptical Gamer

    Skeptical GamerGiờ trước

    Never expected a second trailer

  98. Charleen W

    Charleen WGiờ trước

    It’s strange seeing so many humans in this...

  99. vinchenzo !

    vinchenzo !Giờ trước

    Exactly doesn't have the og vibe.

  100. Byza

    ByzaGiờ trước

    You’ve got a friend in me

  101. I Created a Channel

    I Created a ChannelGiờ trước

    Is anyone realising bow peep is back