Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer


  1. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson40 phút trước

    Best beach boy composition with the best children's series

  2. Sahil King

    Sahil King41 phút trước

    Wow basically 80% of the movie was shown....Good job Disney.... At least they did not do this type of Trailer for Cars3

  3. magnvss

    magnvss41 phút trước


  4. Your Majesty

    Your Majesty41 phút trước

    And ofc the toy owner is now a mexican girl NOICE

  5. c a t s

    c a t s41 phút trước

    I can't wait to see this.

  6. Luis Eduardo Murua

    Luis Eduardo Murua41 phút trước

    The leaks were real lol


    SURYA CHALLA41 phút trước

    Slappy in Toy Story..., now that's something to look forward to.

  8. mary guevara

    mary guevara41 phút trước

    It's basically the plot to toy story 2 but with different characters and setting :/

  9. poope

    poope41 phút trước

    I can't wait for all the Woody x Spork fanart

  10. Yoooshi

    Yoooshi42 phút trước

    Perfect ending comes Toy Story 5

  11. Raquel Mosby

    Raquel Mosby42 phút trước

    I saw the trailer when I seen wreck it Ralph

  12. Elijah Lewis

    Elijah Lewis42 phút trước


  13. Nick

    Nick42 phút trước

    Disney: We present you a fork. Us: Get the fork outta here.

  14. Brahim SAN

    Brahim SAN42 phút trước


  15. Charge Beetle

    Charge Beetle42 phút trước

    0:26 He's having a wholeass existential crisis. *In Toy Story.*

  16. Omar Ambrose

    Omar Ambrose42 phút trước

    Looks more like a sporky to me

  17. Sixtieth9th

    Sixtieth9th42 phút trước

    Started out as a kid movie, and is now being made for the kids that grew up. Brings a tear to my eye man.

  18. Hikari 2007

    Hikari 200742 phút trước

    Nostalgy love that

  19. Jxb Kids Dance Crew

    Jxb Kids Dance Crew42 phút trước

    Cek my youtube channel dance cover😍💕💕💕

  20. *Elyan Quiñones*

    *Elyan Quiñones*42 phút trước

    *Pixar: What should Toy Story 4 be 'bout?* *Fans: Andy coming back?* *Pixar: no* *Fans: Bunny growing up?* *Pixar: No* *Other Pixar workers: a SpOrK* *Pixar: yes.*

  21. Photo_ Filmmaking

    Photo_ Filmmaking42 phút trước

    This is basically Toy Story 2.

  22. Maurindio Alessandro

    Maurindio Alessandro43 phút trước

    captain marvel in a toy

  23. X_Grave_ X

    X_Grave_ X43 phút trước

    2:06 “dont let woody leave!” Hmmmm that’s suspicious I think bo peep is the villain

  24. Tonia Fr

    Tonia Fr43 phút trước

    I hope I'm not gonna cry in the cinema full of kids

  25. the gaming clown

    the gaming clown43 phút trước

    1:01 oh I'm sorry Pixar but I thought I was toy story not childs play

  26. Gixo

    Gixo43 phút trước

    Without Fabrizio Frizzi, Woody's italian voice :(


    I DARE YOU REPLY43 phút trước

    90s? is that you?

  28. lizzy vlogs

    lizzy vlogs43 phút trước

    I'm sorry but they're ruining toy story I like the first 2 movies only like the third one was barely even you sorry but no offense to people who like it this is just my opinion

  29. Valoche Valoche

    Valoche Valoche43 phút trước

    It's so beautiful

  30. Joseph Crawford

    Joseph Crawford44 phút trước

    I’m over here tearin up

  31. Yencen

    Yencen44 phút trước

  32. Ana Rita Portal

    Ana Rita Portal44 phút trước


  33. Creeper Marrom

    Creeper Marrom44 phút trước

    1:07 kkk brawl stars

  34. Сергей Пелёвин

    Сергей Пелёвин44 phút trước

    Прямо детство вспомнил, обязательно схожу)

  35. あいな[1102ななナー]

    あいな[1102ななナー]44 phút trước


  36. 沖縄の兄貴網海 条介

    沖縄の兄貴網海 条介41 phút trước


  37. Zeronix The Gamer

    Zeronix The Gamer44 phút trước

    Oh man, what happend to Bo?

  38. võ duy

    võ duy44 phút trước

    I miss my Lotso :((

  39. Jake K

    Jake K45 phút trước

    So we're just gonna remake toy story 2 until the end of time....sigh

  40. Jack Webb

    Jack Webb45 phút trước

    This look AWESOMEEE

  41. Uriello C L

    Uriello C L45 phút trước


  42. grizzly almighty

    grizzly almighty45 phút trước

    I will never be angry to see a new toy story

  43. Chef Parodee

    Chef Parodee45 phút trước

    why tf didn't they close that window in the first place?

  44. Casa Grande

    Casa Grande45 phút trước

    O loco

  45. Ben Forster

    Ben Forster45 phút trước

    Toy Story 4, more like toy-monetized 4. Disney and Pixar are only in it for the money. This is why we should build a wall.

  46. maty v:

    maty v:45 phút trước

    Bonnie muere al final

  47. the gaming clown

    the gaming clown45 phút trước

    So in all the toy story movie Woody gets lost like this is how the Pixar boss is Boss: so we making 4 toy story movie and we need to make this a good movie but how ? Employee: how about we make Woody lost in every single movie Boss: that's a great idea

  48. Rogério Lopes

    Rogério Lopes45 phút trước


  49. Chris C

    Chris C45 phút trước

    Not diverse enough - easy boycott

  50. Nathan X.

    Nathan X.45 phút trước

    1:12 is that real ray tracing?

  51. Waffles_Hype _

    Waffles_Hype _45 phút trước

    Omg! I can’t wait!

  52. 特利

    特利45 phút trước

    My Childhood 😍😍😍😍😍

  53. Arpec Pc

    Arpec Pc45 phút trước

    Alguien habla español deja tu like para k charlemos ok

  54. Grand Teenager

    Grand Teenager46 phút trước

    I have a feeling that Bow will be the classic "twist" of the story

  55. ZL Lord Plays

    ZL Lord Plays46 phút trước

    Mds q nostalgia pqp

  56. Don’t Read My Profile Picture

    Don’t Read My Profile Picture46 phút trước

    What was your favorite *Toy Story* Like : *1-2* Comment : *3-4* Btw don’t read my name

  57. Athena's Animation Studio

    Athena's Animation Studio43 phút trước


  58. Merw An

    Merw An46 phút trước

    Don't trust the new fucker

  59. Philomena Polina

    Philomena Polina46 phút trước

    I was about to be cynical but that spork is a big mood

  60. Justin G

    Justin G46 phút trước

    OMG yesssss so excited!!!!!!!

  61. Lidyane Carla

    Lidyane Carla46 phút trước

    Quem for brasileiro curte

  62. Emily French

    Emily French46 phút trước

    How many times are we remaking Toy Story 2?

  63. しらこ笑笑笑

    しらこ笑笑笑46 phút trước


  64. Sage Thomas Hablian

    Sage Thomas Hablian46 phút trước

    2:00 that cant be andy! He looks different, if that is andy i dont know if i can watch it since he looks soo different. Let me know what you think

  65. NiellBlaze

    NiellBlaze47 phút trước

    Damn woody, you'll finally get laid.

  66. hdmat101

    hdmat10147 phút trước

    Mr Potato Head says the n word 😔

  67. giovanni malanni

    giovanni malanni47 phút trước

    My favourite film😍😍

  68. A b

    A b47 phút trước


  69. Linda asevedo Nunes

    Linda asevedo Nunes47 phút trước

  70. Amari

    Amari47 phút trước

    Toy Story 4: Woody has an existential crisis.

  71. Kyler Dallas

    Kyler Dallas47 phút trước

    Welcome back, childhood.

  72. Matthew Arenson

    Matthew Arenson47 phút trước

    I am going to say there will be flash backs on what happed to her.

  73. Fran Sammartino

    Fran Sammartino47 phút trước

    No entendí una mierda lo que dijeron pero la quiero ver

  74. Dom TV

    Dom TV47 phút trước

    Bonnie and the kid playing a tablet in ralph wrecks the internet looks the same. Yeah?

  75. Tatiana Varona

    Tatiana Varona48 phút trước


  76. Clémence

    Clémence48 phút trước

    thanks for the 21:9, really

  77. Sugary Nugget

    Sugary Nugget48 phút trước

    Toy Story is basically my childhood! Am excited~

  78. Vane V ART

    Vane V ART48 phút trước

    Omg i want Drawing all this beautiful toys now😆🎨🥰💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  79. Beatriz Felix

    Beatriz Felix48 phút trước

    Se inscreva no meu canal e deiche seu like

  80. Saul RD

    Saul RD48 phút trước

    *Todo por una cuchara*

  81. Kemarin Khim

    Kemarin Khim48 phút trước

    Ahh literally the ONLY thing Disney seems to do right these days.

  82. Xx-SkiSki-xX

    Xx-SkiSki-xX49 phút trước

    Ima just drop a Goosebumps reference here about those tuxedo dolls-

  83. xxFortniteGamer1802xx 2018

    xxFortniteGamer1802xx 201849 phút trước

    YES Finally There S A Toy Story 4 Hopefully There s A Cars 4 Maybe There s Maybe A Chance Just Maybe

  84. Meow Glab

    Meow Glab49 phút trước

    The ending of toy story 3 was perfect. Why are they doing this. They ruined a PERFECT ENDING. WHY.

  85. JayLivingLife

    JayLivingLife49 phút trước

    let Toy Story die already man

  86. Zeronix The Gamer

    Zeronix The Gamer49 phút trước

    Y'all ready for this?!

  87. rn mbt

    rn mbt49 phút trước

    New ytp

  88. Masterof Magic

    Masterof Magic49 phút trước

    Toy Story 2 remake with difderent storyline.

  89. The Lonely Dragon

    The Lonely Dragon49 phút trước

    I like the aspect of "you can have all this and forget Bonnie, or leave all this and make _the_ child happy"

  90. Dina_ Thb

    Dina_ Thb49 phút trước

    Can't wait

  91. Animation in Virinchi

    Animation in Virinchi50 phút trước

    Oh this is so amazingly good. Do anyone of u had goosebumps while watching it, ofcourse I do got 'em

  92. po lar

    po lar50 phút trước

    Pasé toda mi niñez esperando está película la cuarta parte y ahora tengo 12!!!!!😱😰😫😬

  93. Dino David

    Dino David50 phút trước

    If you guys pause at 0:04, you can see Boo from Monsters Inc. making a cameo, she's right there at the right☺️

  94. Shen Shen

    Shen Shen50 phút trước

    But they never get old !

  95. Bella Mazzei

    Bella Mazzei50 phút trước

    this made me surprisingly emotional

  96. David Agut

    David Agut50 phút trước


  97. Sim

    Sim50 phút trước

    Yay another toy story movie. I've got my box of tissues ready

  98. ArtblockOnTheFrontLawn

    ArtblockOnTheFrontLawn50 phút trước

    everyone, draw woody x forky art. Mwahaha


    SHORT CUT50 phút trước

    I am very existing to see this movie and you everyone

  100. Dalas calvo

    Dalas calvo50 phút trước

    Toy Story -- Woody goes to save Buzz Toy Story 2 -- Buzz goes to save Woody Toy Story 3 -- Woody goes to save Buzz (and the other toys) Toy Story 4 -- Buzz goes to save Woody (and Forky)

  101. 毒入り大根

    毒入り大根50 phút trước


  102. Luan Silva

    Luan Silva51 phút trước

    Aqui está o o comentário em português q voce tava procurando