Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer


  1. J. I

    J. I27 phút trước

    I bet Forky is the next entry into the Pixar Theory

  2. el pato

    el pato27 phút trước

    when you are out of ideas for a new character in a movie so you make a fork

  3. Eissa_ Rasouli

    Eissa_ Rasouli27 phút trước

    Finally at last I can see my awaiting movie in Disney I've been waiting for it to come

  4. JOHN SUH Kim

    JOHN SUH Kim27 phút trước

    1:01 Toy Story making an *Attack On Titan* homage!

  5. Gui_61

    Gui_6127 phút trước

    Deve ser top

  6. Lluvia _Yt

    Lluvia _Yt27 phút trước

    Soy el comentario español q buscabas xd

  7. wyll Hazard

    wyll Hazard27 phút trước


  8. AXNL

    AXNL27 phút trước

    We already have a great ending at toy story 3

  9. king king

    king king28 phút trước

    I'm Cry

  10. Salavan73

    Salavan7328 phút trước

    Oh may

  11. my account is legit

    my account is legit28 phút trước

    I don't know why 14000 people would dislike this

  12. Jay mehta

    Jay mehta28 phút trước

    i'm 23yr old, but daymnn,i gonna watch this

  13. abdul doumbia

    abdul doumbia28 phút trước

    Damn this one seems like it's really going to be a tear jerker. What will Woody chose? His lost love Bo Peep or Bonnie the new child that Andy passed him that's gonna be a tough decision.

  14. 鈴木遥

    鈴木遥28 phút trước


  15. Cal N

    Cal N28 phút trước

    I miss andy

  16. Mia

    Mia28 phút trước

    What happened to toy story 1?

  17. john's banana

    john's banana28 phút trước

    the atmosphere of this movie is sooo scary and depressing

  18. Habe

    Habe28 phút trước

    Bo thicc Also why she look like Barbie?

  19. random8511

    random851128 phút trước


  20. unhappiness

    unhappiness29 phút trước

    ...woody is cowboy. Cowboy has guns. I seeeee

  21. Jared The Gamer

    Jared The Gamer29 phút trước

    12M Views in 21 Hours wow.

  22. Countryside Driver

    Countryside Driver29 phút trước

    A movie without Andy is not a Toy story movie This is real. If we turn into adults either we dispose the toys or donate it

  23. かもゲームor KamoGuitar

    かもゲームor KamoGuitar29 phút trước


  24. Ligaya villafuerte

    Ligaya villafuerte29 phút trước

    the trailer just gave the whole plot, why do i even have to watch

  25. Applemirer

    Applemirer29 phút trước


  26. ひよっと

    ひよっと29 phút trước


  27. Protoss Tassadar

    Protoss Tassadar29 phút trước

    I'm gonna cry on this.

  28. Branyon Heffley

    Branyon Heffley30 phút trước

    Where’s Barbie and Ken?

  29. brokechanic

    brokechanic31 phút trước

    I’m about to sleep, and then I remembered that this trailer dropped Then I get hit by FCKN SCARY DOLLS💀💀💀 No sleeping tonight

  30. Ana

    Ana31 phút trước

    Sensação de que vou chorar muito...🤔😭

  31. ShadowCookie 20

    ShadowCookie 2031 phút trước

    Early? No.

  32. Eden Leave

    Eden Leave31 phút trước

    Is this a kids movie or a horror movie Also it actually looks like Disney copied the spoof of Toy Story with the Swedish Creativeness toy


    ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΣ ΣΕΡΒΕΤΑΣ31 phút trước

    Oooo new movie i remember watching toy storie movies as a 4 5 and 6 year old now im 11

  34. Zealline Virginia

    Zealline Virginia31 phút trước

    12M views already what the hell...

  35. shaggy

    shaggy31 phút trước

    I can't wait noe

  36. ROSE 0304

    ROSE 030431 phút trước


  37. Cuisine Marocaine

    Cuisine Marocaine31 phút trước


  38. HippoButtSecks

    HippoButtSecks31 phút trước

    The Spork industry's gonna be BOOMING after this.

  39. 21 Xerxes Wvashti Harem

    21 Xerxes Wvashti Harem31 phút trước

    Seconds Tick. John is an innocent Pixar designer. He was not accused. Everything was prayed over to. We had to give him his chance. He is not guilty of immorality. In our eyes, Mister EL did not do acts of death. I suppose kids can protect him. BTW. If you call Harvey "a prophet" he loses his chances. Information Provided. TS. WYMW.

  40. gaytariyan

    gaytariyan32 phút trước

    I gasped.

  41. Monkey swirl GAMER

    Monkey swirl GAMER32 phút trước

    I was made to help a child I don’t remember it being so hard

  42. Pequenas Historias

    Pequenas Historias32 phút trước

    Ahhh ja to emocionada,deem uma olhadinha no meu canal

  43. kfore

    kfore32 phút trước

    0:02 Wish my parents were this proud...

  44. Loris

    Loris32 phút trước

    All my childhood

  45. Deconverted Man

    Deconverted Man32 phút trước

    So, how does this fit into the pixar timeline if spoons can come to life? O_o;!

  46. OGs_Earther

    OGs_Earther32 phút trước

    OMG I cant Belive this

  47. opinionated beauty

    opinionated beauty32 phút trước

    If my children are not interested, my husband and I for sure are!!

  48. 돼랑찌 -TV

    돼랑찌 -TV32 phút trước

    영상잘보고 가요..구독과 추천^^

  49. Töbïrämä Senju

    Töbïrämä Senju32 phút trước


  50. Ana Carolyne

    Ana Carolyne32 phút trước


  51. Agueda Gabriel Quispe Santa cruz

    Agueda Gabriel Quispe Santa cruz32 phút trước

    Ahhhh no entendi anda weno algo pero nada

  52. Gawrawa Attampala

    Gawrawa Attampala32 phút trước

    this is coming out on my birthday!!!!!!!!

  53. 電影製作公司杜鵑窩

    電影製作公司杜鵑窩32 phút trước


  54. Legendary Assassin

    Legendary Assassin33 phút trước

    Cant wait to see this one.

  55. Bassma Luhan

    Bassma Luhan33 phút trước


  56. blue red OPr8

    blue red OPr833 phút trước

    Bo beeps villian

  57. sbstyler 90

    sbstyler 9033 phút trước

    You know your an adult and not a kid anymore when you view the main character of a kids movie having an existential crisis

  58. ThE grEAT

    ThE grEAT33 phút trước

    Just watching this brings tears out of me. Cant wait.

  59. _ Villalba

    _ Villalba33 phút trước

    Where is Jessie.?

  60. John Trex

    John Trex33 phút trước

    With sexs subliminars message too like the others?

  61. Lilyana Rizal

    Lilyana Rizal33 phút trước

    The storyline is so adult but yet it looks so perfect for kids :’)

  62. Sandile Mutasa

    Sandile Mutasa33 phút trước

    Please No more a toy Story sequels..unbelievable!!!!!!!!

  63. Yousif Tareq

    Yousif Tareq33 phút trước

    Wow hay, Tom Hanks is still alive?

  64. o_o

    o_o34 phút trước

    2019: the year of sequels

  65. TheKHfan358over3d

    TheKHfan358over3d34 phút trước

    please don't have xehanort show up please don't have xehanort show up *Xehanort shows up in the comment section* What will forky choose? the light? or the darkness? if he chooses the darkness we can use him to be our 13th member. NOOOOOO

  66. Flickér

    Flickér34 phút trước


  67. Talaka Memes

    Talaka Memes34 phút trước

    I have a bad feeling that the crew (Rex, ham, Jessie, etc.) are gonna get sidelined in this film, I really hope not, I hope everyone gets a reasonable amount of screen time

  68. Manish Gupta

    Manish Gupta34 phút trước

    Will society accept me if i watch this movie in theatre becoz I am 21 years old

  69. SKY

    SKY34 phút trước

    Soo...much excited😊😊😊!!

  70. Green Ice

    Green Ice35 phút trước

    no one mentioned the bg music??? cmonnn its from bioshock infinite bruhh

  71. ああ

    ああ35 phút trước


  72. William Zendzian

    William Zendzian35 phút trước


  73. Adel Ghasemi

    Adel Ghasemi35 phút trước

    This cartoon spans my whole entire life before i was born the first one was came out and now the forth one

  74. Matt G

    Matt G35 phút trước

    ...but why?

  75. Zac Jones

    Zac Jones35 phút trước

    Everyone: we have an announcement to make.

  76. Aladdin Loves Jasmin

    Aladdin Loves Jasmin35 phút trước


  77. Barry B. Benson

    Barry B. Benson35 phút trước

    Looks like Bo will be having a friend in her.

  78. Bludclone

    Bludclone35 phút trước

    Keep milking the franchise

  79. Cm B

    Cm B35 phút trước

    That's not Andy

  80. Itsagrata 55

    Itsagrata 5535 phút trước

    I just watched the entire movie.

  81. Infinity54

    Infinity5435 phút trước

    Jsuis presser ! I exciting !

  82. Barry B. Benson

    Barry B. Benson36 phút trước

    Great, now a bunch of people are going to glue googly eyes to a spork.

  83. john patric sia

    john patric sia36 phút trước


  84. Dukklinn068

    Dukklinn06836 phút trước

    1:58 Nobody’s gonna talk about how Andy looks like this

  85. Thumping Thromnambular

    Thumping Thromnambular36 phút trước

    You could shoot a black and white film of a dog taking a dump and play 'God only Knows' over it, and I'll start tearing up.

  86. Thanatosx

    Thanatosx36 phút trước

    I hit at the notification so hard

  87. SciFiTrav

    SciFiTrav36 phút trước

    seems like that uncomfortable "4th chapter" after the end of a perfect trilogy :(

  88. KEYSU

    KEYSU36 phút trước


  89. Sean Cabanayan

    Sean Cabanayan36 phút trước


  90. Little Nutshell

    Little Nutshell36 phút trước

    Shipping movie characters is a bus *Last stop Jessie* *Next Stop Bo*

  91. NitroCharizard

    NitroCharizard36 phút trước

    None of this dialogue ever lines up with an actual mouth onscreen, this trailer editing is driving me nuts for some reason.

  92. TheShadowfire204

    TheShadowfire20436 phút trước

    You grew up with Toy Story and Toy Story 2 Toy Story 3 made you cry Toy Story 4 will make you depressed Toy Story 5 will have you contemplating suicide

  93. O'hare

    O'hare36 phút trước

    can't wait to watch

  94. real vibe killer

    real vibe killer36 phút trước

    There's a snake in my boot!

  95. Nick gaming

    Nick gaming37 phút trước

    Finally....... New toy story...😉😉

  96. Phạm Thành

    Phạm Thành37 phút trước

    Oh yeah

  97. FallenBlueAngel

    FallenBlueAngel37 phút trước

    1:37 is that tin toy next to bo peep?

  98. ꧁Pugnacious ꧂

    ꧁Pugnacious ꧂37 phút trước


  99. Aniq Bazly

    Aniq Bazly37 phút trước

    My dream come true!!😄😄

  100. Uzumaki Naruto

    Uzumaki Naruto37 phút trước

    they said the ending is going to be sad