TRUE STORIES that will Restore Your Faith in Humanity


  1. Paige DePace

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    Azzy,it’s ok if u cry I will not make fun of u (plz like):)

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    I love foxes too

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    wow im mind blown

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    azzy meh birthday is on march 22 this vid was posted on my b-day and the chemo post was posted on my b-day

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    im not crying....... I TOLD U IM NOT CRYING LEAVE ME ALONE T^T

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    my dad makes sacrifices to see me at least every other weekend he lives in seatlle and im in california

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    Azzy I hope this you see this because I am half philipino and my grandparents live with me and they watch the news from the Philippines and about once a month there is a food there and it makes me sad to see the people who can’t get out of the floods. and I have a friend who had cancer when she was younger and she has thankfully been recovered for years and the thing is she recovered when she was 5 yet she doesn’t have much hair still because after her chemo her hair barely grew and she can’t do much even though she has been recovered for so long when she has to sit out of gym and looks lonely my friends and I ask our teacher if one of us can sit with her and she always lets me sit with her. Don’t feel alone Azzy because I was crying during this video to

  9. Itz_Lexi Crystal

    Itz_Lexi Crystal5 giờ trước

    When I heard the word Phillipens I went to my mum and said “Mum I love you”


    RIDICULOUSLY RENY5 giờ trước

    There is a five year old girl in my school that is paralyzed from chest down and our shool raised money to build a wheel chair accessible playground for her.

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    Azzy Is SO Sweet And BoOtIfUl:D :p

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    Omg I’m crying 😭


    BUBS BUBBY6 giờ trước



    BUBS BUBBY6 giờ trước

    im crying so much

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    I do to

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    I love finding out about this kind of stuff, it warms my heart

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    I wanna knit sweaters for them, and I don't even know how to knit! -AzzyLand 2019

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    i dont know how yo tell you thus azzy but the penguins arent real.

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    My dad went through kimo. 1 like=1 pray

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    Im literally crying. That is so sweet

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    I love Vox to😢😢😄

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    Are foxes a breed of cat or dog?

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    March 22nd is my B-day

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    I. Love. Foxy

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    {\__/} (0 - 0) (>💗

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    i have a story for u Azzy so one day when i went to church the priest was talking about praise ur parents and stuff and one of the lady that says the prayers was crying bc her parents died but i took my time out of listening and got up there and have her a happy hug but i did not get in troulble for getting up there bc they knew it was just a message to people so yeah like if u love Azzy i love u all so much stay awsome stay sweet and dont forget to be nice to eachother bye bye hehe

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    I started tearing up at the paralyze man part 😭

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    Is someone cutting onions in the room??

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    Sweet amazing heart warming 😊❤❤

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    Actually the philippines is a tropical country. I know this beacuse I am from the philippines ❤️❤️

  33. Prue Agar

    Prue Agar23 giờ trước

    Azzy did u know that you can get a license to have a pet Ferrnec Fox!?

  34. Sora crazy anime unicorn

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    I've met someone 108 yrs old not relivent but yeah

  35. Emma Washburn

    Emma Washburn23 giờ trước

    I love how kindness works as well one time where I live in Grand Junction a girl with cancer I am really love Taylor Swift songs so everybody put blue tape on the side the car so is it Taylor Swift with me destiny I think her name was wait around I think she might’ve passed away but I don’t really know but Taylor Swift actually did go to visit her one day it was amazing to see on the news channel!!!!🤗🤗😊

  36. Peyton Brown

    Peyton BrownNgày trước

    11:48 The worst part

  37. Goliath_beast_ Follow at instant

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    The one with the dog 🐕 I would totally do One time my friend was driving a car because my dad lives in the country so we drive up and down the rock Road E forgot to put on the break he ran into the pond I had my puppy I got out and I had him on my shoulders

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    I wish THAT MY brother would clean to toilet 🚽 after he took a pepe

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    Feel the same about foxes also you are awsome

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    I used to live in the Phillippines and yes, azzy it is warm in the philippines.

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    The real point of JUSTICE system

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    Who lived in philipphines no one ok me

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    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

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    Good night youtube

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    In the end of the vid i WAS gonna sleep and i think i HEARd stay sleepy in the end😂😂

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    Its true I RELLy PROMISE

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    I took screenshots!

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    “I’m not crying! you’re just cutting Onions” What? i’m not cutting onions..NAMJOON IS (hai i’m army)

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    (Fox one)* gets stuck* *fox: I need help I'm scared* HA WHOS DA VHICKEN NOW BOCK BWOCK BWOCK

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    I crying so much

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    In hart

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    I’m touching you good

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    Azzy loves da wermth.

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    KAPWA PINOY!!!!!! And yes..... youre right, its so hot here in the philippines

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    I’m actually crying right now Because I was watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1 Where Hermione makes her parents forget about he 😭😭

  57. Cooley kid

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    Have you seen alexa and Katie alexa has Kemo and Katie shaves her head for alexa

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    {\_/} ( •• ) (•🍭) | |

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    These are the cutest and sweetest stories i've ever seen ^_^😍

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    6:32 she said MEOW instead of NOW

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    Honestly I agree with Azzy foxes are so cute!

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    0:17 if the girl is blind and the guy made a 3D model of the baby why did Azzy say they made it so she could she the baby 🤦‍♀️

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    Is it bad that my aunt and the rest of my family is in my home country while my here in nj so my mom’s friend feels like my aunt and She has a cat! Named after my brother :D

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    And I love ❤️ her

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    My baby sister has down syndrome

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    Invisible ninja cutting onions ;c

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    Your beautiful Not just today Everyday

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    Azzy its ok to cry it only shows how kind hearted you are

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    Foxes are my favourite animal and animals are always the best thing in the would

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    #DontQuoteMeOnThis "It probly (spelled it wrong) warm there"


    DANIEL VLAMESNgày trước

    but in the philippines it IS WARM

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    Im A Real Superhero too! *I Save My Foods From People*


    XXX TENTACULESNgày trước

    I cried so much everyone I hug feels the warmth for my heart after I watched this

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    It doesn't exactly warm my heart..... it makes my tummy feel good inside 😂 anyone else???? 😂

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    I love you!

  76. Sophia plays roblox and Minecraft Chung

    Sophia plays roblox and Minecraft ChungNgày trước

    If I reacted it to that I would just cry to much I would need some tissues ;-;

  77. Flaming Fnaf Fennec Fox

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    "Everybody deserves to be included. Everybody deserves to have fun." -Azzy (2019-2020)

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    My spirit animal is a fox

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    3:48 my mom thai

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    I am from phillipines

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    The blind kid eggs made me cry

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    Same I love foxes cause I love dogs and cats and together it makes Fox half ca5 half dog

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    I was crying inside but not outside because I didn't want my mom to see me

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    You think no a fox looks like a dog and cat mix, wait till you see a dingo.

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    Did anyone else cry throughout the video? No just me ok

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    This video literally made me cry

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    “People are either ok or bad.....” -Said the stupidest person in the world

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    Omg i use to live in the Philippines but I had to move because we sorta poor

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    I love foxes too especially because my name is Emily fox

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    I feel soulless from not crying.

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    Ps love your vids

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    OMG azzy i began to cry 3 times this vidioe

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    Yep,it is ready HOT in the Philippines 🇵🇭🔥

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    I was emotionless but... This made me cry I think it brought back my emotion..

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    8:18 who else is from Philippines ? I am

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    2:10 her eyes are watering CMXD

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    Also HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!

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    We are cutting onions together aren’t we

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    Did anyone else hear meow when she said now 6:33 when it was the cat