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    In this Change My Mind we discuss the claim that Donald Trump is a racist. Which arguments did you find the most compelling? And which were the most ridiculous?

  2. Rob Roy

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    @eman987100 he isn't on a college campus you twat, he's in front of the white house chatting with the average voter. He debates more competent people that you would prefer ( as most leftists and their ideas are thick as shit ) when they grow the balls to have a debate and don't try to shut his events down like wee pussies.

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    Trump Is a White Nationalist Who Inspires Terrorism Don’t pretend his teleprompter speech changes anything. A decade ago, Daryl Johnson, then a senior terrorism analyst at the Department of Homeland Security, wrote a report about the growing danger of right-wing extremism in America. Citing economic dislocation, the election of the first African-American president and fury about immigration, he concluded that “the threat posed by lone wolves and small terrorist cells is more pronounced than in past years.” When the report leaked, conservative political figures sputtered with outrage, indignant that their ideology was being linked to terrorism. The report warned, correctly, that right-wing radicals would try to recruit disgruntled military veterans, which conservatives saw as a slur on the troops. Homeland Security, cowed, withdrew the document. In May 2009, Johnson’s unit, the domestic terrorism team, was disbanded, and he left government the following year. Johnson was prescient, though only up to a point. He expected right-wing militancy to escalate throughout Barack Obama’s administration, but to subside if a Republican followed him. Ordinarily, the far-right turns to terrorism when it feels powerless; the Oklahoma City bombing happened during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and all assassinations of abortion providers in the United States have taken place during Democratic administrations. During Republican presidencies, paranoid right-wing demagogy tends to recede, and with it, right-wing violence. But that pattern doesn’t hold when the president himself is a paranoid right-wing demagogue. “The fact that they’re still operating at a high level during a Republican administration goes against all the trending I’ve seen in 40 years,” Johnson told me. Donald Trump has kept the far right excited and agitated. “He is basically the fuel that’s been poured onto a fire,” said Johnson. This past weekend, that fire appeared to rage out of control, when a young man slaughtered shoppers at a Walmart in El Paso. A manifesto he reportedly wrote echoed Trump’s language about an immigrant “invasion” and Democratic support for “open borders.” It even included the words “send them back.” He told investigators he wanted to kill as many Mexicans as he could. Surrendering to political necessity, Trump gave a brief speech on Monday decrying white supremacist terror: “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy.” He read these words robotically from a teleprompter, much as he did after the racist riot in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017, when, under pressure, he said, “Racism is evil - and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs.” Back then, it took about a day for the awkward mask of minimal decency to drop; soon, he was ranting about the “very fine people” among the neo-Nazis. Nevertheless, on Monday some insisted on pretending that Trump’s words marked a turning point. “He really did set a different tone than he did in the past when it comes to condemning this hate,” said Weijia Jiang, White House correspondent for CBS News. If history is any guide, it won’t be long before the president returns to tweeting racist invective and encouraging jingoist hatreds at his rallies. In the meantime, everyone should be clear that what Trump said on Monday wasn’t nearly enough. He has stoked right-wing violence and his administration has actively opposed efforts to fight it. Further, he’s escalating his incitement of racial grievance as he runs for re-election, as shown by his attacks on the four congresswomen of color known as the squad, as well as the African-American congressman Elijah Cummings. One desultory speech does not erase Trump’s politics of arson, or the complicity of the Republicans who continue to enable it. It’s true that the Obama White House, giving in to Republican intimidation, didn’t do enough to combat violent white supremacy. But Trump rolled back even his predecessor’s modest efforts, while bringing the language of white nationalism into mainstream politics. His administration canceled Obama-era grants to groups working to counter racist extremism. Dave Gomez, a former F.B.I. supervisor who oversaw terrorism cases, told The Washington Post that the agency hasn’t been as aggressive as it might be against the racist right because of political concerns. “There’s some reluctance among agents to bring forth an investigation that targets what the president perceives as his base,” he said. “It’s a no-win situation for the F.B.I. agent or supervisor.” On Monday, by coincidence, Cesar Sayoc Jr., the man who sent package bombs to Democrats and journalists he viewed as hostile to Trump, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. In a court filing, his defense lawyers describe how he was radicalized. “He truly believed wild conspiracy theories he read on the internet, many of which vilified Democrats and spread rumors that Trump supporters were in danger because of them,” they wrote. “He heard it from the president of the United States, a man with whom he felt he had a deep personal connection.” He became a terrorist as a result of taking the president both seriously and literally. Trump probably couldn’t bottle up the hideous forces he’s helped unleash even if he wanted to, and there’s little sign he wants to. If the president never did or said another racist thing, said Johnson, “it’s still going to take years for the momentum of these movements to slow and to die down.” As it is, Trump’s grudging anti-racism is unlikely to last the week. The memory of the mayhem he’s inspired should last longer.

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    This should be called. Let me tell you why I'm I am a sheep. Trump is a racist. His cabinet was full of millionaires. He employed alt right leaders.... that's should say it all

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    “We have freedom of speech ... they are only arrested if they say hateful things “ 😂😂🤦‍♂️

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    Can we talk about the cake this man has ?😍

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    Trump cures cancer brings world peace SJWs - RACIST RRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Crowder I hope you see this because I would like to know your opinion on late shows such as SNL or people like Steven Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Kimmel and so on, are they wrong for making fun of Trump or is it fine that they may make false statements about politics I would also like to know your opinion on all of Trumps tweets (the bad ones (ones reaching out to other politicians)

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    Oh. My. God. It has finally been proven why Trump is a racist! Sit down for this, it may stun you all! Trump has taken away a black woman's free obamaphone, and welfare for people that don't want to work.

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    25:30 she got mad😂😂

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    Nome sayin, nome sayin, nome sayin, nome sayin...

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    Why would this landwhale move to Finland.

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    I think the Finnish chick would have been alot calmer if that douche bag with the bull horn wasn't there

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    Crowder made that German woman look like a total fool. Notice her little uncomfortable laugh everytime Steven Debunked one of her idiotic claims. That laugh of hers is her subconsciously realizing that she is wrong. I would bet money that she will go back and watch this video, and realize how she is wrong with her views.

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    I'm not racist, but that chick was fat.

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    Do we really need to import more stupid sjws.

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    It wears me out that libtards deny that obama did these things!

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    Democrats have made minorities feel like they have to be dependent on the government. They need to realize this is a major part of their oppression

  20. Christian Leske

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    Hi Steven. Just discovered your show. I live in Germany. We have a Basic law. (Which we had no vote in, so it’s more put in place by the gov). Article 5,1 it grants the people freedom in spoken and written words. It’s limited by regulations of general laws. I interpret it as your „call to Action“. But because it is not absolutely clear, I think there lies the danger. Too much room for interpretation. So you where as right as the german woman, I think. Although she spoke about hateful speech...well, then I guess she might have been more wrong...(see? Too much room) Love your approach!

  21. Patrick Gibson

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    So, at the end of the day, you need to pre-warn poor people, instead of post-warning know what I'm saying?

  22. Simply Tony

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    Donald Trump is NOT Racist. It cant be proven or disproved because people can simply lie right. What Trump did in his campaign to presidency was us race to manipulate the country to shift blame of their own problems to a minority ex. Mexicans. It worked he is now president, hes not racist, but what he did in his campaign paved the road for racism to flourish even more than it used to be. I agree with crowder here, but to say Trump isn't responsible for racism growing as it has in his 1st term is absurd. I really wish I was in that seat discussing this topic I'd make a better case. P.S- I'm NOT a liberal lol

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    And here is President Trump being racist again /obvious sarcasm. Ya fools.

  24. OhioStateTexan

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    If Trump is a racist, he sure sucks at it. Lol. Ya know, all those jobs, approval, people he’s hired, people in his cabinet, etc. Also Trump’s clear condemnation of white supremacists and real racists. Good video Mr. Crowder. You also always have the facts. +1,000,000. Wow. She went dumber than I thought possible. She hates Trump but wants the government (one of the three branches currently run by President Trump) to be able to shut her up. Talk about cognitive dissonance.


    LAST CALLNgày trước

    *Mexican is a nationality.* *German is a nationality.* *American is a nationality.*

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    Weird how quick that guy's voice turned into white noise

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    I should be in bed rn. But I've been binge watching and I can't stop. Oh sweet Jesus save me.

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    How was this bitch going to talk about Nazis but be from a country the country that Started World War II as well as the Nazi regime and Joe’s people for using “offensive speech”

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    This is how many times the black girl said “you know what AAAH seeehhiin!?”

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    Her friend probably standing there like 😳 i dont know her

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    "No, they are arrested for using HATEFUL speech!" *proceeds to scream swear words at the crowd*

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    How well do you think accepting European refugees went for the Native Americans? This is planet Earth we are all human beings we should go wherever we want to and nobody should have the right to deny someone of a better life.

  33. Phaedra Serna

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    Obama called for more border control, spent money for the border, separated children and called the criminals out. He is racist. That's your argument. Must be true.

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    Everybody wants to bash Trump but nobody wants to talk about want Obama and the Clintons have done under our noses.

  35. Marilyn Bowles

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    How is protecting ourselves racism? I lock my door at night and I carry around mace with me when I have to work late at night? Is that racism because I want to protect myself and my sisters from danger lol?

  36. KESchaefer

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    I find it HIGHLY offensive that just because I want stronger immigration laws and protecting people in my country that, now I am automatically a racist. You have no idea who I am and what I believe. You have NO RIGHT to call me a racist.

  37. John Christian

    John Christian2 ngày trước

    is a private gated residential area racist for protecting its property? countries have been invaded since time began, its natural for humans to protect their territory ! has nothing to do with race. i close my gate to prevent all predators both human & animal. These people are not even referring to racism, they talk about political decisions being made.

  38. John Christian

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    RACISM : prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group! the open boarder acceptance of refugees in Germany has proved to be chaos for the German economy! Germany is now terrified of having to make up the loses from Brexit & the UKs independence ! Crime is up, Unemployment is up, property prices down.. no one ever talks about the immigrants who go through the right channels & save money to apply to be part of a nation through legal paths..

  39. Joe Schlotthauer

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    "HATE SPEECH" is completely subjective...

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    Bitch is dumber than a box of rocks


    FFAGAMING3 ngày trước

    "No wut I sain"? Said 79 times. "But at da dend o da day", 45 times.

  42. Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata

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    Even if Trump was racist, if he does a good job as President then what would it matter? He hasn't done anything that negatively impacts a group of people based on race, so if he hated a race why would it matter? I can hate chickens but have chickens on my farm and take care of them...hating something doesn't mean you can't take care of them. For all your stupid people out there, nothing I said means I think he is racist, I don't think he is and I think he is a great President.

  43. Jonathan Cobb

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    Nothing but mindless sheep...

  44. Jonathan Cobb

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    So, she was ok with the nutcase spewing his hate bit not others....hypocrite

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    Shut that shit music up damn

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    Liberals “Yes I know those are fact but I still believe what I think is more true than facts.”

  47. Ur Mom

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    Trump is racist because I said he is and if you say different than you are racist

  48. David Alvarez

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    I don’t see it. Trump is not racist. I’m black by the way. Not that it should even matter. I self identify as a cactus 🌵

  49. ClownMask The Rapper

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    I identify as a miner from the 1920’s

  50. Hecatrice

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    I think he is racist, but of course we can't look into someone's soul and be 100% sure.

  51. Buddy Mercury

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    I'm black and Donald Trump's my nigga.Damn he ain't racist bruh,he's a honorable nigga.

  52. Mutant Raze

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    heavily questioning how the first 10 seconds have anything to do with the title other than clickbait

  53. Meshach  Ramirez

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    I’m a legal immigrant and this just stresses me out lmao. My dad waited 27 years to get to this country LEGALLY and you’re telling me to just let illegal immigrants just instantaneously become legal? Yeesh man

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    YoUr LyInG yOuUuUuUr LyInG Dumb bitch sounded like a cat calling for a mate

  55. Jarrett Øath

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    I Don't Shake With You!

  56. DarkchocolateDX

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    Didn't he call Haiti and African countries a shithole and say we don't need any more Haitians?

  57. Burner Fire

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    As a white dude with a black daughter.. to call both of us racist..that's fucked up.

  58. Burner Fire

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    Poverty line people seriously don't understand the stress of growing up in an upper class household where the parents expect you to do as good or better than them. People like that black..guy/girl, fucking annoy me.

  59. Burner Fire

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    It's hilarious that Conservatives are more Liberal than people calling themselves Liberals.

  60. Burner Fire

    Burner Fire5 ngày trước

    Fascists aren't as racist as she is, in-fact most aren't racist at all.

  61. Burner Fire

    Burner Fire5 ngày trước

    More terrorism in the U.S.A than Europe she says:

  62. Burner Fire

    Burner Fire5 ngày trước

    I'm okay with people not liking people based on skin color. That's not racism, it's preference. If they think a melanin tone makes someone superior to that of another outside UV/geographical survival rates then sure that's racist.

  63. Manos Pequeñitas

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    Thank you!

  64. Burner Fire

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    The fact she believes people think a certain way because they are a Conservative rather than knowing they are conservative because they think a certain way.

  65. That Native Guy

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    Jesus, these people don't want the truth, they just want to be heard. "Yknow wut I sayin, Yknow wut I sayin" NO! I dont know what you sayin!!

  66. Burner Fire

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    Maybe these refugees should fight in their military instead of running away?

  67. Garrumx

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    The fact that the guy with the loudspeaker isn't dead is proof that conservatives are some of the most patient people on the planet.