TRYING OUT NEW GAREN! | Conqueror on new Garen is good! | League of Legends


  1. Jarowit Petryk

    Jarowit Petryk6 ngày trước

    it hurts me when i see garen so squishy so vulnarable #lovefortankgaren

  2. Jarowit Petryk

    Jarowit Petryk6 ngày trước

    ok garen is op now, im lvl 7 garen and im afraid that... itz gonna be nerfed, perma banned perma picked and hated can't wait to see my champ get ruined... but spin is actually useful now it was so weak nd that spin didn't even worked with some runes like electrotude phase rush and conq that was sad

  3. Eric Chung

    Eric Chung15 ngày trước

    this guy is by far the most positive streamer.

  4. Adhunik Manav

    Adhunik Manav15 ngày trước

    this game is the wet dream of every Garen main.

  5. Nova

    Nova17 ngày trước

    Defenseless summoners on the rift slaughtered by merciless challenger (colorized, 2019)

  6. Ace2044 _

    Ace2044 _18 ngày trước

    Just curious, why wait to learn your ultimate?

  7. Mackal kewl

    Mackal kewl18 ngày trước

    @riste I love your content. The ceiling fan shows in the reflection of that clock and is super distracting.

  8. Hitokiri Battousai

    Hitokiri Battousai19 ngày trước

    Garen main here and judge me if you must but I will never feel comfortable playing Garen ever again. I was hoping for like a q ground smack skill shot but no they just buffed and already simple a day hated by quite a few champion

  9. Luter Leko

    Luter Leko19 ngày trước


  10. Luter Leko

    Luter Leko19 ngày trước

    does attack speed buff e what ?

  11. Zacrane Nearcaz

    Zacrane Nearcaz11 ngày trước

    Meaning more dmg per sec

  12. Zacrane Nearcaz

    Zacrane Nearcaz11 ngày trước

    Luter Leko the more attack speed you have the more spins you get

  13. Sneaky_ Ana

    Sneaky_ Ana19 ngày trước

    wait bcs it applies on hit effects do is also proc the slows from glacial augment?

  14. Malte Leirer

    Malte Leirer20 ngày trước

    Imagine not building titanic or ravenous.

  15. Reggae Marley

    Reggae Marley22 ngày trước

    I can see Riste mentally saying to him self, "damnit they made Garen broken. now my champ's actually going to get banned."

  16. Junway Lin

    Junway Lin22 ngày trước

    This e shouldnt be a thing

  17. Za Warudo!

    Za Warudo!22 ngày trước

    Is this PBE or live? Sorry, haven't played in months.

  18. Spirit ¡

    Spirit ¡22 ngày trước

    he said it few times, it's pbe

  19. Obi-Juan Kenobi

    Obi-Juan Kenobi22 ngày trước

    I feel like the only nerf he needs is a 50% damage reduction to minions and monsters on his E. He just does so much more damage than the other junglers and top laners

  20. Ano Nymous

    Ano Nymous22 ngày trước

    i just saw the hidden part of this title and imagined it would say " ... on new Garen is THE FUCKING BEST OH MY GOD STOP IT RIOT" - very pleased to see a honest, modest "good" making the title.

  21. glev

    glev22 ngày trước

    when cyclone is op in league too

  22. Vale Vena

    Vale Vena22 ngày trước

    Imagine being a No. 1 Garen

  23. Aya Ibuki

    Aya Ibuki23 ngày trước

    I enjoyed the video but, it made me really irritated that you level up your skills with mouse and not with CTRL + Q W E R And, why not use quick cast? It will make you play better

  24. Aya Ibuki

    Aya Ibuki21 ngày trước

    @Sean Wathen Yeah xD Well... of course ,he is really amazing, and i admire him and the way he plays, so my point is only to give him a friendly advice, not to try to say that i am better I hope he can read this though xD there are so many other comments

  25. Sean Wathen

    Sean Wathen21 ngày trước

    Lol umm wow, yeah. I'd never be brave enough to tell a challenger player how they should play the game. Riste obviously didn't have his normal settings but I think he managed.

  26. Volkan James

    Volkan James23 ngày trước

    vioda turk var amk

  27. Drunken Sheep

    Drunken Sheep23 ngày trước

    I love turks in team. They cant chat without be censored. Sadly i understand everyF word

  28. Didier Randriananahary

    Didier Randriananahary22 ngày trước

    and it's everywhere arena of valor must be the worst game they kuss a lot

  29. Lydia Köffler

    Lydia Köffler23 ngày trước

    The only reason your winning top is bc ur abusing ignite, hate players like you ... Too insecure to fight normally, so they have to rely on cheese to win the early game

  30. devilix123987

    devilix12398723 ngày trước

    abusing? You do realise everyone can click a button in champ select and use ignite as well lol, plus ignite sucks imo anyway, TP is far better.

  31. Bek T

    Bek T23 ngày trước

    Why do ppl cover up the jungle on the map?

  32. Dominykas Turčinavičius

    Dominykas Turčinavičius23 ngày trước

    Imagine the if you meet the new Garen on URF

  33. Furin Yossam

    Furin Yossam19 ngày trước

    U get kited easily by some cc champions coz of that 80% cdr even with tenacity

  34. Robke Robke

    Robke Robke23 ngày trước

    If u were going full damage build then it would have been an ez penta at 17:20 Garen with this rework is broken, like does he have any counters now?

  35. Joshua Osei

    Joshua Osei23 ngày trước

    It just means that Jax is a harder counter to him now, and I guess teemo cos teemo should be able to blind the damage from E, but if you think about it your playstyle hasn't changed _too_ much anyways, so it's not like counters would change either.

  36. daniel

    daniel23 ngày trước

    music at 18:55? and is there a playlist? thx

  37. Shintarou Satomi

    Shintarou Satomi23 ngày trước

    Ys play so bad :((

  38. KillerDeadXero

    KillerDeadXero23 ngày trước

    no click bait title and your content is still spot on to make me keep watching you!

  39. Matthew Chun

    Matthew Chun24 ngày trước

    eternals in lol, is literally stattrak in csgo, the cashgrab is real

  40. Trooper Scientists

    Trooper Scientists24 ngày trước

    Hm. ..maybe Garen should get some better auto animations tho

  41. devilix123987

    devilix12398723 ngày trước

    They already did, you just press E! (On the real though, Garen in general needs a full on revamp imo, i'm happy he has gotten some attention but he is so outdated this is still slightly disappointing...)

  42. gabriel gochev

    gabriel gochev24 ngày trước

    Not even deaths dance?

  43. Hekatos

    Hekatos24 ngày trước

    Riste: *takes 3rd kill° K On a serious note, seems to me his passive isn't as relevant as before in lategame , so I think either a Botrk or a Wit's end will be needed.

  44. Talgat Khamit

    Talgat Khamit24 ngày trước

    I hope they keep these changes

  45. Thicc Fish

    Thicc Fish24 ngày trước

    Conquerer is good Yasuo walks up to his level 1 with no minions, in a PBE first time game. Yes, undeniable proof CONQUERER is good. 0 Clickbait. I used to have respect for you.

  46. Thicc Fish

    Thicc Fish24 ngày trước

    @Megaman 2407 He had 3 procs before he even put a point into E, you fucking mongaloid

  47. Megaman 2407

    Megaman 240724 ngày trước

    Lv 1 One E insta proc conquerer it not broken how?

  48. T0xic

    T0xic24 ngày trước

    riste is colorblind????

  49. saeoeas

    saeoeas24 ngày trước

    beats yasuo 1v1 but misses 80% farm

  50. Devouer Sean

    Devouer Sean24 ngày trước

    All those garen mains out there, it's our time to shine

  51. ZombiexCat

    ZombiexCat24 ngày trước

    As a Garen main, I approve these changes :)

  52. kimplin

    kimplin24 ngày trước

    whats the point of eternals if people can just turn them off? Such a stupid concept

  53. Phoenix Fire

    Phoenix Fire24 ngày trước

    Botrk Garen?

  54. DamianTV

    DamianTV25 ngày trước

    This lady boys kinda alright

  55. Sammy Boy

    Sammy Boy25 ngày trước

    Hey Riste i wanted to point out that, if riot finds this too strong and nerfs it, to be “just viable”, what will happen to his all around nerfs and hits to his W and his other overall weaker skills? If E is balanced and becomes “just viable” overall the hero who needs a reword and buff to competitive play and high elo play in general garen, will be recieving a nerf Riste im seriously only looking out for you here bro, you keep on saying how everything is good, but what if E gets nerfed and balanced out, and he takes such a huge hit to his W and other skills toned down in general, where is your safety net? Where is the backup, he will be worse champion overall Seeing you as someone who mains garen, and i earnestly care about how well garen will do in the future, the risk that his W is taking too big a sacrifice, and other skills being toned down too much for an E that is broken, that will likely be fixed, is not worth it Im just trying to look out for you man, if E gets balanced, there is no backup plan, because you asked for W and everything else to be hit so hard

  56. Sammy Boy

    Sammy Boy22 ngày trước

    @devilix123987 yup i have faith in him, just hope it all works out

  57. devilix123987

    devilix12398723 ngày trước

    @Sammy Boy Well Garen sucks... so honestly the fact he is getting attention should be seen as a good thing. Riste knows more about this champion than any of us. He will continue to communicate to ensure this goes as smooth as possible.

  58. Sammy Boy

    Sammy Boy25 ngày trước

    Your putting all your eggs in one back up without a back up plan If E is good and creative and broken then great buff is worth it However if E is too broken and riot fixes it and make it barely viable Then all the nerfs you agreed to with all the other skills especially W will overall have a net negative affect on garen There is no back up plan, your agreeing to such a huge hit to garen, i wish you would see this comment as someone who is not trying to be negative, im trying to protect you and your garen just in worst case scenario where E gets balanced really well, but the the other skills just got a huge overall nerf especially W, and Garen identity changes way too much, 40Armor and 40 resist is a good balancing point with 160 creeps, 30/30 is just way too much risk involved

  59. Kyle Bartlett

    Kyle Bartlett25 ngày trước

    Any one know the music he is playing?

  60. Demacian

    Demacian25 ngày trước

    If you look closely to Garen's sword, everytime he auto attacks the sword let's out a shining light.

  61. George Harper

    George Harper25 ngày trước

    "I'll continue to max E" *maxes Q*

  62. Major Suchodolski

    Major Suchodolski25 ngày trước

    You could buy tiamat too

  63. edward melus

    edward melus25 ngày trước

    try leathal tempo on garen and see if he get a shit load of spins at lvl 1

  64. Altffyra

    Altffyra25 ngày trước

    19:57 yuumi- well fuck that

  65. Prof.Dementium

    Prof.Dementium25 ngày trước

    I wonder how he’s gonna feel now that you can cancel Q animation into E with enough attack speed

  66. devilix123987

    devilix12398723 ngày trước

    Oh it's defo great to play! reminds me of how it feels to play Camille once she gets the attack speed from stinger/triforce. the animations feels so smooth.

  67. Anik Boy

    Anik Boy25 ngày trước

    Tiamat is the first build hands down

  68. Tyler Kong

    Tyler Kong25 ngày trước

    tbh that yasuo is trash

  69. MythicalCom

    MythicalCom25 ngày trước

    Can garen 1v1 darius in lane easier now?or just survive easier?

  70. Gil Rodriguez

    Gil Rodriguez24 ngày trước

    MythicalCom After 1-2 items easy

  71. Aidan Weiss-Rice

    Aidan Weiss-Rice25 ngày trước

    "I think we're gonna go with the e max." Proceeds to max q

  72. Clayton Gold

    Clayton Gold25 ngày trước

    Why triforce e would only proc once why not bc

  73. Clayton Gold

    Clayton Gold22 ngày trước

    @devilix123987 dude u know that on hit procs and that borik healing affects the on hit same with tiamat so you heal alot and again as u said it urself wits end and some build dd you are more tanky with that build then triforce again bc makes you tankier then triforce You become a juggernaut drain tank with the build i listed

  74. devilix123987

    devilix12398723 ngày trước

    @Clayton Gold but by going that build you are not a juggernaut, you are squishy af. That would be like going cleaver into full Lethality on Darius. Riste is looking at Garen how he will aim to be balanced. Similar to Nunu, everyone will use full damage builds when it hits live, but it will settle as a tankier build like Triforce DMP wits end ect.

  75. Clayton Gold

    Clayton Gold23 ngày trước

    @devilix123987 yea you wouldn't need burst cause dude you are always bursting with new garens E tiamat=ad borik=ad rageblade making them reapply and so black cleaver armor shred + move speed Just cause you get attack speed Only stat that is considerably more then stats from bc on garen (hint he doesnt use mana only other stat on triforce) its also about synergy also i dont remember the exact stats but i think you get more health and ad from black cleaver then triforce.

  76. devilix123987

    devilix12398723 ngày trước

    the rest of triforce stats are much more useful. plus Garen's E now does plenty of DPS, so Triforce gives him some burst - as you can see he half-healthed squishies with his Q.

  77. Francisco Suárez Vega

    Francisco Suárez Vega25 ngày trước

    What is riste real name?

  78. Hump Burger

    Hump Burger25 ngày trước

    I don't care what anyone say. That's not broken because we have lots fk up champ like mordekaiser, illaoi, tryndamere and many others.

  79. Hump Burger

    Hump Burger25 ngày trước

    I'm quitting

  80. Hump Burger

    Hump Burger25 ngày trước

    If riot nerf garen after patch 9.17

  81. Isaac De La Cruz

    Isaac De La Cruz25 ngày trước

    That yasuo in the beginning made really dumb mistakes

  82. DingDongDinkster

    DingDongDinkster25 ngày trước

    How come you weren’t using q on turrets?

  83. Ambrose Wong

    Ambrose Wong25 ngày trước

    Would've been nicer for Garen to have turned into a defensive juggernaut instead of an even more offensive one. Darius already exists.

  84. devilix123987

    devilix12398723 ngày trước

    It's different though, Darius is generally encouraged to build cleaver to help him stick to people, and then tanky items cause his passive provides the damage for him. Meanwhile Garen has built in beefiness and is able to itemize more offensively to support his E.