TWICE(트와이스) "Dance The Night Away" M/V


  1. Mr. Alex

    Mr. Alex5 phút trước

    Can someone explain about the chart....

  2. rzl her

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  3. Vy ThuyOnce

    Vy ThuyOnce6 phút trước

    Mất cái thịnh hành 😧

  4. 매킹

    매킹7 phút trước

    노래 넘 좋다

  5. munmun kawaii

    munmun kawaii7 phút trước

    *5M views left!!!👏👏👏...lets go💪*

  6. Cris Carvalho0610

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  7. Jane Cower410

    Jane Cower4108 phút trước

    Baam and twice on the contest!👏👏

  8. The white owl

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  9. The white owl

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  10. Quỳnh Chi Lương

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  11. The white owl

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  12. 김원만

    김원만9 phút trước

    It looks like Jihyo

  13. 트와이스TWICE

    트와이스TWICE10 phút trước

    -SORRY- *GOOD👍*

  14. High Risk

    High Risk10 phút trước

    50M let's go!

  15. King and Queens ExoBangTwicePinkVelvet

    King and Queens ExoBangTwicePinkVelvet12 phút trước

    *I want someone to Mashup Ice cream cake (Red Velvet) and Dance the night away (Twice)* 😂

  16. Tzugolas Chou

    Tzugolas Chou12 phút trước

    Guys Dance the night Away should be our priority not TT. Its contribute to Twice upcoming Music shows win.

  17. Angela RF

    Angela RF12 phút trước

    trend in Peru!!!! Latin America!!!!!

  18. Daniel Amir

    Daniel Amir13 phút trước

    1 2 3 let's go~~shout out to other side of sea~~let's dance the night away~~

  19. 트와이스TWICE

    트와이스TWICE13 phút trước

    *SUMMER NIGHT song is VERY GOOD❤❤*

  20. Hoa Lê Thị Quỳnh

    Hoa Lê Thị Quỳnh14 phút trước

    Ai việt nam điểm danh :)))

  21. Min Suga chonjae jjang jjang man bboong bbong

    Min Suga chonjae jjang jjang man bboong bbong15 phút trước

    50M! We can do this

  22. Twice is Love

    Twice is Love16 phút trước

    45.023.696 😆👏

  23. Bangtan Sonyeondan

    Bangtan Sonyeondan16 phút trước

    45M + 5M = 50M fighting once we can do this don't give up 💪💪❤

  24. mingyu tzuyu

    mingyu tzuyu16 phút trước

    Streaming while washing the dishes

  25. MM Bros J-lo

    MM Bros J-lo8 phút trước

    Me, while watching TV

  26. Aliens Made Us

    Aliens Made Us11 phút trước

    Streaming while doing office works.

  27. wert24 qqq

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  28. kim barcelona

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  29. 花沢つくし

    花沢つくし17 phút trước

    Momo ahhhh💘❤️

  30. Once Forever

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  31. rosemarie cabaccan

    rosemarie cabaccan17 phút trước

    Stream stream stream,,,50m coming

  32. In Twice We Love

    In Twice We Love18 phút trước

    45m 👏👏👏👏💖🍭🍭🎈🌞🌙🍍🍉🍋🎉🎆🎊🎇✨ 55m 👀👉 100m 😁🐧🙉🐶🦁🐮🐓🦆🐭🐻🐸🐔🐴🐨🐹🐷🐯🐺🙊🐰🐼😁

  33. kimmy barcelona

    kimmy barcelona19 phút trước

    perfect! that"s it

  34. Mỹ Duyên

    Mỹ Duyên18 phút trước

    kimmy barcelona TT 400M💪💪❤❤

  35. Jeysi S

    Jeysi S19 phút trước

    fighting onces!

  36. Mỹ Duyên

    Mỹ Duyên18 phút trước

    Jeysi S TT 400M

  37. Jeysi S

    Jeysi S20 phút trước

    Let's go for 47 or 48M

  38. MAXKIE 2543

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  39. Mỹ Duyên

    Mỹ Duyên17 phút trước

    MAXKIE 2543 TT 400M 💪

  40. 熊貓

    熊貓20 phút trước

    45m!!!!! 💪💪💪💪💪❤️😍😙😘

  41. yoon jia

    yoon jia20 phút trước

    45m!!! 50m🔒 let's do this ONCE!

  42. Victoria Bang

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  43. camille mores

    camille mores21 phút trước

    This thesong i like twices in all there songs

  44. Hokulani Oyape

    Hokulani Oyape21 phút trước

    I'm loving this long hair concept

  45. Lorena Clarin

    Lorena Clarin21 phút trước


  46. Mỹ Duyên

    Mỹ Duyên16 phút trước

    Lorena Clarin TT 400M💪💪

  47. 熊貓

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  48. 빅 지 민Thanh Vân

    빅 지 민Thanh Vân22 phút trước

    *. ARMY Here 😊*

  49. TOMOKIN / Ryota Tomogane

    TOMOKIN / Ryota Tomogane22 phút trước

    Congratulate on 45M views! I'm big fan of TWICE. So, I uploaded Dance The Night Away with beatboxing remix. I really appreciate ONCE and TWICE! Thank you🌠

  50. 熊貓

    熊貓21 phút trước

    Let's fighting

  51. jaebum shin

    jaebum shin22 phút trước

    46m is coming

  52. Jester Gan

    Jester Gan22 phút trước

    freaking 50M knock knock ,,,, 45M now, kchart standing anyone ?

  53. wert24 qqq

    wert24 qqq22 phút trước


  54. jaebum shin

    jaebum shin22 phút trước

    Congrats 45m!!!!!!

  55. 2001 JES

    2001 JES22 phút trước

    45M nice ONCE LET'S DO IT 50M

  56. JB JB

    JB JB23 phút trước



    TRAN KIMDUC23 phút trước


  58. 뀨헤헤헤헿

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  59. wert24 qqq

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  60. Jacel Anne Manalo

    Jacel Anne Manalo24 phút trước

    After watching this again, I still don't understand why some haters strongly compare this to SNSD's Party. Like seriously? TWICE was shipwrecked. SHIPWRECKED. So basically, they will have to film at the beach. And they did a different concept. They were shipwrecked but chose to enjoy the moment instead and dance the night away. SNSD, however, was just having a vacation at the beach. The similarity: both were having so much fun. And hey, what they said that TWICE did the same thing as SNSD when they filmed by the sunset is ridiculous too. The MV started in the morning when the girls woke up, and the title is Dance The NIGHT Away, naturally, they will have to film the sunset too. They filmed in the morning, at noon and night, even around dawn at the end. Alangan namang i-skip nila yung hapon di'ba? Jusq. I just don't get them. Maybe TWICE and SNSD has similar vibes for some, but I'm a SONE and ONCE myself, and for me, TWICE ain't copying anything from their seniors.

  61. Jester Gan

    Jester Gan23 phút trước

    cos twice is on the soon to be queen level ,, hater r gonna be hate and scare of twice

  62. KS4728 AWF

    KS4728 AWF25 phút trước


  63. 17 Hsu

    17 Hsu25 phút trước


  64. Twice is Love

    Twice is Love26 phút trước

    Twice 💕

  65. karl props

    karl props26 phút trước

    뮤비에서만 웃는 미나

  66. Erjie Yang

    Erjie Yang26 phút trước


  67. せーゆー

    せーゆー27 phút trước


  68. Erjie Yang

    Erjie Yang28 phút trước

    近年來好多韓國人來台北旅遊,累崩= =

  69. 郭建仁

    郭建仁8 phút trước

    Erjie Yang 哈哈!累崩總比閒得沒事幹在家打小孩出氣好吧!😊😊😊

  70. Nayeonismine #jk

    Nayeonismine #jk28 phút trước

    Pls stream TT as well ONCE!!We must let them to become first girl grp to rch 400m views:)

  71. Lost Boys

    Lost Boys28 phút trước

    ATTENTION TO ONCEs & other fandoms out there who are willing to help: This M/V is also our top priority next to TT. Help them win or be number 1 on music shows by viewing this M/V as much as you can & by buying their albums & downloading their songs. PS: I am enjoying myself streaming. Stop questioning us streamers. We love what we're doing & we're not asking anything in return.

  72. 한소은

    한소은18 phút trước

    Lost Boys ONCE biggest enemy is those machine...TWICE robbed in no.1 spot again..😢😢😢😢

  73. Twicepinkvelvet Multifandom

    Twicepinkvelvet Multifandom29 phút trước


  74. Rico Dirham

    Rico Dirham29 phút trước

    You know in my classroom everybody dances with this song

  75. Mỹ Duyên

    Mỹ Duyên29 phút trước

    Love twice

  76. Mỹ Duyên

    Mỹ Duyên29 phút trước

    Love twice

  77. Mỹ Duyên

    Mỹ Duyên29 phút trước

    Love twice

  78. Erjie Yang

    Erjie Yang30 phút trước

    Taiwan also has the same thing.

  79. Mara Sati

    Mara Sati30 phút trước

    60M ONCE LET'S GO!😎😎

  80. Mỹ Duyên

    Mỹ Duyên30 phút trước

    Love tzuyu.nayeon😘😍

  81. Catherine Goh

    Catherine Goh30 phút trước

    45 million soon

  82. humphrey Gabiota

    humphrey Gabiota30 phút trước

    44 million💖

  83. Gia Hân Hoàng

    Gia Hân Hoàng31 phút trước

    Love Naeyon

  84. 水沙奇

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  85. 「링이랜드」쵸링

    「링이랜드」쵸링32 phút trước

    내 생일에 컴백한 트와이스♡

  86. Tzugolas Chou

    Tzugolas Chou34 phút trước

    We need to focus all our energy to give Twice great views since we can't do that to them in K-chart. Fighting!!

  87. AhgaOnce

    AhgaOnce35 phút trước

    *WALA NA SA TRENDING?!??!??!!?!*

  88. Jeysi S

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  89. atten tion

    atten tion35 phút trước

    I think this song isnt pretty good i dont know why

  90. Jester Gan

    Jester Gan33 phút trước

    maybe cos u a thrice ?

  91. Christine Faith

    Christine Faith37 phút trước

    What happened to Chaeyoung? 😂 hahaha

  92. Huy gà MCPE club

    Huy gà MCPE club39 phút trước

    Trong nhóm twice rất nhiều người Very xinh

  93. Auriana Belle

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  94. tzuyu smirks

    tzuyu smirks39 phút trước

    50M LET'S GO!❤


    TWICE_ ONCE39 phút trước

    Pls stream TT first


    TWICE_ ONCE40 phút trước

    Stream TT

  97. SCDO

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  98. Bella Waker

    Bella Waker41 phút trước

    Let’s go once! Stream DTNA & TT 🍭❤️

  99. Myoui Sharon

    Myoui Sharon41 phút trước

    Stream TT the views so slow

  100. munmun kawaii

    munmun kawaii43 phút trước

    *To all ONCEs, DTNA will start to be nominate in Music Shows this week which is tomorrow(wednesday on Show Champion!) please stream harder because stream from youtube is count into WINNING POINTS!* *Do contribute something for our girls💪💪💪...STREAM DTNA👊*

  101. Once Indonesia 2

    Once Indonesia 26 phút trước

    Im still confused to vote in show champion, it wont work.. Lol..

  102. Lost Boys

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  103. EXID Junghwa

    EXID Junghwa43 phút trước

    100M let's go

  104. Y H

    Y H43 phút trước

    It's so pretty!!!!!

  105. My name is Jane Cabañes

    My name is Jane Cabañes44 phút trước

    50m let's go ones

  106. Once Indonesia 1

    Once Indonesia 145 phút trước

    For international once, dont stop support our queens, this week is hard for korean once, they trying hard to stream, but with some condition always lose from unknown artist. Dont stop streaming in every platform, also report bad comment.

  107. Mary Grace Miane

    Mary Grace Miane45 phút trước

    Stream tt

  108. zuihao和你

    zuihao和你46 phút trước

    *45M,50M IS COMING!!*

  109. Nguyễn Thư

    Nguyễn Thư46 phút trước

    Love Twice Me_Once ^3^

  110. MC L

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  111. 레드벨벳RV곰슬기 I'm

    레드벨벳RV곰슬기 I'm47 phút trước

    울 레벨언니들과 친한 트둥이님! 이번 노래 좋다ㅋㅋㅋ 근데 뭔가 라라랜드같음ㅋㅋㅋ

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  114. karisma lampelus

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