Types of Sports Fans


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    Fuck you cowboys are gods

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    Y’all are sexist

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    Rhino gon be happy when the nationals win the World Series

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    I dont know why but Ryan always supportes the terrible teams

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    now hol up dont lump us cowboys fans with those low life patriots fans

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    Bryce Harper plays baseball for my favorite team the Phillies

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    Every time I see a loveliveserve video I need to watch more no Mather what

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    The Helen Keller part was messed up at 4:05

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    You posted this video a day before my birthday

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    Dammnnnn rhino that long ass thumb

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    And wwe

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    Tik tok

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    12:04 very true

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    The caps are the best hockey team

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    My pets name is Chewy

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    Tiktok is cringe

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    Tik tok

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    In hockey everyone was going with the penguins until they lost this year to St.Luis

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    Tik toc

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    Tik tok

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    What about the guy that has genuinely stayed with their team through hard times and is unfortunate enough to get called a bandwagon fan when their team is doing great

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    5:38 how tf u gonna talk shit about the fans if u can't even spell the damn team name right? Just FYI it is spelled P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S.

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    tik tok im the real one

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    12:01 yup😍 *#VisçaBarça**🔵🔴*

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    Camiseta monstra do Palmeiras

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    Don’t be talking about Dallas cowboys like that

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    Samuel Battiest why not, it’s true haha

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    Tik Tok

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    Penguins always win stanley cups

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    What’s funny is that the nats are in the ws rn

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    What about track and field

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    who is watching with 69k likes. 420k is new goal essgetit

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    Tik Tok, I'm late aren't I

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    She kinda looks like Selena Gomez...

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    Tik toc

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    Legit my friend Dylan when Peyton Manning was around he was a huge Broncos fan he ain’t from Colorado, after that he became a lions fan I think because Mathew Staford was good on his fantasy team??? And now he’s a saints fan because Michael Tomas and Alvin Kamara were good on his team 🤣good job Dylan 👏 he fr a bandwagon like he like the Warriors he ain’t even from Cali bruh

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    When the vid has 69k likes

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    tik tok

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    Tic toc

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    im the question person i know nothing about sports

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    I watch hockey the team bandwagon are who ever is first in the league

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